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Black Tie Health and Wellness 1
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Black Tie International Magazine: Nano OX Water - Increases Energy




How the NaNo Ox Energy Drink increases Energy

                                                     Dr. Jerry T. Thornthwaite


The prevalence of obesity has steadily increased over the past three decades in the United States and worldwide [1, 2]. The idea of having energy is often equated to the so-called "buzz" following a burst of caffeine and sugar, the chief components of soft drinks and mistakenly labeled "energy drinks".  A person can find quick fixes to wake up in the morning or get through an afternoon slump.  However, actual energy is not a state of jitteriness. The alertness and sense of the vitality of supplementation with the NutraNanoSphere™ (NNS)  Curcumin, Vitamin C, Siberian Ginseng, and Ginger  are scientifically shown to increase energy and lead to a calm awaking that sustains one during the day.



Jerry T. Thornthwaite博士

去的30年里,美国和世界范内的肥胖症患病率步上升[1,2]能量充沛的概念通常等同于咖啡因和糖的爆后的所嗡嗡,而咖啡因和糖是软饮料的主要成分,错误上了能量标签 一个人可以找到办法来让自己早上醒来或度下午的低谷。 然而,实际能量并不是一种紧张不安的状 科学 NutraNanoSphere™ (NNS) 姜黄素、生素 C、西伯利人参和生姜能提高性和活力感可以增加能量并致平静的醒,从而持白天的清醒。



Research shows that taking a curcumin supplement can significantly lower your levels of fatigue, and in turn, boost your overall energy [3]. Curcumin can help regulate and protect the heart [4].  It can directly kill cancer cells [5,6].  Curcumin can boost brain power in general [7] because it increases the growth hormone levels in your brain and therefore increases your mind's ability to function and focus efficiently.  This supplementation might be what one needs to power through the last few reps during a challenging workout. Curcumin allows the muscles to recover quickly during training, helps the mind be clear and focused, and minimizes joint pain, which is an especially great benefit for anyone who works out hard and runs as part of their workout routine. A 2009 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed curcumin provides an equivalent amount of pain relief to ibuprofen. 




研究表明,服用姜黄素补充剂可以显着降低您的疲劳程度,进而提高您的整体能量 [3] 姜黄素可以帮助调节和保护心脏[4] 可直接杀死癌细胞[5,6] 姜黄素通常可以增脑力 [7],因为它会增加大脑中的生长激素水平,从而提高大脑有效运作和集中注意力的能力。 这种补充可能是在一项具有挑战性的锻炼中完成最后几次代表所需要的。 姜黄素可以让肌肉在训练期间快速恢复,帮助头脑清醒和集中注意力,并最大限度地减少关节疼痛,这对于那些努力锻炼和跑步作为日常锻炼的一部分的人来说是一个特别大的好处。 2009 发表在《替代和补充医学杂志》上的一项研究表明,姜黄素的镇痛效果与布洛芬相当。


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the best vitamin for boosting energy in the body by converting food sources (such as fats) into power in the body. It is essential to synthesize carnitine, a molecule that helps transport fatty acids to the mitochondria, which contain enzymes responsible for energy production [8,9]. It means that your body will be in no position to convert fats and other food sources into energy without vitamin C.Furthermore, Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and protects the cardiovascular system from common complications [10,11]. Vitamin C also is beneficial for the eyes and skin. Vitamin C significantly reduces your risk for the mouth, lungs, throat, vocal cords, esophagus, and stomach cancer. It works by preventing oxidative damage and eliminating free radicals from your system [6]. 




Siberian Ginseng

Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is an herb that comes from Siberia, where it has traditionally been used as an adaptogen - long before the term even existed. It was one of the first herbs to be studied and classified as an adaptogen [12]. Eleuthero helps support healthy blood sugar levels already within normal ranges [13].  In addition, it can support optimal use of glycogen and the high-energy phosphorus compounds ADP and ATP (aka what provides energy for cellular processes)[14]. Eleuthero also has been shown to promote the metabolism of lactic and pyruvic acids to promote energy production.  The lactic acid buildup causes that heavy, sore feeling in muscles after a workout, and it is natural caused by an excess of pyruvic acid, which is a byproduct of the breakdown of glucose [15-17].



Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticosus)是一种来自西伯利的草本植物,在西伯利,早在之前,它就被传统地用作一种适原。它是最早被研究并归类为性原的草本植物之一[12]Eleuthero有助于持正常范内的健康血糖水平[13]。此外,它可以支持糖原和高能磷化合物ADPatp(也就是为细程提供能量的物的最佳利用[14]可以促乳酸和丙酸的代,促能量的生。乳酸的累会致运后肌肉烈的酸痛感,是由于量的丙酸引起的,丙酸是葡萄糖分解的副[15-17]



Like Siberian Ginseng, Ginger can also help boost energy levels but does so in a different way. Because it can help the body modulate blood sugar levels, Ginger can help one sustain energy throughout the day. The NNS-GINGER is loaded with antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body's DNA. The mainstream research that links Ginger to testosterone demonstrated that ginger supplementation, particularly in oxidative stress conditions, enhances testosterone production in males. The testosterone increase occurs mainly by improving luteinizing hormone (LH) production, increasing cholesterol levels in the testes, reducing oxidative stress, and lipid peroxidation in the testes [18]. Ginger may help the body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and lung diseases [19]. Ginger may help with chronic indigestion, especially during pregnancy. It might also help settle seasickness or nausea caused by chemotherapy [20].   Bioactive molecules in Ginger may slow down the growth of some cancers like colorectal, gastric, ovarian, liver, skin, breast, and prostate cancer [21]. Active compounds in Ginger, called gingerols, keep oral bacteria that cause periodontal disease from growing.   Ginger can relieve muscle aches from exercise since it is an anti-inflammatory, which means it reduces swelling. That may be especially helpful for treating symptoms of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis [22].   Ginger may help the body use insulin better. Ginger before meals may make your system empty faster, leaving less time for food to sit and cause problems. Clinical manifestations of patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome due to COVID-19 show positive results taking Ginger [23-25].


与西伯利人参一,生姜也有助于提高能量水平,但作用方式不同。因它可以帮助身体调节血糖水平,所以生姜可以帮助人保持一整天的能量。 NNS-GINGER 富含抗氧化些化合物可以防止力和身体 DNA 害。将生姜与睾酮联系起来的主流研究表明,充生姜,特是在氧化激条件下,可增男性的睾生成。睾增加主要是通改善促黄体激素 (LH) 生、增加睾丸中的胆固醇水平、减少氧化激和睾丸中的脂质过氧化来实现 [18]。生姜可以帮助身体抵抗高血、心病和肺部疾病等慢性疾病 [19]。生姜可能有助于慢性消化不良,尤其是在怀孕期。它可能有助于解决化引起的船或 [20]。生姜中的生物活性分子可能会减某些癌症的生,如癌、胃癌、卵巢癌、肝癌、皮肤癌、乳腺癌和前列腺癌 [21]。生姜中的活性化合物称姜酚,可防止致牙周病的口腔菌生。生姜可以解运动时的肌肉酸痛,因它具有抗炎作用,意味着它可以减少肿胀可能疗类风湿性关炎和骨关炎的症状特有帮助 [22]。生姜可以帮助身体更好地利用胰素。前吃姜可能会使您的肠胃更快排空,从而减少食物静置并问题时间 COVID-19 致的重急性呼吸合征患者的床表现显示服用生姜的阳性 [23-25]




[1] Wang S, Moustaid-Moussa N, Chen L, Mo H, Shastri A, Su R, Bapat P, Kwun I, Shen CL. Novel insights of dietary polyphenols and obesity. J Nutr Biochem. 2014 Jan;25(1):1-18. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2013.09.001. PMID: 24314860; PMCID: PMC3926750.

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美国高科技 中国原材料- 为世界提供更好的水!

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu’s NNS Super Water:

American high-tech & Chinese raw materials
 -provide better water for the world!



