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Black Tie International:
The 24th Family Film Awards: Ma Xiaoqiu and Shenzhan
Ma Xiaoqiu
Ma Xiaoqiu
Ma Xiaoqiu
Ma Xiaoqiu
Ma Xiaoqiu

中美之间的友情 谁也挡不住:


No One Can Break Sino-American Friendship

Shenzhen and Los Angeles Celebrate Family Film Awards


由华宇中国(DYF ENTERTAINMENT)和世界电影学院(WFI)联合主办的第24届家庭电影奖,将于2021324日(星期三)在环球影城的环球希尔顿酒店举行颁奖礼; 2021325日中国深圳蛇口希尔顿将同步举行分会场颁奖礼。

The 24th Family Film Awards ceremony,

 co-sponsored by
DYF Entertainment and WFI,

will be held on Wednesday, March 24, 2021
 at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Universal Studios,

with a parallel venue in

第五代超人扮演者迪恩·凯恩DEAN CAIN担任司仪。

        Actor Dean Cain, the fifth generation of “superman”,
was the host.


Family Film Awards



获得提名的影片都有超过一亿美元的票房和价值取向的好口碑。《邻里美好的一天》A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood、《小妇人》Little Women、《阿拉丁》Aladdin、《狮子王》The Lion King、《可能还爱你》Always be my maybe等,都是人们所喜爱的电影,全家人能吃着爆米花喝着心仪的饮料,开心快乐度过一段家庭时光。

All the nominated films have grossed more than $100 million
 and won good reputation for their value orientation.

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”
“Little Women”,
“The Lion King”,
“Always be My Maybe”, etc.

 are all beloved movies for fun family time with popcorn and drinks.


获得提名的影星有美国家喻户晓的49岁冻龄男星-蒂姆·艾伦TIM ALLEN、安东尼·安德森ANTHONY ANDERSON、用甜美声音征服影迷的克莉丝汀·贝尔KRISTEN BELL、全球票房爆炸奖片酬最高女星斯嘉丽·约翰逊SCARLETT JOHANSSON等。好莱坞传奇女星、曾和猫王谱写了浪漫恋曲的安·玛格丽特ANN-MARGRET将获得终身成就奖,《布雷迪家族》THE BRADY BUNCH的演员将获得标志性电视奖,颁奖礼还将向科幻迷们难以忘怀的经典《回到未来》三部曲致敬。

The nominees are Tim Allen, a 49-year-old movie star in the United States, who seems never to grow old,

Anthony Anderson,
Kristen Bell dizzied fans by her sweet voice,
Scarlett Johansson, the highest paid actress, etc.

Ann-Margret, the legendary Hollywood actress, who had a romantic relationship with Elvis Presley received the Honorary Award.

The cast of “The Brady Bunch”
received the Iconic Television Award.

The awards will pay tribute to the classic “Back to the Future” trilogy, which is enshrined by sci-fi fans.


已有20位影星亲临洛杉矶的录制现场,因疫情未能出席的影星将通过视频连线的方式参加。已知将接受奖项的包括蒂姆·艾伦(TIM ALLEN)、斯嘉丽·约翰逊(SCARLETT JOHANSSON)等好莱坞一线影星。

Twenty movie stars have attended the venue in Los Angeles to record, and those who were unable to attend due to the pandemic
 participated via video link.

Tim Allen, Scarlett Johansson and other Hollywood stars
are the winners of nomination.

Family Film Awards


Movie Stars of The 24th Family Film Awards



The biggest highlight of this Hollywood film awards this year is the parallel venue in Shenzhen.

While the Hollywood stars receive their awards on the gorgeous stage at Hilton, they are taped on television at Shenzhen Hilton
with subtitles in English and Chinese.


深圳——这一中国对外开放最具象征的城市,也许更蕴含了我们对于家国情怀的感悟。 一座移民城市,最缺的记忆也许就是家庭?为了打拼,父母、孩子都被留在了老家。一座老人和小孩缺失的城市,GDP的提升也许跟眼泪和离别情殇一路走来,不离不弃。 《可能还爱你》Always Be My Maybe讲的正是这样一个故事:女孩走了,男孩留在家乡... 16 年后功成名就、这位最时尚、最潮流的餐饮女星衣锦还乡,在她给了我童年无数苦难的土地上,开一座最昂贵的餐厅炫富的同时,二次植根。这样的故事,是没有国界的。就像一把尖刀扎入心窝,不论肤色信仰,都是会感到疼痛难忍的!

Shenzhen, the city that is most opening up to the world in China, is full of our love to motherland.

As a city of immigrants, it may be void of family memory. For life, their leave parents and children in hometowns. It is a city missing elderly and children, the rise in GDP is embedded with tears and parting sadness.

 “Always Be My Maybe”

 tells such a story: the girl left, the boy stayed in hometown…16 years past, now the chic celebrity chef returns to her hometown. When she plans to “open a most luxury restaurant in the land that gave me so much hardship in my childhood”, the girl runs into her old pal and finds her root there.

 Such a story happens everywhere. It feels like a sharp knife into the heart that hurts so much regardless of ethnics and religions.

