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Black Tie Blockchain Investment
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Black Tie International
Goldfingr Blockchain Club Deal Summit XX New York


Goldfingr Blockchain Club
Deal Club Summit XX, New York


Tue.-Wed., May. 14 - 15, 2019

100+ Angels, VC's, Funds, 
Family Offices , 
Hosting the NY Blockchain Week VIP After Party, 
 and launching
Goldfingr Blockchain Club (GBC)


Tue. May. 14th, 2019

2pm:  Check-in & Orientation
3 - 5pm:  1-on-1 speed networking
5pm:  Keynote Speaker:

Savio Chen on 
How to attract Chinese and Asian Ultra High Net Worth Investors

5:30 - 6:30pm:  Dinner and Complimentary Drinks
6:30 - 8:30pm:  Deal Presentations (see below)
 8:30pm - 12am:  NY Blockchain Week VIP After Party


Wed. May. 15th, 2019

12 - 5pm:  Goldfingr Blockchain Club Launch
Top Blockchain Speakers and Panels, including:
Kenn Bosak
Michael Beck of DxChain
Jason Brown of Komodo
Jacob Lill Coincierge Club
Nathan Hauk of Integrity Security Evaluators
Crypto Finally
Rice Crypto of Practice Change
~ Additional Speakers TBA ~

GBC Launch Sponsored by: 

@Goldfingr Social Club (VNYL)
100 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10013

Dress Code 
Attire: Formal / Fashionable


GBC Launch Sponsored by: 
pal capital
concierge club
Companies Presenting:

Tue.-Wed., May. 14 - 15, 2019

20|30 is a new kind of venture studio.
Different from Idea Lab, 500 Startups, Consensys, or any existing venture funds, we research and test ideas to deliver exceptional products that meet market needs.
Projects that launch become part of the 20|30 portfolio. Those which don’t, become part of our institutional knowledge and experience.
We are market driven. Each project contributes to the entire portfolio, rather than teams competing for resources.
We accept failure and celebrate success together, rather than spinning companies out.

Industry:  Technology, Venture Studio, Blockchain
Investment round: Series A
Amount looking to raise: 
2M Euro
Funding round close date: ???
Investment type: ICO/STO  


Greeneum leverages cutting edge disruptive technology, including blockchain and machine learning, to create an unparalleled reliable, comprehensive and potentially unlimited data platform for the renewable energy market. Utility companies, grid operators and users alike can obtain real time energy tracking while global trade markets can benefit from such accurate and real time data. Smart predictions, insights and forecasts will be taken to a new level with our proprietary technology. Ultimately, stakeholders in the energy universe will be able to drive efficiencies, save millions and impact the global renewable energy marketplace.

Industry:  Clean Tech, BlockChain, Energy
Investment round: Series A
Amount looking to raise: $6M
Funding round close date: August 2019
Investment type: Equity


Uncharted Supply Company was founded to prepare any adventurer for unexpected survival situations. Situations that occur every day, like earthquakes, floods, or even power outages. Our founder, Christian Schauf, started the company after driving through Colorado in the middle of a blizzard and seeing dozens of hapless motorists stranded on the side of the highway, hunkering down for a long, cold night. Though rescue teams were surely on the way, they were at the mercy of Mother Nature until those teams arrived.
There had to be a better way.
He couldn’t find an easy solution, so he created one: The SEVENTY2™ Survival System.- a 72-hour survival kit that anybody could use in the event of a dangerous situation. Expert-tested and expert approved, out of this system Uncharted Supply Company was born. Now we are a team of adventurers and philanthropists bent on taking the worst case scenario and turning it into a somewhat-unpleasant-but-survivable scenario. Seems trivial, but that’s a big difference.
We’ll make sure everyone can explore confidently.

Industry: Outdoor Adventure and Life Preparedness
Investment round: Series A
Amount looking to raise: $2.5M
Funding round close date: July 2019
Investment type: Convertible Debt



Metal allows people to instantly send money to friends & family with just a phone number and rewards them with some cryptocurrency for each transaction — think next-generation Venmo or Paypal. These rewards, called "Pop," are delivered in Metal's cryptocurrency MTL and can be immediately converted into dollars or sent to another Metal Pay user. Additionally, Metal allows exchanging of over fifteen different cryptocurrencies, with plans to launch a fully featured international exchange this year.

Industry: Cryptocurrency
Investment round: Series A
Amount looking to raise: $10M
Funding round close date: July 2019
Investment type: SAFE Agreement


Emerge Capital Management Inc. is a specialized investment management services firm. We provide institutional sales expertise for elite "emerging" investment managers who meet our stringent criteria. We also offer an emerging manager platform for the distribution of separate accounts to institutions, pension plans, foundations, endowments, and professional advisory groups, family offices and RIAs. Through our affiliate Emerge Canada, we will soon also offer similar services including additional investment products throughout Canada.