An epidemic has made 7 billion people around the world pay more attention to "water and air", which are closely related to our lives, in 2021. Pollution of water sources, pollution of life, pollution of air, loss of life. In the face of viruses, everyone is equal. In India, where the epidemic is raging, the lack of "oxygen" has cost many people their lives, while Japan's attempt to discharge nuclear waste into the Pacific has angered conservationists around the world.


Water is the "source of life" and the condition for the survival of human beings and all living things. Water accounts for 2 / 3 of the body's body weight and maintains the normal physiological activities of the human body. Water can promote metabolism, regulate body temperature, act as an important medium and lubricate. People can avoid food for a few days or even 1-2 weeks, but not drink water for three days. Once the body loses 20% of its moisture, life cannot be sustained. Where there is water, you can find life. Man longed for Mars again and again, because the surface of Mars showed traces of mountains and rivers; Musk reluctantly spent a lot of money launching rockets into outer space in order to find a home in space for an already overcrowded earth.


有水,就有生命。水,于是也成为创造极大财富的机会。不仅2021年中国首富农夫山泉的董事长尝到了水的甜头,全球排名前30名的瓶装净水、矿泉水、能量水的品牌, 也心无所惧地分享着全球瓶装⽔⾏业每年价值2370 多亿美元的大蛋糕。预计未来五年将以11.1%的速度增⻓,增速超过啤酒和葡萄酒等其他流饮料。瓶装公司的利润率相当可观,般在50%200%之间。

If there is water, there is life. Water, therefore, has become an opportunity to create great wealth. Not only did the chairman of China's richest farmer Shanquan taste the sweetness of water in 2021, but the top 30 brands of bottled water, mineral water and energy water in the world also shared more than $237 billion a year worth of big cakes worth more than $237 billion a year. It is expected to grow by 11.1 per cent over the next five years, faster than other liquid drinks such as beer and wine. The profit margin of the bottled company is considerable, ranging from 50% to 200%.

NanoOX Water

NanoOX Water

NanoOX Water



List of the world's best-selling bottled purified water/sparkling water in 2021


瓶装的消费趋势和味日新月异,不断变化。以维他命水为主的能量水已经领跑了10年,红牛、魔爪和Bang Energy都以提供能量为卖点。明星效应、运动时尚、自然风光, 都成为瓶装水抓人眼球的广告。中国在造水卖水方面,更是后来者居上,品牌个个都令人心动,难忘。恨不得看了这些心动广告就冲到超市买一瓶,喝自然、喝健康、喝时尚!


 The consumption trend and taste of bottled food are changing with each passing day. Energy Water, which is dominated by vitamin water, has been leading the way for 10 years, with Red Bull, claws and Bang Energy all selling for energy. Star effect, sports fashion, natural scenery, have become bottled water to catch the eye of the advertisement. In the aspect of making water and selling water, China is a latecomer, and all the brands are exciting and unforgettable. Want to see these heart ads rushed to the supermarket to buy a bottle, drink nature, drink health, drink fashion!


NanoOX Water


NanoOX Water


NanoOX Water




Advertisement for bottled water in China: Catch your eyes with beautiful natural environment, celebrities, and happy family scenes





The so-called true water has no fragrance. Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, chairman of Shenzhen Tiancheng Mingdao Science and Technology Investment Company, boldly predicted that in 2021 after the epidemic, the "true water", which is pure, low sugar, low calorie, has a certain high-tech content, and can provide high utilization nutrition, must be a good investment product. This bottled water has both Chinese traditional preferences, Western biotechnology, and the global market in China and the West. In today's article, I would like to introduce Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu's upcoming bottled water brand, NutraNaNoSphere nutritious nanoparticles energy super water.


