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Black Tie International Magazine

Call To Earth Day - Ocean Emergency Screening and VIP Reception

Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency
Currents of Hope

Dr. Jeannie Yi
Family Film Awards, DYF Presents
Gerard Mc Keon
Black Tie International Magazine


VIP Screening and Reception

28 November 2023

 CNN - Call To Earth Day
Photos and Videos. Courtesy of
Sasha Alexander Gegera.
 Interviews by: Errol Rappaport, Black Tie International Magazine
Yunlong Zhao, PHD, Director, International Strategists Alliance
Charles Sullivan, President, Premier Event Management , Inc.
Sean C. Xia,  Prof/President
US - China Institute for International Business, Inc
Mike Liu,
Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency
gerard mc keon
Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency,  Errol Rappaport, Rosalind Panda,Dr. Adal Muneer
 Errol Rappaport, Rosalind Panda,Dr. Adal Muneer
Micke Liu, Errol Rappaport, Gerard Mc Keon
Mike Liu, Errol Rappaport, Gerard Mc Keon

Ocean Emergency
Currents of Hope

Hosted by HRH Prince Albert of Monaco
explores the current state of the oceans in the world
and how fragile our ecosystem can be.

In this documentary the damages and troubles with our oceans are explored through the lens of Prince Albert, highlighting what has been done to the world over time and what additional challenges mankind has
created over the years.

It is a documentary designed to educate about the past and the present, but also the future with tips and opportunities for the citizens of the world to start fixing the planet.
Madame Ma. Xiaoqiu
Click on the video link above to view a 2 minute trailer of Ocean Emergency
Call to Earth Day

CNN Call to Earth  website Link Click Here

CNN Call Tie Earth 2023  Video Overview Click Here

Call to Earth Day

#CallToEarthDay   @CNN

Joyce Brooks, interview with Montel Williams
on his work with Ocean Preservation.
Click the video above to watch the full length  documentary
 Ocean Emergency

November 28 2023


CNN - Call To Earth Day,
Living Oceans : Turning the Tide

CNN Call to Earth Day


On November 28, 2023,
 CNN a third annual 
Call to Earth Day.

 Celebrating a planet worth protecting, we’ll partner with schools, individuals and organizations across the world to raise awareness of environmental issues and to engage with conservation education.

 Join CNN on November 8 for a 
special day of coverage on TV,
digital and our social media channels.



Humans are causing alarming changes to the planet. Collectively, we are destroying ecosystems, polluting the ocean and altering our climate. As individuals, we can all play a role in making things better.

On November 8, 2023, we’re holding the third annual Call to Earth Day. Celebrating a planet worth protecting, we’ll partner with schools, individuals and organizations across the world to raise awareness of environmental issues and to engage with conservation education.

Join CNN on November 8 for a special day of coverage 
on TV, digital and our social media channels.

What is Call to Earth?

Call to Earth is a CNN initiative dedicated to conservation, environmentalism, and sustainability. Across TV, our website and social media, we tell stories about our incredible planet and the remarkable people who are protecting it.


Ocean Emergency


Call to earth

The whole world is the same cool and hot: from small family to everyone - the ocean is in distress, and your family can still survive alone! ?

 The Family Film Awards
tweeted that the Prince of Monaco personally commented on

 "Ocean Emergency"
Overnight, the once "extreme weather" has become less extreme, and it is almost a well-known daily phrase, bringing the murderous intent of nature to retaliate against human beings.

This summer has just begun, whether it is the lush green European peninsula, or the Chinese land spanning multiple latitudes, or looking at North America across the Pacific Ocean, none of them can escape the scorching heat, torrential rain and floods, and the derivative disasters caused by all these.

On June 28, due to the deadly heat and thunderstorms, more than 1,100 flights were canceled at three airports in New York City, the largest metropolis in the world, and tens of thousands of people were stranded at the airport.

 Some missed the graduation ceremony, and some did not catch up. Seeing a loved one for the last time, more often than not, all the money in the pocket is used up! Caused great emotional and economic disaster.
Ocean Emergency
Flights canceled at New York airport
Seeing such a world, people can't help asking, what's going on?

 Nature gone crazy? Hey, you are really pretending to be stupid!

The answer lies within ourselves - billions of us have been destroying our living space with our own hands over the past few years.

In order to live a comfortable and convenient life, quickly ask for excess from the nature we depend on for survival! Convenience is reserved for ourselves, and disaster is for others or our next generation.

The ocean - the blue homeland on which human beings live and the source of our life, accounts for 74% of the earth's area.

It has thrown batches of fish to the coast, and let them die in the sea where they used to play!

My friend, the sea - that is the origin of endless life, carrying the mysteries of human culture, awe-inspiring.

For us today, the sea is both a safe haven for the family and a focal point for the environment. However, problems such as global warming, coral reef fragmentation, overfishing, marine plastic pollution, destruction of seabed forest resources, deep seabed mining and oil pumping are making us aware of the fragility and helplessness of the sea ecological environment.

 If the ocean is destroyed by our generation and human greed, our next generation and theirs may really have no choice but to escape from the earth and wander in outer space.

If you can save the environment we live in, our ocean, before it is too late, so as not to cut off the life for yourself and future generations, what will you do? Can you get rid of some life habits that harm others
 and benefit yourself?

The documentary
"Ocean Emergency"

 may give you timely inspiration!

Ocean Emergency

Huayu China and ATI jointly produced a special documentary "Ocean Crisis"
Recently, the Chinese version of the documentary "Ocean Emergency" which was invested and filmed by Huayu China and ATI of the United States, was officially launched.

 This film won the Grammy Award 19 times, the Emmy Award 14 times, and the Oscar Award once.

