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Black Tie International:
Family Film Awards Dean Cain

dean Cain
Dean Cain

    好莱坞第24届家庭电影奖主持人 最治愈的暖男“超人”:迪恩·凯恩

The Host of the 24th Family Film Awards of Hollywood,

The Most Healing Gentleman in Supermen:

Dean Cain

2021324日,好莱坞家庭电影奖(the Family Film Awards)将在洛杉矶环球影城的环球希尔顿酒店举行第24届家庭电影奖颁奖典礼。著名女企业家、作家马小秋博士拥有的华宇中国(DYF Entertainment)主办该次家庭电影奖,把好莱坞引进中国,深圳、好莱坞同步。 在疫情横扫全球的2020年,家庭电影带给我们治愈创伤的力量,团结家庭成员,温暖邻里心窝。 

大数据显示,美国各大电视台都在开设“家庭娱乐频道“ Family Entertainment Channel. 家庭电影奖在金球奖和奥斯卡奖之间的三月举行, 这是疫情一年来好莱坞明星们首次亲自参加现场活动,大家都非常关注。


On March 24, 2021, the 24th Family Film Awards ceremony

 will be held at the universal Hilton Los Angeles, Universal City.

DYF Entertainment, owned by Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, a famous female entrepreneur and writer, hosted the Family Film Award, bringing Hollywood to China so that Shenzhen could keep pace with Hollywood.

In 2020, when the pandemic is sweeping the world, family movies will bring us the strength to heal wounds, unite family members and warm the hearts of neighbors.

Big data shows that all major television stations in the United States are opening the "family entertainment channels".

The Family Film Award is held in March between
the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscar Awards.

This is the first time that Hollywood stars have personally participated in the live activities since the pandemic in the past year, and everyone paying close attention.

Today, Pacific Finance and Economics specially introduces
 Dean Cain, the host of this year's Family Film Award ceremony

and the famous actor of the fifth generation "Superman"!


Daean cain


他是DC漫画旗下最经典的人物,也是美漫史上第一位超级英雄。超人出生于氪星(Krypton),原名卡尔-艾尔(Kal-El)。在氪星面临毁灭之际,他的父母将尚在襁褓中的卡尔用飞船送到了地球。飞船坠落在美国堪萨斯州的斯莫维尔(Smallville),卡尔被农场主肯特夫妇发现,并以克拉克·肯特(Clark Kent)的地球名字抚养长大。成人后,克拉克来到大都会(Metropolis),成为《星球日报》 的一名记者。他有着与生俱来的超能力和极强的正义感与同情心,每在危难时刻,便身着蓝色紧身衣,披上红色斗篷,化身超人行侠仗义,拯救世人。此外,超人还和他的一生挚爱露易丝·莱恩谈起了恋爱,创造了无数影史上的浪漫镜头。



Superman is a well-known cartoon character in the world,
which is one of the important American cultural symbols.

He is the most classic character of Detective Comics and the first superhero in the history of American comics.

 The superman was born in Krypton, formerly named ad Kal-El. As krypton faces destruction, his parents sent Carl, who is still in his infancy, to earth by spaceship.

The spaceship fell in Smallville, Kansas, where Carl was discovered by the farmers Couple Kent and was raised with the name of Clark Kent.

 Growing into an adult, Clark came to metropolis and became a reporter for the Daily Planet. He has the innate superpower and a strong sense of justice and compassion.

He wears a blue tight and a red cape and becomes a superman to save the world in case of crisis. In addition, Superman fell in love with his love of his life Louise Lane, creating countless romantic scenes in the history of film.

The image of Superman was born in April, 1938. In the opening issue of Action Comics, the Superman image was born with a mark S on the chest and a blue tight, holding a car in his hand.

At that time, the United States was in the shadow of economic crisis and war. People needed a strong hero image to support their belief - he had strong superpower and a sense of justice.

He represented the universal value, acted chivalry, eliminated the evil, saved the world and ordinary people in danger.

His famous line is

"fight endlessly for sake of truth, justice and the American road."


dean cain
dean cain

the classic image of superman



According to statistics, a total of nine actors have played the role of Superman Clark Kent since 1948.

These actors of different times have their own characteristics. But without exception, they are muscular men with handsome faces
and majestic figures.

Otherwise, how can they hold the high-end wear with the red underwear outside? Only Superman can


dean cain

              the actors of nine generations of the superman



Among the nine Superman actors,
the fifth-generation actor Superman Dean Cain
 has won the favor of many female fans with his handsome appearance.

 They call his superman
 "gentle, simple, humorous and omnipotent..."

"Like a handsome guy living next door" and "a model of a dream lover!"

Dean Cain
Dean Cain


Between 1993 and 1997, Dean took part in the drama
 "the New Adventures of Superman".

Compared with other Superman actors, Dean Cain's face is not angular, but this feature makes his superman appear more approachable
and even childish.

Dean's version of Superman at that time set a very high TV ratings,
 and at the highest time there were more than
15 million per episode ratings.