NutraNaNoSphere 纳米微粒营养球富氧超级水,其核心技术是由美国著名科学家杰瑞·桑索维特博士 Jerry T. Thornthwaite发明的专利技术-“Nutra Nanospheres”(纳米微粒营养球 NNS)。纳米技术一直是用来进行清洁水处理的最好材料和科技手段。但是,由杰瑞发明的专利制造成的纳米微粒营养球, 小于我们人体细胞1000倍!杰瑞还发现, 纳米微粒营养球和人体的细胞同质,这种可溶解的纳米微粒营养球在摄入人体后,可以自由穿过肠胃,穿透细胞膜,直接进入血液,而不经过胃的再次加工磨细后分配到大肠(排泄)和小肠(分解营养成分)。它们穿胃而过,直接被小肠绒毛溶解,被人体迅速吸收,达成营养功能。


The core technology of oxygen-enriched super water in NutraNaNoSphere nanoparticles is "Nutra Nanospheres" (NNS), a patented technology invented by Dr. Jerry Sansovitt, a famous American scientist. Nanotechnology has always been the best material and technological tool for clean water treatment. But the nanoparticles made of patents invented by Jerry are 1000 times smaller than our human cells! Jerry also found that nanoparticles are homogeneous to human cells, a soluble nanoparticles that freely pass through the intestines and stomach, penetrate the cell membrane, and enter the blood directly, without re-processing and grinding the stomach, and distribute them to the large intestine (excretion) and the small intestine (decomposing nutrients). They pass through the stomach, directly dissolved by the villi of the small intestine, quickly absorbed by the human body, and achieve nutritional function.



The process of NutraNaNoSphere entering the human body


纳米微粒营养球实现了前所未有的生物利用度,并防止药物的胃肠道降解。有关 NutraSpheres 的工作于 2015 6 月在意大利佛罗伦萨举行的美国 - 欧洲癌症联合会议 ( AACR- EACR) 上进行公布,后获得诺贝尔医学奖提名。


NutraNaNoSphere achieve unprecedented bioavailability and prevent gastrointestinal degradation of drugs. The work on NutraNaNoSphere was announced at the United States-European Cancer Conference (AACR- EACR) in Florence, Italy, in June 2015 and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.


纳米微粒营养球技术放在瓶装水制造上,可开发出一系列全体人类都需要的新型饮品 - 将人体需要的营养素,包括人参、姜黄、蜂蜜、姜、枣等等中国传统医学喜好的植物与富氧超级水(如长白山天池的自然水、太湖的水、中国青山绿水的水) 进行合理配方,将中国传统医药中那些对人体免疫和营养有提升的植物成分,通过生物高科技手段-纳米微粒营养球这个超级载体- 直接地一步到位输送到人体细胞,让人体细胞直接吸收这些营养素。

Nano-particle nutrition ball technology can be used in bottled water to develop a series of new drinks that all human beings need-the nutrients needed by human body, including ginseng, turmeric, honey, ginger, jujube and other plants preferred by Chinese traditional medicine and oxygen-rich super water (such as natural water in Changbai Mountain Tianchi, Taihu Lake water, Chinese green mountain and green water water) to make a reasonable formula for the nutrients needed by the human body, including ginseng, turmeric, honey, ginger, jujube and so on. The plant components that improve human immunity and nutrition in traditional Chinese medicine are transported directly to human cells by means of biological high-tech means-nanoparticles, a supercarrier, so that human cells can absorb these nutrients directly.


另一位科学家雷内里奥·利纳雷斯博士Dr ReinerioLinares 发明的富氧超级净水在临床、植物、生物上使用后,效果显著。蜜蜂喝了这个富氧净水后,产的蜂蜜更香甜,产量提升 30%;农场下 蛋的鸡,蛋期增长两个半月;樱桃长得又红又大,甚至可以促进伤口愈合。

The other scientist, Dr. Renelio Linares, invented oxygen-rich super clean water in clinical, plant, biological use, the effect is remarkable. After the bees drank the oxygen-rich and clean water, the honey produced was sweeter and the yield increased by 30%; the laying period of the chickens laid on the farm increased by two and a half months; and the cherries grew red and big, and even promoted wound healing.


NanoOX Water


NanoOX Water


 Good effect of oxygen-enriched super water


2位科学家的核心研究成果结合在一起,就创新出马小秋博士的超级水!它和其他目前市场上所有瓶装净水产品对比,具有高吸收、高效力、速度快、无浪费、无副作用的优势—— 易保存、易食用、效率高、见效快。一滴配方,一瓶净水,一天的能量!

