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The World Harmony Foundation - Africa Rises

Annette Lu
World Harmony Foundation

The World Harmony Foundation

 was honored to perform

The Song of Harmony
as part of  the

Africa Rise, Global Concert

The World Harmony Foundation (WHF),

The Song of Harmony

and the
World Famous Chinese Taiwan Opera,

were invited to perform by the Global Charities,
Give them a Hand Foundation
, and Earth Institute,
working with a special Organizing Committee of the African Congress.

The  Global Fundraising Concert, Africa Rises was a tremendous success.
Over 30 International Stars performed during the Africa Rise Concert.
The music of Africa, South America, The Caribbean, and the Deep South was celebrated .

Africa Live,
was Broadcast live by VIACOM in the USA, and was streamed by
 Youtube and Facebook, Worldwide.

The Concert opened with video of 3 Secretary Generals of the United Nations,
 ringing the Harmony Bell, at the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the United Nations.
A deeply symbolic celebration, signifying the great wish of many for World Harmony.


This was followed by a splendid introduction to The Song of Harmony,
brilliantly presented by Harmony Liu, who is only 15 and a high school student in
New York.
Harmony, is a marvelous young Ambassador for the World Harmony Foundation, and captured the hearts of the Viewers.

The Song of Harmony
Was performed by a troupe of youthful singers from all five continents.
Who represented a diverse and very enthusiast cross section of the World’s youth.
All joining together by singing and praising the Worlds wish for Harmony for all.

 The famous Southern China Taiwanese Opera
was another great hit, produced and performed by the Taiwan,
 Min ghuayuan Theater Group Troupe, who were specially selected to represent China,
a huge Honor and well deserved

China Taiwanese opera, is a classic form of southern Fujian cultural music.
 It originated in Zhangzhou, Fujian in ancient times, and then developed in Taiwan and became the most popular form of southern Fujian opera.

This innovative opera is the product of the craft and dedication by over four generations of performance of the Taiwan’s Ming Huayuan Theater Group Troupe.

This Traditional art form has for the last ninety-two years been hailed internationally as "The Legend of Eastern Drama across the Centuries."
Under the leadership of their main actor Sun Cuifeng,
the performance was a huge success.

The Africa Rise Concert, not only showcased the diverse talents of the Performers, it also
elevated to the World stage the image of the new and rapidly modernizing Africa.

The World Harmony Foundation was proud of the presentations by
The World Harmony Foundation, Honorary Chairman,
 the hero of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between
China and the United States,
the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations,
the 102-year-young, famous former U.S. Congressman
Dr. Lester Wolff.
A world Famous philanthropist, who has always actively promoted cross-strait harmony, between the China mainland and Taiwan
and who has who has been a hero for decades, of humanitarian initiatives, worldwide.

 The Former Deputy Head of Taiwan, and WHF Honorary Chairwoman
 Dr. Annette Lu,
Spoke to the commitment of WHF to the SDG’s
The charitable action of WHF as a UNEP-NGO is our responsibility and Honor”

A message supported by
Sun Cuifeng, the Director of Taiwan's Ming Huayuan Theatre General Troupe,
on behalf of all the actors said to the world:
"It is our responsibility to promote peace and to aid Africa !”

Africa Live

highlighted the need for more mobile hospitals in Africa

According to statistics from the United Nations Health Organization WHO for Africa: 10,000 people have only one doctor, with only forty (40) nurses and midwives per 10,000 people, and an average of about 10 beds per 1,000 people in Africa.

Africa urgently needs a large number of hospital supporting medical care, medical experts with medical equipment!

On a Final Note:
WHF and "Africa Rise" stated that after this performance, they will continue to promote the "Song of Harmony" and "Chinese Southern Opera" abroad to 193 countries of the United Nations for charity performances, promoting peace through harmony and culture.

The World Harmony Foundation, continues to unite

to help Poor developing countries and contribute to the construction of more hospitals.
Healing the world, by promoting traditional Chinese culture,
and promoting the harmonious reunification of the
two sides of the strait.

 Chinese and overseas Chinese from various countries joining hands
with mainland and Taiwan artists, in jointly resolving to
 "Building a Common Community of Mankind
guided by the United Nations General Assembly, SDG’s. ”

This is the plan for WHF’s Philanthropic Future


聯合國NGO全球抗疫音樂會特邀 《WHF和諧歌與台灣歌仔戲》






(本报讯) 新春到,喜訊來,世界和諧基金會(WHF)的和諧之歌台灣歌仔戲被聯合國非政府組織全球慈善募捐音樂會舉辦,參加《非洲崛起非洲崛起》全球新年在線春晚,組委會特別邀請WHF和諧之歌台灣歌仔戲在紐約13號下午6:00,在美國VIACOM電視台現場導播下,也通過YoutubeFaceBook與全球同時在線播出,30多位明星來自非洲,北美,發展中國家,亞州被邀請參加此慈善募捐音樂會,做出精彩表演。 由WHF作詞作曲的和諧之歌是由來自五大洲五種膚色的歌星獨唱配合唱,以聯合國三位領導人在UN60週年慶典上敲響和諧鐘為開始,實現人類保護地球,倡導和諧促成和平,人與自然和諧的精神。世界和諧基金會小大使15歲的高中生Harmony Liu為該演出精心介紹。 歌仔戲由台灣明華園戲劇總團創新製作與演出,作為本次唯一代表東方的戲曲被特邀進入本次公益音樂會,這是這世界華人與台灣同胞的榮耀。的傳統戲劇藝術,台灣明華園戲劇總團四代人傾畢生之力,傳承傳統藝術九十二年,被國際譽為跨世紀的東方戲劇傳奇,本次演出的特色是通過現代的聲,光,電,舞美,把古代的彩色服裝與人物表現的淋淋盡致,在主要演員孫翠鳳的模仿下,演出成功的古董,成為本次音樂會的一道風景線!為本次建設非洲移動醫院的慈善募捐貢獻做出貢獻!該節目是受到中美建交功臣,美國駐聯合國前國會大使,WHF榮譽主席,102歲的美國著名前議員萊斯特·沃爾夫博士;慈善家,二岸和諧積極推動者,前台灣副首脑,也是WHF榮譽主席呂秀蓮博士及WHF總部的推薦,才得到聯合國非政府組織《非洲崛起》音樂會小組委員會的青睞並特邀作為代表東方的唯一戏剧節目。




萊斯特·沃爾夫與呂秀蓮表示:聯合國大會早在15年前就在决议中倡导“文化促和平Culture Of Peace Resolution”.  台灣明華園戲劇總團首席台柱孫翠鳳攜隊員們向全球表示:文化促成和平,協助非洲,是我們的責任! 據稱來自聯合國衛生組織WHO對非洲的統計資料: •10,000人只有一名醫生10,000人中只有四十(40)名護士和助產士非洲平均每千人約10張病床 非洲急需大量的醫院配套醫護人員與設備! WHF與《非洲崛起》音樂會組織者表示,在本次演出後,將繼續攜帶和諧之歌歌仔戲走出國門到聯合國193個國家做巡迴慈善公演,以和諧與文化促成和平,為貧困的国家建設更多的醫院而貢獻。 這也是為中華文化走出國門,挖掘台灣傳統文化,促進二岸和諧,各國華人華僑攜手大陸與台灣藝術家共同進行的公益行動。





Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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