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 Black Tie International Magazine: Saipan

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Black Tie International Magazine:

Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel - Cui Ljie

Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel,

Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel,
 which features the only full-service casino resort in the Marianas and Micronesia,





From Blueprint to landmark: Pacific Business Road

                 ---Imperial Pacific International's largest investor Mrs. Cui Lijie



中文名  崔丽杰

国籍 中国 



出生地 中国 

职务 博华太平洋国际最大投资人




  Chinese Investor, Cui Ljie,  largest investor of Imperial Pacific International

Fourth Place in Forbes 2016 richest woman of Hong Kong list

Number 35th in Hong Kong 50 richest list


1 一带一路北线第一站:塞班岛  


2013年以来,中国推出一带一路战略,与一带一路沿线国家贸易不断增长,渔业、林业、能源资源和旅游业成为投资热点,尤其是旅游业。 中国日益崛起的中产阶层是中国海外旅游的主力军,在公共假期内参与的旅行达到30亿人次,俨然已成全球疲软经济的增长爆点!神奇的太平洋岛国是各旅游网站推荐的首先景点,其中又以位于西太平洋的塞班岛因其原始的天然风光和七色海水,引领潮流。



1. The first stop of the One Belt One Road North Line: Saipan

Since 2013, China has been making strides in accomplishing the dream of “one belt one road” which will open up trade with countries along the path.

Fishery, forestry, energy resources and tourism have all become popular hot investments, especially tourism. China's rising middle class is the main force of China's overseas tourism. During the public holidays, the number of tourists has reached 3 billion and it has become the explosive growth point of the still recovering global economy. The magical Pacific Island is the first spot recommended by travel websites, with Saipan on the western Pacific eager to showcase its natural beauty and its seven-color seawater.

Located on the Pacific ocean,  Saipan is located just a stone's throw from Guam. It played a key role during World War II and after the war it started to lobby to become part of the United States. In 1976, Saipan's proposal was passed and Saipan officially became part of the United States. Due to its proximity to the East Asian coast, Saipan has long been regarded as the military asset of the United States and Saipan did not begin its transformation into today's tourist destination until the 1990s.


塞班岛的游客大多数来自东亚,包括日本、韩国、台湾、菲律宾。阳光明媚,气候宜人的塞班岛被誉为全球第一潜水圣地。海水平均温度27.8℃,天堂般的美景吸引着世界各地游客前往。岛上二战时期留下的战争痕迹-万岁崖、日军最后司令部、美国纪念馆与天然景观如鸟岛、蓝洞以及多样化的户外活动,如浮潜、深潜、钓鱼、冲浪、直升机或乘船出海、潜水艇海底探险、水上降落伞以及岛上丛林探险,游客流连忘返。 塞班岛的四个世界级高尔夫球场和两个小型高尔夫球场,也是吸引游客的极大热点。日落时候乘坐游艇巡航,更令人一生难忘!

从地图上看, 塞班岛是离中国最近的美国领土,平均飞行距离4-5个小时;离日本、韩国和菲律宾距离更近,平均飞行距离2个小时。对中国公民的免签政策,让越来越多的中国游客选择塞班旅游,中国七个城市每天都有直航,不消停地飞向蓝色海洋中的塞班岛。俨然,塞班岛已经在不知不觉的改变中,将自己揉进了中国一带一路且成为北线第一站。



Most of Saipan's tourists come from East Asia with Japan,
South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines being the majority.

Sunshine and pleasant weather make Saipan known as the world's diving paradise
 with an average sea temperature of 27.8 ℃.

Saipan also houses a variety of other outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing, helicopters rides, submarine exploration, water parachuting and jungle adventures across the island.  Saipan's four world-class golf courses and two mini-golf courses are also great attractions for tourists. Sunset yacht cruise is an unforgettable memory in life!

Saipan also offers cultural spots such as the Long Island Cliffs,
 Japan's Last Command Center and American Memorial park.


