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Black Tie International:
Family Film Awards - Istanbul, UNESCO 2021, City of Culture

FamilY Film Awards
Family Film Awards

Family Film Awards
Istanbul, 2021

UNESCO  2021 City of Culture

A Special Thank You to all the people who Made our DREAM happen
Dr Olympia Gellini
Founder and President of the
Family Film Awards

It is with a joyous heart and a prayer that I Thank all those who have made our shared Dream Possible and I look forward to Launching the Inaugural Family Awards, Istanbul in 2021.

Mrs . Ma. Xiaoqiu, Thank you for all your support and your great prayer to Unite the wisdom of the East and West.

 Dr. Jeannie YI, for your vision and hard work.

Morteza Aghakhami, for your sponsorship and friendship.

A special and sincere Thank you to all the people in Istanbul whose great efforts and support made  the Family Film Awards Istanbul in 2021 happen. Especially:

Ilyas Gakie,MP Rize, Senior Financial Advisor to the President,

Cihan Gawaski, Deputy Minister of Information of Turkey.

Syededsaed Esnaeilzadeharbi, Investor and Investment Affairs Consulant

Co-ordinatoor of Turkish_Iranian Presidential Relations,

Minoo Nasirifar, Investor and Consultant for NGPS Projects.

Omer Karadeli, Roton Ltd,

Karim Kabir, President/CEO, Sunray Energy Solutions,

German Ghanbari, CEO, Hazar itn.veihr Ltd.Ski,

Amirsalar Tabatabaei, Managing Director, DD.TV Global,

Gokalp Taurus, T.V.S

Istanbul, has always been the Gateway city for Europe and Asia.
The Silk Road and the great peace under Kublai Khan, lead to a cross pollination of ideas and innovation, that transformed the Worlds of navigation, medicine and mathematics.

Today, we are increasingly isolated as people from our family and friends and each other by the  Corona Virus. It is our belief that the Family Film Awards can help to heal that isolation and allow us to experience the best of many cultures. It is very much our hope that we can convene in Istanbul and celebrate the UNESCO Capital of Culture in 2021.  We welcome you to join us in Istanbul and to enjoy it’s great beauty and tremendous history

Paizah of the Mongol Khans

I have always enjoyed reading and here are some interesting facts and books on the History of the Silk Road.

 Marco Polo, probably did not bring Pasta to Europe from China, although it’s a good story.  He did introduce Europeans to  the use of  paper money and the Postal Service. Indeed it was an unfortunate period of imprisonment that led to II milione (‘The milione”), known in English as the Travels of Marco Polo,  the world’s first best selling book

Although Marco Polo is often credited to be the first European to reach China, his visit in 1264 to 1269 CE was preceded by:

The Radhanites (medieval Jewish merchants) who travelled as far as Tang dynasty China before 1000 CE.

Andrew of Longjumeau guide a French ambassador to the great Kuyuk Khan in 1249-1251 CE.

The Flemish explorer William of Rubruck reached China and Mongolia through Central Asia in about 1254 CE.

Travelling the silk road and heading  East towards Europe, at approximately the same time.  Rabban Sawma as an Ambassador for the Patriarch was  carrying letters to the kings of Byzantium, Italy , France and England.

“When he ( Rabban Swawma)  reached Constantinople. He sent messengers on to announce his arrival to the king, and he was honourably entreated and suitably housed by the Basileus, i.e. Andronicus II (1282-1328) Whether Andronicus II promised to help Argh6n or not is not stated, but as soon as Sawma had eaten and drunk he asked the king to depute some one to show him the churches, and shrines, and tombs of the saints, and the sainted relics. Having seen the principal churches and relics he returned to the king and asked his permission to continue his journey to the country of the Franks. The king gave him gifts of gold and silver and dismissed him in peace.


Ibn Battuta, was a Muslim Berber Moroccan scholar and explorer who

 also widely travelled the 
medieval world

Near the end of his life, he dictated an account of his journeys, titled

 “A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities

and the Marvels of Traveling”.

He travelled more than any other explorer in distance, totaling around

 117,000 km, surpassing Zheng He with about 50,000 km

Marco Polo with 12,000 km.



Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and first lady Amina

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and first lady Amina
Ilyas Gakie,

Ilyas Gakie, MP, Rize

Senior Financial Advisor to the Turkish President
Dr. Gellini on behalf of the President


If you like to know more about the Family Film Awards and DYF Entertainment, please scan the qr code above

family film awards
Syededsaed Esnaeilzadeharbi, Investor and Investment Affairs Consulant

Co-ordinatoor of Turkish_Iranian Presidential Relations
Dr Gellini
Minoo Nasirifar, Investor and Consultant for NGPS Projects
 Morteza Aghakhani, Chairman of  NGPS,

family film awards
      First nights Dinner in beautiful Istanbul
  Family Film Awards
Cihan Gawaski, Mechanical Engineering Inc, GEOPOWER Service

Deputy Minister of Information of Turkey

Family Film Awards

Cihan Gawaski, Deputy Minister of Information of Turkey


family film awards

Dr. Gellini welcomes  Morteza Aghakhani, Chairman of NGPS
as the main sponsor of the
Family Film Awards, Istanbul 2021

Omer Karadeli, Roton Ltd,Ilyas Gakie, MP Rize, Karim Kabir, President/CEO, Sunray Energy Solutions,

Omer Karadeli, Roton Ltd,
Ilyas Gakie, MP Rize,
Dr. Gellini
Karim Kabir, President/CEO, Sunray Energy Solutions,

German Ghanbari, CEO, Hazar itn.veihr Ltd.Ski,Minoo Nasirifar, Investor and Consultant for NGPS Projects, Dr Gellini

German Ghanbari, CEO, Hazar itn.veihr Ltd.Ski,,
Minoo Nasirifar, Investor and Consultant for NGPS Projects, Dr Gellini

Amirsalar Tabatabaei, Managing Director, DD.TV Global,

 Dr Gellini,
Amirsalar Tabatabaei, Managing Director, DD.TV Global,

Dr Gellini, Gokalp Taurus, T.V. S

family Film Awards istanbul

Save the Date, Family Film Awards, February 25, 2021


24th Family Film Awards
February 25, 2021
Universal Hilton Hotel
 at Universal Studios
Awards Show / Television Taping

Family Film Show
Telecast Host
Dean Cain

FFA 2020
Lifetime Achievement Award
Honoree Ann-Margaret

olympia Gellini

Family Film Awards

The idea to establish an organization that would truly celebrate and unite the film world began when Dr. Olympia Gellini, at 17, was a participant at the Berlin Film Festival. From there, Dr. Olympia took part in and attended a multitude of international film festivals, film markets and entertainment industry events. The dedication and passion Dr. Olympia demonstrated over the years  distinguished him in the international film community.

Dr. Olympia efforts caught the attention of the renowned television production company Dick Clark Productions (dcp), in 1994. Dick Clark joined in Dr. Olympia ’s vision by agreeing to produce television awards shows for the World Film Institute (WFI), honoring the world entertainment community.

In 1995 Tichi Wilkerson Kassel, former owner, publisher and editor-in-chief for The Hollywood Reporter and CEO of Hollywood Reporter Industries (publisher of over 70 magazines annually) became acquainted with Dr. Olympia through various international industry events and film festivals. A generous patron of the arts, Tichi over the years has promoted and recognized excellence in all areas of the entertainment industry. She founded Women in Film, the Hollywood Report Key Arts Awards and Marketing Concept Awards, all of which benefit the entertainment and motion pictures industry around the world. Tichi, became aware of Dr. Olympia’s vision and discovered that they shared similar interest and goals so she agreed to assist Dr. Olympia in his life long quest. Dr. Olympia and Tichi established the World Film Intitute as an official non-profit organization to recognize outstanding achievements of the motion picture industry.  Tichi was made the World Film Institutes President Emritus and Dr. Olympia Gellini, its Founder and President.

In October 1995, the WFI held its very own film festival, the “Best of the Fest,” at Unviersal Studios, as part of the semi-annual “Creativity in America Expostion.” At the Gala festival dinner, the WFI honored Helen Harris for her work in the development of “Theater Vision,” an innovative technology designed to enhance motion picture experience for the visually impaired.

In April 1996, WFI presented its first scholarship to UCLA’s School of Cinema. At his Paramount Studios offices, WFI’s Scholarship Committee co-Chairman, Howard Koch made the presentation, generously accepted on the university’s behalf by Dean Gil Cates.

In 1996 Atonio Gellini, Dick Clark Productions (dcb) and Direct TV/Primestar produced the highly success Family Film Awards. This award show was attended by celebrities such as Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and many more.

The 24th Family Film Awards will be taped for television on February 25, 2021 at Universal Hilton Hotel at Universal Studio.

This televeision show will be aired once again globaly.

Mrs Ma. Xiaoqiu and DJF Entertainment 
Relaunch the Family Film Awards Worldwide


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