Industry: Investment Management Services
Investment round: after founding partners
Amount looking to raise: $2-5M
Funding round close date: June 2019
Investment type: Equity



OurCrowd is a leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups, led by serial entrepreneur Jon Medved and run by a team of seasoned investment professionals. Offering unprecedented access to startup investing, individual investors through OurCrowd are fueling innovations that change the way people work, travel, shop, heal, and conduct business. OurCrowd investors participate in these opportunities alongside VCs and institutional co-investors, at the same terms. 

Industry: Venture Capital
Investment round: N/A
Amount looking to raise: N/A
Funding round close date: N/A
Investment type: N/A



Injii disrupts both Media and Philanthropy by synergizing two of the fastest growing global industries! Think of injii as YouTube 2.0 merged with GoFundMe 2.0- never before has Content merges with Causes so well!

Industry: Online Media
Investment round: Seed
Amount looking to raise: $2M
Funding round close date: June 2019
Investment type: Equity


Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Ding Yifeng Group,
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Ding Yifeng Group,

Black Tie International Magazine

2018 Entrepreneurial & Philanthropic Award

Black Tie International Magazine

is delighted to announce
that we are partnering with Goldfingr.

Linking  21st Century Investment Opportunities  

to the Financial Expertise & Capital of  Goldfingr and Black Tie.

For Deal Summit XX, NYC, tickets

Goldvfingr Blockchain Club Membership
to pitch your  business opportunities
 to the Black Tie and Goldfingr investment communities.


Gerard Mc Keon

USA Cell: 917 691 0564

Wechat: Blacktiemagazine


Goldfingr Blockchain Club
The 1st Digitized Deal Club
 & Mastermind Network Integrating Investing,
Networking, & Entertainment
Goldfingr is the modern paradigm of social clubs - a think tank, incubator and socially conscious business accelerator. We use technology, events and brick and mortar social clubs to keep our members connected. We’ve integrated raising capital, investing, business, the arts, entertainment and social, adding unprecedented value to our members, with a complete VIP experience.
200k + investors (extended network)
$100m+ Capital Raised - Equity Tokens (investor Syndicate)
Monthly Deal Summits in  NYC, at Goldfingr Social Club
Global Deal Summits (Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Los Angelas, Las Vegas, London,
San Francisco and other Cities TBA)


goldfingr deal club

Below is a recap of the 8 vetted companies that presented at the
Goldfingr Deal Club Summit XIX event on Apr. 17th-18th. 




artery Inc. 
provides easy, low cost, legal digital payments and banking alternatives using smart contracts on blockchain for cash heavy industries, including legal cannabis, to help business owners transact safely and legally, free from the risks of cash.  artery's smart contracts are 100% backed by USD providing assured liquidity and has no volatility because it is not exchange-traded.  Financial regulatory compliance is automated from the transaction system reporting directly to FinCEN and state financial regulatory authorities, which adds transparency and compliance capacity needed for all financial institutions supporting legal cannabis and other cash heavy industries. artery's team comes from the legal and operational side of the financial industry, and therefore, knows the legal and operational requirements of financial institutions. We were inspired by the struggles of legal cannabis small business owners and wanted to give them transaction options where they did not have to choose between the safety of their employees, customers, and community and the legality of their financial and business operations. artery is seeking investment for capitalization of money transmitter licenses and expansion of operations. 

Industry: Financial services / Cannabis
Investment round: Seed
Amount looking to raise: $1M
Funding round close date: April 2019
Investment type: Negotiable


capital Pure

Capital Pure LLC 
creates breakthrough technology by a former-NASA scientist and another ingenious inventor both with over 2000+ patents.
Beats best alternative 7x in cost, and leaves no toxic discharge, highly mobile AND produces EPA-grade drinkable water at a very cost-effective price.
Contracts already signed for our services, totaling over $133+ million/year(disclosable contracts only). We have another contract with a public oil & gas company under NDA for an undisclosed amount.
Endless potential industries - Oil companies(accounts for more than half of our contracts), desalination, chemical factories, mining, agriculture(livestock), municipalities, healthcare(hospitals)
Exclusive Belt-road summit invitation to present our technology in June.
Subcontracting manufacturing facility is ready to start manufacturing immediately; our contracts guarantee revenue immediately after manufacturing
Revenue can start in less than 8 weeks(4 weeks manufacturing + 2 weeks delivery)

Industry: Water treatment, waste disposal & environmental protection  
Investment round: Serie A
Amount looking to raise: $1M USD
Funding round close date: April 2019
Investment type: Convertible Debt


praetorian group
The Praetorian Group
is a blockchain-focused company headquartered in New York that has created the PAX Coin, a real estate-backed cryptocurrency. The Company eventually plans to use the Pax Coin as its entry point into the merchant services industry, in order to create digital products that, ideally, will allow users to spend cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world, seamlessly. The Company was incorporated on November 1, 2017 under the laws of the State of Delaware. To date, the Company’s efforts have focused upon developing the blockchain-based technology necessary to issue the coins offered hereunder. However, the Company ultimately intends to pursue a two-phase business model.

