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Black Tie Impact Investing  1

Black Tie International - Impact Investment
The People's Vision

peoples Vison

The People’s Vision

Empowering People - Building Business

Imagine if you could access and share in the multi-dimensional
economies of the global Mobile Internet.

With The People’s Business You Can.

peoples vison

Please take five minutes to explore how you can with our limited
and soon to close opportunity.

If you would you like a live demo of our platform and wish to engage with this opportunity after reading this information please contact
Gerard Mc Keon at:


peoples vision

The People’s Vision

Do you know ONE technology start-up funding opportunity that enables you to simultaneously profit from sectors dominated by the likes of Facebook, Vodafone, Samsung, LinkedIn, eBay, PayPal, Webex, WhatsApp, Skype?

Do you know ANY major technology company that places as much emphasis on financially empowering its network stakeholders as its company shareholders, pioneering a new model of collective social and financial empowerment, sustainable economics and with it sustained customer loyalty?

If your answer to both these questions is “no”,
then we invite you to take a look at The People’s Vision opportunity.

peoples vision

Who and What we are.

We are a growing team of dedicated people who share a holistic view of
technology, business, society, our planet and people's lives.

The People’s Vision is headquartered in Switzerland due to our alignment and partnership with the United Nations and International Telecommunications Union. We have an operational European company in the UK and will establish operational companies in countries worldwide including the US, China, Dubai and other countries.

peoples vision

Our Status and Invitation.

We are close to completing a first of its kind Social-Business EcoSystem that delivers
best of breed Information and Communication Technologies to consumer, small business, organizational, educational and governmental markets in a manner that directly and positively
addresses the social and financial needs of people worldwide.

We seek funding partners that are fully aligned with our triple bottom line values of
People, Planet, Profit, with our purpose of collective social and financial empowerment, and who if they wish, can add strategic and management input
 as well as financial injection.


If you wanted to fund the most dynamic, high growth mobile and Internet sectors,
you would need to take multiple individual funding positions in multiple companies.

Major Venture Capital firms have made the following investments such market sectors.

    1. Social Media Consumer: $155 million invested in Pinterest.
    2. Social Media Business: $1.2 billion paid by Microsoft for Yammer.
    3. Social Commerce: $1.449 billion invested in 25 companies eg: Living Social.
    4. Mobile Global SIM $118 million invested in TruPhone by Abramovich & Co.
    5. Mobile Payments: $100 million investment in Square.
    6. Unified Communications: $80 million in Star by Claranet.
    7. Collaboration & Productivity: $40 million total funding in Huddle,
    8. Mobile Device Development: $800 million by Lenovo

The People’s Vision

Unique Loan Funding Opportunity

The only Unified Opportunity that enables you to Generate ROL* in the Same Sectors
With ONE Much Smaller Loan Funding.

* ROL = Return On Loan as TPV “A Round” funding is based on loans not investment

peoples vision

The People’s Vision invites you to make just ONE funding loan in a new,
unique ecosystem that delivers leading solutions in all these sectors.

Importantly, we also place people at the heart of their revenue streams.

The People's Vision Revenue Streams

The People’s Vision delivers its ecosystem and solutions in two ways:

    1. Within The People’s World social-business network
    2. Via Channel Partners such as charitable organizations and networks

7% of total monthly gross income is shared with our A Round loan funding vehicle
 The People’s Vision Club


The People's Vision Club Funding


The People’s Vision Club

A Unique A Round Loan Funding

  • The People’s Vision Club has a limited number of 175 non-dilutable A Round Loan Shares. These 175 shares exclusively share the 7% of total monthly gross income received from The People’s Vision for the life of the business.
  • 9 ½ of the total 175 shares remain, priced @ £50K loan funding each.
  • Once these last 9 ½ shares are taken the A round is closed for ever.
  • Exit strategy: A Round Shares can be acquired by other peer lenders and can also be bought back by the company at market value.

The limited nature of A Round shares and the fact that the Vision Club closes for ever once the last share is taken, guarantees, through the laws of supply and demand, that exit will be enabled by either The People’s Vision company or by existing A Round peer lenders or new interested lenders acquiring shareholding from exiting shareholders.