深圳分会场将为2021年家庭电影奖的中国进程起到推动作用,借助这一契机,家庭电影奖组委会将启动青年电影扶持计划(展翅计划),其宗旨是让青年导演的梦想腾飞,在崛起后的中国,为电影行业插上梦想和科学的翅膀。 该计划决定每年扶持10位青年导演的电影作品,为青年导演的成长逢山开路 遇水搭桥,在好莱坞讲好中国故事。

The venue in Shenzhen will promote
the Family Film Awards in China in 2021.

 With this opportunity, the committee of Family Film Awards
will launch the

“Youth Film Support Program”,

which aims to assist young directors to chase their dreams and to contribute to China’s film industry.

The program plans to support 10 young directors every year,
 to help them grow and tell Chinese stories in Hollywood.



family film awards
family film awards
family film awards
family film awards


这一青年电影扶持计划寄托了家庭电影奖主席马小秋博士对于青年电影人的支持和厚爱。 马小秋博士作词曲和演唱的歌曲《唯愿》, 被家庭电影奖组委会蓝缎带评选为今年家庭电影奖主题歌——2020年全球疫情大流行以来失去生命和家人的人们致哀。 马小秋博士和著名歌唱家韩磊一起表演抗疫歌曲《惟愿-日出东方》的视频,已编辑进家庭电影奖最重要的时段,它将通过美国电影电视台422号的黄金时段,向78百万美国家庭传递唯愿紫气神州,日出东方;唯愿世界大同, 前路无恙的美好祝愿。

The “Young Film Support Program”

 shows the support and love of the
 Family Film Awards Chairman Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu for young filmmakers.

 The song “Only Wish”
 written and performed by Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu

was selected by  the “Blue Ribbon” Committee,
the Family Film Award Committee, as the theme song of this year.

 It is a tribute to those who lost lives and familie
s due to the pandemic in 2020.

The video of Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu and renowned singer Han Lei
 performing the anti-pandemic song
 “Only Wish – May the Sun Rise in the East”

 has been edited into the prime time of Family Film Awards ceremony.

 It will be broadcasted to 78 million American families on April 22
 to deliver the beautiful wish of

“the land in east and the rest of the world
will live in harmony and peace”

family film awards
family film awards
family film awards
family film awards


Ma Xiaoqiu and Signer Han Lei are performed
“Only Wish – May the Sun Rise in East”


插入视频2: 《惟愿-日出东方》





We wish that the world will control the pandemic successfully in 2021.

We are living as a community under the same sky.

We shall build the beautiful future together.



Home – the harbor that always waits for us to return!


FamilY Film Awards

familY Film Awards

The Family Film Awards

were established in 1996
by Dr Olympia Gellini and co-produced by Dick Clark.

The first inaugural awards show was participated by Hollywood A-listers and film industry legends and super stars such as Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.

In 2020, Ms. Xiaoqiu Ma and her company, DYF Entertainment,

 saw the new importance of family-centric films which provide examples of the benefits of family relationships and succeeded in acquiring the Family Film Awards with a view toward expanding this annual awards event to a global audience.

The 24th Family Film Awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, March 24th at the Universal Hilton Hotel at Universal Studios

and all COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed during the taping of the show in accordance with Los Angeles County and CDC guidelines.

“The safety and comfort of our honorees and presenters is our highest priority and guided our decision,”

stated Roger Neal, the Executive Producer of the show and telecast
of this year’s Family Film Awards.

The ceremony, presented by DYF Entertainment & WFI,
will tape live in front of a limited, invite-only audience at the Universal Hilton at Universal Studios.

Dean Cain is the Celebrity Host of the telecast.

 Olympia Gellini, Founder of the FAMILY Film Awards
 and World Film Institute,

Dr Jeannie Yi, CEO of DYF Entertainment,

Michael Maizes, Partner of SFM Entertainment
 also serve as Co-Executive Producers.

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, Chairman of TCMD Investment Corporation,
 owner of DYF Entertainment, and majority shareholder of Family Film Award serves as 24th Family Film Award chair woman.

 REELZ is set to air the telecast on April 23rd, 2021.

The Family Film Awards honors the best in family film and television.

 Iconic film star Ann-Margret will be honored with
the Lifetime Achievement Award,

 Producer/Writer Bob Gale will accept
 the Iconic Film Award for "Back to the Future,"

the cast of "The Brady Bunch" will accept the Iconic Television Award.

Tim Allen, Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, Scarlett Johansson are among the nominees.
Film star Julianne Hough will present the award to Ann- Margret
 and will do a tribute dance in Ann’s honor on the telecast.

Film nominees include
"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,"
 "Toy Story 4,"

"Little Women"


 and "Always Be My Maybe."

Among the television nominees are


"Last Man Standing,"

 "The Mandalorian,"

and "Finding Love in Quarantine."

 There will be a special live performance from "American Idol" alum
 Haley Reinhart performing the Elvis Presley classic

"I Can't Help Falling in Love With You."

 Esther Guigui will perform

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?

The films which will be honored in this year's Family Film Awards
 feature stories, stars, and directors who recognize and understand the universal importance and value of strong family relationships.


joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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