Industry: Cryptocurrency 
Investment round: Seed
Amount looking to raise: $5M 
Funding round close date: June 2019
Investment type: ICO/STO
Cannabis Assets and Equities (CAE)

was founded in 2014 and has manifested into a fully-integrated cannabis company that combines cultivation, processing, manufacturing, refining, formulation, packaging, transportation, and distribution. Our company was created to serve the medical cannabis market, and was designed to expand and provide for legal recreational use. We have been operating a licensed cannabis facility in Mendocino County since 2015. CAE is actively expanding in California and beyond and we are open to investors that bring value in addition to capital.

Industry:  Cannabis
Investment round: Looking for private capital
Amount looking to raise:$10M (In negotiations with lead investor for $4M out of the 10)
Funding round close date: No closing month 
Investment type: Equity with dividends

represents the largest potential global distribution of computing power by utilizing the electricity and internet connectivity which ALREADY EXISTS in households (spare rooms / basement / garages), small offices, clinics, schools, libraries and sanctuary buildings.
ServerCube leases its ServerCube Devices, which are small but highly powerful computing units, to these institutions and small business (ServerCube Hosts) at no cost.
The ServerCube Host agrees to provide electricity and internet connectivity to the Device (in the US), and is compensated by having part of their electric bill paid by ServerCube or by receiving free wifi (if high speed cellular data connection available, especially around 5G), or by receiving a solar power installation.
The Device can be used to solve any kind of computing problem which requires high powered processing in a distributed network (also called swarm computing), currently focused on BaaS, deep learning AI
 and VR/AR modeling.

Industry: Category: Technology, Sub-category: Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas),
Deep Learning AI and VR Modeling
Investment round: Pre-Series A
Amount looking to raise: $8M
Funding round close date: June 2019
Investment type: Convertible Notes and/or Equity 


black Bull advisors

The Black Bull Advisors
Crypto Fund is the AI technology of the financial future.
Black Bull Crypto Fund LP, managed by Black Bull Advisors, LLC, is currently a crypto-focused hedge fund. We invest in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets using a variety of trading strategies.
We use artificial intelligence technology that has demonstrated results in trading over the last ten years on traditional securities markets and, since 2018, on the crypto assets markets. Crypto asset prices are volatile, and the crypto asset markets have been marked by alternating sessions of bearish and bullish trends.
Rules and regulations that would govern crypto assets will develop over time, but in the near term, with much uncertainty looming, crypto assets are more volatile than ever. Using technical analysis and artificial intelligence tools, we leverage this volatility to seek outsize returns for the Fund. Our short-term trading strategies generate daily income and minimize long-term risk exposure for the Fund. In 2018 we have achieved positive returns every month and more than 100% return overall.
We have opened the Fund to raise and accept up to $50 Million in limited partnership investments. Looking to diversify our presence on other markets starting with Forex.

Industry: Finances
Investment round: Money management 
Amount looking to raise: $48M
Funding round close date: August 2019
Investment type: Money management 


anything _hemp_inc

Anything Hemp Inc.
supplies outdoor-grown CBD Hemp products that helps consumers alleviate pain, anxiety, and chronic conditions by selling high-quality, high-volume hemp products from our operations and our local network of farms to biomass extractors, medicinal manufacturers, resellers and retailers. Our unique solution includes 1. commercial growing experience to grow high quality, high volume crops that exceed industry averages, 2. professional sales operations to ensure the highest margins possible, 3 blockchain technology to trace our products from seed to sale, and 4. advisory services to other farms including plant starts, drying, and storage that creates additional revenue streams within the industry.

Industry: Hemp CBD
Investment round: Series A
Amount looking to raise: $5M
Funding round close date: May 2019
Investment type: High yield note


is pioneering a smart-connected ecosystem connecting OEM-dealers-consumers in the $138 BN global powersports market. The Connected Car eco-system is evolving into a $219 BN global market, and Activation is positioned to be the market leader in replicating this model in powersports. The Company is currently the market leader in the motorcycle industry with an innovative end-to-end marketing software suite for dealerships and OEMs that provides targeted omni-channel customer engagement using smart automation, advanced analytics and AI and a consumer facing riding companion App that is shared by its dealership clients. Team includes serial entrepreneur from the automotive industry with 4 exits with marketing software companies; served as CEO of leading company serving automotive dealerships / OEMs. Activation has signed some marquee enterprise contracts including: leading provider of sub-prime financing, leading manufacturer of 100% electric motorcycles, manufacturer of three-wheeled auto-cycles, Austria-based motorcycle manufacturer, # 1 & # 4 ranked Harley Davidson dealerships, Ducati owned flagship New York dealership. Strong early traction: $500K+ of ARR and approx. $2 MM of contracted revenues.

Industry: Enterprise Software, Powersports
Investment round: Bridge to Series A
Amount looking to raise: $2M
Funding round close date: June 2019
Investment type: Convertible Debt



Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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