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The World Harmony Foundation
the 2021 Outstanding Peace Ambassador Award
Frank LIu
 President Frank Liu, was Honored to accept the Peace Medal.
The World Peace Prize Committee


Awards the

 "2021 Outstanding Peace Ambassador Award"

to the World Harmony Foundation
Frank LIu


Frank LIu
Frank LIu

Frank LIu

World Harmony Foundation
World Harmony Foundation
World Harmony Foundation
World Harmony Foundation
World Harmony Foundation
World Harmony Foundation
World Harmony Foundation

The United Nations Environment Program
World Harmony Foundation
won the U.S. World Peace Prize

      August 30, 2021, given that the World Harmony Foundation (WHF) has been committed to promoting world peace and social harmony in the past two decades since its establishment, it has been actively contributing to the charity of the United Nations and many countries in disaster relief, social welfare, and global environmental protection. 

 For contributions, the World Peace Prize Committee (WPPAC)
awarded the World Harmony Foundation the
 "2021 Outstanding Peace Ambassador Award"
 after selection. 

Dr Suzi Legget, founding chairman of the World Peace Prize and former senior adviser to the Speaker of the U.S. Congress,
 made a special trip to New York to present the award to (WHF) on behalf of WPPAC.  President Frank Liu put on the Peace Medal.

      It is reported that the WPPAC World Peace Prize is a historic award.  Since 1989, the famous congressman Robert Legget, Dr Suzi Legget and Dr. Han Min Su jointly established it on Capitol Hill in Washington. 

As a non-profit organization, the World Peace Prize Award Committee has been an internationally recognized prestigious award since its establishment more than 30 years ago.

      Participated in the award ceremony were the famous U.S. Democratic congressman, the vice chairman of the U.S. Congressional Economics, Taxation and Trade Commission, the advocate and creator of the "wealth tax" plan Tom Suozzi (Tom Suozzi), and the World Harmony Foundation (WHF).  ) Chairman, Frank Liu, winner of the 2015 President Obama White House Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award, and many members of the board of directors participated. 

And held Tom Sozi's 59th birthday fundraising banquet together.  During the banquet discussion, everyone had a lively discussion on how to promote harmony and unity between the United States and other countries, as well as all ethnic groups in the United States.

      It is understood that the purpose of the World Peace Prize has always been awarded to world leaders who have made contributions to the construction of peace and harmony for mankind regardless of their personal interests and sacrifices, as well as individuals who have provided outstanding ideological foresight and leadership for the cause of peace and harmony. 

 For example, to contribute to the cause of world peace by preventing regional conflicts or world wars; to resolve political, diplomatic and economic disputes; to minimize the threat and chaos within human beings through the development of new inventions to make outstanding contributions to the cause of peace and harmony. 

 Contributing individuals.  Aimed at promoting the development of a better world, most of its winners are heads of state.


Winners over the years include the following



2021830日,美国民主党著名联邦国会议员、美国国会经济与税务贸易委员会的副主席、“财富税”计划倡导和制定者汤姆·索齐(Tom Suozzi)特邀世界和谐基金会(WHF)主席 2015年奥巴马总统白宫自愿者终身成就奖获得者Frank Liu(刘藩)与理事会多位成员参加其59岁生日募捐宴会,于宴会过程中,他们就如何促进美国与其他国家,以及美国国内各族裔的和谐与团结展开了热烈讨论。


鉴于世界和谐基金会(WHF)成立二十年来致力于推动世界和平与社会和谐,在救灾援助、社会公益、全球环保等方面不断积极为联合国与多国的慈善公益做出贡献,世界和平奖委员会(WPPAC)经过评选之后,授予世界和谐基金会“2021年杰出和平大使奖” 世界和平奖创会主席、前美国国会议长高级顾问Dr Suzi Legget特别前往纽约,代表WPPAC向(WHF)颁奖,并邀请寿星Suozzi议员作为特邀颁奖嘉宾,在其生日晚宴上亲自为WHF代表、创会主席Frank Liu挂上和平勋章。


