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Harmony Liu, Interview with Prof. Joseph Manning
Harmony Liu

Harmony Liu
 in conversation with distinguished History Professor
at Yale University
Professor Joseph Manning
examines the causes of global warming today
from a historical perspective"


From a biological point of view, suitable conditions for human survival include water, air, etc.

One of the most important factors is suitable temperature.

However, in recent years, global warming has become a major danger affecting the global ecological environment and the survival and development of human beings.

Especially this year,
the phenomenon of abnormally high temperature around the world is very frequent, the Arctic ice and snow have melted a lot, and many parts of the world have experienced abnormally high temperatures.

 In some areas of Kevit, the temperature in summer reaches as high as 73 degrees Celsius, which seriously affects people's daily life
 and even survival.

This year's abnormally high temperature has also become a
 hot issue for people's anxiety and thinking.

In order to explore and pursue the answer to this question,, the young reporter Harmony Liu of the US Congress Network Television (Ask Congress TV)

 specially interviewed Joseph Manning,
a famous Professor of History at Yale University.

During the interview, Harmony specifically asked about his views on global climate change from a historical perspective.

Professor Joe Manning told Harmony excitedly that this is the biggest topic he is currently researching.
The academic point of view gives his view on this issue.

Professor Joe Manning is a professor of classical history and a senior research scholar in law, and one of the youngest professors
at Yale University.

His research direction involves the history of ancient Greece, especially the history of Hellenism; the history of the Eastern Mediterranean to the Roman period; the ancient law and economy; the history of ancient Egypt; the history of ancient North Africa and so on.

     Professor Joe Manning's main focus of historical research is Greek history, with a strong focus on the legal and economic history
 of Ptolemaic Egypt.

 His interests lie in state governance, state reform, legal systems, the formation of markets, and the impact of new economic institutions (currency, banking) on traditional socioeconomic models
of the ancient world.

In addition to this, he was deeply concerned with papyrus and the interpretation of ancient sources, and brought historical social sciences, especially economic sociology and economic and legal theory,
 to ancient history.

He has published three monographs:

 "The Family Archives of Edfu in the Ptolemaic Period";

"Land and Power in Ptolemaic Egypt",

which focuses on the structure of land tenure in 332-30 BC;

"The Last Pharaoh"
 is mainly about Egypt under Ptolemy;

in addition, he co-edited (with Professor Ian Morris of Stanford University) a book on economic history: Evidence and Models.


Joe Manning's current research interests lie at the intersection of paleoclimatology and pre-modern world economic history.

He is particularly interested in ice core geochemistry, a very exciting and dynamic science.

 He is part of a small group that has been working to understand the impact of volcanic eruptions on the Nile Valley.

 So far, the team has focused on the Ptolemaic period and plans to extend the study to the Late Antiquity, in addition to studying the interregional impacts of climate change on the entire Mediterranean world, with a particular focus on the Nile and Euphrates rivers.

Joe Manning believes that today's climate warming is directly related to the development of human history teachers, especially the modern global industrialization.

 In the process of realizing economic development, people need to change the concept of the relationship between man and nature. The significance of scientific and technological development is not the realization of human beings.

 The savage destruction of nature is to achieve a more harmonious and full development of man and technology, history, reality and future,
and man and nature.

Harmony Liu is very grateful to Professor Joe Manning for taking over this interview. Global warming is a huge hidden danger that affects the ecological environment and human survival.

I hope we can deeply reflect on this from the historical and economic environment, and find out from it.

The solution is to improve the breakthrough point of this phenomenon and build a beautiful home where people and nature live in harmony.


Harmony Liu对话耶鲁著名历史教授
 — “Joe Manning 教授从历史的角度研究今天全球气候变暖的原因



为了探索和追寻有关这一问题的答案,为了探索和追寻有关这一问题的答案,最近,美国国会网络电视台(Ask Congress TV)少年记者Harmony Liu特意采访了耶鲁大学著名历史学教授Joe Manning,在采访过程中,harmony 特别问到从历史的角度,他对全球气候变化的看法,Joe Manning教授很激动的告诉Harmony, 这是他目前在研究的最大课题,他告诉Harmony目前进展的情况,从历史学角度给出了他对于这一问题的看法。


Joe Manning教授是一名古典历史教授和法学高级研究学者,也是耶鲁大学最年轻的教授之一。他所研究的方向,涉及古希腊历史,尤其是希腊化历史; 东地中海至罗马时期历史;古代法律经济;古埃及历史; 古代北非历史等等。


     Joe Manning教授的对历史研究的主要研究方向是希腊历史,并非常关注托勒密埃及的法律和经济史。 他的兴趣在于国家治理、国家改革、法律制度、市场的形成以及新经济制度(货币、银行)对古代世界传统社会经济模式的影响。除此之外,他还深切关注纸莎草学和对古代资料的阐释,并将历史社会科学,特别是经济社会学和经济和法律理论带入古代历史。


     他出版了三部专着:《托勒密时期埃德富的家庭档案》;《托勒密埃及的土地和权力》主要阐述了公元前 332-30 年的土地使用权结构;《最后的法老》主要讲述了托勒密统治下的埃及;除此之外, 他还(与斯坦福大学的伊恩·莫里斯教授)共同编辑了一本关于经济史的书:《证据和模型》。


Joe Manning目前的研究方向在于古气候学和前现代世界经济史的交叉点。 他对冰芯地球化学特别感兴趣,这是一门非常令人兴奋和充满活力的科学。他是一位一直致力于了解火山爆发对尼罗河流域的影响的小团体的成员。到目前为止,该团队一直专注于研究托勒密时期并计划将研究扩展到古代晚期,除此之外,他们还研究气候变化对整个地中海世界的区域间影响,尤其特别关注尼罗河和幼发拉底河。


Joe Manning认为,当今的气候变暖与人类历史老师发展,尤其近现代全球工业化直接关系,在实现经济发展过程中,人们需要改变对人与自然关系的理念,科技发展的意义,不是实现人对自然的野蛮破坏,而是实现人与科技,历史、现实与未来,人与自然更和谐、充分的发展。


Harmony Liu非常感谢Joe Manning教授接手此次的采访,全球气候变暖是一项影响生态环境与人类生存到巨大隐患,希望我们能够从历史与经济的环境对此进行深刻的反思,并且能够从中找到解决于改善这一现象的突破点,共建人与自然和谐相处的美好家园。



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