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 Black Tie International Magazine : China 1
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Black Tie International Magazine:
ATV Miss Asia Pageant

ATV創新之路- 亞洲小姐競選

Photos & Reporting  By: Xiouxie Du/

Valerina Young , Mia Wang , Tina Jia , Tiffany Luk, Fiona Wong ,Mikki O’Brian, Jing Xu, Lina He, Cherie Liu

Valerina Young , Mia Wang , Tina Jia , Tiffany Luk, Fiona Wong ,
Mikki O’Brian, Jing Xu, Lina He, Cherie Liu


2014 Miss Asia Pageant:

 ATV Miss Asia Pageant highlights a new female image as independent,
self-improvement, dare to dream, beautiful with love and talent in Asian regions
 and is a fair and justice of world-class beauty contest in Asia.

ATV Miss Asia Pageant 2014 (Greater China Final) continues to be held and the contest will be exclusively catered for beautiful, passionate, intelligent, charismatic women from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas Chinese. Furthermore, Asian elements will be infused into the contest, welcoming women, not only Chinese nationality, those who are qualified to join the final of Miss Asia Pageant from all Asian countries. ATV Miss Asia Pageant 2014 will be the most glamorous and eye-catching with uniqueness beauty contest ever in Asia.

Contestants from Asian counties and Chinese from all over the world are now invited to join the pageant. ATV Miss Asia Pageant 2014 (Greater China Final) and the grand final of ATV Miss Asia Pageant 2014

History of Miss Asia Pageant:

Since Miss Asia Pageant was first screened in 1985, the event has injected great vitality into the concept of competition and participation. The pageant has been an annual event of great popularity, with many golden moments cherished still
by appreciative audiences.

Miss Asia Pageant has a history of 30 years and is marching into the 26th ceremony this year. In conformity with the constantly strive for creative innovation spirit of ATV, Miss Asia Pageant has frequently recorded its progressive precedent in the beauty pageantry. In 1995, the first initiation of no age limit entry became a hot topic in the city and has created the “XueHua Gong Myth”.

In 2004, the event made a historic breakthrough in Hong Kong beauty pageantry, with contestants from Asian countries free to participate. This innovation laid a new foundation for regional beauty pageants and further promoted the culture of beauty pageantry in Asia and contestants were from Mainland China, Vietnam, India, Lebanon, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Uzbek, Macau and Hong Kong to compete for the title of Miss Asia. The winner truly deserved the title of Miss Asia. The year of 2004 was also another milestone of Miss Asia Pageant, the Miss Asia China final was the first time ever held in Mainland China, the heavenly city – Hangzhou and was proudly successful.

Thereafter, the Mainland finals were held in Xi’an, Dalian, Jinan, Tianjin, Dongguan, Beijing and Guangzhou with a registration of more than hundred thousand of contestants in each year. In 2006, the pageant established the Network Division and the Taiwan region so that the whole pageant was more comprehensive and more diversified. Meanwhile, Miss Asia Pageant 2006 final was held in Macau and was an unprecedented success, helping boost the territory as a tourist attraction.

Coincided with the 60th anniversary of The People’s Republic of China, Miss Asia Pageant 2009 drew up the concept of Greater China and the contestants were mainly from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau Taiwan and overseas Chinese.

In 2010, it was the first time that the grand final of the pageant was held in Mainland China, Hefei of Anhui Province, in which the beauty and charming of Miss Asia Pageant was totally expressed. In 2011, ATV Miss Asia Pageant final set foot in the capital of international beauty contests – Hainan Island where the event provided the whole island a dazzling light show and a brilliant starry night. The final of the pageant was held in Hong Kong last two years. Audiences could re-experience the charming of the Pearl of the Orient with the beauties.




ATV創新之路- 亞洲小姐競選

2014 美麗使命


2014 亞洲小姐新聞發布會

ATV 2014 亞洲小姐美東競選籌委會及美國藝盟製作公司於八月十四日(星期四),在紐約市喜來登酒店舉行了ATV 2014 亞洲小姐競選美東選拔賽總決賽記者招待會

ATV 2014亞洲小姐競選】設有大中華總決賽,邀請兩岸四地及世界不同地區的華裔佳麗參予。亞洲小姐總決賽廣邀各亞洲地區如韓國、日本、新加坡、馬來西亞、印度、泰國、菲律賓等國的亮麗美女參賽,令賽事更具代表性、及更富有亞洲色彩。






