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Black Tie International:
Global Future 2045 International Congress


Nigel Ackland and the Bebionic 3 artifical hand

Nigel Ackland and the Bebionic 3 artifical hand

GF 2045

Project Avatar, Android robotics, Anthropomorphic telepresence, Neuroscience, Mind theory, Neuroengineering, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neuroprosthetics, Neurotransplantation, Long-range forecasting, Future evolution strategy, Evolutionary transhumanism, Ethics, Bionic prostheses, Cybernetic life-extension, Mid-century Singularity, Neo-humanity, Meta-intelligence, Cybernetic immortality, Consciousness, Spiritual development,
Science and Spirituality.

GF 2045

The second international Global Future 2045 congress
 focused on discussion of a new evolutionary strategy for humanity aimed at overcoming the 21st century’s civilization challenges. The strategy is based on carrying out two revolutions: spiritual and sci-tech. We believe this is the only way to overcome existing crises.

At the congress, a vision will be presented for the spiritual transformation of humanity, and new technologies will be demonstrated which are likely to form the basis of the sci-tech revolution. The congress will also showcase our Avatar science mega-project, aimed at accelerating the creation of technologies enabling a gradual transition from our biological bodies to an increasingly advanced artificial carrier of the human self.

The first GF2045 congress took place in Moscow in February 2012. Its main goal was a discussion of global threats and opportunities arising from the development of new technologies, and the formulation of recommendations for the realization of the optimal scenario for the future with regard to the expected usage of these technologies. In the world of international science, this was the first time at this level and in this form, that not only the key directions of innovations in the coming decades were examined, but also their ethical and philosophical aspects.

In the 3 days of the congress, over 1,500 participants took part, with 50 speakers from countries around the world, including the USA, the Netherlands and Australia. The congress received wide coverage in the press, and was positively assessed in scientific circles.

The congress was organized by the strategic social movement Russia 2045, a.k.a
The 2045 Initiative.

The 2045 Initiative

Founded by Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov in February 2011 with the participation of leading Russian specialists in the field of neural interfaces, robotics, artificial organs and systems.

The main goals of the 2045 Initiative: the creation and realization of a new strategy for the development of humanity which meets global civilization challenges; the creation of optimale conditions promoting the spiritual enlightenment of humanity; and the realization of a new futuristic reality based on 5 principles: high spirituality, high culture, high ethics, high science and high technologies.

The main science mega-project of the 2045 Initiative aims to create technologies enabling the transfer of a individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality. We devote particular attention to enabling the fullest possible dialogue between the world’s major spiritual traditions, science and society.

A large-scale transformation of humanity, comparable to some of the major spiritual and sci-tech revolutions in history, will require a new strategy. We believe this to be necessary to overcome existing crises, which threaten our planetary habitat and the continued existence of humanity as a species. With the 2045 Initiative, we hope to realize a new strategy for humanity's development, and in so doing, create a more productive, fulfilling, and satisfying future.


GF 2045, Hiroshi Ishiguro, androids

GF 2045, Hiroshi Ishiguro, androids

11.55 — 12.25

12.25 — 13.15

13.15 — 13.30

Nigel AcklandOrdinary... Extraordinary  Life With A Bionic Arm

13.30 — 13.55

Dr. Jose Carmena & Dr. Michel MaharbizBrain Control of Prosthetic Devices: The Road Ahead

15.05 — 15.35

Dr. David Hanson & Dr. Ben GoertzelAnthroids (Humanlike Robots) for Telepresence, Mind Uploading and General Intelligence

13.35 — 16.00

Dr. Alexander Panov Technological Singularity and the Penrose Theorem on Artificial Intelligence

16.00 — 16.20

16.20 — 16.50

16.50 — 17.15

Dr. Anders SandbergMaking Minds Morally: the Research Ethics of Brain Emulation

17.15 — 17.40

Dr. Natasha Vita-More Substrate Autonomous, Networked Avatar Bodies by Design

Day 2

11.45 — 12.25

12.25 — 12.50

Dr. Ken Hayworth Preserving and Mapping the Brain’s Connectome

12.50 — 13.15

Dr. Witali L. Dunin-Barkowski Current state of Russian Project on Brain Reverse-engineering REBRAIN 2045

14.25 — 14.55

Dr. Stuart Hameroff, MD & Sir Roger Penrose How Human Consciousness Could Be Uploaded Via Quantum Teleportation

14.55 — 15.35

Dr. Amit Goswami Consciousness and the Quantum: Science, Psychology and Spirituality

15.35 — 16.20

16.20 — 17.40

Roundtable: Interfaith Dialogue about Science, Spirituality, Evolution of Humanity and the Avatar Project Phakyab Rinpoche, Swami Vishnudevananda Giri , Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill, Mahayogi 'Pilot' Baba, Dr. Robert Thurman, and Archbishop (Ret.) Lazar Puhalo, with the participation of Dmitry Itskov. Moderated by religious anthropologist Dr. William Bushell

 - 17.50

Closing Words — Dmitry Itskov




Martin Dmitry Itskov, Founder and Chair, 2045 Initiative,

Martin Dmitry Itskov, Founder and Chair, 2045 Initiative,
 President Global Future 2045 congress.

Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey, Chief Science Officer, Sens Research Foundation

 Archbishop (ret) Lazar Puhalo, Martine Rothblatt

 Archbishop (ret) Lazar Puhalo, Martine Rothblatt


Ksenia Solovyeva, Dr.Witali L.Dunin-Barkowski

Ksenia Solovyeva, Dr.Witali L.Dunin-Barkowski

Ressse Jones

Ressse Jones


I hope you will all join us next year. Cheers....hiroshi ishiguro

I hope you will all join us next year. Cheers....



joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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