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The Properties and Usage
of the Exclusive Patented
Plant Extract Compound Formula




The exclusive patented plant extract compound formula W.P.B. is derived from two rare plants, the youthful golden fruit (monkey bread), and the miraculous recovery flower (Madagascar periwinkle). These plants originated from Madagascar. Due to the long-term isolation of the island from the neighboring landmass, many of the rich flora and fauna that exist in Madagascar are unique to the country, where nearly 90% of them are endemic species. Several ecologists call Madagascar "the Eighth Continent" due to its unique ecosystem, and Conservation International also lists the island as a biodiversity hotspot.

Madagascar is home to 104883 plant species, 80% of which are exclusive to Madagascar, including 5 plant families. For example, the Didiereaceae family contains 4 genus and 11 species, which only exist as prickly shrubs in the southwestern part of the country. Of all the species of genus Pterocarpus in the world, 80% of them are exclusive to the island. There are 860 species of family Orchidaceae in Madagascar, three-quarters of which are endemic. Of a total of 8 species of Baobabs of genus Adansonia (Monkey Bread Tree) in the world, 6 species can only be seen here. There are also about 170 species of family Palmaceae on the island, which is equivalent to three times the number of species in this family on the entire African continent, of which 165 are exclusive. Many native plants are used to make herbal medicine, which can be used to treat a variety of diseases. For example, Madagascar's very iconic plant miraculous recovery flower (Catharanthus roseus) can be used to extract vinblastine sulfate and vincristine, which can be used to treat various cancers such as Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia. The Travelers Palm, locally called "ravinala", originated exclusively in the rainforests of the eastern part of the country, serves as the country's national emblem and the Malagasy Airways trademark.

African baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) is a mythical tree of the Malvaceae family, native to Africa and Madagascar. It is the symbol of Senegal. Its name comes from Arabic "bu hibab", which means fruit and many seeds. The African baobab is known for its longevity (estimated at 3000 years) and the width of its trunk, which can reach 12 meters in diameter. It is known for its extraordinary drought resistance. It should be noted that all parts of African baobab can be used. For example, the fruit of African baobab (youthful golden fruit) is known for having rich vitamin C content. The fruit pulp is used in traditional medicine for fever and anti-diarrhea. Its leaves have anti-inflammatory and anti-fever properties. The bark is converted into rope, but it is also used to prevent fever instead of Cinchona bark.

Miraculous recovery flowers (Catharanthus roseus) are mainly distributed in the coastal areas of Pacific Islands, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, and Madagascar, and are also widely planted in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Its fruit can float on the sea. It is a sea-floating plant similar to the Sea Hearse (Hernandia nymphaeifolia), Indian Barringtonia (Barringtonia asiatica), and looking-glass tree (Heritiera littoralis) of the Hengchun Peninsula. It likes hot and humid environments, is strong and healthy, is resistant against wind, drought, shade, and salt. The seeds of miraculous recovery flowers and fruit are rich in oils. The pressed or extracted oils are often used as antibacterial agents, astringents, analgesics, etc. in folk medicine. Due to that the seed oil is natural green plant oil, it has good properties for permeability, skin-friendliness, and easy absorption. It can also enhance the skin to be soft and elastic and have a smooth and non-greasy skin feel. As a base oil for cosmetics and skincare products, it can also greatly increase its added value.


Exclusive patented plant extract compound formula specially designed for Asians W.P.B. 


The founder of the company is an American natural medicine physician with more than 20 years of qualifications. He has gone to the United States, Britain, and France for in-depth study and learning different natural therapy systems. However, there are many differences in physique between Chinese and Western people. Therefore he devoted himself to learning Ancient Chinese Meridian Theory. After completely absorbing the essence of Chinese and Western wisdom, he devised an exclusive and integrated natural remedy suitable for Asian people.


Almighty Cultivation Group has founded a professional medical team ever since its establishment in 2008: doctors in biotechnology, western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine doctors, and PHDs in muscle dynamics. They continue to improve research and develop technology and combine the use of edible-grade raw materials with highly specialized biomedical progress from a century-old German factory. 


It completely retains the medical plant condensed extracts effectiveness and activation, and combines it with the exclusive high-speed auto-oscillation induction biotechnology.


One drop of essence contains 80,000 medicinal extracted super nano molecules, and with millions of times of high-speed oscillation induction technology in one minute, it has the efficacy to reach the cell nucleus in 0.1 seconds to clear blood, invigorate blood, repair blood vessels, and stimulate and activate macrophages.


It has 5 international organic certifications, including FDA registration, United Nations Bio-Health Products Gold Award, HALAL, KOSHERQSI, CSI, ECOCERT. Among these safety guarantees are 2 food-grade organic certifications, SGS safety inspections, Fubon Property Insurance.