 Saipan is the nearest U.S. territory to China with an average flight time of 4-5 hours.
 It is located closer to Japan, South Korea and the Philippines with an average flight time of 2 hours. The visa-free policy for Chinese citizens has enabled more and more Chinese tourists to travel in Saipan. Seven Chinese cities have direct flights chartered every day. As a stoke of luck, Just as Saipan has reinvented itself from a strategic military location to a soothing vacation destination, it has also integrated into China's one belt one road policy and has became the first stop of the Northern Line.

All these changes are created by a Hong Kong-listed company
- Imperial Pacific International.


2014年,博华太平洋国际与美属北马里亚纳联邦政府签订协议,计划投资31个亿全面打造塞班成世界新的旅游目的地,将塞班岛从南到北的自然资源、人文景观和历史文化交织交汇,打造出展示塞班岛独特的文化魅力和历史吸引力,同时注入全球化和高科技的元素,展现塞班崛起 这个可持续发展计划包括建造一座大型国际会议中心、全球最大水上乐园、奥特莱斯、五星级度假村和一座七星酒店娱乐城内含一家赌场。 30年来没有一个新建筑的塞班岛,于是拉开了从蓝图到地标的发展序幕。

塞班岛的发展可谓天时、地利、人和, 不仅赶上中国海外投资热潮占据一带一路北线第一站,更是恰逢中美合作的百年良机。在接下来的三年中, 塞班岛成为中国投资界的宠儿和旅游胜地,好消息一个接一个,比如塞班岛成为中国游客最受青睐的国际旅游目的地;塞班岛创造了远洋经济增长奇迹;塞班政府税收增长了90%,旅游业增长了50%以上。



In 2014, Imperial Pacific International signed an agreement with the U.S. federal government for the Northern Mariana Islands to invest 3.1 billion RBM (~468 million USD) in building Saipan to be a new international hot spot. The natural resources and cultural landscape of Saipan from north to south and its historical and cultural significance are intertwined to create a unique attraction. While injecting elements of globalization and high technology, the project will show "the rise of Saipan." This sustainable development program includes the construction of a large international conference center, the world's largest water park, shopping outlet, five-star resort and a seven-star casino. Saipan, which has not had a new building in 30 years, kicked off its development
 from blueprint to landmark.

The development of Saipan can be described as good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations. It not only catches up with the upsurge of overseas investment in China, but also occupies the first stop of the Northern Line of the once belt one road as well as a century-old opportunity coinciding with the Sino-U.S. cooperation. For the next three years, Saipan has become the darling of China's investment community, with good news one after another such as Saipan becoming the most popular international tourist destination for Chinese tourists; Saipan has created an ocean economic growth; taxes in the Saipan government increased by 90% and tourism grew by more than 50%.

All these achievements are inseparable from the full contribution of a Chinese female entrepreneur. She is the largest investor of Imperial Pacific International, Ms. Cui Lijie.


            •           改革开放和崔丽杰的人生机遇


说到崔丽杰女士,我们必得沿着崔丽杰的人生轨迹走一遍。 这个人生轨迹折射出中国改革开放的智慧、勇气和硕果累累。 

一切始于1978年,那一年中国开始了改革开放。 崔丽杰的人生际遇于是重合中国改革开放的国家轨迹,国运提升,个人提升。 


2. the Reform and Globalization and Cui Lijie’s life opportunities

 Speaking of Ms. Cui Lijie, we must go along Cui Lijie's life path again. Her life trajectory reflects the wisdom, courage and fruitfulness of China's reform and opening up.

 Everything started in 1978, when China started its reform and globalization.
 Cui Lijie's life experience coincides with China's reform and opening up.
Wile the nation was reforming, people’s life changed.



