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Society News  Pages 1  2  3
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Black Tie International:
Welcoming Spring
1st Row: Lily Benjamin, Galina Babushkin, Celebrity Artist MARCO, Rebecca Lewis, Andrea Spring Managing Director Blue Star Jets,
1st Row: Lily Benjamin, Galina Babushkin, Celebrity Artist MARCO, Rebecca Lewis, Andrea Spring Managing Director Blue Star Jets, Maria Soccor Actress Movie Producer, Galina Saucedo Interior Designer, Paula Oleska President Super Brain Breakthroughs,   
        2nd Row: Elizabeth Anne Quesada, Larry Blascovich, Howard Efram , Irina Gubenko,
        3rd Row: Richard Alan Owner/Patner Richard Alan Management , Brett Copeland President & Founder Brett Copeland& Associates, LLC,  Barclay Ford Smyly, Natalie Cruz & 
Award Winning Producer, Director & Writer Dean Love

             CELEBRATING A LONG-
        By: Gloria Consolacion Tamayo Cressler
   Editor: Black Tie International Magazine
Photographs by Barry Brown of Barry Brown Studios (barrybrown.com) and
William Michael Photography, LLC (www.williammichaelphotography.com
TV Coverage by MGTVUSA &
Frankly New York Channel 38
Our Welcome in spring event held on April 28th,
Is a fabulous evening where old and new friends mingled, and shared their joy for the greening of our earth, once again celebrating the annual renewal of life. We had many new friends added who were invited by our committed guests. These wonderful new guests easily joined us in the festivities. Several of our party-goers were dressed in bright colors showing their creativity by welcoming spring, including yours truly. Everyone was having a terrific time, reuniting with old friends and meeting new people. Many stayed very late, most remained until after
11:00 pm - they could not leave because they were having so much fun, meeting, greeting, socializing and having unique discussions with our VIP guest celebrity artist MARCO of MARCOART. Sadly, I had to leave him alone to fend with our guests, due to my rush in preparing for my trip, and touring once again to several countries throughout Europe.

The venue was held again at The World Bar at Trump Tower International by the United Nations and produced by yours truly, Gloria T. Cressler, CEO/Founder of Elite Professional Networking Group and Editor & Host of Black Tie International Magazine & TV. Co-hosted by Black Tie International Magazine, Power Team International, Giorgio G. Cognac (by famous designer Giorgio GUCCI), and Emperors Vodka, Wine World Wide Inc., and Global Fine Wines & Food Connection.