WPPAC世界和平奖是一项历史性奖项,自 1989 年由著名国会议员Robert LeggetDr Suzi Legget Han Min Su 博士共同在华盛顿国会山成立的。作为非营利组织的世界和平奖颁奖委员会成立三十多年来,做为国际公认的著名奖项,一直颁发给不计个人利益与牺牲,为人类和平和谐建设做出贡献的世界领袖,以及为和平和谐事业提供卓越远见领导力的个人:如通过防止地区冲突或世界大战为世界和平事业做出贡献;通过解决政治、外交和经济问题的争端;通过开发新发明来最大程度地减少人类内部的威胁和混乱等为和平与和谐事业作出杰出贡献的个人。旨在推动发展一个更美好的世界,其获得者多为国家首脑。历年获奖者包括如下:


Mahatma Gandhi

1.Mahatma Gandhi




Yitzhak Rabin

2.Yitzhak Rabin


During his political career, he devoted himself to promoting the Middle East peace process.  He used his actions to embody the ancient motto of "forging a sword into a plough" and actively sought reconciliation with enemies who had fought face to face for many years.






Ronald Reagan

3.Ronald Wilson Reagan

President Reagan has made improvements in reducing government spending, health, finance, education, and diplomacy. This has had a positive impact on the United States' economy, diplomacy, and education.





4.Benjamin A. Gilman

4.Benjamin A. Gilman

Recognized by the World Peace Prize as a lifelong defender of human rights: fighting world hunger, drug abuse and trafficking.



本杰明·A·吉尔曼 (Benjamin A. Gilman),因其作为人权的终身捍卫者而获得世界和平奖的认可:与世界饥饿、麻醉品滥用和贩运作斗争。

Dorje Chang Buddha 111

5.Dorje Chang Buddha III

Venerable Dorje Chang Buddha III, for his selfless dedication, dedicated to a wide range of treatment and relief activities for people from different communities around the world, and was recognized by the World Peace Prize Award Committee





fidel ramos

6.Fidel Ramos

     President of the Philippinesachieved a National Liberation Front with the separated Moro tribe during his tenure




Li Chengwan

7.Li Chengwan

     A politician, diplomat, thinker, and independence activist in South Korea’s modern history, South Korea’s first president.




Yakubu Gowan

8. Yakubu Gowan

President Palau, during his tenure, began to reform the historically sacred and inviolable "humanism" and formally introduced the "regional limited staff" system to improve people's lives.




Mohamed Husni Murbaeak

9.Mohamed Husni Mubarak

The former president of Egypt introduced many new measures in finance, currency and finance, exchange rates, commodity prices, investment, reform of state-owned enterprises, and promotion of privatization during his administration. The economic situation has improved and certain achievements have been made.




Abdulrahman Wahid

10.Abdulrahman Wahid

     Former President of Indonesia, he was committed to the friendly development of foreign relations. After taking office, he cancelled all anti-Chinese policies, restored the rights of the Chinese, and opened the Chinese language to allow the Chinese to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals and set the Spring Festival as a legal holiday.





.Lv Xiulian

11.Lv Xiulian

The founder of "New Feminism" in Taiwan, China, is committed to fighting for women's human rights, independence, growth
 and development.




Pensalma OChirbat

12.Pensalma Ochirbat


The former president of Mongolia pursued the policy of opening to the outside world during his tenure.  Advocate deepening political and economic reforms.  Support the implementation of a multi-party system and a free election system.  Economically, it advocates the combination of planned economy and market economy and
encourages foreign investment.





Kuniwa Nakamura

13.Kuniwa Nakamura


He was the first president of Palau, a Pacific island nation after independence from the United States. He served as the country's president and foreign minister from 1993 to 2001. He is committed to developing friendly relations with all countries, especially strengthening cooperative relations with neighboring countries in
the Asia-Pacific region.



Meles Zenawi

14.Meles Zenawi


    Former Ethiopian President, during his tenure, Meles became a powerful ally of the United States in combating terrorism in Somalia. He sent troops to Somalia twice.  In addition, he also sent peacekeeping troops to other troubled areas in Africa to maintain peace in Africa to a certain extent.


This award is the first time the WPPAC Peace Prize has been awarded to a United Nations non-governmental organization. All WHF members are proud of this honor and are determined to make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to human harmony, peace and environmental protection.






本次授奖,是WPPAC和平奖首次为联合国非政府组织颁奖,WHF 全体成员为此荣誉感到自豪,并决心再接再厉,为人类和谐、和平与环保做出更大的贡献。



Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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