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World Harmony Foundation - Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd

Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd
 for their successfully registration as an
Official United Nations procurement supplier.

Today, September 21st, the United Nations International Day of Peace.

 Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co..Ltd received good news, under the guidance of the United Nations Environment Programme-affiliated non-governmental organization  and the World Harmony Foundation, successfully registered on  the United Nations Procurement (UNGM) list.

 China's Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd, is  the first to be selected as the UGM agricultural products and tea supplier.

   At today's video conference of the UN Summit,
 Chinese President Xi Jinping
gave a wonderful speech to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UN, calling on all countries to adhere to multilateralism, promote the community of human destiny and encourage Chinese people and enterprises to actively go to the world and participate in global construction and governance.

Joining the United Nations procurement is the most direct channel for Chinese enterprises to enter the international market directly.



   在今天联合国首脑大会视频会议上, 中国国家主席习近平为庆祝联合国75周年做了精彩的讲演,号召各国坚持多边主义,推动人类命运共同体,鼓励中国人民与企业积极走向世界、参与全球建设与治理。而加盟联合国采购是中国企业直接走进国际市场的最直接的渠道。

Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd
"The United Nations is the world's largest intergovernmental international organization, the United Nations and its subsidiary bodies conduct valuable procurement activities every year for the implementation of peacekeeping operations, emergency relief, humanitarian assistance
and their own office needs,"

Jiang Hua Cao, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Procurement Steering Committee of the World Harmony Foundation,
 told reporters.

 United Nations procurement is an important part of global commercial activity, and the goods and services procured cover almost all products and fields, forming a large international market. United Nations procurement is divided into direct and indirect procurement. In recent years, the United Nations has directly procured tens of billions of dollars annually worldwide.

 At the same time, government procurement within United Nations Member States, bilateral procurement among a large number of Member States, etc., are also referenced and used in the United Nations procurement vendor list, which is partly indirect procurement.

 It is estimated that the United Nations system could create a large market of approximately $35 billion to $40 billion per year for procurement.


世界和谐基金会联合国采购指导委员会中国区副秘书长曹建华先生告诉记者: 联合国作为全球最大的政府间国际组织,联合国及其附属机构为执行维和行动、紧急救灾、人道主义援助及自身办公需要,每年都进行价值可观的采购活动。联合国采购是全球商业活动的重要组成部分,采购的货物和服务包罗万象,几乎涵盖了所有产品和领域,构成了一个很大的国际市场。联合国采购分为直接采购和间接采购。近年来,联合国每年面向全球的直接采购总额近几百亿美元。同时,联合国成员国内部进行的政府采购、众多成员国之间进行的双边采购等也都参考和采用联合国采购供货商名单,这部分是间接采购。据估算,联合国系统每年可形成采购总额约为350亿~400亿美元的庞大市场。


Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd
Jiang Hua Cao, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Procurement Steering Committee of the World Harmony Foundation
Ban Ki-mon Eight, Secretary-General of the United Nations
China began to participate in United Nations procurement in the early 1990s, starting late, compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States, China's share of the United Nations procurement in the United Nations is relatively low. Chinese-made goods account for nearly 40 per cent of the annual purchases by the United Nations, but only 1 per cent are purchased directly from China, which greatly increases the cost of procurement at the United Nations, while huge profits are earned by foreign middlemen. Under such a situation, although the products of Chinese enterprises are very internationally competitive, they do not have the economic benefits they deserve, and it is difficult to obtain opportunities for direct cooperation with the United Nations. Compared with China's production capacity, the proportion of Chinese enterprises in UN procurement is not proportionable, and Chinese enterprises have a lot of room for development.

A total of 14 United Nations agencies, including the United Nations Procurement Division, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Health Organization, are independent of each other and each has its own list of items to procure, depending on its terms of reference. The most representative is the United Nations Procurement Division, based in New York. United Nations procurement consists of two major parts, goods and services, covering tens of thousands of goods and services in 28 categories. United Nations procurement is developing rapidly, demand is increasing and procurement is all-encrusted.

  The United Nations bears the heavy responsibility of peace and development, and its procurement of goods is related to its responsibilities, involving many aspects, here are brief examples: first, as an office agency needs office supplies, such as computers, office systems, etc.; Such as anti-epidemic and medical drugs, gloves, masks, protective clothing, guns, vaccines, etc. ;




Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd, Jiang Hua Cao, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Procurement Steering Committee of the World Harmony Foundation
Jiang Hua Cao, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Procurement Steering Committee of the World Harmony Foundation
 It is important to note that most of the goods procured by the United Nations are aid-relief and disaster-relief products, since the United Nations itself is not engaged in production and manufacturing. This has an advantage for Chinese companies, china has the greatest production capacity and competitiveness for these products purchased by the United Nations, or that many of these goods are not produced by the United States and European countries, so China has the strongest competitive advantage in providing these goods.

United Nations procurement is characterized by the following:

 First, the procurement amount is huge, in recent years are more than
$5 billion,
the number of orders is large, and orders are real.

The competition is not too fierce because it does not buy goods at trade fairs, only among enterprises that qualify as United Nations procurement suppliers;

Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd
Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd
 Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd, has been awarded the world's most influential Chinese business brands, ingenuity brands.

Now  approved to join the United Nations procurement process, and their   participation in the "Belt and Road" construction, further expanding the international markets are impressive milestone.

 Hunan Baihelihua Trading Co. Ltd, . from Anhua Yanxi Town , won the Panama International Gold Award" in 1915. Known as  the black tea garden base more than 2000 mu in cultivation.
Anhua black tea origin furongshan tea garden base more than 3000 mu.

Reporters believe that in today's global epidemic situation, the United Nations and the Chinese government called on all countries to actively attach importance to health, to increase their immunity and disease prevention to do global popularization action.

 China's black tea is such a natural ecological health care products, through the United Nations procurement platform, not only can actively promote China's agricultural products and black tea culture into the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa and other regions,

while comprehensively enhance the international visibility of China's black tea, but also for the health of the world's people have made a contribution!





Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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