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Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin's
Dynamic Life;
Rainbow Colors
Zhou Changxin's
Exhibition at UN Headquarters,
New York

Photos by: Black Tie China/GMK
Working page - Text and captions to follow

This is Google Translation  of “Life is long, and so is the multicolored line. 
Zhou Chang New Art World Tour (United Nations Headquarters Station, New York)” 

Zhou Changxin, a well-known contemporary Chinese oil painter, brought "heavy oil painting" into the United Nations to reinterpret "life coexists and benefits" and to call for "protecting the common home of mankind". 

New York: "Xu Xiake of Chinese Fine Arts," high-intensity integration of artistic life into nature's endless wilderness, the legendary and innovative Chinese contemporary painter in Chinese painting, the founder of China's heavy-color oil painting, Zhou Changxin, dean of Changxin Art Institute, Yunnan University, After completing thousands of kilometers of East and West in the United States, he created more than 20 heavy-colour paintings depicting the magnificent mountains and rivers of the Americas with surprising perseverance, The works will be on display at United Nations Headquarters in New York on October 19, nearly a decade after the seventh stop of the exhibition, Life in Many Colors, Colorful Lines: Zhou Chang's New Art World Tour, He has held exhibitions on the same subject in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and in May this year, he held a grand solo exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing, hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and other institutions. This year's exhibition of heavy-coloured oil paintings at the United Nations, the timing of the exhibition and Zhou Changxin's ideas, are quite special, As we all know, at a time when the multi-polarization of the world has been unprecedentedly challenged, when the international order on which humankind depends is falling apart, Zhou Changxin has observed the mountains, rivers and flowers of the United States through his own field observations of the mountains, rivers and plants of the United States, To express the interdependence of human beings and all life by the bold and unrestrained brushwork, call for the cooperation of human beings and common protection of the already fragile common home! 
The United Nations Exhibition of Paintings, A total of 20 heavy-colour paintings by Zhou Changxin, who went deep into Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Alisona, the Rocky Mountains of Nevada, Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon and the Hudson Valley, in the Catskills of the East United States, and by Niagara Falls, These include Nine Heavens Galactic Fall, depicting Niagara Falls, The Earth's Navel, which depicts Yellowstone Volcano Geyser, The New Lava, The Rocky Mountains, The Great Teton National Park, The Call of Love, The Range of Mountains, Home, The Desert㬢, and more, These works are strong in color, wild in lines and strong in visual art! 
Zhou Changxin's painting is a new kind of painting combining Chinese and Western painting. Zhou Changxin learned modern heavy color from Professor Du Dakai, a famous contemporary Chinese painter, After entering the graduate class of mural department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, he studied mural. He drew heavy color elements from the works of classical masters such as ancient Chinese rock paintings and Gu Kaizhi, It combines the essence of Chinese heavy color painting and western oil painting. It emphasizes the expressive force and freehand brushwork of oil painting and makes the heavy color oil painting shine! His painting style was recognized by the Van Gogh family as the innovative development of the Van Gogh style in China. He was the founder of China Heavy Color Oil Painting, the founder of Thick Color Porcelain, the father of Line Color Painting and the pioneer of True Elephant Art. Zhou Changxin broke away from the traditional technique of oil painting. From looking at the painting to thinking of it, he could paint it out of control, He painted both hands at the same time, to the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign painters can not transcend the realm, therefore, he has the "God of Painting" in Chinese painting circles! 
The Changxin International Art Institute of Yunnan University, founded by Zhou Changxin, is the Southwest Associated University of Chinese Art, and the master of all art disciplines is gathered. Zhou Changxin Art Foundation is the second public offering fund in China to be named after a person. The Changxin Art Award has awarded nearly 120 doctoral students from three places on both sides of China, Zhou Changxin was hired by Bishop Tihon of the Russian Orthodox Church to create a caption for his book "The Un-sanctified Saints" La France, also chosen by former French Prime Minister Francois LaFrance as the only artist to hold dialogue exhibitions on behalf of Chinese and French artists, has been on display in France's Future World Film City for six years and is still on display. 
Zhou Changxin is a member of Yunnan Political Consultative Committee, Chairman of Zhou Chang New Art Foundation, Editor of Heavy Oil Painting magazine, President of China International Institute of Heavy Paint Painting, Board Member of China Cultural Advancement Association, Council Member of World Artist Association, Chinese National Art Exchange Cultural Emissaries With Foreign Countries. Publications include: New Works of Zhou Chang, New Heavy Oil Painting Art of Zhou Chang, New Heavy Oil Painting of Zhou Chang, New Heavy Oil Paintings of Zhou Chang, New Thick Color Porcelain of Zhou Chang, Chinese Version of Da Yi Li San Gao, Chinese Version, Chinese Art Journal Heavy. 
The works of Zhou Chang's New Works are loved and praised by people all over the world. Some of the works are collected by Chinese National Museum, Hook Fish Tai State Guesthouse, Dutch Van Gogh Museum and other world governments, famous museums and famous collectors. 


Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
6 David Johnson, Deputy to the Senior Advisor to the Borough President,
Office of the Brooklyn Borough
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's, Ullie De Osu, David Johnson, Winnie Greco, RedSquare
Ullie De Osu, David Johnson, Winnie Greco, RedSquare
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
11 Zhou Changxin, Porter Bibb, Managing Partner, Media Tech capital Partners, LLC
Zhou Changxin's
12 Gerard MC Keon, Publisher, Black Tie China,
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's
Zhou Changxin's

Joyce Brooks and Gerard Mc Keon.  Photo by:  Rose Billings /

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