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World Harmony Foundation
 Video Courtest AMTV:]


World Harmony Foundation (WHF) .
Premiered Youth Of China
 the third album of a Chinese classical literary song trilogy, at the UN Headquarters and at a  Broadway Theater in New York

Celebrating the International Youth Day
 and UN Culture of Peace
The Concert on Aug. 12,will encourage more people to learn Chinese, one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Report by: Black Tie China/ GMK

World Harmony Foundation (WHF), Global Future Leader Organization (GFLO), and John F. Kennedy Memorial Center for the Performing Arts jointly hosted   the musical tour to share the album of Chinese classic literary songs with teenagers from China and the USA. The songs were performed in the White House, United States Capitol, Liberty Island and Times Square. On Aug. 11, the concert was featured at the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater, one of the off-Broadway theaters located in Lincoln Center.

Youth of China, composed by You Jingbo, a Chinese American composer and professor  has been devoted to the noble cause for years, the innovative Chinese Classical Literary Songs features  music album and books of Chinese poems. In addition, it is a marvelous music project that is jointly supported  by  well-known musicians from China and the USA. The songs in the album are composed in traditional Chinese scale, based on pentatonic scale with music notes which are called gong,  shang,  jue,  zhi and yu in Chinese. They are integrated with a great many elements of Chinese folk music such as Peking Opera, Yueju  Opera and Pingtan, but their presentation styles are mostly western, including jazz, rock & roll and reggae. Creating an album of songs combining traditional Chinese music,  modern, classic and fashionable, the oriental and western characteristics.

On Aug. 11, the Chinese literary songs made their Broadway debut in New York. More than twenty  Chinese and American teenagers gave fantastic performances of the beautiful Chinese literary songs, including Song of Tomorrow, Three Character Classic, Crying Ospreys and Homecoming. After  the performance, You Jiang, the President of the China Press, was invited to deliver a speech. The song of Three Character Classic which  was performed by a choir of students from the Sitan Tai chi & Martial Arts brought down the house.

You Jingbo, hoped these songs could help deepen the understanding of Chinese classical literature among the children and raise their interest to learn in the ways of listening to the music, singing and performance. He also hoped to promote the Chinese tradition and culture by fostering education through entertainment.

The music concert was hosted by World Harmony Foundation (WHF), organized by National Music Educational Center (NMEC) and supported by Xinhua News Agency, Wen Wei Po, American Multimedia Television USA and United Nations Asking Congress Web TV Inc. and other media.

Jing Mengtao, an overseas student and freshman of Vocal Music Department of the University of the Arts based in Philadelphia, presided over the concert. Frank Liu, produced  the concert.
Performers came from New York, Beijing, Guangdong and Zhejiang. They were Shang Shuyu, Zheng Shuhan, You Shengsi, You Shengge, Wang Tian’ao, Harmony Liu (Liu Xin’ge), Eirene Liu (Liu Xinyuan), Joseph Liu (Liu Xiangjun), Wang Zhirou, Liu Entong, Gao Chenxin and so on. A Leisure Walk, was performed by You Shengsi and You Shengge and was received warm applause.  Jing Mengtao, who performed  the musicals – Crying Ospreys and On Poetry,  received large praise from the audience.
Gao Ge and You Jingbo, music mentors of this concert, also performed the songs – Qi Qiao and Butterflies in Love with Flowers.

Three American born Chinese, representatives of the Global Future Leader Organization (GFLO) in New York, demonstrated their passion in the study and performance of Chinese classical literary songs and were hailed as future leaders by the community. The eldest sister Harmony Liu (Liu Xin’ge, 12 years old), who is the peace ambassador of GFLO, vividly interpreted the song,  A Spring Day with guzheng (Chinese zither); Eirene Liu (Liu Xinyuan, seven years old) presented a solo vocal performance and dance; their younger brother Joseph Liu (Liu Xiangjun, three and a half years old) was the youngest among the three siblings , but the one with the best attitude and loudest voice.


On August 13, a global press conference of Chinese Classical Literary Song was held at the United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ). In this conference, the album named Chinese Classical Literary Song – Youth of China, sung by Jing Mengtao, was released to the world for the first time. Meanwhile, 100 sets of commemorative first-day cover featured by “Chinese Classical Literary Song Global Release” were issued through the United Nations Postal Administration. The trilogy named Chinese Classical Literary Song and the album named Youth of China have been collected by the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) on the spot. At the same time, Frank Liu (Liu Fan), chairman of WHF awarded the certificates – World Youth Harmony Ambassador and World Outstanding Musician for Harmony to Jing Mengtao and You Jingbo respectively.

The album has been made available on global music platforms such as iTunes, Amazonmusic, Spotify and Deezer. Through these songs, the voice of traditional Chinese culture will be heard in more than 180 countries, including the United States, France, Russia, Japan, India and South Africa. Overseas Chinese could enjoy the voice of their motherland through mobile phones and the Internet; while non chinese speakers can  enjoy and learn to have a better understanding about Chinese traditional culture via the previews of digital music.

With the performance of Chinese classical literary songs, the event has laid the foundation for Chinese classical literary music going global.
 The combination of education and entertainment will help to promote Chinese classical literary works internationally , through i popularization in a way that is easy to understand , engaging and enetertaining– a significant move of innovation in the transmission of Chinese traditional culture.

This event has not only promoted the global dissemination of Chinese classical literary songs, but also played a crucial role in helping the Global audience to engage and to further their understanding of Han and traditional Chinese culture.







旅美学子、费城艺术大学声乐系大一学生景梦韬担任主持。据策划人Frank Liu表示,当天参加演出的学生分别来自纽约和中国北京、浙江、广东等地,他们是尚姝妤、郑书涵、尤圣斯、尤圣歌、王天傲、刘昕格、刘昕媛、刘翔俊、王智柔、刘恩彤、高晨鑫等。尤圣斯和尤圣歌两兄弟表演的《一去二三里》也获得观众的阵阵掌声。其中表现最突出的是景梦韬同学,他以音乐剧的方式表演了《关雎》和《论诗》,赢得了现场观众的一致好评。本次音乐会的音乐导师高歌和尤静波也登台分别演唱了歌曲《乞巧》和《蝶恋花》。

来自纽约未来领袖组织的代表,华裔三姐弟特别积极的参加国学歌学习与表演,未来领袖小大使,大姐Harmony Liu (刘昕格12岁)用古筝生动的表演了国学歌《春日》,二姐Eirene Liu (刘昕媛7岁)独唱加舞蹈,弟弟Joseph Liu (刘翔骏3岁半)年纪最小但学国学歌最认真、声音最洪亮,他们被社区称为和谐家庭的三个未来领袖。

8月13日,“中华国学歌”走进联合国,在联合国总部举行了全球发布会。景梦韬的独唱专辑《中华国学歌·国风少年》在发布会上首次亮相全世界,并通过联合国邮局发行了100套“中国华国学歌全球发布”纪念首日封。联合国记者协会现场收藏了《中华国学歌》全套图书和《国风少年》专辑,同时,世界和谐基金会主席Frank Liu(刘藩)也为景梦韬和尤静波分别颁发了“世界和谐青年使者”和“世界和谐杰出音乐家”证书。



youth of china
youth of china
youth of china
youth of china




youth of china
youth of china
youth of china
frank liu
Joseph Liu, 3 1/2 years
frank liu
frank liu
frank liu
Eirean Liu, 7 years
frank liu
Harmony Liu

Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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