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Joseph Liu sings the National Anthem

Joseph Liu

 Joseph Liu (刘翔俊)

A Six-year-old Chinese-American boy

 sings the American national anthem.

Wishing Eric Adams luck in the mayoral election of New York,

 and wishing all Americans to have a happy Fourth of July!


    On the evening of July 2nd, 2021, in order to begin celebrating the second Independence Day during the pandemic, the campaign team held a volunteer appreciation party at the Grand Hotel in Flushing.

At the beginning of the banquet, everyone stood up and sang the national anthem. The mayor and all the participants put their right hands over their hearts. The singer on stage was Joseph Liu (Chinese name Liu Xiangjun), a 6-year-old student from Cantiague Elementary School in Long Island.

The volunteer powerfully sang the American national anthem with Adams and all the community leaders and volunteers present.

His loud singing and confidence, despite that it was his first time singing on stage, prompted warm applause!


This is the first time that Joseph has been on such a big stage.

Under such a scene, he was not shy. On the contrary, he sang with bravery and affection like a little star, wearing a dapper suit.

 The little boy did his best to use firmness and calmness in his voice to complete his performance like a little adult.

His singing was praised and encouraged by the mayor and others there, and these praises gave Joseph more confidence. After the performance, he stepped down and shook hands with Mayor Adams excitedly.

The mayor held his hand for a long time. He was encouraged to accept his elders' recognition and encouragement.


Joseph learned traditional Chinese culture at home and learned from Western culture to dare to dream, fight hard and realize themselves in school.

 Not long ago, when his teacher asked him what he wanted to do in the future, he did not hesitate to answer:

 "I want to be president!"

On the way to school, he discussed with his father in the car about how to be president and expressed his views.

He believed that if you want to become president, you must first study hard. He can become a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist in the future and donate the money he earns to needy people to improve their living conditions.

 He thinks that this way he will gain the opportunity to earn the people’s vote to become president.

There are many opportunities to serve the people.

Although his ideas are naive, they can make us Chinese parents realize that the awareness of Chinese participation in politics can be nurtured from an early age.

The reason why the Jewish succeeded is because they know how to teach their children business and politics.

If we can give children an education that combines Chinese and Western cultures from an early age, and cultivate their sense of responsibility and participation in politics, we believe that the Chinese can also cultivate future leaders with political awareness, vision, and responsibility.


After the performance, he, his older sister Harmony Liu (刘昕格), and other volunteers who performed on stage received the volunteer certificate issued by Adams on behalf of the government.

This is his first performance on stage and the first time he has received a volunteer certificate, which made him feel pride for himself.


The mayor-designate Adams gave a lively speech
at the thank-you party.

He called for racial unity, revitalized New York’s economy, and demonstrated his understanding of Chinese culture, his friendship with Chinese, his idea of ​​urban management, and his concern
 for Chinese parents.

Educational issues are very important to the people! In an interview with Congress Network Television (ACTV), he said if he is elected mayor, he will definitely increase schools, retain SHSAT exams, and revitalize New York's economy.


Zheng Qirong, Asian Director of the Adams Campaign Office and Honorary Deputy District Mayor of Brooklyn, New York City, told ACTV:

“Adams is the most intimate mayor and the most powerful candidate for mayor. Thanks to the Chinese leaders and volunteers in the community. He has our support!”


Volunteer organizer-President of American Overseas Warehouse Corporation Ms. Sherry Wang told ACTV:

 “This time Adams successfully became the first choice, and it is largely due to the hard work of the volunteers. We see that there are more Chinese children participating in volunteer work than for any previous mayor. 

 It shows the increase of Chinese people participating in politics!



 Joseph Liu (刘翔俊)


 Joseph Liu (刘翔俊)


 Joseph Liu (刘翔俊)


 Joseph Liu (刘翔俊)


 Joseph Liu (刘翔俊)


六岁华童Joseph Liu(刘翔俊),高唱美国国歌,祝亚当斯当选纽约市




    2021 72日晚,为迎接疫情后的美国国庆,及答谢亚当斯竞选纽约市长的义工们,竞选团队在法拉盛君豪酒店举行了义工答谢晚会。宴会开始,全体起立唱国歌,市长及全体参会者把右手放在左胸,走上舞台领唱的是长岛Cantiague小学一年级6岁学生Joseph Liu (中文名刘翔俊),他是当晚参加竞选支持活动最小的自愿者,他神情庄严的与亚当斯及所有在场的社区领袖、自愿者们共同唱起了美国国歌,他响亮的歌声与首次登台不怯场的自信,引起了热烈的掌声!


这是刘翔俊小朋友第一次登上这么大的舞台,在这样的场面下,他并没有害羞,相反,他试图像一位小明星一样自信而深情卖力演唱,伴奏声中,身穿小西服的小男孩,在尽力试图用坚定沉稳的,完成作为小大人的表演。他的演唱获得了市长、所有叔叔阿姨们的赞赏与鼓励,这些赞赏与鼓励给喜欢唱歌的小Joseph增加了更大的自信。表演过后, 他像小大人一样很大方的走下台与亚当斯市长握手,市长握着他的手久久不放,殷殷叮嘱,寄托着长辈对一位小大人的认可与鼓励,小翔俊若有所思,童真的笑脸露出坚定与自信。


小翔俊小朋友在家里接受中华博爱、孝道的传统文化熏陶,在学校接受来自西方文化的大敢于梦想、勇于拼搏与实现自我的自信教育。前不久, 在学校举行学生爱好与未来理想的口试中,当老师问他未来想做什么时, 他毫不犹豫的回答说:想当总统!。前不久他在去学校的路上,在车里与爸爸讨论如何当总统的问题,他表达了自己的看法,他认为,如果想实现当总统的梦想,现在首先要好好学习,只有打下夯实的专业知识,将来才可以成为一个成功的企业家与慈善家,他就可以把自己赚到的钱捐赠给贫困人民,用来改善他们的生活条件,他觉得这样他就有机会获得人民的投票成为总统,有更多的机会来服务人民。


在演出结束后,他与同台古筝演出的大姐姐Harmony Liu (刘昕格)等志愿者哥哥姐姐们一起上台接受亚当斯代表政府颁发的自愿者证书。这是他有生以来第一次登台演出,也是第一次收到志愿者证书,令他感到无比自豪,同时也更加增强了他成为未来领袖总统梦的信心。

候任市长亚当斯在答谢晚会做了生动的讲演,他号召种族大团结、重振纽约经济、他对中华文化的了解、对华人的友好、他搞城市管理的理念、对华人家长所关心的教育问题都非常的亲民! 他在接受国会网络电视台(ACTV)采访时说:如果他当选市长,他一定会增加学校、保留SHSAT考试、重振纽约经济等。








Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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