獨家專利植淬複合物配方 W.P.B. 之性質與應用

獨家專利植淬複合物配方 W.P.B.為兩種珍稀植物青春黃金果、神奇賦活花的植 淬複合物配方,其物種原產地為馬達加斯加島。由於島上長期與鄰近大陸隔離, 馬達加斯加擁有的豐富動植物種類中有許多都是該國獨有,近 90%是特有種。一 些生態學家因這種獨特的生態系統而將馬達加斯加稱為「第八大洲」,保護國際 也將該島列為生物多樣性熱點地區。

 馬達加斯加擁有 1 萬 4883 種植物物種,其中 80%為其獨有,包括 5 個植物科。 例如龍樹科包含有 4 個屬和 11 個種,只存在於該國西南部的多刺灌木林中。全 世界所有的棒錘樹屬中有八成為島上獨有。馬達加斯加共有 860 種蘭科植物,其 中四分之三是特有種,全世界共計 8 種猴麵包樹屬中就有 6 種只能在這裡看到]。 島上還有約 170 種棕櫚科植物,相當於整個非洲大陸該科物種數的三倍,其中還 有 165 種為獨有。許多原生植物都用來製成草藥,可以治療多種疾病。例如馬達 加斯加非常具有標誌性的植物馬達加斯加長春花能夠提煉出硫酸長春鹼和長春 新鹼,可以用來治療霍奇金淋巴瘤和白血病等多種癌症。當地稱為「 ravinala」 的旅人蕉獨產於該國東部雨林,該國國徽和馬達加斯加航空公司的商標上都有這 種花。


 波巴布木是邦巴卡塞家族的一棵神話樹,原產於非洲和馬達加斯加。它是塞內加 爾的象徵。它的名字來自阿拉伯文"bu hibab",意思是水果與許多種子。波巴布 木以其壽命(估計為 3000 年)和樹榦寬度而聞名,直徑可達 12 米。它以其非凡 的抗旱能力而著稱。應當指出,波巴布木的所有部分都使用。例如,波巴布木的 果實(青春黃金果)以富含維生素 C 而聞名。果漿用於傳統醫學,作為一種發熱、 抗腹瀉、抗腹瀉。葉子具有抗炎、發熱、預期效果。樹皮被轉換成繩索,但它也 用於防止發燒,而不是辛喬納樹皮。


 神奇賦活花主要分布於太平洋各島嶼、澳洲、東南亞、印度與馬達加斯加等之沿 海地區,另外在全球熱帶與亞熱帶亦廣泛栽植。其果實可漂浮於海上,與恆春半 島之蓮葉桐、棋盤腳、銀葉樹等同屬海漂植物,其生性喜濕熱環境,樹性強健、 抗風、耐旱、耐陰、耐鹽。神奇賦活花果實之種仁含有豐富的油脂,經壓榨或萃 取後之油品,在民間常作為抗菌劑、收斂藥、止痛劑等用,由於該種仁油屬天然 之綠色植物油,具有良好之滲透性與親膚性且易於吸收,亦可促使皮膚柔嫩而富 有彈性,又具滑爽而不油膩之膚感,作為化妝品與護膚用品之基底油,亦可大幅 提高其附加價值。

專為亞洲人設計的獨家專利植淬複合物配方 W.P.B.

公司創辦人為擁有 20 年以上資歷的美國自然醫學醫師,曾遠赴美、英、法深度 進修,學習不同的自然療法系統,然而中西方體質先天上的差異甚多,遂投入學
習中國老祖宗的經絡理論,在中西方智慧結晶都完整吸收之後,整合出一套適合亞洲人的獨家自然療法。全能養生科技集團自 2008 年成立以來,擁有專業醫療
德國百年大廠使用可食級原料結合媲美藥廠級的高規格生醫製程,完 整保留藥用植物濃縮萃取物效用與活性並結合獨家生技 高速自體震盪導入 技術 ,一滴精萃含 8 萬顆藥萃超奈米分子、一分鐘達數百萬次高速震盪導 入技術故 0.1 秒可直達細胞核達到清血、活血、修補血管、激勵活化巨噬細胞 之功效。



The Extraction of the Exclusive Patented Plant Extract Compound Formula W.P.B. 




In the traditional Senegalese pharmacopeia, the golden fruit oil of youth (obtained from the paste of crushing of the seeds), is described as a topical anti-allergic treatment, also used for emulsification, skin regeneration, and anti-inflammation, especially for the relief of burns. Traditionally it is used as a massage oil, because of its mild, soft properties and easy permeation, but African women also use golden fruit oil for hair care. 


Youthful golden fruit oil is obtained from the seeds contained in the fruit (about 30 seeds in one fruit on average). Seeds are the main components of the fruit (about 40%) and are rich in protein and fatty acids. About 30% of the oil is extracted from the youthful golden fruit seeds through solvent extraction. The yield of cold-press extraction is only about 4%, but the natural quality of this special oil is preserved as much as possible during extraction. 


The color of the miraculous recovery flower fruit changes from green to brownish-red when ripe. After the fruit naturally drops to the ground, it is collected and placed in a ventilated place indoors to dry in the shade. After removing the seed husk, a yellow-white seed kernel (weight ratio of seed kernel to seed husk is approximately 1:2) can be obtained. Then theyre placed in an oven and put to dry at 60C for more than 12 hours to reduce the moisture content from 25-30% to less than 10%. After drying, the seed kernels are crushed into particles 2~5 mm in size. Then they are extracted three times with n-hexane at room temperature, and the seed kernel residue is removed by a suction filter funnel. The filtered extract then undergoes a reduced pressure concentration method, where the solvent n-hexane is removed with a water bath at 45C to obtain the miraculous recovery flower seed oil.