Our VIP guests were led by our long-time friend Award Winning Director, Producer and Writer, Dean Love of The FBI File, Life in Mars, Queen Elizabeth 1 (The Virgin Queen), and many others. Dean, always graciously gives us his presence- when he is not traveling all over the world filming movies. And once again, we have the presence of our good friend, lovely and truly amazing Maria Soccor, actor, director and producer. She is also the cousin of the famous actor Stanley Tucci, Opera Singer Cristina Fontanelli and of course Dr. Olga Alexakos, the President of The Association of Greek American Professional Women (AGAPW). 
The Welcome in spring event was attended by so many of our wonderful loyal friends, and new additions, which we appreciate greatly call having new friends. The sharing included stories about their lives, life, and discussed business strategies and networked looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. Everyone is looking forward towards our next fabulous event and joining us and the center of attention will be the President of The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce: Mark Jaffe and their members. So it should be another interesting and fun event, again as always… 
 The featured celebrity guest of course was the Artist: MARCO of MARCOART, dubbed as the next Andy Warhol. Marcoart is a full service high end, POP Art studio helmed by the Legendary POP Artist Marco. The Marcoart Mobile is always on the move providing murals, POP portraits, tribute pieces, children's parties, and a lot of charity events... MARCO believes that art is for all people.   MARCO has been commissioned and has co-branded with some of the biggest names in film, television, music, entertainment, politics and business including Quentin Tarantino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Moby, Fashion Designer Marc Ecko & Russell Simons with RUN DMC (in which I was lucky to be a part of the event where they collaborated together).
Entertainment was provided by Toby, led by the artist Marco. Marco founded Toby Soba and the Smokestax as a way to reflect on his experiences traveling to the Tsunami affected areas of Japan, such as Ishinomaki where they entertained the local children, and provided several charity art exhibitions and fundraising events
 for the victims of the tsunami.
Marco’s original paintings and drawings are sold for thousands of dollars international and locally, MARCOART publishes Children’s books, licenses products, like china dishes, cups, pillows for UNICEFF, and other products like calendars, towels and watches for SWATCH (his design with Swatch Watch is still the most sellable SWATCH Watch) In the past every time Swatch open a new store in different parts of the World, They always asked Marco to make a Mural Paintings for the this new store, And then they invite Marco to sign Autographs and have pictures with the guests and the guests really have a wonderful time. He has a lot of Mural paintings all over New York, and if you happen to be at the New Jersey Airport at the old Continental Lobby they have a very large Mural paintings of Marco at the wall.  Right now Marco is working on an animated children's cartoon, a TV Show, and an illustrated novel. He has donated a lot of his work to philanthropic Gala Fundraisers, and to thousands of charity organizations.
Marco is preparing for his exhibitions in the fall in Japan, Dubai, Belgium, Germany, and negotiations are in the works to have an exhibition at the beautiful 400-year-old, 5 Star Resort, Bio-Hotel by the Austrian Alps in Tyrol Austria called STANGLWIRT. A wonderful luxurious mountain escape, an exclusive hotel frequented by International Celebrities and politicians for many many years. When you are there, you feel like you are in heaven and you can smell the fresh air from the alps… Do check out this fabulous hotel online, go to: www.stanglwirt.com. Maria Hauser one of the daughters and also help in running the hotel, also suggested that MARCO should have an exhibition at the Kitzbuhel Country Club. Marco, also works with children, where he spends hours teaching them art, and is such an inspiration for them. This is an excellent way to incorporate them into the moral of the children, especially if they can make their own art while they learn. Feel free to contact me about the fabulous Stanglwirt Hotel and contact information for MARCO by email at queenglori@aol.com, or gloria@blacktiemagazine.com.
OUR CORPORATE SPONSOR FOR THE MONTH is Dr. Philip D. Craig, Dr. Philip D. Craig is a Naturopathic doctor specializing in chronic pain and other chronic conditions, He's worked with several Spa's, like Oasis Day Spa, Harmony Skin Care, Body Essentials Day Spa, as well as the 7th Avenue Medical Rehabilitation Chiropractic Clinic. He is also affiliated with C.R.S The Center for Remembering and Sharing, IDO Shiatsu Center, and The Double Diamond Wellness Center, and many other places. Remember if you have pain in your body and other chronic diseases make sure to get in touch with him. Check out Dr. Craig’s website: Heavenlyrejuvenation.com, or email to Dr. Craig at Philip.Craig@yahoo.com      

Once again, we thank Kenneth McClure, Vice President and Group General Manager of Hospitality Holdings which owns The World Bar at the Trump Tower and seven other world renowned establishments, including the Carnegie Club, who always serves us sumptuous food and provides such great drinks.
We want to thank our superb co-host, sponsors, guests and new friends who support us every month with our events and charities, and also thank: Mr. Gerry McKeon the Publisher of Black Tie International Magazine, Dr. Thomas Mallios, Rebecca Lewis, and Jun Pasiculan and many others.
Additional Guests: Dan McCormick COO Kapow, Richard Alan Owner/Partner Richard Alan Management, Paula Oleska President Super Brain Breakthroughs,  Jim Swiger Managing  Director Enviroglobal solutions, Ltd, Andrea Spring Managing Director Luxury Travel Division Blue Star Jets, Brett Copeland President & Founder of Brett Copeland & Associates, LLC, Michael Takiff Executive Director Gravitas History, Denise Hunter President Destinations link hospitality, Galina Saucedo Interior Designer, Galina Babuskin District Manager Arbonne, Kamran Mirza Principal Hudson City Holdings, 
Raj Kashyap Managing Partner & President Global M & A network, Ashton J. Stewart League of Women Voters of the City of New York, Larry E. Mathews Art Director/Production Manager NYS Society of CPA's NYSSCPA, Artist Michael Indorato, Irina Gubenko Aromatherapy Specialist, Karen Young Miss Asia International, Lily Benjamin Global Organization Development & Learning Sr. Executive, Elizabeth Anne Queseda, James M. Pecora DJK Residential, Lindai Schwartz Lindai's Bodywork, Maya Beridze Interpreter/Translator & Editor, Barclay Ford  Smyly Bond Real Estate, Natalie Cruz Patient  Care Coordinator Amen Clinics, Meridith Manna Singer & Many more.    
This is your host: Gloria Cressler signing off.
  We will see you at our next events:

June 14, Black Tie Gala Event & Fashion Show and Marco Art Exhibitions  at The Sheraton Hotel Ballroom in Time Square. 

 July 15, & October 07, at Trump Tower World Bar and so on
…For invitations to this events,

 Please email us and do make sure to RSVP RIGHT AWAY to
queenglori@aol.com or Gloria@blacktiemagazine.com due to VERY limited space. See you at our next exclusive, fun and elegant celebration where all our guests are treated like the VIP's…they truly are. 

Gloria T. Cressler
CEO/Founder  Elite Professional Networking Group
Editor & Host Black Tie International Magazine TV
United Nations Association
United Nations Foundation
United Nations Women Association
Ambassador: Power Team International 
 Gloria Cressler Event Producer & Host & CEO/Founder Elite Professional Networking Group (EPNG) , Editor Black Tie International Magazine & Celebrity Artist MARCO
 Gerard Mc Keon, Raj Kashyap, & Larry Blascovich
 Gerard Mc Keon, Raj Kashyap, & Larry Blascovich
Gloria T. Cressler, and the diplomats from the Italian Mission
Gloria T. Cressler, and the diplomats from the Italian Mission
 (Office of the Ambassador of Italy) and Italian Consulate 
Barclay Ford Smyly, Natalie Cruz, Gloria T. Cressler, Galina Saucedo & Richard Alan
Barclay Ford Smyly, Natalie Cruz, Gloria T. Cressler, Galina Saucedo & Richard Alan
Dr. Philip Craig with his sponsorship table
Dr. Philip Craig with his sponsorship table
Lilly Benjamin, Galina Babushkin & others
Lilly Benjamin, Galina Babushkin & others
Gloria T. Cressler, Andrea Spring & Gerard Mc Keon
 Gloria T. Cressler, Andrea Spring & Gerard Mc Keon
Artist Michael Indorato, Lilly Benjamin,  Galina Saucedo, Artist Marco, Rebecca Lewis, Andrea Spring, Jun Pasiculan, Barcley Ford Smyly Natalie Cruz &  Dr. Phil Craig.
Artist Michael Indorato, Lilly Benjamin,  Galina Saucedo, Artist Marco, Rebecca Lewis, Andrea Spring, Jun Pasiculan, Barcley Ford Smyly Natalie Cruz &  Dr. Phil Craig.
Artist Marco singing
Artist Marco singing
Dr. Phil Craig , Gloria T. Cressler, Brett Copeland one of the door prize winner
Dr. Phil Craig , Gloria T. Cressler, Brett Copeland one of the door prize winner
 Dr. Phil Craig receiving the door prize from Debra Johnson
 Dr. Phil Craig receiving the door prize from Debra Johnson
 Gloria T. Cressler,
 Gloria T. Cressler,
and Artist Marco giving the door prize
, An Original Drawing
Dr. Tom Mallios, guest, Opera Singer Cristina Fontanelli. giving a door Prize to the winner. 
Dr. Tom Mallios, guest, Opera Singer Cristina Fontanelli. giving a door Prize to the winner. 
Dr. Tom Mallios & Richard Alan receiving his door prize. 
Dr. Tom Mallios & Richard Alan receiving his door prize. 

Extra Extra!!!!

