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  Black Tie International Magazine  Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu
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Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu sends health in the year of the tiger: Chinese herbal medicine combined with American technology in the Global market!

Ma Xiaoqiu
 sends health in the year of the tiger:

 Chinese herbal medicine
 combined with American technology
in the Global market!


MXQ Nano Life Water

The Miraculous Healing Power of Traditional Chinese Herbs.

An epidemic that is unwilling to leave humanity has made the world pay more attention to health.

At the end of 2021, when the epidemic seemed to be slowing down, the infection of the mutant strain of Omicron surged in the United States, half a million infected a day.

Viruses are constantly mutating, threatening human health.

In the face of no cure for the virus, many people turn to traditional Chinese herbal medicine to strengthen their body and
 strengthen their immunity.

After all, the emergence of viruses is associated with the deterioration of our natural environment.

Healing with the power of nature.

 In New York’s Chinatown, many shops selling Chinese herbal medicine are finding themselves out of stock, and there is an endless stream of Chinese and Western buyers, all pinning their hopes on the magical eastern force to fight Omicron.

Ginger, Siberian ginseng and other medicinal materials with strong healing power enter the human body through food tonic, nourish

 qi and nourish blood, and enhance physical fitness.

These are things so many people are looking for at this time. 

The market is in urgent need of a healthy product that can truly make these herbal ingredients reach the cellular level.

MXQ Nano Life Water

The birth of the new brand

 MXQ Nanoparticle Life Water

has set off a wave of change for the bottled water industry!

The uniqueness of MXQ Nanoparticle Life Water

is that it adopts the most cutting-edge nano-biotechnology to
encapsulate the four most anti-epidemic and healthy herbal natural nutrients into nanoparticles, and the nutrient absorption rate is directly increased to 90%!

Other nutritional water on the market,
 the water absorption rate
can only be between 25-40%. 

The four natural herbal ingredients with different tastes are:

 Siberian ginseng,
 which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range;

which is rich in antioxidants; turmeric, which regulates and protects the heart and directly kills cancer cells;

 Gold Vitamin C
 that hunts free radicals.

The natural ingredients in LifeWater are directly absorbed by the human body through high-tech nanoparticle nutrition balls, with a sweet taste.

It is described as a

natural kinetic energy drink without caffeine

and is deeply loved by young people in China and the West.

Famous scientist Jerry Sansovet’s

Black Technology – NutraSpheres ™

Nobel Prize-nominated scientist Jerry T. Thornthwaite

has spent most of his life studying viruses and nanotechnology
 in his lab in Tennessee.

In the field of cancer research and prevention in the United States, especially in the field of personalized cancer treatment,
no one does not know Dr. Jerry.

His whole life has been researching one thing:
how do we prevent and cure cancer?

He is the founder and director of two of the largest oncology laboratories at Cedars Medical Center and Baptist Hospital in Miami, USA,
and has served as director of the Cancer Institute for the past 38 years.

Back in 1972, Dr. Jerry discovered what is now recognized as natural killer cells (NKCs).

Natural killer cells, NKCs,
are the cornerstone of our surveillance defense mechanisms
against cancer cell survival.

 When the human body is attacked by cancer cells,
the healthy cells of the human body will automatically fight back,
releasing special cells called suicide cells.

 When attacking cancer cells, they die together with the cancer cells.

In Jerry’s words, cancer treatment is

using the good cells in the body to kill the bad cells

 The technology has been successfully used in the personalised treatment of cancer patients and has been nominated for two Nobel Prizes (2004, 2016).

Dr. Jerry has published more than 60 world-class academic articles and abstracts with high technical content,
 and holds 10 patents for instruments and reagents.

His anti-malarial therapy in Haiti was nominated for a Nobel Prize.

He invented 9 categories of health care products,
 ranging from brain to cardiovascular, which are sold in five countries.

