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Black Tie International:
United Nations
 68th Anniversary Celebration: Global Future Leaders Organization


Global Future Leaders Organization

United Nations
 68th Anniversary Celebration:
Global Future Leaders Organization

Photos by: BlackTieMagazine/GMK

Working Page Story and  Full Captions to add shortly...

A Special Thank You to the 69th Infantry Officers Club

“International Day of Parents”

Different countries with the religious world have recognized January 1 as New Year's Day that symbols “the new era.” The U.S Congress also has authorized the day as 
“Global Family Day." 

 We would like to propose that the United Nations General Assembly consider
 a UN Resolution to honor all parents globally with an annual
 “International Day of Parents”
 with a suggested date of
 January 1st for the annual observance

 Every family and citizen of the earth is expected to worship heaven and earth and their parents on that day. We also propose that everyone's birthday to be
“Birthday of Thanksgiving ” to pay the appreciation of the world, the motherland,
 parents and siblings as well as teachers and friends.





尊敬的联合国大会主席John W. Ashe阁下,

尊敬的联合国秘书长Ban-Ki Moon阁下:

    作为地球公民, 我们非常支持联合国大会通过的“联合国可持续发展目标”,该目标包括了人文关爱事业的可持续发展。如果我们不能爱护自己的地球母亲,不能孝敬自己的父母与师长,人类将很难可持续发展。


世界不同国家和宗教都公认11号为元旦节,美国国会法定该节日为“全球家庭日”, 由此我们倡议把每年末1231日定为“全球孝道日”。在这一天,全球公民一起敬拜天地,礼拜父母。同时倡议将每个人的生日定为“生日感恩会”——感恩天地,感恩祖国,感恩父母,感恩良师益友,感恩兄弟姐妹。。。


全球孝道日(Global Filial Day ,简写为GFD),是一个年度全球性活动。在纪念联合国成立68周年,即20131024日,由全球未来领袖组织联合多个国际组织、政要、名人和孝道慈善人士共同发起弘扬孝道精神,传播道德思想、倡导感恩行动的绿色文化。


同时我们将设立 “全球孝道基金会”,并得到联合国的咨商地位,负责宣传实施联合国可持续发展目标在“全球孝道日”全球行动方面的日常事务,成立全球孝道文化活动中心,促进和协调联合国内外的全球孝道日工作。





呈送日: 2013 10 24 



“International Day of Filial Piety”
the “International Day of Parents”


On October 24th, 2013,  UN 68th Anniversary Birthday,
 A group of delegation from China to attend UN Day celebration conference sponsored by UN Disarm, UN DPI,enjoying a lunch meeting with officers from UNDP, Give Them A Hand Foundation and Global Future Leader Organization, CCTV,  Black Tie International Magazine, UN Global Media, Sino TV, Congress Web TV correspondent were welcomed guests.


    The Lunch began the work to laucnch
 Initiated International Day of Filial Piety, 
 First Initiated
by Global Future Leader Organization, and  supported by many NGO, Government agencies from China, USA and the rest of the world.

   The United Nations observes the International Day of Families annually on May 15th
which stresses the importance of having healthy and happy relationships within the families that are the social building blocks of all cultures.
One's most important developing years are spent growing up with our families.

   The Mission of this Initiative is to remind  every person  on this planet
 whilst enjoying  their birthday to remember and to appreciate their
| three most important relatives in their life .
 1) Earth Mother & Universal Father,
  2) Own mother & Own father,
 3) Teachers and Friends who educate you and help you.


.  Today, so many people just celebrating their own birthday with happiness and forget these three most important relatives in their life: which is without earth mother and universal father, there will not have human being, without the day you were born but mother is most suffering and father is hardest, that will no your life.  And without your teachers and friend’s help, you will not be growing up healthy and successfully.


   This is a great creating new action education movement. 
 Which like every Earth Day, someone initiative turn off light for one hour. 
 Everyone get educated why we need to be low carbon life and protect environmental.
 If everyone obey this green action automatically on their own birthday.
  Everyone get educated in every year’s birthday. 
We believe this world will be more peaceful and in good order.


   To support this initiative by actions,  famous  horse painter Mo Tao with his two calligraphy painting the 193 horses for peace with words of Filial Piety First among 100 charities, which stand for the UN 193 members states.

   As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's for the  2013 day,
Families hold societies together, and intergenerational relationships extend this legacy over time. This year’s International Day of Families is an occasion to celebrate connections among all members of the constellation that makes up a family. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how they are affected by social and economic trends –
 and what we can do to strengthen families in response.

   The UN also celebrates International Widows’ Day on June 23 and the International Day of Older Persons on 1st October. Taking these commemorations together, we would like to propose that the United Nations General Assembly consider a UN Resolution to honor all parents  including our earth mother and universal father globally with an annual “International Day of Filial Piety” with a suggested date of December 31st for the annual observance. this is will make new year’s eve more rich and colorful since most family members get home and can stay with parents can review whole year with appreciation.  And next day will start the first new year’s day and first group new born babies,  start from this day,  everyone have a habit to show their appreciation in their birthday party to Universal Father, Earth Mother,
Own parents and teachers and friends. 

   Their initiative get the support from UNDP and other NGO,  they would like to partner with a UN Dept and under the UN role to processing till General Assembly approve the resolution.