The People’s Vision Purpose

Deliver best of breed technological solutions in a manner that
socially and financially empowers people worldwide.

The People's Vision Global Challenges


New ways of engaging the unemployed to create wealth
have not yet been found.

The People's Vision Eurozone Unemployment

We believe that mobile-Internet based Social Enterprise, not employment, is the solution.

The single bottom line economic model of “Profit only”
continues to increase economic inequality.

The People's Vision Oxfam Richest 85

We believe now is the time to implement the triple bottom line approach of
“People Planet and Profit”
to prevent the consequences of extreme economic imbalance.

The People’s Vision Strategy.

Billions of people who need financial empowerment are already experienced
with the consumer ICT solutions that create wealth for a few large companies.
They also understand being connected via networks.

The People's Vision

We can engage these people with a new social-enterprise business model to create the next Billion member network, but one with an inclusive, financially empowering model.

We apply Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and
the Millennium Development Goals
as frameworks for design and development of a new holistic social-business ecosytem focused on conscious, social and economic empowerment.

The People's Vision Maslow

The People’s Vision Model

Revenue Model Design

The mobile Internet market is hyper competitive. Maximizing capability is essential.

The People's Vision Maximizing Capability

The People's Business revenue model -four key types of e-business revenue:

  1. Monthly Subscription Revenue
    (Through delivery of value added services)
  2. Transaction Fee Revenue
    (Through Mobile & Internet wallet and Pre-Paid Card payments)
  3. Product Sales Revenue
    (Through company E-Commerce)
  4. Product Sales Facilitation Revenue:
     (Through member to member Social Commerce)

Ecosystem and Business Development Design

We have created an ecosystem of best of breed technology solutions
that is fully integrated to enable a seamless, unified user experience.

The People's Vision Model

We then developed a new business model called Unified Networking which incorporates only the strengths of proven models associated with each of these solutions while discarding their weaknesses, and unifies these strengths to maximise global-local business development and optimize sharing of wealth with co-creators of revenues.

people vision

Services and Products Revenues

  1. Social-Business Network membership - Free and £10/m Business Network Fee
  2. Secure Unified Communications - Free and £5/m
  3. Video Conferencing and Online Meetings - Free and £29/m, £39/m, £99/m
  4. Social & Mobile Commerce - Online Shops & Marketplace - £5/m & £10/m
  5. Global Mobile SIM Card Network - £10 Set Up & £10, £25, £50 Top Ups
  6. Mobile & Internet Payment Service 1% -3% fees, £5/m Prepaid Card
  7. Project Management & Crowd Funding Platform - Free and £10/m; 3% Funding Fees
  8. Mobile Devices £24.99 / £49.00 / £99.00 / £349.00
  9. Wholesale Fair Trade Food and Beverages - £5-£50 product retail range

Strategic Global Income Development

How members use our free viral services to build large global networks and our value added paid for services and products to generate sustainable income.

peoples vision


Our emerging, committed Management Team includes...

  • Theo Cosmora–Founder & CEO
  • To Be Found –COO
  • To Be Found –CFO
  • Peter Joyce –CIO
  • Guy Rackham –International Payments & Operations Manager
  • Jeannine Lemaire–mHealth Manager
  • Andy Burton –Financial Management
  • Ben Fountain –Systems Development
  • David Goode –Web Development
  • Bradley Marsh –Web Design

Our Advisory Board includes...

  • Edward Hoare –Renowned TBL Advocate
  • Coumba Toure–Pioneering Humanitarian
  • Amir Dossal –Former Head of United Nations, Office of Partnerships
     –Global Partnerships Forum
  • Suvi Linden –Former Minister of Communications, Finland
  • Al-Noor Ramji–Leading Global Technologist –Former Head BT Enterprise
  • Steve Dickens –Head BT Ethics, Innovation

Global Business Development

We have two channels to market

1. Resellers and Co-Branded Partners

people vision

2. Our Empowerment (Social-Business) Network

people vison

Services and Products

The People’s World

A First of its kind Unified Empowerment NetworkSocial, Business,
Communications, eCommerce and Charitable Network

