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Manhattan Motor Cars Gala
Gloria Cressler, Bill Walsh
Gloria Cressler, Bill Walsh
Black Tie Gala,
International Fashion Show, Wine Tasting,
Art Exhibition & Charity Event

CNN. Call To Earth Day,
Living Oceans : Turning the Tide

#CalltoEarth  #CalltoEarthDay
call to earth day
Call to Earth
Manhattan Motor Cars


By: Gloria Consolacion Tamayo Cressler

International Correspondent and Event Producer




Barry Brown, Black Tie Int. Magazine

Stage Screen and In Between with Helen

David Kogut Wire Service

DM Media


Alex Martinez

Marvin Jackson

Ted Karpovich

Pablo Lowell

Raymond Chankasingh

Shelly Cohen and many more…



Supporting CNN. Call To Earth Day, Living Oceans : Turning the Tide 

CNN Call to Earth Day


Many articles and photographs were written about in a variety of magazines, on TV Shows and in social media like Facebook, Instagram and others.

So I waited, until all this coverage subsided to write
 this official article of our great event.
When the holidays arrived everyone was so busy…
now there is time for all to have a read.


Our last event was another smashing success, in fact we had more people due to not being as scared as during COVID time. Everyone is so ready to go out and tired of being cooped up inside. They just want to come out, meet and socialize with friends, meet new friends to have fun and enjoy their wines, champagnes, entertainment and the fashion shows. 


Guests were all dressed nice, the ladies in beautiful cocktail dresses, elegant evening gowns, and the gentlemen were immaculate in their black tie, and sophisticated business suits. And of course, our beautiful International models, Intelligent as always, and several of them are beauty queens, actresses and entrepreneurs. Each model so pleasing to the eye, to enjoy looking at their individual beauty and personal style.


Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Powerteam International 

was our guest speaker who did a very good job as always. Guests enjoyed listening to Bill’s dynamic speeches, inspiring everyone to come to the front
 to listen to him more closely. 


Mr. Walsh is a Featured expert in the new Movie: 
Beyond The Secret - The Awakening

 the best-selling author of the book “The Obvious” and is currently ranked #10 top business coach in the world by Guru Magazine.  In his career he spent 10 years trading foreign currency, 10 years as a turnaround specialist, and for the past 15 years has been investing in start-ups and lecturing all over the world on the power of how disruptive innovation drives economies. 


He loves helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create even more success. The company he founded in 2005 Powerteam International specializes in business programs, speaker training programs and global innovation think tanks. You will love his message as he always delivers cutting edge content and some of the best resources that every business needs to learn. 

Contact: Power Team International Tel. 866-238-5920 


We acknowledge and thank the following

starting with our


Gerard Mc Keon, Publisher,  Black Tie International Magazine,

Elite Professional Group
(The Producer of the event with Gloria Cressler as the host of the event.)
Eurasian American Holding,

 Star Equity Group,

International Wine Master,

Winesa (Sam Ramic is the President and Founder 
In which he has been sponsoring our events for many, many years
 we thank him for that Winesa USA. 


We want to thank Manhattan MotorCars the dealership for

(Bentley, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Spyker and Porsche)

Brian Miller is the Founder and President of Manhattan MotorCars 
who is a family long-time friend and always a kind and gracious to host us.

Thank you also to all the help of
Paul Dumont the General Manager,
 in spite of his busy schedule he seems to find the time to help us.
 A very handsome men


Thank you to our VIP GUESTS 
starting out with Mark Jaffe, The President of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce which is also another co-host. He is an advocate, attorney, and experienced public servant who gets things done! He has dedicated his life to public service, raising funds for local not-for-profits, and cutting wasteful government spending. To be a member Contact: 



Rita Cosby Emmy winning TV & Radio Host Rita Cosby is a television News Anchor  and correspondent, radio host, and best-selling author. She is currently a Special Correspondent for the CBS  syndicated program Inside Edition , specializing in interviewing newsmakers and political figures.  Cosby has received three Emmy Awards , the Jack Anderson Award for investigative excellence, the Matrix Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor , and the Lech Walesa Freedom Award. October 11, 2010, was declared "Rita Cosby Day" in the State of New York for her “extraordinary journalism and exemplary service on behalf of her community.


Award winner Director, Producer & Writer Dean Love his projects FBI FILES, LIFE IN MARS, QEEN ELIZABETH THE 1st, THE VIRGIN QUEEN, WINE 101 and other movies His latest Movie ANGEL IN THE FOXHOLE had received 3 awards. Mr. Love is an Emmy award-winning documentary producer, director, and writer.  He has received three Emmys, two New York Film Festival Awards, eight Telly Awards, a Cine Golden Eagle Award, and a Videographers Award of Excellence. His programs have aired on PBS, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, RLTV among others.