崔丽杰女士出生在50年代末期的中国哈尔滨,那里有千里飘飘的北国风光,也有魅力四射鸟儿成群的太阳岛,更有闯关东的传统。 在崔女士日后从哈尔滨到北京、从北京到港澳、从港澳到塞班岛这三段人生创业路上,北国一尘不染透明的冰雪世界、浪漫热情青翠欲滴的太阳岛、不服输的北方女汉子精神,构成崔女士心中三座燃烧不尽的火焰灯塔,在给她指点江山的同时,默默的温暖着她、保护着她、给她补充创业路上取之不尽的正能量和视死如归的胆量。这生命中与生俱来的北国DNA,在日后的30年,无论生活中有什么样的冰天雪地,创业路上有什么样的沟壑暗礁,崔女士的心中永远是希望满满,春暖花开。


Ms. Cui Lijie was born in the late 1950s in Harbin, China. Harbin is a cold, cold place, right on the boarder between China and Russia and has been the birth place of many of China’s famous ice and figure skaters. Ms. Cui ‘s three life career path would lead her from Harbin to Beijing, from Beijing to Hong Kong and Macao and finally from Hong Kong and Macao to Saipan. There’s something in the DNA of people born and raised in Harbin, it’s like the frigid cold of the landscape sets a fire within the hearts of the inhabitants, giving them power and encouragement., silently warming and protecting them, offering them inexhaustible positive energy for their entrepreneurial career. At least that what Ms. Cui feels towards the place of her birth.


当中国像一批脱缰的野马撒开四蹄在经济为零的起跑线上,从天边呼啸而来,崔女士和她的同龄人,用他们的生命和不服输的劲头,在为自己、为家庭、为社会致富光荣的同时,创造了20世纪让全世界跌破眼镜的中国奇迹,他们和改革开放这颗种子,一起长大,结出丰硕成果。 在创造中国财富崛起的神话时,重新创造了自己,用生命、尊严和财富数据,不仅在国内和自己的出生地、更在国际舞台上,身体力行地讲了一个了不起的中国故事。 

     崔女士的人生是她那个时代的最好缩影。 和所有那个时代的人们一样,70年代初中毕业后的崔丽杰,响应国家号召,浩浩荡荡背着行包就下乡当知青去了。35岁时,崔女士已经完成了一个女人生命中的两件大事:结婚、生子。 接着,一个女人生活中最大的不幸降临到她身上: 丈夫由于事故过世了,留下崔女士和他们的独子。 怎么办? 崔丽杰眼前的世界一下黑了,在失去丈夫的那些黑夜里,崔丽杰看不见白天,整夜整夜地睡不着,她不知道下面的路该怎样走? 而且怎样才能走好这条路? 生命属于我们只有一次,她不能在告别人生时,充满遗憾。 

     每一个人都有一个维生的工具箱,在崔女士的工具箱里有的是吃苦耐劳和永不向命运低头的北方人的憨劲儿。 毕竟,她还有一个儿子。这个儿子是她的希望和命根子,她要让这个家族兴旺发达和传承下去。 她擦干眼泪,开始寻找机会。 


When China, with practically no economy force, started to modernize and globalize,
Ms. Cui and her peers answered their countries call their lives as power to created a "glorious cause for prosperity" for the community, the family and the society.

            It is them who created a Chinese miracle that left the world in awe in the 20th century. They grew up together with the seeds of "reform and globalization” and achieved fruitful results. In creating the the rising wealth in China, they have created the  great Chinese story not only domestically but also on the international stage.

     Ms. Cui's life is the best epitome of her time. Like all the people of that era, Cui Lijie, who graduated from junior high school in the late 1970s, responded to the call of the nation and went to the countryside as an educated youth with a mighty bag. At the age of 35, Ms. Cui has completed two major events in a woman's life as dictated by her environment at the time: getting married and having children. Then, the greatest misfortune in a woman's life came to her: her husband died in an accident, leaving Ms. Cui and her only son.

            The world in front of her seems dark and for a time she could not find light at the end of the tunnel. It was by going back to what’s in her blood, the spirit of a northerner who can endure hardship and never bow to their destiny, that she managed to drag herself out of her depression. After all, she still has a son and she had to be strong for him.



