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Black Tie International:
The Global Future Leaders Organization
Rongxuan Zhang.  Photo by:  GMK/Blacktiemaagzine.com

Zhang Rongxuan, Jufeel International Group, CEO/President

The Global Future Leaders Organization (GFLO)
 with Jufeel Health Foundation

 Response to G20 first ladies’
"Stop AIDS from Campus Action"


December 1, 2017 was the thirtieth "World AIDS Day",

 with the GFLO (Global Future Leader Organization) and ASKCONGRESS TV  's arrangements, the United Nations World AIDS organization and Jufeel Health Foundation specially produce a promotion event for STOP HIV on the evening of December 5 at the United Nations Headquarters DDR jointly organized by GFLO & Jufeel , the Evening was titled
"Global Hand in Hand, Stop AIDS start from Campus
in the International AIDS Day Propaganda.  

VIP guests from some countries Department officials, part of the officers of the United Nations, African countries mission ambassador to the United Nations, some representative on behalf of New York city mayor, on behalf of congressman Meng, and other will be elected officials, more than two hundred guests attended the event. During the period, the Jufeel Health Foundation donated $60 thousand to the United Nations World AIDS organization. The foundation has previously donated millions of dollars of medical and poverty alleviation to the poor regions of Africa.

The Jufeel health foundation was founded in 2017,  Founder of Jufeel International Group Chairman of the board Dr. Zhang Rongxuan said during the gala dinner in UN DDR:    Jointly organized the "Global Hand in Hand, Termination of AIDS" World AIDS Day campaign from youth & campus is a great initiative ,  the purpose is to attract more people & students to participate in and support the Anti AIDS in publicity & community, understanding, caring for this special group who got AIDS,  give them the confidence and the fight against AIDS the courage to live with dignity; especially for teenagers, they are the population most vulnerable and most needed to be protected, is the most difficult social crisis affected by AIDS high-risk population. In recent years, the mortality rate of AIDS in young people has increased by 50%, and 6300 new AIDS infected people in the world are added every day, of which about 40% are young people aged from 15 to 24.

In the future, Jufeel health foundation plan with UNAIDS together to provide more low cost drugs to the global and related area support in developed countries and in patients with HIV infection, and the use of technology status of aloe industry, combined with the advanced scientific research and management advantages, also plans join venture with the Global Future Leaders Organization (GFLO) by using special policy advantages of American Indian tribes, the establishment of more and more advanced manufacturing plants in the United States, to create jobs for Americans and also more natural plants and traditional Chinese medicine therapy to promote the work force, combine the original ecological organic farming and high-tech bio pharmaceutical technology, strive to achieve the 2030 stop the spread of aids.

This event has a special scenery spot: in response to Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan in G20 Hangzhou to carry 19 first lady to attend the Zhejiang University initiated termination AIDS summit "Start from the global school To let AIDS termination campus action", sponsored by the Jufeel Health Foundation & invited the Global Future  Leaders from around the world (GFLO) of the organization the children's welfare demonstration team to do publicity for the termination of AIDS, GFLO 's grade seven student harmony ambassador Harmony Liu (Liu Xinge) from New York  RuBao dance school, she represents the five continents' youth jump beautiful latin dance with a South American partners, on behalf of the students care for AIDS patients, the total termination of HIV!  Another six primary school children from the New York Star Dance school also provide a excellent program, the first grade student little peace ambassador of GFLO Eirene Liu (Xinyuan Liu) leading the lively dance "Happy Sunshine" which represents the "Encourage people have AIDS, do not be afraid, be happy and sunny attitude!"

This is the first time in the United Nations AIDS Memorial Day activities, by the Global Future Leaders Organization (GFLO) launched with Jufeel Healthy Foundation, A none profit organization in response to the 20 First Lady in G20’s call for action campaign “End of AIDS Start from the Campus”, in order to set up a model of “Achieve the UN SDG goals which want to terminated HIV in 2030





AMTV 125日纽约报道】

2017121日是第30世界艾滋病日,在全球未来领袖组织(Global Future Leader Organization)与国会网络电视台(ASKCONGRESS TV)的协助组织下,联合国世界艾滋病组织与九福来(Jufeel)健康基金会特地于5日晚在联合国总部共同举办全球携手,终止艾滋国际艾滋病日宣传活动,联合国各部门官员代表、非洲国家部分常驻联合国大使,以及纽约市长白思豪、国会议员孟昭文等民选官员的代表等两百多位嘉宾出席了活动。期间Jufeel健康基金会向联合国世界艾滋病组织捐赠6万美元善款。而该基金会此前也曾向非洲贫困地区捐赠了数百万美元的医疗和扶贫物资。