此後2005 - 2011年中國內地賽區總決賽分別在西安、大連、濟南、天津、廣東東莞、北京及廣州舉行,每年報名佳麗人數以十萬計。2006年更首度設立網絡賽區及臺灣地區賽區,讓整個選美活動更全面,更時尚化。同時『2006亞洲小姐競選總決賽』(亞洲區) 更首度沖出香港,於澳門進行總決賽,亦是一個新的突破。『2009亞洲小姐競選』,適逢中華人民共和國成立六十周年,故以盛世中華之理念,參選佳麗以中國內地、香港、澳門及臺灣地區為主。

2010亞洲小姐競選總決賽』第一次踏進國內在中國安徽省合肥市舉行,把亞洲小姐的魅力與光芒展現於神州大地。2011年『ATV 亞洲小姐競選總決賽』再次踏足國際選美之都的海南島舉行;亞洲小姐競選的盛會把整個海南島照耀得星光燦爛。過去人兩年『ATV 亞洲小姐競選總決賽』再次回歸香港舉行,觀眾再次感受到美女柔合東方之珠的魅力。


Introduction of ATV Home America Channel

Asia Television Limited (ATV) was first established in May 1957. It was the first television station in Hong Kong and the first Chinese TV worldwide. It covers China, Macau, Hong Kong, Australia, America, and other oversea locations. Its worldwide audience reaches over 1 billion.

Launched in 2002, ATV Home Channel (America) offers American, Canadian, and South American audiences a wide range of programming in Cantonese, directly from Hong Kong, 24 hours a day, on Echostar's DISH Network, Galaxy 3G, Comcast Cable Communications, Rogers Cable Communications, KyLin IPTV, and Phoenix Television. As of 2014, ATV subscribers boast over 520,000 households nationwide. It has over 1,000,000 individual audiences in the New York Tri-state areas, and over 3,000,000 individual audiences in South and North Americas.

We have been hosting ATV Miss Asia Pageant worldwide for the last 26 years. Last year, we also organized Miss Asia Pageant in the U.S. East Coast. This glamorous event turned out to be an enormous success. The Pageant had attracted many contestants with a diverse Asian ethnic background. We treasured the opportunity to have our contestants to participate in ringing the NASDAQ Closing Bell with the International Women Forum. It showcased and celebrated the beauty, intelligence, and talents of Asian women.

To build upon the success of the event, we produce "NEW YORK EXPRESS"(NYE), featuring two episodes weekly, which broadcasts everyday and have our beautiful Miss Asia finalists to be the hostesses. NYE contents include reports on life style, social development, commercial activities, and Asian ethnic achievements in New York metropolitan areas. ATV's distribute platforms enhance extend coverage from North America to Central and South America.

As of March, 2014, we have launched three series of professionally diverse information programs: "Medical Heroes", a medical information and education program, jointly presented with the Chinese American Medical Society (CAMS), a not-for-profit organization with 50 years of history and over 1000 medical doctors in the tri-states area." Taxation and Me": taxation information featuring expert knowledge shared by Certified Public Accountants (CPA). "New York Detective Stories": New York City retired senior law enforcement officers sharing their experiences, challenges, and highlights of their careers in handling cases of various encounters. "Trendy New York": Lifestyle about spectacular living of New York's life, food, fashion and events.

With ATV ability simulcast, we bring live programs from Hong Kong regularly. "Horse Races" is weekly live from Hong Kong. On December 2013, ATV live-broadcasted from Hong Kong an all-star tribute to pop legend Anita Mui on the 10th anniversary of the Cantopop diva's passing.

We look forward to exploring opportunities in promoting your company through our media platform, which has a reach to our 1 million and growing audience in the New York area, and an audience of 3 million throughout the continents of America.





亞洲(美洲頻道)於2002 年通過銀河三號衡星等渠道播放到美國,加拿大及南美洲,為當地觀眾提供了一系列粵語的節目,每天24小時與多個平台上播放,當中包括:Galaxy3C EchostarDISH Network Comcast Cable Communications Rogers Cable Communications Kylin IPTV(麒麟電視), Phoenix Television ( 鳳凰電視)。直至2014年,用戶超過五十二萬個大家庭。在大紐約地區及附近觀眾超過一百萬,全美洲觀眾超過三百萬。