Janelle Harristhe 'Powerhouse' Founder/CEO of SheExist/HeExist Magazines, She is At the Top of the List of Global Business Influencers"! Janelle Harris is a Publisher a professional marketer and management guru with vast experience turning small businesses into multi-level Fortune 500 businesses. Over the last 15 years, her office has grown from a small part-time office to a multi-doctor practice. 

Over this growth, she has demonstrated excellent organizational and interpersonal skills to develop office staff and improve infrastructure within a business. Knowing  she once started with a small office, she took her small business office to over 5,000 per week. Now, this is something that every business should want to learn how to increase their profits. You see, she believes in progress! "If you can see it, believe it, then make it happen!" 



 We want to thank our designer Valda Rainey of Valda Rainey Designs for Job well done again. Everybody are impress with her beautiful Designs that was also shown at the Paris Fashion Week. And we also want to thank our beautiful International models headed by Super model, Actress and beauty queen Angelina Frommer, Super Model Natalie Eremenko, Elisa, Branna , Sylvania Buckley, Zhenya Uvarova, Gaby Haas, Gail King, Valerie Losue, Janis Jay Malnieks and Joe Corbalis. 


We want to thank all our sponsors for all their support,
and heard that they all had a good time.


Stephen Valentine – Creator & Architect Timeship’s mission: to conquer aging and eventually death. Timeship will also be a scientific think tank and the world’s center for the cryopreservation of the DNA of endangered species; human DNA, stem cells, and tissue samples for medical research; organs for transplant; and thousands of human patients traveling to the future. 


The cryopreservation of humans, commonly known as cryonics, is the practice of cooling patients who can no longer be kept alive by contemporary medicine to temperatures so low that there is no tissue decomposition. They are then cryostored until reanimation may be possible in the future.



Life Botanical Experience beauty from within with natural supplements and health products from LifeBotanica. Made from clinically-proven ingredients and based on traditional European botanical healing methods, their holistic products use the power of plants and herbs to provide optimum nourishment, and they naturally foster good health, vibrancy and an overall sense of well-being. Choose from detox formulas, anti-aging solutions, sleep aids, and so much more. Contact: Petronely Grindea, President of Life Botanical


Eyetamins is a vitamins for your eyes. According to Dr. K your eyes need proper nutrition just like the rest of your body. Daily he sees patients in his office who neglected there eye health till it is too late. That is why he created Eyetamins where his mission is to support your vision and eye health with any age with the doctor-formulated, clinically backed, carefully sourced and all natural ingredients.

Check there website


Chieve is a Web3 social network of NFT communities. Chieve provides solutions for brands to connect with audiences and deepen fan engagement by offering NFTs via an easy transition from web2 to web3. The Chieve platform makes NFTs accessible to fans in a social, fun and community-oriented setting.  If you are a Brand, Influencer, Creator or Fan that wants to enter web3 we can help!!! We will build an amazing club/community for you and your fans so you can offer NFTs with real Utility! Gated content, giveaways, airdrops and access. Please sign up for our Beta Test at


SUE PHILLIPS, founder of SCENTERPRISES INC and SUE PHILLIPS FRAGRANCE opened her own Perfume Boutique, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side at 19 East 80th Street, By Appointment, where she creates CUSTOM FRAGRANCES for men and women, as well as presents Corporate Teambuilding events for Fortune 500 companies. 


Sue has created fragrances for Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Susan Sarandon, Laurence Fishburne as well as thousands of fragrance lovers who are looking to create their OWN Signature Scents. Sue began her fragrance journey at giant beauty companies, Elizabeth Arden & Lancôme in Training, Product Development & Marketing, but it was at TIFFANY & CO where she was hired as Executive Vice President and created the first TIFFANY PERFUME that she established her reputation as a Fragrance Expert. From there, she established her company Scenterprises Inc., and created fragrances for Burberry, Trish, McEvoy, Lancaster, Avon, and many others.  A motivational speaker and has written her book “THE POWER OF PERFUME” and in the last 18 months has helped over 160 Covid Anosmia sufferers regain their Sense of Smell from Covid.


Sue has always believed that quality ingredients make the difference and reflects people’s individuality and personality and helps people to be confident, uplifted, sexy, sensual, and reveals their unique Scent Persona.  For more information or schedule an appointment or to book Sue for a Corporate Teambuilding event or Keynote Speaking engagement

 contact and 
visit    and


Blinger Hair's a thing! Blinger is the new styling tool that adds genuine precision-cut crystals and pearls to your hair in seconds! Invented by Angie Cella, who dreamed it and never gave up so you can shine bright like a diamond for all to see.