本次活动有一道特别的风景线亮点:为响应中国第一夫人彭丽媛在杭州G20携带19位第一夫人参加浙江大学的终止艾滋病高峰会时发起的终止艾滋病从校园做起的全球行动,主办单位九福来健康基金会特邀了来自全球未来领袖组织(GFLO)的少儿公益表演队为终止艾滋病做宣传,GFLO和谐小大使七年级学生Harmony Liu(刘昕格)来自纽约茹宝舞蹈学校,她与来自南美洲的青年舞伴代表着五大洲的学生跳起优美的拉丁舞,代表着学生们携手关爱艾滋病人,共同终止HIV! 来自纽约星光舞蹈学校的六位小学一年级的小朋友,在GFLO和平小大使Eirene Liu (刘昕媛)领头下,活泼的表演了快乐阳光,代表着鼓励已经得艾滋病的人不要害怕,他们受到关爱,要保持快乐与阳光得态度!



First grade student little peace ambassador of GFLO Eirene Liu (Xinyuan Liu)
First grade student little peace ambassador of GFLO Eirene Liu (Xinyuan Liu)
First grade student little peace ambassador of GFLO Eirene Liu (Xinyuan Liu) leading the lively dance "Happy Sunshine" which represents the "Encourage people have AIDS, do not be afraid, be happy and sunny attitude!"
GFLO 's grade seven student harmony ambassador Harmony Liu (Liu Xinge)
GFLO 's grade seven student harmony ambassador Harmony Liu (Liu Xinge) from New York  RuBao dance school, she represents the five continents' youth jump beautiful latin dance with a South American partners, on behalf of the students care for AIDS patients, the total termination of HIV! 
[“全球携手,终止艾滋” 国际艾滋病日宣传活动亮相纽约【全美电视台】视频 – 全美电视台 AMTV

GFLO 's grade seven student harmony ambassador Harmony Liu (Liu Xinge)
GFLO 's grade seven student harmony ambassador Harmony Liu (Liu Xinge)
First grade student little peace ambassador of GFLO Eirene Liu (Xinyuan Liu)
First grade student little peace ambassador of GFLO Eirene Liu (Xinyuan Liu)

Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

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World Blockchain Forum

World Blockchain Forum
World Blockchain Awards

September 27-28, 2019


Gen Z Success Mentoring

Jason Ma


Jason Ma, CEO, ThreeEQ, Inc


Nightlife with Rose Billings

President, Denise Rover and Awards Chair, Marvin Scott.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemaagzine.cpm

President, Denise Rover
 and Awards Chair,
 Marvin Scott

The 62nd Annual
 New York
Emmy Awards


Black Tie China


Domestic Chinese giving in 2017, $23.4 Billion


lang Lang

Lang Lang the World-Renowned Pianist
Marries his Beloved, Gina Alice

Black Tie Sustainable Investment

jeff bezos

Jeff Bezos
On Philanthropy

Impact Investment

Black Tie Philippines

Gerard Mc Keon and Laica Herrera.  Photo by:  GMK/Blacktiemagazine.com

5th Annual Belgium
Cheese & Beer Night
at Manila Polo Club
Black Tie


Black Tie Philippines

Celebrity Philanthropy News

Ellen Scarborough  and Chuck Scarborough.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktie,agazine.com

& Chuck Scarborough

The Evelyn Alexander
Wildlife Rescue Center's
Get Wild Benefit 2019


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Jean Shafiroff and Sir Paul Mc cartney.  Photo by:  patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff
Sir Paul McCartney

The Jewish Board Gala
Raises Over $3.3 Million



Celebrity Philanthropy News


UNWFPA’s Treasurer Michal Grayevsky, UN Women’s Resource Mobilization and Advocacy Manager Vesna Jaric, UNWFPA’s President Barbara Winston

UN Women for Peace
donates $50K
 to the United Nations Trust
 Fund to End Violence
 Against Women


Society News


Meera Gandhi.  Photo Courtesy of the giving back foundation

The Central Park
2019 Hat Party

Society News

gerard mc keon

United Nations Correspondents Association
The 23rd Annual UNCA Awards

Martin Pepa, Winner.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com



Polo Hamptons 2019


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Al Pacino. Photo by:  Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

Al Pacino

The American Icon
Awards Gala
Beverly Hills, CA


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Joseph Coselli and Miss Aubrienne Krysiewicz-Bell.  Photo by: Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

The 64th
Debutante Ball


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Usher and Sharon Bush with Honoree Harry Belafonte.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemaagzine.com