Black Tie International Magazine Travel
The Last Time I Saw Paris

European Spring/Summer Tour 2013 

  Toni Bauer and Gudron of Anton Bauer Winery, Gloria T. Cressler and Robert Lester  at the winery for the wine festival in Austria

Toni Bauer and Gudrun of Anton Bauer Winery, Gloria T. Cressler and Robert Lester 
 at the winery for the wine festival in Austria



Past Events

Valentine Celebration
  elite professionals valentine day group shot
New Year Celebration
friends of black tie
Holiday Celebration
    1st Row: Patricia Martinez of Grande Naturals, Juan Plaza of Style Magazine, Rebecca Lewis, Eddie Novetti, Lisa Zimmer of Ayurvedic Natural Face Lift,
Thanksgiving Celebration
1st Row sitting: Richie Zav, Atty. Steven Goldman, William Michaels ,Lindsay Ashby,Dr. Albert Ambriz, Thelma Dixon, Josh Shulman, Actor/Director Bill Lanndis, Interior Designer Galina, Michael Romano, Abhi Chintakunta, Nick Alessi, Richard Alan, Prince Adonis, David Alan Kogut
Annual Platinum Celebrity Red Carpet Event
 Nick Alssi, Gerard Mc Keon, Larry Blascovich, Kenneth Flornes, Gloria Cressler, Rita Cosby,
Elite Professionals: MidSummer  Night Celebration
Front sitting: Don Reiser, Sam Liebowitz, Jack Cooper, HidekAndrea King, Matt Traverso, Jim Swiger, Julie Wilson, Richard Alan, Ron,eden ganMiningham, Judy, model Elaine Queiroz,  Claudia Suica, Veronica Pellot-Marrero, i Aono, Paula Oleska,Michael, Ellza Bellezza, Gloria Cressler, Bushra Khan, Victoria
Elite Professionals: June Summer Celebration
Elite Professionals: May Festival Celebration
Elite Professionals: Spring Benefit
  First Row: Kosima Malikyan, Husain Ansar, Ellza Bellezza, Harvey Dzodin, Actor/Director Bill Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler,
Elite Professionals:Valentine Benefit
elite professionals


Elite Professionals: New Year Veterans Benefit
Tery Fugate, James Gross, & Sandy Jacolow Chief Information Officer of Silverstein Towers
Elite Professionals: Holiday Veterans Benefit
     1st Row   Qi Fei-Long Eastern Medicine Doctor, Mario Oliveri of New Yankees, Gloria T. Cressler Producer of the Event
Elite Professionals: Thanksgiving Veterans Benefit


Friends of Black Tie / Elite Professionals: Platinum Awards 
 Lawrence Blascovich Group Director,Senior VP Signature Bank, Ariana Datil, Miss Northern US, gloria cressler,col.gonyo, gerard mc keon
Friends of Black Tie / Elite Professionals: Platinum Awards 

Lawrence Blascovich Group Director,
 Senior VP Signature Bank, Ariana Datil, Miss Northern US .
LTC James Gonyo ll
Commander Battalion of the 1st

Battalion 69th Infantry,
Bill Walsh 
President & Founder Power Team International,
 Gerard Mc Keon
Publisher and Founder Black Tie International Magazine,
and the Producer of the Event
Gloria T. Cressler
President & Founder Elite Professional Networking Group


elire professionals May event
Marc Segelnick Partner Central Securities of America, Nancy Duffy Hospitality Professional, Zoraida Orellana Make Up Artist, Bill Lanndis, Karen Hoyos, Gloria T. Cressler, Veteran Corporal Nichols Calabris and Mrs. Calabris, Reverend David Johnson, Julian Sturton, Eugene  Torand, Celebrity Architect Stephen Valentine, Award Winning Producer, Director & Writer Dean Love, Neal Johnson, Larry Blascovich,
Elite Professional Networking: April Veterans Benefit
Elite Professional Networking: St Patrick's Day
Valentines Day Red Carpet Event
elite professional networking group holiday reception
Holiday Red Carpet Event 2011

Celebrating 250th Anniversary of NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade



joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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Ambassador Zhang Qiyue and The Hon. Carolyn B. Maloney.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

 Zhang Qiyue
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The People's Republic
 of China,
The Hon.
 Carolyn B. Maloney

