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UN World Diabetes Day 11.14
norman pang

Harmony Liu, Norman Pang

UN World Diabetes Day 11.14
publicity performance &  The World Natural Health Organization Launch


November 14, the UN World Diabetes Day.

 According to the statistics of the United Nations Health Organization, nearly 10% of the world's 7 billion people have diabetes, which plagues people's lives!

At the United Nations Headquarters, Delegates Dining Room,
 World Diabetes Day.

The World Natural Health Organization (WNHO), co-sponsored by the World Harmony Foundation, the Global Future Leaders Organization, the Gao Xiaoke Physical Therapy Clinic, and the American Health Association, launched at the United Nations Headquarters Gala on  11.14.

WNHO aims to gather the world.
Medical and rehabilitation experts to introduce and promote green medicine.
We call the "red medicine" for surgery and the "white medicine" for western medicine, and the rehabilitation treatment device invented according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern science. The diabetes electronic rehabilitation instrument and traditional Chinese medicine are called “green medicine”.

That night, WNHO Founding President Liu Wei (Taihe Frank Liu) presented the co-chairman's letter of appointment to Dr. Gao Xiaoke, a famous pain physiotherapist, former doctor of the Chinese 301 Hospital and a visiting professor at Columbia University and Cornell University.

United Nations Diabetes Day, was an excellent opportunity for Vice President of the World natural Health Organization, China's famous diabetes rehabilitation physiotherapy innovative physics scientist, former aerospace department engineer, inventor of the magnetic sugar therapy device, and Professor Wang Shijie,
Chairman of Taihe Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

The vice chairman of WNHO, Taihe Company specially sent four sets of the equipments to WNHO as a gift for the establishment of the organization on the Day of Diabetes.

The US technical representative Mr. Zhang George presented at the UN Press Conference Room to the UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs, The leaders of the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Branch of Xinhua News Agency The  presentation and were highly praised, and very well received.

WNHO also hired Professor Wang Shijie as the vice chairman, and his representative, Dr. Zhang George,accepted the appointment letter. The Vice chairman appointed  Mr. Zhang Shigong, as The chairman of the American Health Association.

"Rotary Magnetic Diabetes Therapeutic Apparatus" is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian. The absorption electronics, physics, energises, and neuroscience combine multidisciplinary and high-tech technologies, and combine with various trace elements in scientific proportion.

The powerful energy field is formed by the gyromagnetic method, and the transdermal technology of the instrument is applied to the eight major acupoints of the human body through the A/B/B/C/D/D probe to energize the damaged tissue cells and enhance The patient's autoimmune function, activating cells and self-repairing ability, this new type of cell activation, repair, regenerative therapy, currently used chronic disease patients get 93.5% effective treatment and rehabilitation.

The instrument has passed the Chinese government and European government's certificate of health and quality inspection. Currently, the World  Natural Health Organization is actively applying for FDA approval.

 This instrument has successfully treated more than 30,000 cases in China.

 Tan Yunhe, the vice president and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Health, personally wrote the words "Building an Oasis for Life for Diabetes" for Ji Rentai's

WSJ-B type of gyromagnetic diabetes treatment instrument.

After the product entered the Romanian national market, the former prime minister of the country who is now the Speaker of the House of Lords: Nikolai also, Vakaro Jade, the deputy speaker of the House of Lords, the leader of the Daluo Party: Wadam, after using it, called it "the treatment of diabetes" 'Magical things' is 'the nemesis of diabetes, the protector of health'. It has opened up a healthy green channel in the field of diabetes treatment, so that people with diabetes can get rid of the pain and embark on the road of longevity and health.

 Richard Kerby, Alfredo Jefferson, global future leader Nicole Edwards, consultants Christina, Ema and the officials present are very happy to hear about this.

High-tech products, they said that the United Nations is promoting the implementation of the strategy of “frontier science and technology for sustainable development goals”, and hope that this product can be used as a cutting-edge technology for innovation to promote the great Sustainable Development goal of the United Nations.