People vison

The People’s Shop

Social Commerce Online Shops & Marketplace

peoples vision

The People’s Meeting

Online Meetings & Video Conferencing

people vision

The People’s Phone Dual SIM Smartphone

With Integrated Stylus Pen -or Without & Super Slim TPV Branded
or Co-Branded for Partner Organization (Black & White)

people vision

The People’s Phone Dual SIM Mini Phone

Attractive and Very Low Cost Travel & Party Phone

people vision

The People’s SIM Global SIM

Connected to over 800 Networks

Reduces Roaming Fees by up to 90%TPV Brand and Partner Co-Brand

people vision

LovePay Mobile Payments

Enabling payments from any phone number to any phone number on the planet,
to websites and with withdrawals via an integrated prepaid Mastercard.


people vision



  • IP ownership for Social Business System
  • Long lead time and large capital funding required to replicate
     the social business system
  • Exclusivity for TPV’s type of platform
  • Trademark on brands
  • Largest “The People’s XXXXX” family domain names relevant to people empowerment and Social Business.

Membership Projections - Network

people vision

Membership Projections - Partners

Partnerships will drive additional user and membership uptake.
these include but are not limited to:

  1. A confirmed partner with 2 million low income customers in 12 African countries. All 2 million customers will be given a LovePay account via their mobile number.
  2. LovePaywill be delivered through posts offices worldwide supported by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Post Offices will act as Cash In
    and Cash Out partners.
  3. A Service Provider contract has been signed for The People’s SIM with a company based in West Africa. They project establishing 500 Dealers per country of 10 plus countries. A Dealer licence fee is £3,000 and each Dealer will acquire
    between 30 and 500 SIM customers.
  4. Over 20 Charitable Organizations have voiced a strong interest in launching the global SIM card as a co-brand powered by The People’s SIM. The first of these will be launched in March 2014. One charitable organization has
     a donor base of 2.4 million members.
  5. We project conservative sales of our integrated mobile solution on account of our ability to provide a combined white label solution comprising branded Android smartphones, SIM card and collaboration/communications software, a unique position in the mobile sector.

Proposition Closing Note.

Our A Round Funding invitation is open until the
last Vision Club shareholding is taken.

The People's Vision

If you would like to join The People’s Vision to deliver The People’s Business worldwide and benefit financially with us by
transforming lives for the better:

Please Contact:

Gerard Mc Keon

Theo Cosmora

Thank You



February 2014 Newsletter


 The People's Vision
 Empowering People - Building Business


Is it possible to use cutting edge mobile and Internet solutions and share in their global economies? 
With The People's Business It Is.
Collective Technological, Social and Financial Empowerment
A hospital, youth network and city resilience committee are among the many parties considering using The People's Meeting, our cutting edge online meeting solution that uses the latest multimedia technologies to enable secure video conferencing. A few governments and corporations around the world are already using the same core conference technology employed by The People's Meeting. Our integrated business model empowers you to create generous income (individuals & businesses) and sustainable funding (charitable organizations) with this high value solution as well as benefit from its leading online meeting features that will save you time and money. You can learn more below.

Last month saw the signing of a new Channel Partner agreement for The People's SIM in Africa. With access to a potential user base of over 2 million existing customers, this new partnership offers considerable potential for more affordable communications for millions of people and opens the potential for establishing over 1000 dealerships for The People's SIM in Africa by June 2014. 

Over 20 charitable and non-profit organizations, one with a user base of over one million donors, are actively considering launching The People's SIM with their branding as a means of establishing sustainable funding through 20% of all Top Ups and to promote their brand. The first charitable organization partner SIMs will be launched and announced in March 2014. If you are a charitable or non-profit organization take a look at our sustainable funding section for organizations below.

Moving between online and offline and being able to communicate with contacts for free or with minimum cost is now a must for most people. Now a single Top Up account will cover calls to landlines and mobiles from our Unified Communications and Conference solution, calls from our new 800 network-global roaming SIM card The People's SIM, and SMS messages together with landline, mobile and free conference calls from The People's World Empowerment Network. A new efficiency is thus enabled. Details are listed below.

The Telephony component of our Unified Communications and Conference solution is nearing completion and will go live this month. Users of The People's Meeting, My Mobile Office and The People's World Empowerment Network will be able to establish partners and build their networks in 60 countries with a localised global IP PBX Telephony System that has applications for targeted marketing and promotions, local / regional office voice presence and global customer recruitment with simultaneous establishment of sustainable local charitable funding.