 The team and producer David Mckenzie filmed, and Prince Albert II of Monaco, the second smallest but richest kingdom in the world, personally served as a special commentary.

Speaking of the Prince of Monaco, friends who are familiar with movies and sports should be familiar with it.

He is the eldest son of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, his mother is the famous film actor and Oscar winner Grace Kelly, and his wife is a famous swimmer, South African "Mermaid" Charlene.

 In his early years, he went to the United States and Ireland to study, and successively obtained a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a doctorate in philosophy from the Pontifical University of Maynooth, Ireland.
Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency
Prince Albert and his wife and children (the famous swimmer Charlene)
Prince Albert II is capable of writing and martial arts.

Not only is he proficient in multiple languages, but he was also a winter Olympic sled athlete.

He has participated in five Winter Olympics.

After retiring, he has been passionate about sports and
environmental protection.

Since the elders of Prince Albert went to the Arctic expedition in 1907, they left precious historical images.

Last year, Prince Albert followed the expedition route of his ancestors and went to the Arctic to investigate.

There, he observed that the Arctic glaciers were melting at
 an unimaginable rate.

Monaco is a small country near the sea, with the most beautiful coastline
 in the world.

 Once the Arctic glaciers continue to melt and the sea level continues to rise, Monaco's more than 1,000 kilometers of beautiful beaches will be buried
 under the sea.

 The deeply shocked prince decided to make a documentary on ocean protection, calling for global ocean protection!

Ocean Emergency

Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency
Prince Albert and grandfather both visited Arctic glaciers
In this documentary, Prince Albert II mentioned that the ocean is facing a huge survival crisis, and the biggest crisis is that people do not have enough awareness of protecting the ocean.

 They fail to realize that destroying the ocean is destroying the survival of human beings. environment.

Global warming, coral reef fragmentation, overfishing, ocean plastic pollution, destruction of seabed forest resources, deep seabed mining and oil pumping are not just underwater problems.

These problems are linked together and will eventually affect land Water, air and all living resources for human beings.

For example, the oceans are now being filled with human-made plastics. Plastic particles become fine particles, float in the water, and enter the bodies of fish, shrimp and plankton.

The salmon and shells caught in the South Pacific were airlifted to a high-end sushi restaurant in New York a few hours later.

Although their prices have nearly doubled by nearly ten times, the appearance is attractive and the taste is mellow, microplastics will still be accompanied by these seafood , into the human body. Scientific research shows that these microplastics can even enter the blood circulation, which is not alarmist!

 It often takes hundreds of years to decompose plastics-for example, the daily brushing process requires the use of toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste and plastic cups, but it takes nearly 400 years for these four dental appliances to completely decompose, and they are eventually discharged. to our oceans.

Ocean crisis clip: How microplastics enter the human body
Global warming, sounds like it's carbon emissions?

But in fact, the ocean absorbs billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide every year through photosynthesis.

 Climate and extreme weather will become more common if ocean pollution continues.

Experts are already predicting that rising global ocean temperatures and an El Niño event in the Pacific mean 2023 could be the hottest year on record, with researchers saying the planet is entering "uncharted territory".

 Aren't these signs worthy of people's vigilance?
Ocean Emergency
Ocean Emergency
Plastic in the ocean enters the human body through the cycle
As early as last year,

 Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, chairman of the Family Film Awards,

 had deep concerns and thoughts about the fate of mankind in the Chinese and English version of the essay "Autumn Words".

She wrote: "People do not respect nature, do not respect morality, Create all kinds of evil, when all kinds of bad behaviors accumulate to a certain extent, disasters will naturally erupt, this is the root of the disaster.

Man and nature are inseparable.
 If we are for our own comfort, convenience and enjoyment, for all kinds of Blindly developing minerals, cutting down forests, and destroying the environment with greed and without restraint...

One day, human beings will embark on the path of their own fault.

The "Tao Te Ching" has a saying:

"Heaven will save them and protect them with kindness."

The occurrence of extreme weather is actually a kind of mercy from God to human beings, warning us to stop improper behavior.

 The eight-direction world and hundreds of millions of living beings are all transformed by the heart, grasp the purity, have nothing and no self, follow the way and return to the heart.

To reduce disasters, only by starting from the root cause, which is the "heart" of all of us, can we truly and thoroughly solve the problem. "

It is with this concern for the destiny of mankind that

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu

invested in this well-produced marine documentary through Arima China.

 She said:

 "The way to observe the sky and the journey to the sky are all done."

 Whether it is the truth of the universe, national governance, or people's lives and personal values, we can find the answer from the way of heaven. Today's various extreme weather and natural disasters are the ultimate reminder of nature to mankind.

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, chairman of the Family Film Awards,


"Autumn Words" cover

The Family Film Awards also actively appeals to everyone, for our home,
 to protect the ocean is imminent!


Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, chairman of the Family Film Awards,

Family Film Awards
As we all know, the 2023 Family Movie Awards, after being broadcast on the CW channel to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world during the merry Christmas season in mainstream American society, has caused a huge response.

 This originally thin family film award has suddenly become an orthodox and solid Hollywood film brand, a place where families of people of all nationalities belong to the world, and a symbol of the epitome of the legendary story of Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu from China.

 After more than 20 years of development, it has become a It is an iconic world-renowned film variety show that integrates Eastern and Western cultures, emphasizes family harmony, highlights perfect film art, and highlights love and public welfare.

Family Film Awards


The Family Film Awards is also committed to promoting the development of  Chinese films and promoting the deep integration of Chinese films and Hollywood.


Joyce Brooks and Gerard Mc Keon.  Photo by:  Rose Billings /

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