 He has received numerous top scientific academies and government grants in the United States,

including NASA,
the American Association for Cancer Research, ACS,
the American Society for Immunology,
the National Immuno-Oncology Society Laboratory,
 and the National Clinical Laboratory Standards Establishment Committee for his research centers.

In June 2015, at the Joint American-European Cancer Conference (AACR-EACR) held in Florence, Italy, Dr. Jerry announced to the world his major discovery in translational medicine research – nanoparticle nutrition 1000 times smaller than human cells

Sphere (NutraSpheres TM) patented technology.

Because the nanoparticles are smaller and lighter than the cells of our body, the minerals, oxygen, and anti-cancer drugs of super pure water can directly reach the cells and interfere.

 Dr. Jerry told reporters.
 In order to make the theory popular,
 he also made the invention into a simple
and clear 2-minute video explanation.

The technology is used in bottled water, that is, the nutrients are wrappedwith nanoparticle balls
 and sent directly into the blood,
which greatly improves the absorption rate of nutrients.

This opportunity was spotted by a well-known
Chinese investor,
Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu.
MXQ Nano Life Water

Ma Xiaoqiu:

 The perfect combination of
American cutting-edge technology
 and Chinese health care. 

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu was born in Chengdu, Sichuan.

 She is the chairman of
Shenzhen Tiancheng Mingdao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.,

 the chairman of the board of directors of
 China Investment Fund Corporation (HK.00612),

the chairman of the board of directors
 Fuhui International (HK.01034),

and the
University of California Miramar.
Honorary Doctorate of Strategic Innovation and Leadership,

Chairman of the
24th American Family Film Awards.

As a legendary female entrepreneur,

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu
started from scratch many years ago,

and has created a miracle of wealth after several ups and downs.
At the company headquarters in Shenzhen, she talked about the original intention and vision of investing in LifeWater 

Ma Xiaoqiu

The Buddha said,
I look at a drop of water, and eighty-four thousand lives.

I often liken myself to a small drop of water in a big world.

This investment also stemmed from
Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu’s investment in Changbai Mountain’s agricultural and health care industry 10 years ago.

 Changbai Mountain has Tianchi Lake and ginseng.

How does one let the world see the value of these two precious resources?

 Get rid of poverty and become rich?

This is what Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu has been thinking about.

Antu County, known as
the first county of Changbai Mountain,
is located in the south of the county
, where the famous main peak of Changbai Mountain
 and Tianchi Waterfall are located in the south of the county.

Before getting rid of poverty and becoming rich,
 it was one of the key poverty-stricken counties at the national level.

There are 80 impoverished villages in the county
and 5,495 households with 9,811 impoverished people,
many of whom are North Koreans.

MXQ Nano Life Water

Just mix 20 drops of LifeWater Essence into drinking water,

and you can instantly get a bottle of LifeWater full of energy!

One bottle of concentrated essence can be exchanged
 for 30 bottles of bottled water.

Such inventions will surely set off the bottled water industry!

At the inauguration ceremony of the LifeWater Laboratory,

Robert introduced the experimental and manufacturing facilities of the LifeWater Factory to the media.

The Water of Life factory is located in Oxnard, California.
It is an FDA-registered CGMP production facility.

All products have a DA license and a California license.

 Everything is produced according to the strictest industry standards,
except for the use of existing Recipe,
the company will develop additional line extensions.

When a good product comes out, it will naturally gain its loyal fans.

 MXQ Nanoparticle LifeWater

 is a combination of Chinese and Western health, which conforms to the health logic of Chinese medicine and Taoism,

 and at the same time has the cutting-edge technology of Western biology.

 Before the vaccine completely defeats the virus,

 improving immunity is a health issue for all human beings.

MXQ Nanoparticle LifeWater,

which came out in this special period,
will bring health and happiness to the whole world

– health at the cellular level,

 starting from the first glass of water every day!


MXQ Lifewater

MXQ Nano Life Water Link



Promotional video:



Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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