Sharon Bush
 Harry Belafonte

RFK Human Rights
Ripple of Hope Awards


Society News


Greg Schriefer and Honoree Clive Davis. Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Clive Davis

Fifth Annual
Eight Over Eighty
Benefit Gala



Celebrity Philanthropy News


His Eminence, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York.   Photo by:  Julie Robinson

42nd Annual Inner-City
Scholarship Fund
 Friends Gala
Raises Over $1 Million


Society News


Global CeylonTea Party

Permanent Mission
 of Sri Lanka
 to the United Nation

Global Ceylon Tea Party
in Celebration of the
150th Anniversary of
Ceylon Tea


Society News


Taye Diggs presented the Spirit of Entertainment Award to Nancy O’Dell, co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight

Nancy O'Dell
Taye Diggs
Associates for Breast
 and  Prostrate Cancer
Talk of the Town Gala
Beverley Hills, CA


Celebrity Philanthropy News


the ocean conference

The Ocean Conference

Our oceans, our future:
partnering for the
implementation of
 Sustainable Development
 Goal 14

United Nations

Society News


Charles Rangel, Representative for Districts New York and David N Dinkins,  106th Mayor of New York City.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

The Inner Circle
 Annual Charity Show
"Curb Your Narcissism"
 The New York
Hilton Midtown

Society News


Catherina Farrell, John Farrell, Honoree and daughter Caitlin Farrell.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

 Historical Society
Annual Weekend
With History

Society News


ecosoc 2017

“Partnerships for
promoting opportunities,
increased prosperity
 and sustainable development
 for all”

Society News


Kathryn and Leo Vecellio

The 62nd Annual
Palm Beach Heart Ball
Raises Over $1 Million


Palm Beach Society


 Silvia Frieser (Co-Chair) (Executive Director) Michael Peenik (Co-Chair).  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

 The 62nd
Viennese Opera Ball


Society News


Lois Pope and Dr. Robin Ganzert. Photos by CAPEHART

LIFE's 23rd Annual
"Lady in Red" Gala
Raises More Than
 $1.2 Million



Palm Beach Society


 Deborra-Lee Furness, Leadership Award Recipient and Cate Blanchett, Presenter.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Deborra-Lee Furness
 Cate Blanchett

UN Women for Peace
Awards Luncheon

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Crown Prince Alexander, Joyce Brooks

Crown Prince Alexander
 Joyce Brooks


Society News


Elizabeth Taylor and Kathy Ireland

Elizabeth Taylor
 Kathy Ireland

The Elizabeth Taylor
 AIDS Foundation
 Legendary Stars
 85th Birthday

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Jude Demorest, Lee Daniels and Brittany O'Grady.  Photo by:  Vince Bucci

 Jude Demorest
 Lee Daniels
 Brittany O'Grady

Extraordinary Families
2nd Annual Awards Gala
Beverly Hills, CA


Celebrity Philanthropy News


From left: Dr. Steven J. Corwin, president and CEO of NewYork-Presbyterian, Jessica M. Bibiliowicz, chairman of Weill Cornell Medicine's Board of Overseers, Frank A. Bennack, Jr., chairman of NewYork-Presbyterian's Board of Trustees, and Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi, interim dean of Weill Cornell Medicine, during the annual Cabaret benefit dinner on Nov. 9 at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers. The event raised $3.5 million to support the institutions' ongoing work in patient care, biomedical research and medical education..  Photo by:  Studio Brooke

 Weill Cornell Medicine
Annual Cabaret Benefit
Raises $3,5 Million


Society News


T. Denny Sanford

T. Denny Sanford
 $100 million Gift
Sanford Stem Cell
Clinical Center


Society News


Nancy Grand, Stephen Grand

Nancy &Stephen Grand
commit $50 million
to the
Weizmann Institute
of Science


Society News


Marc Anthony, Carlos Slim, Petra Nemcova

Marc Anthony
Carlos Slim
Petra Nemcova

 Hearts Fund


 Celebrity Philanthropy News


Israel's 65th birthday

Birthday gift


Philanthropy Giving


Black Tie International Realty

amayan beach, palawan, philippines

 Amayan, Beach,

348 acres
$5.25 million

International Realty


Philanthropy Giving

2017 US Charitable Giving
Sets New Record $477.55 Billion



Global Sustainability News


Cortés Desalination and Tidal Electric Generation Project

and Tidal Electric
 Generation Project

Impact Investments


sustainable development goals

United Nations 
  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)


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gerard mc keon, Event Resourcess

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