The latest technology enabling powerful online meetings

The People's Meeting empowers you to launch a video conference with up to 50 video participants and up to 3000 voice participants from your desktop or from within a browser (currently Chrome or Firefox). Android and iPhone apps will be available in March 2014. It  has solutions for personal, small business, network, enterprise, educational, medical and government applications,  Learn more here and request a demo here.


Enjoy Low Cost Calls and Effective Collaboration


My Mobile Office is a powerful yet cost effective, co-brandable Communications solution for social users, small businesses, mobile workers and enterprise employees. Secure push Email, personal and shared calendaring, secure file storage,Web, Android and IOS apps and a global receptionist IVR Call Manager are some of its features.  Learn more about the Web features here and the Telephony system here

Social, Business, eCommerce Communications & Charitable

That people help the Internet giants build their networks without sharing in the benefits of the Network Effect when the networks are monetized is a historical phenomenon. It is reflective of what Albert Einstein refers to as an "optical delusion of consciousness" that makes us think of our selves as separate from each other. Additionally the inefficiency that comes with belonging to different networks for different purposes is well known. Leaving Facebook or LinkedIn to sell on eBay or call on Skype are examples. What is currently  experienced in separation is now available as a unified experience in our Empowerment Network The People's World. Ours is one network with social, super affiliate business, eCommerce, communications and charitable dimensions, with many free as well as value added paid for solutions, fully integrated to give you a unified, efficient and empowering experience and provided in a manner that enables you to share in the full financial gains of the Network Effect  in real time as the network is monetized by all members. You can learn more about this progress here.

Selling And Making Money Online Made Simple

The People's Shop is our really easy to use Social Commerce solution. Designed to enable you enter profitability within hours or days, its 5 page shop is available for just £5.00 per month and 10 page shop for only £10.00 per month. Its integrated drop-shipping marketplace allows you to sell our mobile solutions, your own products or other members' products to enjoy instant sales margins. You can learn more 

Save On Calls When You Travel

Roaming charges can add up and increase travel costs significantly as everyone needs to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friendswhile travelling without paying unnecessarily. The People's SIM is connected to over 800 networks saving up to 90% on roaming charges. You can learn more about the SIM here and check the SIM rates here:
Experience A New Breed of Mobile Phones

Our focused mobile portfolio provides four handsets. A low cost dual SIM mini phone, a cutting edge dual SIM digitizer pen smartphone with powerful productivity features, a super thin dual SIM Android smartphone that is just 6.5mm thin, and a dual SIM low cost Android smartphone for very low income communities and countries. You can learn more here.

Mobile, Internet & Remittance Payments Made Simple
LovePay, our ethical mobile and Internet payment service that shares a % of all transaction fees with the sender's chosen charity and has special charitable and non-profit organization payment rates, is being demonstrated as we select and implement banking partners in countries internationally to localize the service. A European bank as well as a West African bank operational in over 30 countries are among the financial institutions currently engaged. Learn more here
Read through our Start A Business and Fund Your Charity Or Non-Profit sections below then let us know with our versatile Contact form via the Contact Us section how you would like to collaborate and benefit with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Realize Unified Networking's Financial Potential

Whether you are an individual wanting to establish extra income or a company wanting to generate more revenues, our Empowerment Network The People's World is free to join and participate in our growing social and charitable network. It also offers multiple means of creating wealth ethically in a way that simultaneously creates wealth for others.You can be The People's Business. Learn more via the following links:  Start A Business 

Enable Sustainable Funding To Support Donations

At a time when charitable and non-profit organizations worldwide really need consistent funding support, donor fatigue has kicked in because people no longer have spare money to give. Our platform will help your organization establish sustainable funding from an industry which you know is flush with money. You can learn more via: Fund Your Charity 

Connect, Co-Create, Be Empowered and Share

Don't hesitate to contact us. You can refer to one or a number of our solutions and or opportunities and let us know how you would like to work with us and benefit via our Versatile Contact Form.
   The People's Vision - A Better Reality Is Achievable         


To list in Impact Investing
 please contact:

joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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