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Black Tie International Magazine:Wellness
MXQ LifeWater: Better Cells, Better Health.

MXQ LifeWater:

 Better Cells, Better Health.


MXQ LifeWater

American scientist Jerry Dr. Thornthwaite did not choose his father's path to outer space, but moved from nuclear physics and aeronautics to biotechnology and chemistry as a sophomore in college.

 Ten years later, Dr. Thornthwaite has become a famous biological scientist in the United States. He has been the director of the Tennessee Cancer Institute for 38 years, and has been engaged in research on the treatment of cancer for nearly 40 years.

Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, Dr. Jerry's long-term research on cancer cell proliferation and management programs has received special attention, because for the first time he discovered that in human cells, in addition to good and bad cells, there is also a special type of cells - natural killer cells. (NKC Natural Killer Cell).

Natural killer cells are like the body's health guard patrols, they exist for the sole purpose of killing cancer cells and infected harmful cells.

Dr. Jerry further found that the survival rate and number of NKC cells in the human body depend on the health of the human body.



The healthier you are,
the healthier your natural killer cells are.

So what can make us healthy?
What makes the cell, the basic structural and functional unit of an organism, healthy? Healthy cells equal a healthy body.

MXQ LifeWater

Dr. Jerry Sansovit and his discovery of natural killer cells

 "The relationship between suicidal cells in life NKC and our health:
How does the body defend itself in the face of viruses?"

This theory has long been written into American textbooks, especially the new epidemic Demonstrates the

 vacuum-cleaning role of suicide cells in bacterial infections

first proposed by Dr. Jerry 15 years ago.

 A collective phenomenon of new patients is that the lungs are piled up with white sediments, and the lungs begin to suffocate.

According to Dr. Jerry's theory,

the white powder is the"grave" where the body's own good cells have been overcome by infected cells.

That is to say, the good cells in the body that fight against the virus cannot defeat "death".

Although “suicide cells’ attack the virus and perish with the virus,
 the "corpses" accumulate in the human lungs,
blocking the respiratory passages, and the virus wins.


Dr. Jerry T. Thornthwaite Developed NutraNanoSphere,

1200 Times Smaller than Human Cells.

This new technology delivers nutrients directly to the cell wall.

 The technology of NutraNanoSphere was announced at
the European and American Cancer Conference (AACR-EACR)
held in Florence, Italy in June 2015,
 and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.


“My father worked at NASA all his life, putting his life into space till the end of his life. That doesn’t mean I have to follow in my father’s footsteps…"

he said during an interview at the Tennessee Cancer Institute.


Herbal Rejuvenation Cell Renewal
- The magical formula

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu,

Founder of LifeWater

 The epidemic has made 7 billion people around the world pay more attention to water and how it relates to our lives.

 The efficacy and prospects of Chinese herbal medicine in fighting the epidemic have been confirmed in global research in recent years: clinical efficacy observations show that the total effective rate of traditional Chinese medicine in helping to treat the-epidemic has reached more than 90%.

 These medicines not only prevent diseases and fight epidemics,
 but also strengthen the body and have a strong healing function.

 In Chinatowns of the United States, many Chinese herbal medicines used to fight the epidemic, such as honeysuckle and isatis root, were sold out almost as soon as they were put on the shelves, and the prices also rose.


MXQ LifeWater

Healing function of Chinese herbal medicine penetrates deep into cells

In the post-epidemic era, Chinese entrepreneur Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu saw the demand for healthy water for people all over the world.

Using her years of experience in Chinese medicine, she selected natural herbs such as ginseng, ginger and turmeric as the formula of LifeWater, and used the American high-tech nanoparticle nutrition sphere (NutraNanoSphereTM) to combine the nutrients
 of Chinese herbal medicine.

This combination increased delivery to the human cells and greatly improved the absorption rate.

Ginseng helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range; Ginger reduces inflammation and is a powerful antioxidant;

 Turmeric regulates and protects the heart, directly killing cancer cells;

 Vitamin C scavenges free radicals and maintains various functions
of the body.

After these herbs enter the human body through LifeWater,
 they can activate the natural killer cells of the human body.

Natural killer cells play a very important role in preventing the metastasis of mutant cells such as cancer cells.


Many people who have tried LifeWater have given positive feedback:

 After drinking LifeWater, they feel more energetic, sleep better, and even have better skin and hair.

This is a subtle change, different from the short-term neural stimulation brought by caffeine and other stimulants,
but from the source of the body, from the cellular level,

LifeWater recharges people's energy gradually.

MXQ LifeWater


MXQ LifeWater

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu and LifeWater

 In addition to LifeWater’s nano-particle, water comes from the natural deep mineral springs in the virgin forests on Changbai Mountain.

 After long-term grinding, circulation, adsorption, and leaching of deep underground volcanic rocks, it is a precious cold spring of volcanic rock, one of the few in the world.

One of the many golden water sources.

The pure water source and plant herbal essence from Changbai Mountain in China, combined with the most advanced NNS nanotechnology in the United States, have created one of the most unique scientific and technological aquatic products in the world.


Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu told us:

The original intention of the origin of Lifewater
is to benefit human health.

For Ma Xiaoqiu, who studied Chinese medicine, the human body is inherently surrounded by bacteria, but the secret recipe for overcoming poison can be found in nature.

 But "bitter medicine" is not good.
How can we take these medicines without discomfort?

In other words, what kind of carrier can take the ginseng, curcumin, honey, etc. recommended in our ancient Chinese medicine for nourishing qi and conditioning the body, and using scientific and technological means to reach the cellular level,

 and truly "cure the symptoms and cure the root cause?”


There is no doubt that MXQ Nano Life Water is the best answer. Life water, brings you the strongest cells and the strongest body!

A story was told in One Thousand and One Nights:
The king had 3 daughters, and he wanted to pass the throne
 to one of them.

 One day, he called his daughters together and asked them,
 "Do you love me?"

The eldest princess said, "I love you like a diamond."

The king was very pleased. The second princess said,
 "I love you like honey." The king's heart is sweet.

The little princess said, "I love you as much as I love salt."
The king was so angry that he used an ordinary thing like salt as a metaphor, and he drove the little princess out of the palace.

 Until one day, because the weather was too hot, the salt in the whole country melted, and there was no salt to use.

He couldn't swallow, so he remembered his little daughter,
and couldn't help crying.
He hurriedly found his little daughter, apologized to her, passed the throne to her, and said with emotion:

"It turns out that salt is the most important thing. It's important."


MXQ Nano Life Water

offers a "concentrated serum" that is easy to carry around.

Just mix 20 drops of Life Water Essence into drinking water, and you can instantly get a bottle of Life Water full of energy!

A bottle of concentrated essence can be mixed with
30 bottles of bottled water.

This drop of essence is like the salt of the king in the story,
 which is precious and indispensable.


MXQ LifeWater


MXQ LifeWater

MXQ LifeWater
MXQ LifeWater

joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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