每一年我們都舉辦亞洲小姐的競選活動,在美國延續亞洲小姐的炫美傳奇。為亞洲年輕女性提供照方永恆的光彩舞台。 2013 年, ATV亞洲小姐美東賽區的比賽在各方的大力支持下取得了好的成果。這次活動吸收了多名來自東南亞各族裔的佳麗參加。在總決賽當日,我們很榮幸應國際婦女諭壇的邀請,擔任納斯達克交易所收市敲鐘儀式的嘉賓。這是對亞洲電視多年來致力於推廣亞洲女性容貌,聰明與智慧的充分肯定。

延續亞姐美麗的傳奇,發揮亞姐聰明的才智,我們每週製作兩集“紐約快訊”,每天晚上725分和95分(美東時間)在亞洲(每週頻道)播出。 “紐約快訊”由美貌與智慧並重的亞姐主持,節目內容包羅萬象,有美食,時尚,生活資訊,商業資訊,社會發展活動,社會大事記各種多元文化的推廣活動,重點為亞裔社群提供推廣作用,由紐約開始擴展到全美洲各地區,包括中南美洲各地均能分享亞裔事業的努力成果。

另外, 我們結合美國本土的觀眾需要退出的專業的多元化資訊節目,包括有:與五千年曆史一千多名華裔醫生的美洲中華醫學會合作的醫學節目“杏林精英”;與中美註冊會計師協會合作的稅務知識普及及節目“稅務與我”;由紐約市的退休高級警官分享他們警察生涯的經歷,和所遇到的挑戰以及把南經驗的精彩節目“紐約神探錄”;以及由各位準備亞姐組成的“紐約時尚風”。

美洲頻道借助香港本港台的平台優勢,可及時進行兩地的資訊交流。美洲直播的祥光賽馬盛況,另外在2013年,亞洲每週台直播了在香港舉行的巨星雲集的芳華盛會, [梅艷芳.10.思念.音樂.],與美洲觀眾共同懷念一段璀璨的歲月。




miss asia pagaent organizers

Mr. Eddie Mo, Chairman of EMO America Productions Holding Corporation
Ms. Chi Ying, Chinese singer, Ms. Po Ling Ng, Director of Project Opening Door
Mr. Patrick Ng. Honorable Vice Chair ( President of Kiwanis Club)
Ms. Jan He. Managing Director, EMO America Production Holding Corporation
 Mr. John Lam, Honorable Chair of ATV Miss Asia 2014 ( Chairman of LAM’S Group)
Mr. David Chen, Executive Director of Chinese America Planning Council 
Mr. Wellington. Chen, Executive Director of Chinatown Partnership
Ms.Nida Taylor: Miss. Asia Gorgeous 2013. Miss. Myanmar USA 2012,
Miss. People's Choice 2012

 Ms. Jan He. Managing Director, EMO America Production Holding Corporation

 Ms. Jan He. Managing Director, EMO America Production Holding Corporation

Mr. Patrick Ng. Honorable Vice Chair ( President of Kiwanis Club),Mr. Patrick Ng. Honorable Vice Chair ( President of Kiwanis Club),Mr. Wellington. Chen, Executive Director of Chinatown Partnership

Mr. Patrick Ng. Honorable Vice Chair ( President of Kiwanis Club)
Mr. David Chen, Executive Director of Chinese America Planning Council
Mr. Wellington. Chen, Executive Director of Chinatown Partnership

Mr. David Chen, Executive Director of Chinese America Planning Council,Mr. Wellington. Chen, Executive Director of Chinatown Partnership

Mr. David Chen, Executive Director of Chinese America Planning Council
Mr. Wellington. Chen, Executive Director of Chinatown Partnership


Ms. Hailan Cui. Artistic Director, ATV Miss Asia Modeling Instructor,Ms. Xiaoxue Du. Reporter of Black Tie Magazine

Ms. Hailan Cui. Artistic Director, ATV Miss Asia Modeling Instructor
Ms. Xiaoxue Du. Reporter of Black Tie Magazine


Mr. Gerard Mr. Keon. Publisher of Black Tie Magazine,Ms. Nida Taylor. Miss. Asia Gorgeous 2013. Miss. Myanmar USA 2012,

Mr. Gerard Mr. Keon. Publisher of Black Tie Magazine
Ms. Nida Taylor. (Originally from the Philippines)
Miss. Asia Gorgeous 2013. Miss. Myanmar USA 2012,
 Miss. People's Choice 2012

Song of Miss Asia 2014

Song of Miss Asia 2014


joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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