Combined with the core research results of these two scientists, Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu's super water was innovated! Compared with all bottled aquatic products in the current market, it has the advantages of high absorption, high efficiency, fast speed, no waste and no side effects-easy to preserve, easy to eat, efficient and effective. A drop of formula, a bottle of clean water, a day's energy!


中国的企业家马小秋博士之所以能再次慧眼识珠,看到NNS超级能量水的无限前景,那是因为她10年前对长白山农业康养和旅游的投入。长白山有天池, 也有人参,怎样组合它们?让靠山吃山、靠水吃水的村民,脱贫致富?这是马小秋博士心中一直思考的。


Dr Ma Xiaoqiu, a Chinese entrepreneur, is once again able to see the limitless prospect of NNS's super-energy water because of her investment in agricultural health and tourism in Changbai Mountain 10 years ago. Changbai Mountain has Tianchi, but also has ginseng, how to combine them? Let the villagers who rely on mountains and rivers to get rid of poverty and become rich? This is what Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu has been thinking about.


NanoOX Water

NanoOX Water


NanoOX Water



 Tianding Group and Changbai Mountain Tianchi


长白山下的安图县,是中国曾经500个穷困县中的第490个,当地人几乎都是鲜族人,马小秋博士和她的投资人10年前来到这里,一起和当地贫困县的村民们历尽千辛想尽办法脱贫致富。他们首先把分散在大山周围一个个散落的村子和土地集中起来,大面积种植人参。但是, 人参和清泉:怎样组合?千年习惯要创新。长白山是一座圣山。女娲补天的故事,就发生在这里。


Antu County, under Changbai Mountain, is 490th of the 500 poor counties in China. The locals are almost all fresh. Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu and her investors came here 10 years ago to work with the villagers in the poor counties to get rid of poverty and become rich. They first gathered scattered villages and land around the mountains and planted ginseng in large areas. But ginseng and Qingquan: how to combine? Millennium habits need to be innovative. Changbai Mountain is a holy mountain. The story of Nu WA mending the sky takes place here.



A new miracle-it has to happen here; people want to get out of poverty and get rich!



The precious ginseng of Changbai Mountain, through the micellar technology of NNS, adds pure mountain spring water source, which is not the "long growing water" sought by Qin Huang Hanwu in Chinese history?


马小秋博士的NANO OX WATER- NNS大力士水, 必将再次为瓶装水行业带来变革和创新,用中国的原材料、美国的高新技术,为全世界提供更好的水,促进健康,造福人类!

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu's NANO OX WATER- NNS  Super Water will once again bring change and innovation to the bottled water industry, using Chinese raw materials and high and new technology in the United States to provide better water for the world, promote health and benefit mankind!

 1 For more informationplease see

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu's NanoOX Super Water website
 (Watch video here)



1.Red Bull - Red Bull GmbH (Austria)

2.Monster - Monster Beverage Corp (USA)

3.Red Bull - TC Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd (Thailand)

4.Rockstar - Acquired by PepsiCo (USA)

5.Eastroc Super Drink - Shenzhen Eastroc Beverage Co Ltd (China)

6.Hi-Tiger - Fujian Dali Food Co Ltd (China)

7.Lucozade - Suntory Holdings Ltd (Japan)

8.NOS - Monster Beverage Corp (USA)

9.Oronamin - Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd (Japan)

10.Burn - Coca Cola Company (USA)

Monster Beverage Corp - sold $4.6 billion worth of drinks in 2020 (up 9.5% from previous year).



3. Top 10 Chinese bottled drinking water brands
(and their affiliated companies) in the past five years]:


1) Nongfu Spring (Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd.)

2) Master Kong (Master Kong Holdings Co., Ltd.)

3) Wahaha (Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.)

4) C'estbon (China Resources C'estbon Beverage (China) Co., Ltd.)

5) Unification (Unification Enterprise Company)

6) Baisui Mountain (Jingtian (Shenzhen) Food and Beverage Group Co., Ltd.)

7) Evergrande Ice Spring (Hengda Mineral Water Group Co., Ltd.)

8) Ice Dew (Coca-Cola Company)

9) Nestle (Nestle)

10) Watson (Watson Group A.S. Watson Group)



joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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