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Black Tie International:
The Global Future Leaders Initiative:
 to add Martial Arts to future Olympics
receives strong support in NYC from
Jet Li and Washu Champions
Global Leadership Initiative , Jet Li and Wushu Champions

 The Global Future Leader Organization
to include Martial Arts as a recognized sport
in future Olympics 
is strongly supported by
 Jet Li and Marshal Art Champions in NY

Photos and Article courtesy of

Additional Reporting: Black Tie Magazine/ Gerard Mc Keon
9月12日,由中国国家体育总局副局长赵勇为团长、张玉萍为副团 长、好莱坞功夫巨星李连杰为形象代言人,携25位武术国际大赛冠 军在9月9日于联合国成功演出后,走进华人华侨在纽约君豪酒家举 办的欢迎文艺晚宴,同时与在美国武术前冠军及华人华侨进行了才艺节目互动交流的表演。
On September 12, The Deputy Director, Zhao Yong of Chinese State Sports General Administration ,  Zhang Yuping as deputy head, and Hollywood Kung Fu star Jie Li as the Honor VIP guest,  together with 25 martial arts international championships come to New York,  On the September 9  they performance in the United Nations. This was followed by an exciting eveningat Flushing Oriental Chinese restaurant. A welcome gala Dinner joined by many overseas Chinese organizations in  New York , and the martial arts champions  together with  other overseas Chinese performers  entertained the  guests with a Gala show


本次活动的主题是和谐、健康、共享,为突出这个主题,全球未来领袖组织(Global Future Leader Organization )特别派和谐小大使、 11岁的初中生Harmony Liu刘昕格为欢迎晚宴带来二个精彩节目,她在代表和谐与健康的 古筝伴奏下,与代表五大洲的不同肤色的纽约中小学生共10人表演 了精彩的太极,接着与来自南美洲青年携手挑起拉丁舞梦想,代 表着华人与世界人民和谐牵手共享文化多样性与健康,共同实现和谐 、健康、分享的梦想!刘昕格曾经在川普总统登基庆典晚会上,被全美共和党亚裔联盟邀请演出古筝与拉丁舞。
The theme of this event was
 "Harmony, Health, Sharing".
 To highlight this theme, the Global Future Leader Organization send a harmony ambassador whose name is Harmony Liu, a 11-year-old junior high school student, she shone  in two wonderful show. Harmony played  the Chinese Harp and local students
of  Tai Chi, displayed the great diversity of New Yorkers, immigrants from many counties all secondary students  from Mind ,Body & Shen Tai Chi Holistic Learning Center in Bronx.  a total of 10 students performed a wonderful Tai Chi, and then Harmony Liu led the youth from the South American in Latin dance.
 "Dreaming"  standing for on behalf of the Chinese people and the people of the world in harmony to share cultural diversity and health, and jointly achieve harmony, health, sharing the dream!   Harmony Liu once performed in the President Trump's Inaugual ceremony, invited by National Republican Asia Allian in D.C.
 to perform the Harp &  Latin dance.


 Li Lianjie
在此欢迎晚宴活动中, 由全球未来领袖组织首先倡议发起中华武术再次申办入奥运比赛项 目,得到了李连杰先生及冠军代表团的25位世界冠军的共鸣与支持。

During the welcome dinner, the Global Future Leader Organization initiative to launch the Chinese martial arts  bid to be included in the  Olympic Games,
was enthusiastically embraced  by Jie Li & the other  25 World Martial Art Champions.  
zhao yong, wu haiyan, lie ji
The Deputy Director, Zhao Yong of Chinese State Sports General Administration ,
Wu Haiyan of China Permanent mission in UN 
 & Jie Li
watching Kongfu show performance at the  United Nations, NYC
Honor guests, Hollywood kung fu star Jet Li accepted the invited host Liu Tai and interview