Dean Cain
Dean Cain
Dean Cain
Dean Cain
Dean Cain


和电影版相比,迪恩参演的电视版超人《Lois & Clark》呈现的是一个平民英雄的故事。超人在平时的生活中就是一个有些腼腆又可爱的大男孩,他常常和路易斯斗嘴,两人是一对“欢喜冤家”,他更希望路易斯爱上的不止是那个无所不能的超级英雄,而是作为普通人的“克拉克·肯特”,像所有的地球普通人一样,有美好的爱情和家庭。迪恩的超人更像一个鲜活立体的“”,而非“”。这为他收获了大量粉丝,即使是多年后,许多人仍旧津津乐道迪恩版超人热播时,守候在电视前的那份激动心情。在他们心中,《超人新冒险》是和《老友记》一样温暖的青春回忆。

Compared with the film version, Dean's TV version of Superman Lois & Clark presents the story of a civilian hero.

 Superman is a shy and lovely boy in his daily life.

He often quarrels with Louis.

 They are a pair of "happy enemies".

He hopes that Louis will fall in love with not only the omnipotent superhero, but also "Clark Kent" as an ordinary person.

 Like all ordinary people on the earth, he owns wonderful love and family. Dean's Superman is more like a living three-dimensional "human", rather than "God", which has won him a large number of fans.

Even after many years, many people still remember the excitement of waiting in front of the TV when Dean's version of Superman was broadcasting. In their hearts, the New Adventures of Superman is as warm a memory of youth as Friends.

Dean Cain
Dean Cain
dean cain
Dean Cain
Dean Cain

Warm gentleman: Superman




Born in Michigan,
Dean Cain is Welsh, French and Japanese.

 He is also a rugby player.
After successfully applying for history major at Princeton University, he joined the rugby team of Princeton University and played for it.

There he set the record in National College Sports Association (NCAA). Unfortunately, because of an unexpected knee injury, he had to terminate the career of athletes.

After turning to acting career,
Dean began to write scripts and perform. He has shot many advertisements such as Beverly Hills and New Leap Over Beverly Hills. Dean went very smoothly in acting.

 He founded his own production company, Angry Dragon, and produced Ripley's Believe It or Not along the whole process. The show was hosted by Dean himself, and he soon became popular in the United States.

Finally, he met the role of Superman.
He has been a fan of Superman since childhood.

 In order to play the role of Superman well, he goes to the gym every day to gain weight, and tries to integrate the characteristics of Superman into his own personality.

There is no doubt that he has integrated his charming personality with the role of Superman, leaving a unique impression that Superman can also be the "healing warm gentleman" for the fans.


Dean Cain
DEan Cain
DEan Cain



Dean's version of Superman has moved a generation and gathered Superman fans all over the world.

His healthy, humorous and positive image conforms with the positive energy values appealed by the Family Film Awards.

 Superman, Dean Cain will surely bring us more highlights

 at the 24th Family Film Awards ceremony!



familY Film Awards

The Family Film Awards

were established in 1996
by Dr Olympia Gellini and co-produced by Dick Clark.

The first inaugural awards show was participated by Hollywood A-listers and film industry legends and super stars such as Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.

In 2020, Ms. Xiaoqiu Ma and her company, DYF Entertainment,

 saw the new importance of family-centric films which provide examples of the benefits of family relationships and succeeded in acquiring the Family Film Awards with a view toward expanding this annual awards event to a global audience.

The 24th Family Film Awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, March 24th at the Universal Hilton Hotel at Universal Studios

and all COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed during the taping of the show in accordance with Los Angeles County and CDC guidelines.

“The safety and comfort of our honorees and presenters is our highest priority and guided our decision,”

stated Roger Neal, the Executive Producer of the show and telecast
of this year’s Family Film Awards.

The ceremony, presented by DYF Entertainment & WFI,
will tape live in front of a limited, invite-only audience at the Universal Hilton at Universal Studios.

Dean Cain is the Celebrity Host of the telecast.

 Olympia Gellini, Founder of the FAMILY Film Awards
 and World Film Institute,

Dr Jeannie Yi, CEO of DYF Entertainment,

Michael Maizes, Partner of SFM Entertainment
 also serve as Co-Executive Producers.

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, Chairman of TCMD Investment Corporation,
 owner of DYF Entertainment, and majority shareholder of Family Film Award serves as 24th Family Film Award chair woman.

 REELZ is set to air the telecast on April 23rd, 2021.

The Family Film Awards honors the best in family film and television.

 Iconic film star Ann-Margret will be honored with
the Lifetime Achievement Award,

 Producer/Writer Bob Gale will accept
 the Iconic Film Award for "Back to the Future,"

the cast of "The Brady Bunch" will accept the Iconic Television Award.

Tim Allen, Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, Scarlett Johansson are among the nominees.
Film star Julianne Hough will present the award to Ann- Margret
 and will do a tribute dance in Ann’s honor on the telecast.

Film nominees include
"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,"
 "Toy Story 4,"

"Little Women"


 and "Always Be My Maybe."

Among the television nominees are


"Last Man Standing,"

 "The Mandalorian,"

and "Finding Love in Quarantine."

 There will be a special live performance from "American Idol" alum
 Haley Reinhart performing the Elvis Presley classic

"I Can't Help Falling in Love With You."

 Esther Guigui will perform

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?

The films which will be honored in this year's Family Film Awards
 feature stories, stars, and directors who recognize and understand the universal importance and value of strong family relationships.


joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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