 To promote 11.14. UN Diabetes Day, the World Natural Health Organization also invited two future leaders, the world's harmonious ambassador 12-year-old student Liu Junge (Harmony Liu) and 13-year-old student Pang Hesong Norman Pang to participate The performance, the beautiful Latin dance "The Sea" .










当晚,WNHO创会会长刘藩(泰和Frank Liu)先生給著名痛症理疗专家、前中国301医院医生兼哥大、康奈尔大学客座教授的高晓克医生颁发了共同主席的聘书。为給联合国糖尿病日献礼,世界自然健康组织副主席、中国著名糖尿病康复理疗创新物理科学家、原航天部工程师、磁旋式糖疗病治疗仪发明人、泰合医疗科技有限公司董事长王世杰教授也被聘为WNHO副主席,泰合公司特为11.14.糖尿病日給WNHO寄来了四台设备作为成立组织的贺礼,委托美国的技术代表张乔治先生到联合国记者协会会议室給联合国社会经济事务部、联合国开发署、新华社联合国分社等领导做了演示,受到高度评价,




《旋磁式糖尿病治疗仪》是以中医经络理论为纲,吸收电子学、物理学、能量学、神经科学将多学科高尖端技术融为一体,与多种微量元素按科学比例配伍相结合,以旋磁方式形成强大的能量场,利用该仪器的透皮技术通过A/B/B/C/D/D探头,分别作用于人体八大经穴,给受损的组织细胞进行能量充盈,增强患者自身免疫功能、激活细胞和自身修复能力,这种新型的细胞激活、修复、再生疗法,目前使用过的慢性病患者得到93.5% 的有效治疗和康复。


该仪器已经通过中国政府与欧洲政府有关卫生与质量检测部门的合格证书,目前由世界自然健康组织在积极申请美国FDA批准,此仪器在中国已经成功治疗过三万多案例,中国红十字会常务副会长、国家卫生部原副部长谭云鹤亲笔为济仁泰合牌WSJ—B型旋磁式糖尿病治疗仪提词《为糖尿病患者营造生命绿洲》。产品进入罗马尼亚国家市场后,该国家前总理现任国会上议院议长:尼古来也.瓦卡罗玉、上议院副议长、大罗党领袖:瓦缔姆使用后,称其为治疗糖尿病的神奇之物,是糖尿病的克星,健康的保护神。在糖尿病治疗领域里开辟了一条健康的绿色通道,使糖尿病患者从此摆脱了痛苦,走上了健康长寿之路,参加活动的联合国开发署UNDP南南项目总干事兼秘书长顾问Shahid Husain 博士与联合国顾问Richard Kerby, Alfredo Jefferson,全球未来领袖主席Nicole Edwards,顾问ChristinaEma及在场的官员都非常高兴得知这个高科技产品,他们说联合国正在推动“前沿科技促可持续发展目标”的战略实施,希望该产品可以作为创新的前沿技术加盟推动联合国这个伟大的可持续发展目标。


为宣传11.14.联合国糖尿病日,助兴晚会,世界自然健康组织还特邀了二个未来领袖、世界和谐小大使12岁的学生刘昕格(Harmony Liu和谐格格)与13岁的学生庞和松Norman Pang参加表演,优美的拉丁舞“大海”获得了热烈的掌声!受到了在场的联合国多国官员、等领导与贵宾的高度赞赏。







Dr. Norman Pang, Frank Liu
Dr. Norman Pang, Frank Liu
Dr. Norman Pang, Frank Liu
Frank Liu
Hunan Cuisine Comes to the UN Dining Room, Harmony Liu
Harmony Liu
UN World Diabetes Day 11.14
UN World Diabetes Day 11.14

Joyce Brooks and Gerard Mc Keon.  Photo by:  Rose Billings /

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