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们谨代表秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯(Antonio Guterres)感谢您的来信和您对联合国在全球抗击新型冠状病毒方面的努力支持。






联合国,我们比以往任何时候都更加致力于在这一全球对策方面进行合作,特别是与青少儿社区。因此,秘书长的青少儿问题特使与世界卫生组织和联合国儿童基金会合作,举办了一系列针对年轻人的网络研讨会,活动名为 #CopingWithCOVID”,目的是为年轻人在不确定的情况下提供真正的联系平台,鼓励他们向联合国儿童基金会和世卫组织的专家提出问题,在年轻人中产生心理健康意识,并加强对综合心理健康和社会心理干预的需求。非政府民间社会小组还正在组织在线对话,让青少儿们聚集在一起,在国际社会面对的COVID-19大流行期间分享他们的观点和经验。











送: Harmony Liu and Mia Xu


Youth Leadership Committee of World Harmony Foundation New York



United Nations Secretary-General Guterres
Instructs the UN Global Communications Department
to send a letter in recognition of the charity initiative
 of multi-national children against epidemic

May 12 is the International Nurses Day.

The World Health Organization paid its highest respect to all nurses, midwives doctors and medical workers on the 11th, and called for strengthening their protection during the "pandemic" of the new coronavirus  epidemic. The International Council of Nurses also said in a statement on the 11th that nurses need to be thanked and protected during the new coranavirus epidemic.

WHO Director-General Tedros said at the press conference that nurses are usually a bridge between the health system and the community. During the epidemic, many nurses struggled to fight the epidemic and risked their lives to save the lives of others. He paid the highest respect to all nurses, midwives and medical workers. Maria Van Kielkehofer, the technical lead of the WHO Health Emergency Program, called for attention at the press conference to the health care of all workers, including nurses, who contracted the new coronavirus and even died. She said that the number of health care workers infected is shocking. In some countries,  more than 10% of reported cases are health care workers and doctors.

The children of the WHF Youth Leaders Committee called the epidemic "the World WAR III ". Many  nurses and doctors were sacrificed on the front line of the fight against the epidemic, bravely ridking their lives to help others. Let's commemorate the nurses and doctors who died in the corona virus, on April 22, the United Nations
Int’l Mother Earth Day,  

WHF children wrote sent Appeal letters, suggesting that these first responder heroes should be celebrated and acknowledged by a memorial ceremony on that day, I hope that all governments and the United Nations will be able to raise  their flags at half-mast on this day, to mourn these heroes. , UN WHO director Geneal Tedroes,  UN Deputy Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin, UK Prime Minister Boris, Chinese Mission to the United Nations, Italian Mission to the United Nations and other agencies.

In the morning of May 8th,
the children of the World Harmony Foundation Youth Committee
 were very happy to receive a letter from Mr. Jeffrey Brez, the Chief of Civil Society, Advocacy and Special Events for UN Department of Global Communication (DGC) on behalf of Secretary-General Guterres to the World Harmony Foundation’s Youth Leadership Committee. WHF Youth Leadership Committee, consists of a diverse group of multi-national anti-epidemic children. These students are from many  different nationalities,  Corona virus-stricken areas including New York, Toronto, Mainland China, Europe, South America, Africa and others.

 After the outbreak, Harmony Liu, a 9th grader of Jericho Middle School
 in Long Island, New York,

 Mia Xu (Xu Ziya), from Long Island Great Neck North High School in New York,

Elvis Han (first grade in Wishing Well Montessori Primary School, Canada),
Jonathan Jaikaran (born in Afria)

and Adam Jaikaran (Born in Guyana of South America, 1st grade Maryland
State University, )

, Kaizhen Luo (Class 6, Grade 6 of Fuzhou First Central Primary School, Fujian, China),

 Lawrence Lin (China Fujian Fuzhou Yanan Middle School Class 14 Grade 7),

Zhou Qihan (Alice Zhou, Fujian, China Fuzhou West Lake Elementary School
8th Grade 5),

 Zhou Zhouqi (Joe Zhou, Fuzhou Fourth High School, Fujian, China, 11th High School,

 Lowy (Jia Luoyi) Changsha Nobel Cradle Kindergarten Large Class,

Deng Mingyue (Shenzhen Vanke City Experimental Primary School 1 Grades,
United Kingdom),

Jinyao Chang (Jindou Kindergarden, Shangxi Province, )

 and other students of different nationalities
 initiated the

"Save a meal and use your pocket money to help the COVID-19 disaster”.

Aligned with Canada, China, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and more,
43 students from different nationalities participated in donating to
the UN-World Health Organization and UNICEF.

After the European and American epidemics became severe, the kids learned from China and appealed to the US government and schools to suspend classes. This resulted in the schools closing a week earlier than government decision.  NY students were prevented from contracting the corona virus and they continued to work at  raising  donations through the UN-WHO to assist the United States and Europe in resisting the epidemic.

 Although their donations were small, this action of loving charity from a young age was impressive. It earned appreciation from the UN Sectary General Guterres, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin, US Congressman Suozzi, Lester Wolff
(who is now 101 years old) and other senior officials.

Then, in order to pay tribute to the heroes fighting against the epidemic, the children wrote a letter to the Secretary-General and the President of the General Assembly on Earth Day (April 22) to request them to fly the flag at half-mast on
UN Global Nursing Day (May 12).