Panda Ball
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Atty. Lee Roque, Principle and Head of ax Advisory & Compliance P&A Grant Thorton, "Ease of doing Busines".  Photo by:  GMK/Blacktiemagazine.com

  The Philippine
Model Cities
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 Urban Centers
New World,
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Black Tie Philippines


Gerard Mc Keon and Laica Herrera.  Photo by:  GMK/Blacktiemagazine.com

5th Annual Belgium
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Gala Chairs Wendy and Michael Esposito with His Eminence, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan

The 41st Annual
Inner-City Scholarship
Fund Friends Gala
Raises Over $1 Million

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Lawrence and Lori Fink, Ken and Elaine Langone, Robert I. Grossman, MD, Dean and CEO of NYU Langone, Elisabeth J. Cohen, MD, and honoree Thomas S. Murphy at the 2017 Violet Ball

NYU Langone
Medical Center
2017 Violet Ball
Raises Over $5.2 Million

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KidneyTexas, Inc.

 The Runway Report

2017 Luncheon
and Fashion Show 

Dallas, TX

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Honoree, Pablo Hera-Casado  waltzing with his wife, Anne Igartibury.  Photo by:  Eric Weiss

Orchestra of St. Luke
Gift of Music Gala
Raises Over $1.3 Million

Society News


ecosoc 2017

ECOSOC    2017
“Partnerships for
promoting opportunities, increased prosperity and sustainable development
 for all”

Society News


Gala chair Charles Schlangen presents the award to 2017 honoree Tania Pouschine. (Photo by Stephen Smith/Guest of a Guest).

The Clarion Music Society
60th Anniversary
Masked Ball
Raises Over $100,000

Society News


Kathryn and Leo Vecellio

The 62nd Annual
Palm Beach Heart Ball
Raises Over $1 Million


Palm Beach Society


 Silvia Frieser (Co-Chair) (Executive Director) Michael Peenik (Co-Chair).  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

 The 62nd
Viennese Opera Ball


Society News


Lois Pope and Dr. Robin Ganzert. Photos by CAPEHART

LIFE's 23rd Annual
"Lady in Red" Gala
Raises More Than
 $1.2 Million



Palm Beach Society


 Deborra-Lee Furness, Leadership Award Recipient and Cate Blanchett, Presenter.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Deborra-Lee Furness
 Cate Blanchett

UN Women for Peace Association
Awards Luncheon

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Berry Gordy and honoree Ruth Weil.  Photo by:  Vince Bucci

Berry Gordy
Ruth Weil

Cancer Support
Community Los Angeles, The Benjamin Center
Gilda Award Gala
Los Angeles, CA


Palm Beach Society


Brad Meltzer, Suzanne Meltzer, Yolanda Berkowitz, Jeff Berkowitz, Mary Cunsolo, Aimee Owens, & Stephen Owens. Photo by: World Red Eye

21st Annual
 Be A Voice Be A Light
Raises Over $700,000
Miami, FL

Society News


 Robert Duffy, co-founder and partner of Marc Jacobs.  Photo by:  Cnace Yeh

Robert Duffy
 Marc Jacobs

Operation Smile
35th Anniversary
With Johnson & Johnson


Palm Beach Society


Andrew Solomon, Meryl Streep, Stephen Sondheim

Andrew Solomon
Meryl Streep
Stephen Sondheim

PEN America
Annual Literary Gala
Raises $2 Million

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Jane Alexander (Master of Ceremonies) and Frances Beinecke ((Audubon Medal).  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Jane Alexander 
 Frances Beinecke


2017 Audubon Gala
Raises More Than
$1.1 Million


Celebrity Philanthropy News


NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 20: (L-R) Fashion designer Issac Mizrahi, honoree Linda Lloyd Lambert and President and CEO of ASPCA, Matt Bershadker attend the ASPCA hosted 20th Annual Bergh Ball at The Plaza Hotel on April 20, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for ASPCA)

 Issac Mizrahi
Linda Lloyd Lambert
  Matt Bershadker
20th Annual Bergh Ball
Raises   $1.5 Million