     老天不负有心人。 在改革开放这股强劲大风、猪也能飞起来的岁月里,崔女士在过去三十年,连同身边的朋友, 先后经营了汽车配件装备、建材贸易、房地产开发和股权投资。

1988年至2001年,崔丽杰女士设立了军体校汽车配件装备厂,主要业务为承包哈尔滨二运有限公司第十运输队。2002年成立北京永泰恒发建材经销部,经营建筑材料贸易业务。期间,参与房地产投资与开发,同年参与投资开发总建筑面积约 11 万平方米的哈尔滨双太圣达购物广场项目。2005 年,参与投资开发哈尔滨盟科观邸住宅项目,该项目总建筑面积超过 31 万平方米。接着,赚了第一桶实体经济的金以后,崔丽杰开始转向并购和收购。 


First pot of gold

       Karma rewards the dedicated. In the years when the winds of reform and globalization and possibilities were strong, Ms. Cui has run auto parts and equipment, building materials trade, real estate development and equity investment over the past three decades together with her friends.

 From 1988 to 2001, Ms. Cui Lijie set up a military school auto parts and equipment factory, the main business contract for the Harbin second transport Co., Ltd. Tenth Shipping Corps. In 2002, She established Beijing Yongtai Hengfa Building Material Distribution Department to operate building materials. During the same period, She was involved in real estate investment and development. She participated in the investment and development project of "Harbin Shuangtai Shengda Shopping Plaza" with a total GFA of about 110,000 square meters. In 2005, She participated in the investment and development of Harbin Union Mengke Di Residence Project, with a total construction area of more than 310,000 square meters. Then, after earning the first barrel of real economy gold, Cui Lijie began to turn to mergers and acquisitions and acquisitions.


2008 年,收购了江苏稳润光电科技有限公司,该公司与 2010 年被上市公司嘉辉化工(582.HK) 4 亿港币收购。2009年,投资黑龙江金天然乳业有限公司,取得其 50%股权,后退出。2013 11 月,崔丽杰女士以3亿港币透过 Inventive Star Limited 完成了对上市公司博华太平洋的收购,这是她人生中最大的一笔生意,也是从实体经济,资本运作到文化旅游的转型。 


     这个转型的特征是三权鼎立,暨实体经济建酒店,联手资本市场做投融资,借力全球化和中国企业走出去这股力量, 走进离中国最近的美国-太平洋中一颗璀璨明珠、唯一进入美国不要签证的塞班岛,合力打造太平洋娱乐,为财富崛起的中国提供崭新的娱乐目的地。 


In 2008, She acquired Jiangsu Winpower Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., which was acquired in 2010 by Jiahui Chemical (582.HK), a listed company, for HKD400 million. In 2009, She invested in Heilongjiang Gold Natural Dairy Co., Ltd., obtained its 50% stake, then withdrawal. In November 2013, Ms. Cui Lijie completed the acquisition of listed company Imperial Pacific for 300 million Hong Kong dollars through Inventive Star Limited. This is the largest business in her life and a transition from the real economy, capital operation to cultural tourism .

      An ordinary Chinese woman turned into a billionaire,
 who head Imperial Pacific International.

      This transition is characterized by "tripartite confrontation" , namely building a real economy with hotels and joint ventures, investing and financing in the capital market, and leveraging on the strength of globalization and the going out of Chinese enterprises into the United States. She stepped into Saipan, China's closest neighbor to the Pacific Ocean Pearl, the only place to enter the United States free of a visa, to create Pacific entertainment and provide the emerging China wealthy people with an entertainment destination.




崔女士一开始就对塞班岛的全面开发,定位准确,那就是将塞班岛独特的七色海水、碧绿的海岛资源、二战期间人类最大海战史留下的从南到北的二战遗迹-活的战争博物馆,以及三十年间塞班没有一座新楼建起来的发展空间通盘考虑,用文化和旅游带动经济发展。 如是,塞班一定崛起。 

     崔丽杰深知: 她和她的中国合伙人今天的巨大财富积累,是在狂奔了30年、而且每一年都踩在中国改革开放的命运转折点上,千万、百万、亿万的中国普通劳动者们才从无到有的,这个中国模式是可以在塞班复制的。 塞班人和中国人有一样致富的欲望、获得他人尊敬的诉求,把战痕累累的塞班岛打造成太平洋地区10万个岛屿经济可持续发展的模范,这-就是全球命运共同体。 


Saipan is calling


From the beginning of the full development of Saipan, Cui Lijie accurately positioned the development strategy, that is, the unique natural beauty of seven-color seawater of Saipan and turquoise island resources to the cultural landmarks such as being the island upon which largest naval battle history from south to north of World War II was fought. Between what man made and what earth created and the 30 slumber, it was time for Saipan to rise.