On a video conference of the UN with Tencent global partnership, the SG of UN and the PGA of UN with children from all over the world paid tribute to the primary care workers who lost their lives on the front line of the new pneumonia. This creative activity was highly praised by the United Nations Secretary-General Guterres and the Global Communications, who wrote back to the children quickly. The UN encourages children to communicate with each other around the world through the
 United Nations webinar.

Chief Jeff, on behalf of the Secretary-General Guterres, encouraged the children to enter the United Nations online platform for interactive meetings and exchanges.
In his letter, he emphasized,

At the United Nations we are more than ever committed to working together on this global response, especially with the youth community. For this reason, the Secretary- General’s Envoy on Youth, in partnership with the World Health Organization and UNICEF, is hosting a series of webinars for young people, titled “#CopingWithCOVID”. The aim is to provide young people with a platform for genuine connection amid uncertainty, encouraging them to field their questions to the experts from UNICEF and WHO, generate mental health awareness among young people, and strengthen demand for integrated mental health and psychosocial interventions. The Civil Society Unit is also organizing online conversations where youth come together and share their perspectives and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic facing
 the global community.”

World Harmony Foundation –Youth Leadership Committee plans to respond to the call of the Secretary-General and the Global Communications Department and actively participate in the United Nations Global Youth Seminar


Broaden their international horizons, and strive to become leaders
in the big Internet era in the future.






WHF青少儿领袖委员会的孩子们把这场疫情称为第三次世界大 很多牺牲的护士与医生在抗疫第一线战场牺牲,没有时间进行临终关怀就走进火葬场,他们认为这对他们是非常不公平的,为了纪念在冠状病毒中牺牲的护士与医生,在422联合国地球日WHF青少儿们写了倡议意书,建议应该给这些白衣英雄们在512日做个纪念仪式,希望各国政府与联合国在512这天能够下半旗,并对这些英雄们发表悼念词,该倡议书发给了联合国秘书长古特雷斯、大会主席班德、联合国全球传播部、联合国卫生组织总干事谭赛德、联合国副秘书长刘振民、英国首相鲍里斯、中国驻联合国代表团、意大利驻联合国代表团等机构。



58日早上, 世界和谐基金会青少儿委员会孩子们很高兴收到了来自联合国全球传播部非政府部主任杰弗里·布雷兹代表秘书长古特雷斯给世界和谐基金会青少儿委员会多国籍抗疫孩子们的公益行动的表彰感谢信,被表彰这些孩子们主要来自新冠病毒重灾区纽约及多伦多、大陆、欧洲、南美洲、非洲、澳洲等不同国籍的学生,他们在20201月得知武汉疫情后, 纽约长岛Jericho 中学9级同学Harmony Liu(刘昕格)与纽约长岛大颈北高中同学Mia Xu (徐子雅)与韩储泽(Elvis Han ,加拿大Wishing Well Montossoni 小学一年级)、Jonathan Jaikaran( 马里州立兰大学一年级,非洲加纳)Adam Jaikaran (马里兰州立大学一年级,南美洲圭亚那) 骆凯臻(Kaizhen Luo,中国福建福州市第一中心小学六年8班),林子添(Lawrence Lin,中国福建福州市延安中学七年14班)、周琦函(Alice Zhou中国福建福州市西湖小学五年8班)、周敬淇(Joe Zhou,中国福建福州市第四中学高二11班,长沙诺贝尔摇篮幼儿园大大班Lowy贾洛铱),邓茗月(深圳万科城实验小学一年级,英国), 常景 (山西金豆启智幼儿园大班)等不同国籍的同学共同发起少吃一块汉堡包、少喝一罐汽水、用零用钱援助新冠状病毒灾区 的行动,联盟了加拿大、中国大陆、欧洲、非洲、南美洲等41个不同国籍的同学一起参与给联合国卫生组织与儿童基金会的捐款行动。在欧美疫情严重后, 们从中国得到经验,首先向美国政府与学校呼吁停课,使得纽约学校停课比政府决定的早了一周,避免了学生感染新冠肺炎,然后他们继续通过联合国卫生组织进行参与捐款,援助美欧抗拒疫情的项目, 虽然他们的捐款能力很小,但这种从小爱公益的行动得到了联合国秘书长古特雷斯、副秘书长刘振民、美国国会议员Suozzi、百岁议员Lester Wolff等高级官员的赞赏!




Jeff主任代表秘书长鼓励孩子们进入联合国网络平台进行会议互动交流,他在信中强调,联合国,我们比以往任何时候都更加注重青少儿的领域。因此,秘书长的青少儿问题特使与世界卫生组织和联合国儿童基金会合作,举办了一系列针对年轻人的网络研讨会,活动名为 #CopingWithCOVID”,目的是为还不稳定的年轻人提供真正的联系平台,鼓励他们向联合国儿童基金会和世卫组织的专家提出问题,在年轻人中产生心理健康意识,并加强对综合心理健康和社会心理干预的需求。非政府部还正在组织在线对话,让青少儿们聚集在一起,在国际社会面对的冠状病毒COVID-19大流行期间分享他们的观点和经验。


WHF抗疫青少儿们计划响应秘书长与全球传播部的号召,积极参加联合国全球青少年研讨会 #CopingWithCOVID”,开阔国际视野,努力锻炼自己、培育自己未来能成为大数据互联网时代的各界领袖。



Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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