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Black Tie International
Crossing Borders


Benefit for the Students
in the Film Department of
The Southern College in Israel

Guest speakers Robert Cancro, MD,   Director of the International Committee Against Mental Illness and Chairman Emeritus of NYU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, and Matthew Lakenbach, Executive Director of the
Middle East Peace Civic Forum

Photos by: 
Stuart Rinzler/

Abe Shainberg, Esq., Rex Coons, Robert Cancro, MD, Lorraine Cancro, MSW

Abe Shainberg, Esq., Rex Coons, Robert Cancro, MD,
Lorraine Cancro, MSW


Fiddle Viracola, Ralph DePalo, PhD, Lorraine Cancro, MSW, Lauren Lawrence

Fiddle Viracola, Ralph DePalo, PhD, Lorraine Cancro, MSW,
Lauren Lawrence

Michael Davis and Matthew Lakenbach

Michael Davis and Matthew Lakenbach

Paul Hampton and Robert Cancro, MD

Paul Hampton and Robert Cancro, MD

Sara Kremer and Jacob Sabbagh

Sara Kremer and Jacob Sabbagh

Victor Caranza and Sara Kremer

Victor Caranza and Sara Kremer

Ralph DePalo, PhD, Matthew Lakenbach, Mona Sen,

Ralph DePalo, PhD, Matthew Lakenbach, Mona Sen,
Henric Schwartz, Priam Sen


Sara Kremer, Lauren Lawrence, Rotem Pesachovith and

Sara Kremer, Lauren Lawrence, Rotem Pesachovith and
Lorraine Cancro. Photo by: GMK/Black Tie Magazine



Fiddle Viracola and Dr. Art Hughes, MA, MESL, PHD

Fiddle Viracola and Dr. Art Hughes, MA, MESL, PHD.
Photo by: GMK/Black Tie Magazine

Danny Bezalel, Henric Schwartz, Joanne Riccardi, Kevin Burke, Angelo Rios

Danny Bezalel, Henric Schwartz, Joanne Riccardi, Kevin Burke, Angelo Rios


Crossing Borders
Sara Kremer


I must say I am very excited to stand here in front of you.

I want to thank you from my heart on the right rapid response to exposure to this important event even though the weather. I would like to tell you just a glimpse of the college and its location.


Sapir College is located near the border with Gaza, a distance of 1.5 miles. At the last 8 years, the college in particular and the whole region in general suffered from 8150 missiles. All shipping of a missile the alarm calls of red color. From the second of the call until the time the missile has landed we have only 15 seconds.


Can you imagine that?

Try to think about what you can do on - 15 seconds, if at all. In those 15 seconds these students need to think about their parents if they are safe on their brothers and sisters that nothing happened to them and to find the nearest shelter. If there is no shelter, then surfaces on the ground and hope for the best.
This can happen 3-4 times a day and sometimes more.

Do you think this is a logical study
environment possible?


Now I will go through general data

Sapir College has developed by word of mouth and against all odds and the place is successful. Sapir College is one of - 4 major colleges in Israel, Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Sapir in the south near the border with Gaza.
 Some important elements are in college:
the Connection to the South - Southern hard day world - Sderot, Netivot, Dimona, Arad, Ashkelon and if not for the college were not studying at all. Realization of Zionism - David Ben Gurion - making the desert bloom.  Students learn though and despite the missiles Qassam fire and I would like to remind now the student Roni Yihye that was killed two years ago.

Department of Film and TV
the Uniqueness of Film and TV School of the Sapir College is a Third World cinema is not European and not American.  It's the right place to view the emirates especially important to young people from the country in general and the region in particular.
 The College through the School of Film and TV weaves the stories of real heroes.
An ongoing study 3 years is the fourth year final project of a documentary or feature-length of about -
20 minutes,

Productions every semester 170.

The students come from a wide variety of communities and religions, as well as Palestinians with Israel ID, though their radical world view.

Sapir Film Festival
Every year it happened always after the Cannes Film Festival.  The Festival has an image that everyone who enters and participates in has a worldwide success what is really true. Some of the movies were nominated to the Oscar Awards.
Films are projected at only between the place to discuss and talk about writing, cinematic retrospective and others. Bring products to fulfill international plates, lined with advertising awards.

Despite all, the beam lecturers, students and residents
of the South see the other side as a basis for a normal life together. 
We can show to the world that we can live together. Talking through a movie language


Let us help preserve the mantle of success.

Thank you very much for your patience until the end of
my words. First I would like to thank - 2 people really helped bring all of you here. First, the amazing Ms. Lorraine Cancro and Mr. Henry Schwartz. Without them we could not raise this event. Second to Dr. Robert Cancro that agreed to be keynote speaker at the event.


To Mr. Matthew Lakenbahc, Mr. Tony Fecora, to Black Tie Magazine and last but not least to Amos and Guy from Eden Gallery that contributed to us this amazing place; because of the excitement I must have forgotten some of you so please excuse me.

Finally, I want to thank Nachmi the CEO of the College, and to Avner the head of the film and TV department that because their faith in Rotem and me allowed to send us to New York to have this first event to expose the College to you through you to other people.



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