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Harmony Liu, Interview with Dr Gao Xiaoke
Harmony Liu

Harmony Liu
 Interview with
Dr. Gao Xiaoke:

Dr Gao applies digital technology innovation to human brain medicine, bringing great benefits to the elderly and children

Dr. Xiaoke Gao is a neurologist and neuropsychologist.

He is also the co-chair of the World Natural Health Organization.

Recently, she has applied digital technology innovation to human brain medicine, designing a fine hand movement exercise.

This movement exercise enables the patient to train and improve concentration by using fingers and hands to move at the same speed and range of motion for 10 seconds.
Therefore, it can also be called

 "brain training".

The principle of "brain exercise"

is to improve the inactive parts of the brain through exercise training.

The operation of this process is divided into five stages:

motion tracking digital reporting
improvement realization.

During this process, recorded video files of exercise can be converted into waveforms, spectra and further digitized movements, which is not only a workout program, but also a digital exercise analysis program that can track exercise progress using a scoring system.

 This exercise program involves the training of fine motor skills, or dexterity, which refers to the coordination of small muscles and eye movements, often involving hand and finger synchronization.

It will motivate exercisers to make performance improvements.

 It has important innovative significance for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and the treatment of autism in children, and brings good news to the elderly and children.

In the process of "brain training", training the brain is training the trainee's memory, brain speed, concentration,
motor skills and intelligence.

 Each movement in this exercise is focused, involves eye and brain coordination, requires conscious judgment to operate hand movements, requires attention to execute the correct rhythm,
and the correct scale of movement.

In this interview, Dr. Gao introduced to Harmony Liu
that the specific operation methods of hand movement
 (manual module - bilateral) include the following:

1.Finger tapping (LFIT, RFIT):

Tap the thumb with the index finger
(assessing small finger movements).

2.Hand flapping (LHF, RHF):

Open and close the arm with the arm upright
 (assessing fine hand movements).

3.Hand supination and internal rotation (LHPS, RHPS):

(Assess wrist and elbow range of motion).

4.Two index finger taps (LITI, RITI):

hands grasp each other
(bilateral finger coordination assessment).

5.Finger-to-nose (LIPI, RIPI):

Touch the nose with the index finger, then point
to the opposite index finger
 (assess oculo-finger coordination).

It is brain training through a designed hand movement protocol.
During the 10-second training period, the amplitude and frequency of the movements are required to be as equal as possible.

This exercise involves eye and brain coordination, it requires conscious judgment to operate hand movements, it requires attention to execute the correct rhythm, and the correct scale of movement.

A higher level of exercise is foot training.

In addition,
 Dr. Gao also introduced the features of this technological innovation to Harmony Liu
—different from traditional hand exercises, the MOVXAM software of "brain training" will provide patients' progress reports of exercise performance, which overcomes traditional hand exercises.

The disadvantage of not being able to track your performance progress in a digital format.

On how the MOVXAM software transfers video files to digital data -

 first, video recording with an iPad, iPhone or smartphone.

 Motion imaging will be converted to 2D waveforms.

The amplitude, duration, frequency and slope of the waveform will be calculated. Fractional metrics are generated based on the variance percentage of each metric: amplitude, duration, frequency, and slope.

 The smaller the percentage difference, the higher the score.

Among them, the process of preparing the video recording exercise is divided into five steps:

 Step 1: Set up the black background;
 Step 2: Set up the iPad on the stand;
Step 3: Record ten seconds on each hand using the designed module.

 Immediately after Please provide an email to the back office, the back office will send the trainee his performance score report will be sent to Quan with an email link for the trainee to send the video clip
 to the back office.

Through the interview and communication with Dr. Gao,
 Harmony Liu learned that the brain-me movement is a designed fine motor exercise program.

A key point of this exercise is attention training, coordination training, consistency training and endurance training.

First, it is brain training through a designed hand movement protocol, where the amplitude and frequency of movements are required to be as identical as possible during the 10-second training period.

 Second, it addresses hand movements involving speed and attention controlled by the brain, it is not a visual mental activity exercise, but a fine motor movement exercise to train attention, speed and coherence echoed and controlled by the brain sex.

Again, during this training session, the trainee prolongs the finger-hand movement, making it rhythmic, consistent, and persistent,
 with good stamina.

In today's society, dementia-related diseases for the elderly and autism for children are huge hidden dangers related to the quality of life of the parties and related families.

The promotion and application of the technology can really help those in need, eliminate hidden health risks, improve the quality of life for them, and use innovative scientific and technological achievements to bring health and happiness to more families.

As one of the founders of the World Natural Health Organization,
 Dr. Gao Xiaoke
is also active in the field of health public welfare and the promotion of natural health therapy, and has participated in many United Nations health conferences and activities.


Harmony  Liu专访高晓克博士:她将数字技术创新运用于人脑医学、为老年人与儿童带来福音






在该次访谈中,高博士向Harmony liu介绍说,手部运动(手动模块-双边)具体的操作方式包括如下:







此外,高博士还向Harmony Liu介绍了这一技术创新的特点——与传统的手部锻炼不同,“脑我训练”的MOVXAM软件将提供患者的的锻炼表现进度报告,克服了传统手部锻炼无法以数字化格式跟踪您的表现进度的缺点。


通过对高博士的采访与交流,Harmony Liu了解到,脑我运动是一个设计的精细运动锻炼计划。该练习的一个关键点是注意力训练,协调训练,一致性训练和耐力训练。首先,它是通过设计的手部运动协议进行大脑训练,在10秒的训练期间,运动的振幅和频率要求尽可能相同。其次,它解决了涉及大脑控制的速度和注意力的手部运动,它不是可视化的心理活动练习,而是一种精细的运动运动练习,以训练由大脑回声和控制的注意力,速度和一致性。再次,在这一训练过程中,受训者延长了手指手部运动,使其有节奏,保持一致,并坚持不懈,具有良好的耐力。





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