Honored guests, Hollywood kung fu star Jet Li,

2号晚上,在全球未来领袖组织参与安排下,特邀请25位武术冠军在百老汇市政文化剧场TOWN HALL演出,这是中国25位冠军第一次同时走进百老汇表演!在百老汇TOWN HALL剧场演出结束后,记者看到一道风景线:由全球未来领袖发 起、与大纽约华人互助会、京华文化基金、少林寺功夫学校、美东福 建同乡会、福建公所、福建总商会共同联盟在美国的前武术冠军发起 倡议:请全球华人华侨留学生携中国25位冠军和在美国的前冠军、 热爱中国武术的未来领袖青少年、及来自五大洲的不同肤色的人们, 共同在倡议书上签字呼吁,也请各国更多的华人华侨签字支持 中国武术必须力争入奥运项目!希望中国体育总局副局长赵勇与张玉 萍副团长把华人华侨留学生的爱国热情倡议带回祖国,带给党中央、 习主席,作为十九大前海外华人华侨希望实现中华民族伟大复兴、体育强国的一个呼声!
On the evening of the 12th, the Global Future Leader Organization arranged for  25 martial arts champions to perform in the TOWN HALL of the Broadway Municipal Cultural Theater, which was the first time ever that  25 Marshal Artists  from China ever performed on Broadway.
After the Broadway performance, A United front, led by  the Global Future Leader O rganization, in partnership[ with the Greater New York Chinese Society, Jinghua Cultural Fund, Shaolin Kung Fu School, East Fujian Association, Fujian Chamber of Commerce to Union US Martial Arts Champion Initiatives: Global Chinese & Overseas Chinese with students and all the 25 Chinese champions and former champions in the United States,  who love Chinese martial arts , together with young people from five different continents.

All signed  a petition to move forward with the initiative that 
 Chinese martial arts must strive to enter the Olympic Games!
They asked that Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sport Mr. Zhao Yong and Madam Zhang Yuping, deputy head of the Chinese , Overseas Chinese  & students' organization would take their petion back to China and to ask the, Party Central Committee and President Xi Jinpging  during  the Conference of 19th Communist Party.
 They wish to add the voice to the  Chinese & Overseas Chinese hope
 to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation!
Chinese martial arts head coach Interviewed
Chinese martial arts head coach Interviewed
Zhang Yuping, deputy head of the Chinese martial arts delegation,
Zhang Yuping, deputy head of the Chinese martial arts delegation,
was interviewed by reporters at the event site
New York Fujian Chamber of Commerce official interview

New York Fujian Chamber of Commerce official interview

Nicole Edwards, chairman of the global leader of the future
全球未来领袖的理事长Nicole Edwards , 华尔街文化传媒集团董事长夏景柱, 和谐小大使Harmony Liu大纽约互助会主席Michael 王一起表示,实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦就是强国梦,而体育强 国也是中国梦的一个重要组成部份,为弘扬中华传统文化,展示中国国粹体育, 中华武术必须入奥!

Nicole Edwards, President of the Global Future Leader Organization, and Chairman of the Wall Street Cultural Media Group, and Harmony Liu, the Youth Harmony Ambassador, with Chairman of the Greater New York Mutual Council, said that the Chinese Dream is for greater rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation
Their wish is that Martial Art enter Olympic Competition,
especially as Martial Arts is a major cultural tradition in China
and Chinese national sport
Harmony Liu, a global leader of the future leader of the world
jet li
Harmony Liu, 11 years old student from MS74 middle school.

Harmony Liu, 11 years old student from MS74 middle school.
She is theHarmony Ambassador of Global Future Leader Organization ,
was invited as VIP guest to represent Global Youth at the UN Kongfu show

Hollywood kung fu star Jet Li, Frank Liu
Hollywood kung fu star Jet Li, Frank Liu
该武术表演活动由中国国家体育总局和国际武术联合会主办,共同主 办、承办与协办机构包括全球未来领袖组织、大纽约华人互助会等华 人华侨社团、以及美国国际商会等国际组织的参与支持,此次活动的 特色是武术走进高大上、走进联合国、走进百老汇、走进华人华侨、也走进常春藤大学等地进行展示和交流活动。

本次武术冠军代表团荣誉嘉宾、好莱坞功夫巨星李连杰先生对华人华 侨留学生发起的促进武术必进奥运比赛项目的行动非常感动!他在接受CCTV魅力人物栏目美国采编中心特邀主持刘泰和采访时候,坚 定的强调:只要大家努力,有一天一定能成功入奥!体育总局武术中 心主任、冠军代表团副团长接受联合国实习生、CCTV魅力人物本 活动特邀记者高怡妮采访时表示:感谢华人华侨倡议再入奥运的行动!回国后一定向祖国汇报!

 Martial Art Champion and the Hollywood kungfu star, Mr. Jie Li, was deeply impressed by the   Overseas Chinese & New York students efforts to promote the inclusion of  traditional martial arts  into the schedule for future Olympic Games.
In his  interview at the CCTV  Oversea editorial Center in New York  with   Frank Liu,
 Jet Li  firmly stressed his deeply held belief that
"as long as we work hard, one see Martial Arts Medals awarded at the Olympic Games. "

Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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