Society News


Barbara Taylor Bradford, OBE and Robert Bradford. Photo by:: Noel Sutherland

Barbara Taylor Bradford,
Robert Bradford

The New York
Landmarks Conservancy
 hosted its 22nd Living Landmarks Celebration
 at The Plaza

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Carol Alt.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Carol Alt


2017 Adults in Toyland
 Casino Night
 Raises $835,000

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Crown Prince Alexander, Joyce Brooks

Crown Prince Alexander
 Joyce Brooks


Society News


Joe Episcopo and Stephen Baldwin.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com


Joe Episcopo
 Stephen Baldwin

Black & White
Panda Ball



 Celebrity Philanthropy News


Elizabeth Taylor and Kathy Ireland

Elizabeth Taylor
 Kathy Ireland

The Elizabeth Taylor
 AIDS Foundation
 Legendary Stars
 85th Birthday

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Jude Demorest, Lee Daniels and Brittany O'Grady.  Photo by:  Vince Bucci

 Jude Demorest
 Lee Daniels
 Brittany O'Grady

Extraordinary Families
2nd Annual Awards Gala
Beverly Hills, CA


Celebrity Philanthropy News


From left: Dr. Steven J. Corwin, president and CEO of NewYork-Presbyterian, Jessica M. Bibiliowicz, chairman of Weill Cornell Medicine's Board of Overseers, Frank A. Bennack, Jr., chairman of NewYork-Presbyterian's Board of Trustees, and Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi, interim dean of Weill Cornell Medicine, during the annual Cabaret benefit dinner on Nov. 9 at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers. The event raised $3.5 million to support the institutions' ongoing work in patient care, biomedical research and medical education..  Photo by:  Studio Brooke

 Weill Cornell Medicine
Annual Cabaret Benefit
Raises $3,5 Million


Society News


 Amber Valletta.   Photo by:  Vince Bucci

 Amber Valletta

Big Brother and Big Sister of Greater Los Angeles
Annual Accessories
 for Success
 Spring Scholarship Luncheon
Beverly Hills, CA


Celebrity Philanthropy News


John McEnroe and his lovely wife Patty Smyth.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

John McEnroe 
 Patty Smyth

John McEnroe
Comedy Night
Raising Funds
and Awareness for
Tennis Project


 Celebrity Philanthropy News


Jim Kim, World Bank, Bang Ki-Moon

World Bank, President
 Jim Kim 

 Committed to putting
 $65 billion dollars a year
towards the goal of ending
 extreme poverty by 2030


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Rockefeller President Dr. Richard P. Lifton with 2016 Celebrating Science Honorees, Judy and Russ Carson. Photo by: Scott Rudd

Rockefeller University
 5th Annual Celebrating
 Science Benefit
Lecture And Dinner
 Raises $2.7 Million


Society News


Elizabeth LeCompte

The 23rd Annual
Dorothy & Lillian Gish


Society News


The Museum of
 Arts and Design
  Joan Juliet Buck
 Book Signing


Society News


Jean Shafiroff and Martin Shafiroff.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

 Champions for Children
Gala Kickoff
Cocktail Reception


Society News


General George Casey Jr. (USO Board of Governors) .  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

USO Celebrates 75th Anniversary
at The Intrepid, Sea,
Air & Space Museum


Celebrity Philanthropy News


T. Denny Sanford

T. Denny Sanford
 $100 million Gift
Sanford Stem Cell
Clinical Center


Society News


Nancy Grand, Stephen Grand

Nancy &Stephen Grand
commit $50 million
to the
Weizmann Institute
of Science


Society News


Marc Anthony, Carlos Slim, Petra Nemcova

Marc Anthony
Carlos Slim
Petra Nemcova

 Hearts Fund


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Israel's 65th birthday

Birthday gift


Philanthropy Giving


Philanthropy Giving

2015 US Charitable Giving
Sets New Record $477.55 Billion



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Cortés Desalination and Tidal Electric Generation Project

and Tidal Electric
 Generation Project

Impact Investments


sustainable development goals

United Nations 
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