Cui Lijie knows: she and her Chinese partner have accumulated huge amounts of wealth today for 30 years and each year they continue China's reform and globalization. The millions of ordinary Chinese workers earned what they have today though working hard. This Chinese development model can be copied in Saipan. Saipanese and Chinese have the same desire to get rich and gain the respect of the world. To transform the battle-ridden Saipan to a sustainable economic development model recognized by the 100,000 islands in Pacific region, which is the global community of life.


      文化崛起,旅游兴邦,消费拉动经济,这不仅是崔女士的商业决策,也是走进太平洋的模式。拉斯维加斯就是一个佐证。什么都没有、只有沙漠的内华达,怎么在二战以后的日子,变成了世界超级娱乐城、全球会展中心、家庭娱乐目的地? 而且, 在开发当地经济资源共同致富的同时,如何把当地特殊的文化资源变成生产力?在集体致富的同时,让文化抬头? 


The rise of culture, tourism and consumerism can revive the economy. This is not only Ms. Cui commercial decision-making, but also a strategy into the Pacific. Las Vegas is a corollary. How Nevada, with nothing but the desert, has become the world's juggernaut when it comes to being an entertainment city. Saipan wishes to replicate this feat.



3 崔丽杰和博华太平洋国际的使命

    作为香港上市公司,博华太平洋国际的公司信息都是公开的。 资料显示: 博华太平洋国际于20147月进驻塞班岛,博华太平洋国际将投资不少于30亿美元,分5期在塞班岛兴建及经营包括博彩设施在内的酒店及综合度假村,面积超过100公顷,预计2020年全面开业迎客,并有望每年可吸引逾220万名中国游客。



3, Cui Lijie and Imperial Pacific’s International's mission

     As a Hong Kong listed company, the company information of Imperial Pacific is open to the public. Data show that Imperial Pacific International invested in Saipan in July 2014. Imperial Pacific International will invest not less than 3 billion US dollars in Saipan in five phases to build and operate betting facilities, including hotels and integrated resorts covering an area of more than 100 hectares. It is expected to be fully opened in 2020 and it is expected to attract more than 2.2 million Chinese tourists each year.


The easiest thing to do is dreaming.

 The hardest thing is to get your dreams to land.


上岛开发仅仅三个月的博华太平洋国际,脚跟还没有站稳,就和塞班岛一同遭受了四十年不遇的飓风肆虐,全岛停电、80%的房屋吹倒、电线杆和椰子树横倒地上,满目凄凉。 撤资走人,还是坚守阵地? 博华太平洋国际不忘初心,留守塞班岛,和美国子弟兵以及岛上居民抗飓风救灾三个月不断,出钱出力出资源,其他不说,年近60的崔女士身先士卒,带领博华人力所能及,七天24小时连轴转, 从一个义工发展到6000名义工,从打扫每一个村落和种下每一棵树苗,到清理沙滩的大堆垃圾、路上的大堆路障、塞班青年心中的大片阴霾。 奖学金、舞蹈队、摄影工作室、摄影展在崔丽杰女士的倡导下,雨过春笋的出现。 在灾难中塞班看清了谁是他们的朋友。博华没有撤资走人,留下来继续投入。过去两年,博华为塞班地方政府创造了2亿多美元的地方收入,是过去10年收入的总和。更多的居民得以就业,特别是年轻人从海外回到岛上,和家人团聚,让家里的老人老来有依。公共服务也获得额外资金,包括针对近3000名退休人员、公共教育、医院/医疗、电力、水和污水公用事业和政府养老金计划都得益。奖学金计划和老兵退役计划更是让岛上居民拥戴博华。崔女士把塞班当做了自己的家, 把被自然灾难袭击的不幸,当作灾难兴邦的机会,热心公益慈善,关心当地发展,设立奖学金,缝纫班,美食烹饪。 