WINESA is committed to equitable environment that nurtures and sustains a culture of diversity and inclusion by valuing customers, employees and supplier partners of all backgrounds and experiences. They are passionate and care deeply about the products they sell, how they are made and the individual wineries that are unique, high quality, and well-priced wines. They have INTEGRITY, they pride themselves as importers and distributors in bringing hand selected wines from small and medium sized producers directly to you.


WINESA builds meaningful relationships with their suppliers and customers. They continue to grow due to their commitment of providing outstanding customer service through there dedicated and knowledgeable staff. All there selections are all delicious wines, that the guests enjoy drinking. Contact: 


Gancia Proseco Rose DOC made in Italy by Gancia's 170 years of wine making expertise. It has fresh, fruity and delicate taste with notes of red berries. It is simply delicious. Prosecco Rose can be found nationwide. This Proseco is so delicious and even though we have several bottles, it did not last very long.

Where to buy at or


Heather Martindale's is our artist that night passion about art has grown since she was a young child to now painting large scale work that blurs the lines of representational photo realism, abstraction and impressionism.  Gaining inspiration from the iconic dancer, Martha Graham (pioneer of contemporary dance), Martindale uses fabric over the human form to convey movement, light, and emotion.  Her work can be found in many international publications (including: Create! Magazine, Art Seen, Friend of the Artist Book),  awarded international art prize from the Women's United Art Prize based in UK, and private collections of many Bay Area collectors including the permanent collection of the Museum of Northern California Art. 



At Star Equity Group, we work with business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with implementation, decision making and business innovation. They would like expand their business and upgrade their lifestyle as well as gain more industry recognition.
Our superpower is simplifying the process, coaching through the process and supplying the services that will catapult your success. 



Our Charity this Year is 


Anita's Children Organization, is helping children WORLDWIDE  

Through their programs such as Medical Care, Education, Social services work for victims of Human Trafficking. 

Please donate to their organization through ZELLE

phone 1 757 553 6994 

May God bless those people who will help and donate to this Organization.


Our singer that night is Gennadiy Vysotsky (Bass-Baritone) known as the Frank Sinatra of New York contact: Tel. 415-305-8268

Our DJ for the night is Kris Romanczyk who did a good job.

Our regular music entertainer is Estere Diva who was out of the country that time.

She will be back with us the next time.  


We thank additional sponsors:

Discount Real Estate

Power House Solutions Inc.



Lady Jones Catering Contact: 1 212 731 4080

She Exist Magazine & He Exist Magazine,

Baroness Marion Von Buchard Travel Jewelry,

Teresa Costa (handmade vegan leather shoes) Collection,

We also thank actor Donnie Riser originally from London, Nataly Stern, Cynthia Stephen, Caryn Chow and Julia Kushnir for helping at the reception tables. All the member of the Press, Angeles Maldonado for helping serve our Champagne, and Annika as one of the make-up artists. 


Most of all we want to thank our great beautiful and handsome guests starting with the clients of the dealership (Manhattan MotorCars) We Thank Walter D'Urso one of the Managers of Manhattan MotorCars and his clients, (according to him, his clients had a great time at the event). 

We thank Petronely Grindea President & Founder LifeBotanica and her guests (she said that they had so much fun also),

Olga Alexakos President Association of Greek American Professional Women Inc. and Associate Broker Sotheby's International,


