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Black Tie  International Magazine China 1
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World Harmony Foundation - Black Night Elf
Harmony Liu & Mia Xu
with 43 kids from
Global Youth Leadership Committee
to support song for
 UN Environmental Day with Lang Lang
and other stars

刘昕格(Harmony Liu)与朗朗等明星支持尤雁子环保歌《黑夜精灵》发布二


"World Harmony Foundation

launches global star public welfare concert, Present the Song of
"Black Night Elf

Anti-Pandemic and Environmental Protection"

 supported by famous pianist Lang Lang with others stars to the United Nations


The World Harmony Foundation (WHF) Harmony Star Chinese American singer You Yanzi present her latest public welfare song

"Black Night Elf"

 on June 5th of World Environment Day in Beijing, as a gift to the United Nations World Environment Day, calling on the global public to cherish and protect the only homeland on which human beings depend for survival-the earth and the natural environment and wildlife.


This song amending the bats that have been misunderstood by the public for a long time, and calls on people to protect wild animals, protect the environment, and cherish the only earth on which humans depend, to prevent future epidemics!


During the environmental protection week from June 5th to 12th, the WHF Global Youth Committee launched this song to the United Nations to initiate the “ Global Anti-Pandemic 100 peace, green and charity Songs


A 100 day count down to the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations. This action Aiming at the dangerous form of the current epidemic spreading to countries, multi-national races conflicts, riots, and the brink of war etc.  


The United Nations online video platform can be used to mobilize the world's most famous singers, stars, and UN goodwill ambassadors to use their singing together with youth on the same day, sing the same song of anti-epidemic, environmental protection and peace.


Recalling the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Environment Day on June 5, 2005, under the special invitation of the WHF, You Yanzi participated in the 60th anniversary of the charity event at the World Environment Day in San Francisco City Hall, California,
She sang with the group of Twelve Girls Orchestra"
presented "Earth Home Song

“composed by her and WHF Chairman Frank Liu. At the same time, You Yanzi was awarded as the "Harmony Star" by the World Harmony Foundation.


You Yanzi said that in this year's big crisis of the new coronavirus, we must not ignore the issue of biodiversity. 60% of human infectious diseases are zoonotic diseases, and 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic diseases.


In other words, these diseases are transmitted to humans through animals. More importantly, the driving force for the occurrence of zoonotic diseases is environmental change, usually the result of human activities.


This year’s World Environment Day calls on everyone to take action to curb the accelerating loss of species and natural habitat degradation in the natural world. We urgently need to rethink the development of the economic system and its impact on the environment.


The black night elf's music was especially supported and addressed by the

 famous piano master Lang Lang and his wife.

The soul ballet dancer Qiu Sting,

 the famous composer Jack P. Qiu,  they also specially recorded the MTV for this music,

the famous director Xu Zheng and his wife,

Thangka Heritage Master Niangben,

North American celebrity Cui Brother,

 model hero Huang Dafa,

Gaoqiang folk song heirs,

 Miao and Dong compatriots and

other art celebrities all participated in the support and appeal.


 Harmony Liu (刘昕格), the youth Harmony Ambassador of the World Harmony Foundation, represented 43 multinational anti-pandemic youths These children's speech in the song video expressed their determination to protect the environment, and many children students in China also expressed their voices on the video, all saying in unison,


 "Love the natural environment, protect wild animals, we all have to be responsible."


June 5th, is also the United Nations Environmental Protection Week. In order to implement the protection of ecological diversity, the 43 children of the WHF Global Youth Committee’s anti-pandemic actions, teamed up with You Yanzi, with the U.S. ecological protection hero, who is the 101-year-old former congressman, also the senior members of the parliament invited the UN Envoy Peace Ambassador pianist
Lang Lang.


 To jointly request the UN Secretary-General to support the world’s top anti-pandemic environmentally friendly and peaceful music event in celebrating the UN’s 75th anniversary 100 days countdown.

WHF will write to Jeff Brez, Director of the NGO section of DGC of the United Nations to ask him to forward the request to Secretary General Guterres and General Assembly President Bende.

Black Tie China Magazine - Gerard Mc Keon











回顾200565日联合国60周年环境日庆典,在世界和谐基金会的特邀下,尤雁子参与60周年在美国加州旧金山市政厅世界环境日的公益活动,她与WHF 邀请的中国女子演唱组合女子十二乐坊共同献上了她作曲、WHF主席刘藩(Frank Liu ) 作词的《地球家园》,同时,尤雁子获得世界和谐基金会“和谐之星”的荣誉颁奖。


尤雁子说,在今年新冠毒病肆虐的大危机下, 我们绝不能忽视生物多样性问题。人类60%的传染病是人畜共患疾病,新出现的传染病中有75%是人畜共患疾病,换言之,这些疾病都是通过动物传染给人类的。更重要的是,人畜共患疾病发生的驱动力是环境的改变,通常是人类活动的结果。今年的世界环境日呼吁大家采取行动,遏制自然界不断加速的物种丧失和自然栖息地退化趋势,我们亟需重新思考经济体系的发展方式及其对环境的影响。


黑夜精灵的音乐特别得到了钢琴大师郎朗夫妇的支持与致辞,灵魂芭蕾舞者邱斯婷、著名作曲家Jack P 邱思婷还为此音乐专门录制了MTV,著名导演徐铮夫妇,唐卡传承娘本大师,北美崔哥,劳模英雄黄大发,高腔山歌传承人,苗族侗族同胞们等艺术界名人都参与支持与呼吁,世界和谐基金会的和谐小大使Harmony Liu (刘昕格) 代表43位多国籍抗疫青少儿的在歌曲视频致辞表达了他们的环保决心,中国多位少儿学生也在视频上表达了他们的心声,都异口同声说“爱护自然环境、保护野生动物、我们人人有责”。


本周,从6.5号开始也是联合国的环保周,为了确切落实保护生态多样性,WHF全球青少儿委员会43位抗疫行动的孩子们、联手尤雁子、美国生态保护英雄、前国会101岁的最资深议员一起在本周向联合国和平大使钢琴家朗朗发出邀请,共同向联合国秘书长提出迎接联合国75周年倒计时的抗疫、环保、和平的全球最高音乐活动的建议。本周,此函WHF递交给联合国全球传播部非政府组织部主任Jeff Brez 请其转秘书长古特雷斯与大会主席班德。


Black Tie China Magazine - Gerard Mc Keon



Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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