only three months after Imperial Pacific International invested in Saipan,  Saipan suffered a hurricane that never occur in 40 years. Power cut across the island and 80% of housing were blown down. The tree fell to the ground, scattering everywhere. Divestment leave, or stick to position? Imperial Pacific International did not forget their promise, staying in Saipan Island, and worked hard with the United States soldiers and the island residents to against hurricane and do the relief work in three months constantly. Besides donating money and resources, nearly 60, Ms. Cui, worked for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, organized a volunteer team from 1 person to 6,000 volunteers, from cleaning up every village and planting every seedling, to cleaning up litter of beach debris, roadblocks and haze in Saipan youth center. Later, Scholarships, dance teams, photography studios, photo exhibitions were all initialed by Ms. Cui Lijie.


In the disaster Saipan people saw who were their friends. IP did not up and leave, but stayed and continued to invest. For the past two years, IP has created more than 200 million U.S. dollars in local revenue for the local government in Saipan, which is the sum of its revenue over the past 10 years. More residents are able to get employed, especially young people returning to the island from overseas, reuniting with their families and letting the elderly in the family depend on them. Public services also received additional funding, benefiting nearly 3,000 retirees. Other public service such as education, hospital / medical, power, water and wastewater utilities and government pension plans were all benefited. Scholarships and Veterans Decommissioning Plan make the island residents support IP more. Ms. Cui has taken Saipan as her own home, taking the misfortune hit by natural catastrophes as a chance for revitalize the island. She enthusiastically support charitable organizations and local development. She set up scholarships and helds sewing classes and cooking classes for the locals.

        Locals affectionately call her "Saipan mother."


 我在北京的院子里满是鲜花,那都是我亲手种的,可在开花时节,我去了灾难中的塞班。我养的狗狗们,特别是一只刚领回家的小狗,每到日落时就会去到大门口等我回家。这一等就是半年。 崔总说,带笑的眼角一会儿突然变得热泪盈眶。 熟悉崔总的朋友们都知道,这么多年,在夜深人静、寂寞之时,都是狗狗们陪伴着崔总。 人间温暖,这些狗狗们仿佛全都知道,他们虽然不会说话,但他们的感知和领悟,他们的忠诚和信任,全流露在它们萌萌的大眼里和傻乎乎地举动上。不能和他们在一起,崔总心上很是难过。
鉴于博华人做出的人道主义贡献和跨国际社会融合,去年中国新年之际,为表彰博华太平洋国际对塞班岛在经济、文化、社会、特别是20158月在塞班岛遭遇了40年不遇的台风灾情时的义无反顾,加州政府(塞班岛受加州管辖)为表示对博华太平洋塞班岛特大旅游开发项目的关注和支持,加州监事长 LA County supervisor Michael D. Antonovich代表加州政府授予了博华太平洋国际最大股东崔丽杰女士加州荣誉市民;夏威夷和好莱坞市也抛出橄榄枝, 热忱欢迎崔女士投资夏威夷旅游,进军好莱坞影业,为此他们送出开启自己城市大门的金钥匙。崔女士还有幸获得机会当面向美国总统奥巴马介绍公司和塞班项目,获得奥巴马总统的赞赏和支持。


Cui’s life was not all success all the time. While that is certainly one aspect,
 Cui is often also a lonely soul.

For companionship Cui has adopted three dogs, all strays that followed her home.

 “I planted the courtyards in Beijing with full of flowers, planted by my own hands. But when those flowers were in full bloom, I went to Saipan, which was in disaster at that time. My dogs, especially a newly adopted puppy, wait for me to go home at sunset. These dogs were waiting for me for six months.” Cui said, while her smiling eyes suddenly filled with tears. Her close friends all know that for so many years, dogs are accompanied by her at lonely nights. These dogs seem to know the warmth of the world, although they can’t speak, but their perception and comprehension, their loyalty and trust, all revealed in their cute eyes and behaviors. Cui feel really said for can't stay with them.