Graziella Hoelzel Director of International Sales RMP TRAVEL,

 Paul R. Jaszy VP Jazzy Rolls Royce Limousines,

Argyris S. Argitakos Managing Director THE ASTA GROUP LLC,

Mi Sook Choi VP Korean-American Chamber of Commerce
in Greater NY,

 Amelly Gaviria Co-Founder A & O Mens Grooming,

Rafael Rivera President RAZOR Development,

Hayden Kopser Co-Founder/President North Improvement, LLC,

Eric Kuzmuk President Kuzmuk Realty, Inc.,

Kenneth McClure VP Hospital Holding

 Elizabeth Bettina Nicolosi Founder Be The Difference NEVER AGAIN,

 Awareness into Action,

 Kevin Parker President/Designer Beyond Designs & Remodeling,

 Josh Newman , Managing Partner NEW PLAN IT,

 Mike Delafraz VP of Sales PHS,

Deborah Robertson Director of Sales PHS,

 Dr. Helen Hsieh, FACOG Medical Director Vibrance BPC,

Tito Rahman Chief Operating Officer NUTRA Solutions USA,

 Sultana Haque, Ph.D. Technical Director Nutra Solutions USA,

Jennifer Wang Director RL ORG LLC,

Cedric Lebrun Founder Discount Realty,

Eli Marcus Executive Director DAVLERMEDIA,

 Sebastian Sampi, Investment Manager ADIA,

German Baroness Marion Von Buchard,

Jane Pontarelli, Douglas Elliman Real Estate,

 Sana Bao, Financial Advisor Wealth Management Morgan Stanley,

 Matt Vinci CORCORAN,

Dean Aroety Financial Advisor Ameriprise Financial,

Donnie Riser Actor,

 Juan Oscar Brizuela Contractor Blanco Contracting Services, Inc.

Ksenia Merg and friends,

 Christopher Butt, Real Estate Broker, CORCORAN,

 Rachna Kejriwal Certified Mental Health Therapist RTT,

 Claire Dratt & Harvey Elkins Entrepreneurs,

Mike Cole , Brand Partner NEW YOU NANO CBD,

 Summer Rona,

Elvis Ramos,

 Paul Spangler LIPKINS Best Cake,

Mindy K. Reyes,. M. Ed. L, Notary Public,

 Mimi A. Papantonio,

Elvis Newman  Director of Events ENAGIC,

Dally-Ann Delpeche Chief Operating Officer Daddy Jones Vodka,

Jessa Carter Neuro Finesse Expert Divine Heart Dynasty,

Gennadiy Vysotsky Bass-Baritone, STAGE SCREEN <


Jose Rodriguez PEEK & FIND,

Gregory Kirsopp Greater New York Chamber of Commerce,

Mete Seker Seker & Zambrano Zambrano Watch Co.

and many more sorry we can't put all the names.

Till next time this is your host Gloria Cressler signing off

See you on our next fabulous event.

We plan to put several fashion shows.

 One during the fashion week in September maybe Sept. 06
 and another one in Nashville TN in Oct. 17 or 18,

Make sure to email us for your invitation.

Email us at

or or 

or text us at 


Gloria T. Cressler


Elite Professional Group

(P.R. Red Carpet Event & Fashion Shows Producer)

International Journalist

Black Tie International Magazine

Global Ambassador

PowerTeam International


United Nations Foundation

United Nations Association

United Nations Women Association

Greater New York Chamber of Commerce




 Artist Heather Marthendale Gloria Cressler

Artist Heather Marthendale , Gloria Cressler
Petronely Grindea, President of Life Botanical,
Mrs. Sultana Haque, Founder Nutrasolutionsus


ngelina Frommer with the Gancia Proseco Rose DOC  

Angelina Frommer with the Gancia Proseco Rose DOC  

Sue Philips of Scenterprises

Sue Philips of Scenterprises with her delicious perfumes specially made for you.
They surely smell good.

Model Sylviana Buckly former Miss Indonesia plus other guests
with Teresa Costa Display table


Mr. Julio Pojul Diplomat from the Dominican Republic to the United Nations

Kathleen Cronin,
Mr. Julio Pojul Diplomat from the Dominican Republic to the United Nations

Natalia Eremenko, Angelina Frommer and Alisa Obrivanova

 European Super Models Natalia Eremenko, Angelina Frommer and Alisa Obrivanova

Designer Valda Rainy

Designer Valda Rainy

manhattan motor cars gala

manhattan motor cars gala

 Sam Ramic  President/Founder WINESA and Super Model Angelina Frommer 

 Sam Ramic  President/Founder WINESA and Super Model Angelina Frommer 

Sue Philips , gloria Cressler, rita cosby

Sue Phillips President/Founder Scenterprises- Innovative Fragrance,

Gloria Cressler, Rita Cosby


Manhattan Moterr Cars Gala

manhattan motor cars gala

 Superr Model Angelina Frommer

 Superr Model Angelina Frommer

Designer Valda Rainey

Designer Valda Rainey

Gerard McKeon, Stephen Valenine

Gerard McKeon Publisher Black Tie International Magazine
and celebrity
Architect Stephen Valentines,


Janelle harris, gloria cressler, rita crosby

Three Ladies that give's us inspiration Janelle Harris Publisher She Exist Magazine, Gloria T. Cressler,
President /Founder Elite Professional Group and International Journalist
 and Emmy Award Winner Rita Cosby.


Sylviana Buckly 

 Sylviana Buckly former Miss Indonesia 




manhattan motor cars gala

Mqanhattan Moptors Gala

manhattan motor cars gala

 Sylviana Buckly former Miss Indonesia 

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