   In Asia, like many other countries, there is a strong tradition of “Filial Piety,” of respect for parents, but worldwide modern social trends have weakened the ties and reduced the support that children give to the parents who nurtured them. Currently, more and more of the world’s population are aging and often they are not receiving the benefits of the fast growing economies in the various area of the world.

   The day will commemorate and the ties between children and their parents, and emphasize the need to care for their parents, and for society to recognize the vital social role played by parents and to step in with support where children cannot.

   They will initiate global action to promote respect for parents with joint partnerships of international non-governmental organizations, business leaders, politicians, celebrities and charitable foundations.  Together we will share in caring for our global environment to protect the growth of our children, and the support of our parents, and grandparents and earth mother.

   They sincerely hope that this initiative will have all members states, UN President of GA, UN Secretary of General’s support and guidance. 
 They would respectfully appreciate all of your thoughts on this concept.

   We believe this Campaign will make more people better behavior and more family more harmony and more countries peaceful.

   We pray and wish their successfully

   We sincerely hope that our initiative will have your support and guidance.  We would respectfully appreciate your thoughts on this concept.

   Best wishes,

    Global Future Leaders Organization(GFLO)

   Filial Piety Day Committee(FPDC)




由多位中国企业家艺术家组成的“庆祝联合国诞辰 – 倡议全球孝道日”代表团,昨天在联合国广场举行孝道宣传活动,希望联合国能够设立“孝道日”,传播中国“孝”文化。



Chinese "filial piety Day" celebration UN Mission birthday

United Nations Association of the United States Fujian filial Day ink Tao Zheng Qi

A time when the United Nations was founded 68 anniversary, in the "Global Initiative filial Day" event, ink Tao Xu Beihong his disciples, demonstrated his specially created "instant success" Hundred Horses, meaning all UN member states. With soothing background music, Master Ching Ching He Guodong is offering a lesson in lectures. Attending the event were U.S. President Zheng Qi Fujian Association, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs spokesman Liu Tai and the Global Forum, the United Nations co-director James Lin Qiao and other networks. Liu Tai and said he hoped to put the annual December 31 date set for the United Nations filial piety, to remind everyone in the New Year's Day together with their parents one. Zheng Qi called for more people to participate in support of "filial piety Day", do not forget the parents, hometown, home country's traditional virtues of filial respect. (United States Chinese network intern Tian Tourmaline)


Walter M., Vice president of Global Future Leader Org. (GFLO)

 Margo L Rep., UN Global Family Day and UN Woman Assn.

 Nicole J. E., CEO of Global Future Leader Org. (GFLO)

Taihe L, President of Congress Web TV.

Gorden T.,President of Give Them A Hand Foundation (GTAH)

 Amb. Christian Gregoire, Chief Strategic Monitoring and Support, Caribbean Country Offices, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations Development Programme

Dr. Wuzhang Tsai, Chairman of One Countries in Two system Institute,   
Famous  Peace keeper in China

Master Mo  Tao, Famous Horse Painter, student of most famous painter  for  Horse,
Master Xu Beihong.

 Master Ma Ying. Calligrapher for Buddist Bible

 Master Fang Suoping, Calligrapher and businessman

 Dr. Shouyi Wu.Biotech engineer and Biotech businessman



"Horses for World Peace”
by Master Mo Tao

Mo Tao and his Charity Action:


This Month is the 68 Anniversary of UN Day,   next year is to greeting the Chinese year of the horse, the Master Mo Tao drew a picture of the 100 meter long with 193 horses, chosen by NGO of UN Day celebration committee as a birthday gift to UN, Horse representative of eastern amd western culture, in order to promote the East West cultural harmony, his painting expressing good wishes by world people, and also hope that more Chinese painter in the future works for support UN goals,  hope that the people of the world will win success immediately upon arrival, harmony, peace, and bring the blessings to people all over the world.


His long painting is collected by most famous horse painting master 
Xu Beihong Memorial Museum


Mo  Tao was born in Inner Mongolia City, Hohhot, based in Beijing. Xu Beihong is  the master and the disciple, his mentor Mrs. Liao Jingwen. Inheritance of master Xu Beihong art works, renowned at home and abroad, visiting professor, vice chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, vice president of international famous painting and calligraphy. Won the "National Ten Big Red Art Masters title", "outstanding Chinese artists", "National De Yi Shuang Xin artist" honorary title. In the national painting and calligraphy exhibition, he  has once won 100 awards.





James Tierney,Walter Montagno, Dennis Rick, Dan McNally, Louis Milgram
 The 69th Infantry Officers Club

Michael Eakman, James Tierney, Rita Crosby, May Chu, Frank Liu,
Gerard Mc Keon,Tomaczek Bednareck

May Chu

Gloria Cressler


Rita Crosby, Walter Montagno

Rita Crosby, Walter Montagno

Michael Eakman, Jennifer Lawrence

 Michael Eakman, Jennifer Lawrence

"Horses for World Peace”

"Horses for World Peace”
by Master Mo Tao

"Horses for World Peace”

"Horses for World Peace”
by Master Mo Tao

"Horses for World Peace”

"Horses for World Peace”
by Master Mo Tao

"Horses for World Peace”

"Horses for World Peace”
by Master Mo Tao

 Mo Tao

"Horses for World Peace”
by Master Mo Tao

 Mo Tao

"Horses for World Peace”
by Master Mo Tao

Frank Liu, Cathy Han



joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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