"I miss them every day and night," Cui said. "But - Saipan needs me."

In the light of the humanitarian contribution made by Imperial Pacific and their international communities works, in recognition of Imperial Pacific International's contribution to Saipan in economic, cultural and social aspects, especially the contribution Imperial Pacific made in August 2015 when Saipan suffered from worst the typhoon disaster in 40 years, in the last Chinese New Year, California Chief Executive LA County supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, on behalf of the California government, honored Ms. Cui Lijie, the largest shareholder of Imperial Pacific International, as honorary citizen of California to express the concern and support of the California government (Saipan is under the jurisdiction of California) for the Imperial Pacific International’s grand tourism development project of Saipan; Hawaii and Hollywood have also thrown their own olive branch, welcomed Ms. Cui to invest in Hawaii tourism and into the Hollywood movie industry, for which they sent the golden key to open their own city gates. Ms. Choi also had the privilege of being given the opportunity to present his company and Saipan project to President Barack Obama and receive President Obama's appreciation and support.

如果将20158月岛上发生的40年不遇的摧毁性的台风作为塞班发展史上的分水岭,塞班在博华太平洋国际进入以前和博华太平洋进入塞班以后,是经济两重天, 两个完全不同的塞班:前者贫穷,无望,频临破产; 后者充满生机,希望,经济效益一天胜过一天。三年前, 出于个人层面和为了企业的发展,博华太平洋国际在塞班岛投资31亿美元、全面开发岛上旅游资源的决心, 不仅给2008年金融风暴后失去信心和面临破产的岛上居民带去就业、税收和社会保障,更成就了自己,成为中国企业走出国门、走进太平洋敢于担当的先头兵,打造了中国文化在塞班的桥头堡 博华太平洋在塞班的投资和开发, 不仅符合当今中国企业走出国门和国际化发展的需求,更是在特朗普政府立志要重建美国、把就业带给美国人民、全民经济复苏的国策下,一个独特的美国成功故事。 

4, Bridgehead of Chinese culture in the Pacific

If the typhoon disaster on the island in August 2015 is taken as a watershed in the history of the development of Saipan, Saipan is completely two different worlds from before and after when Imperial Pacific International entered: the former is poor, hopeless and bankrupt; the latter is full Vital, hope, the economy is getting better every day. Three years ago, Imperial Pacific International invested 3.1 billion U.S. dollars in Saipan for personal and business development to fully develop the island's tourism resources. Imperial Pacific's move not only brought employment, tax and social security to the island residents who lost their confidence and faced bankruptcy in the aftermath of the financial turmoil in 2008, but also made Imperial Pacific International as the "vanguard" for Chinese enterprises to go abroad and enter the Pacific Ocean ", Creating a" bridgehead "of Chinese culture in Saipan. Imperial Pacific International's investment in Saipan not only meets the Chinese enterprises' going abroad and internationalization needs today, but also a unique American success story under the national policy of Trump's government that it is determined to "rebuild the United States, bring the employment to the American people and revive the economy of all the people

根据美国商务部的一份报告:2016年,北马里亚纳群岛经济增长强劲,国内生产总值(GDP) 2016 年增长了 28.6%,达到 12.4 亿美元。相比之下,前年北马里亚纳群岛国内生产总值增长了 3.8%。关岛的国内生产总值在 2016 年仅增长了 0.4%,达 57.9 亿。美国的实际国内生产总值在 2016 年增长了 1.5% 
报告指出:服务出口是 2016 年北马里亚纳群岛经济增长的最大贡献要素,反映在游客消费的大幅增长。去年,北马里亚纳群岛的游客消费总额约为 4.89 亿美元。
这份报告还明确指出:2016 年,当地私人固定投资增长了 60%以上,主要反映在 Garapan 加拉班的旅游娱乐度假胜地的酒店建设。

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Northern Mariana Islands enjoyed strong economic growth in 2016, with gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 28.6% in 2016 to reach 1.24 billion U.S. dollars. In contrast, the Northern Mariana Islands GDP grew by 3.8% in year 2016. Guam's GDP grew by only 0.4% in 2016 to reach 5.79 billion. The real GDP of the United States increased by 1.5% in 2016. The report said: "Exports of services are the most important contributor to the economic growth of the Northern Mariana Islands in 2016, reflecting the substantial growth in visitor spending, which totaled about 489 million U.S. dollars last year."  The report also clearly pointed out that private fixed investment in the region increased by more than 60% in 2016, mainly reflecting the construction of hotels in Garaban.

This is the main investment location for Imperial Pacific.


博华太平洋的投资成功, 对其他经济要素产生了连锁影响,更多的租车公司开业,酒店入



括《奔跑吧,兄弟》《奔爱》等中国脍炙人口的热门电影电视的拍摄,将一座战争岛屿转型成浪漫的电影拍摄地。 首届塞班国际电影节、2017马里亚那国际高尔夫球杯赛、亚洲超模大赛等国际赛事,也都在一个个紧锣密鼓地计划着、发生着。 这一切不仅会更进一步提升塞班的国际知名度,更会向世界传播一个不可磨灭的事实: 和中国合作、和中国投资人合作,经济就会发展,老百姓兜里就会装满钱,生活就会一天天地好起来。
这就是塞班岛的中国故事! 这个故事把塞班地图变成世界地标!


The successful investment made by Imperial Pacific has had a chain reaction on other economic factors. More car rental companies have opened, hotel occupancy rates hit record levels, travel operators orders and sold out every day. Today, a seven-star luxury hotel, Imperial Pacific Saipan Resort Hotel, has opened, which has greatly boosted the tourist service in the region of Mariana, attracting popular Chinese films and televisions, including "Run, Brother" Ben-love " shooting in Saipan, transformed a war island into a romantic filming location. The first International Saipan International Film Festival, 2017 Marianas International Golf Cup, the Asian Supermodel Competition and other international events, are operated one after another in plan. All of those will not only further enhance Saipan's international reputation, but will also spread an indelible fact to the world: to cooperate with China and cooperate with Chinese investors, the economy will develop, and people will become wealthy and have better life by day. This is the Chinese story of Saipan! This story turns Saipan map into a world landmark!


  imoperial pacific resort


the opening ceremony of tennis competition, outside the hotel

marinas international film festival



imoperial pacific resort


asian super model competition





10/27 塞班高尔夫国际杯 

11/9 全明星高尔夫塞班邀请赛

12/5 百名总裁高尔夫球赛

12/6 塞班国际电影节

12/15 亚洲超模大赛



Recent activities held by Imperial Pacific

10/27 Saipan Golf International Cup

11/9 All-Star Golf Saipan Invitational

12/5 100 CEO Golf Tournament

12/6 Saipan International Film Festival

12/15 Asian Supermodel Competition


























































Memo2: the effect of film on tourism





Wallace Monument, Scotland

300% increase in visitors year after release

Dances with Wolves

Fort Hayes, Kansas

25% increase compared with 7% for 4 years before

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Devils Tower, Wyoming

75% increase in 1975, 20% visit now because of the film

Field of Dreams


35% visits in 1991, steady rise


Southfork Ranch, Dallas

500,000 visitors per year

Lord of the Rings

New Zealand

10% increase every year 1998 to 2003 from UK

Steel Magnolias


48% increase year after release

Last of the Mohicans

Chimney Rock Park, North Carolina

25% increase year after release

Harry Potter

Various U.K. locations

All locations - increase of 50% +

Mission: Impossible 2

National parks, Sydney

200% increase in 2000

Gorillas in the Mist


20% increase in 1998

The Beach


22% increase-youth market 2000

Four Weddings and a Funeral

The Crown Hotel, Amersham, England

Fully booked for at least 3 years

Saving Private Ryan

Normandy, France

40% increase - American tourists

Pride and Prejudice

Lyme Park; Cheshire, U.K.

150% increase in visitors


Canakkale, Turkey

73% increase in tourism

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Cephalonai, Greece

50% increase over 3 years

Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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