The Properties of the Exclusive Patented Plant Extract Compound Formula W.P.B.


The youthful golden fruit seed contains 35.2g/100g of protein, vitamin B1-B2, and PP. About one-third of youthful golden fruit oil is composed of basic fatty acids, mainly linoleic acid (32%) and oleic acid (33%) of the same proportion. It is also rich in trace elements.

Fatty acid:

Palmitic acid


23,4 - 27,2 %

Palmitoric acid

C16 1

0,1 - 0,2 %

Stearic acid


3,1 - 9,0 %

Oleic acid

C18 1

33,0 - 41,9 %

Linoleic acid

C182 w6

20,6 - 32,1 %

Linolenic acid

C 183 w3

0 - 1,5 %

Arachidonic acid


0,3 - 1 %


The percentage of the unsaponifiable matter is between 2.8-3.8%

Beta-sitosterol accounts for 75% of the sterol portion

Youthful golden fruit oil is rich in tocopherols known for its antioxidant and anti-free radical properties. It is rich in plant sterols, which are known to promote the maintenance of cell membranes, improve the functionality of the skin's barrier and slow down skin aging. Youthful golden fruit oil can be applied to the skin after exposure to the sun because it has nourishing and soothing effects.

Youthful golden fruit oil is a highly-permeable moisturizing oil. Due to its essential fatty acid content, it is very emollient and softening. It is especially recommended for dry, tight, and chapped skin. Youthful golden fruit oil helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, which can be used when stretch marks appear. Due to its extremely high permeability and its emollient and softening properties, youthful golden fruit oil is often used in daily care or body rejuvenating massages. It is especially suitable for dry to very dry, sensitive, irritated, damaged, or even chapped skin, as well as stretch marks.

After the methyl esterification of the miraculous recovery flower seed oil, gas chromatography (GC-FID) analysis shows that saturated fatty acids content in the oil is about 23~38%, palmitic acid content (hexadecane) is 10~18%, and stearic acid (18 carbon) content is 13-18%. The content of unsaturated fatty acids is about 60~75%, of which the content of oleic acid (octadecenoic acid) is about 31~44%, the content of linoleic acid (octadecadienoic acid) is about 20~38%, and the content of arachidic acid (two decadecanoic acid) is about 0.5~1.5%, and the eicosenoic acid content is about 0.5~1.5%. Among them, oleic acid is easily absorbed by the skin and has a moisturizing and maintaining effect. Therefore, miraculous recovery flower seed oil is an excellent candidate for cosmetic base oil. According to the measurement results of the ultraviolet-visible light UV-VIS spectrometer, the miraculous recovery flower seed oil extracted by the drying treatment and the freeze-drying treatment have strong absorption values ​​in the UVB area, indicating that the miraculous recovery flower can block out ultraviolet rays.

In addition, by comparing the UV-VIS spectra of other plant oils commonly used in beauty products (bankoul nut oil, tea seed oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil), it can be seen that the UVB absorption of miraculous recovery flower seed oil is at the wavelength of 280~320 nm. The absorption peak of the UVB absorption zone is much higher than other oils, showing that the UV shielding effect of miraculous recovery flower seed oil is better than other oils. It can be used as a base oil for anti-ultraviolet sunscreen cosmetics.

According to the results of infrared spectroscopy, the miraculous recovery flower seed oil under different processing have obvious absorption peaks in the infrared spectra of 2926, 2854, and 1745 cm-1, indicating that the miraculous recovery flower seed oil has the characteristics of oil. Comparing the infrared spectra of miraculous recovery flower seed oil to olive oil, it is found that in the above-mentioned wave numbers of the infrared spectra, both have obvious absorption peaks, indicating that the oil characteristics of
the two are similar.


Infrared spectra of sunscreens were prepared with different proportions of miraculous recovery flower seed oil. It is also found that the infrared spectra of each sunscreen have obvious absorption peaks at 2926, 2854, and 1745 cm-1, indicating that these sunscreens are rich in oils, and have good emollient and skincare effects. Miraculous recovery flowers have long been used as medicine or skincare products in the Pacific islands. The extract of its leaves can be used as a medicine for eye congestion or anti-inflammation. The seed oil of the fruit can be used as a countermeasure for skin diseases or for skin beauty. It is used as a skincare product in the local area and is widely sold in the market. Generally speaking, in all kinds of cosmetics, if the effective ingredients for the skin are left unprotected or preserved, the effective ingredients will gradually oxidize, losing the original effect and even making it ineffective.

Therefore, if antioxidants can be added to these cosmetics, the oxidation of the effective ingredients can be reduced, achieving the purpose of exerting the original effect and extending the expiration date. According to the test results of Dr. Kenji Sakamoto using the ORAC method, they show that the antioxidant capacity of miraculous recovery flower seed oil is 20 times that of olive oil. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of cosmetics and skincare products, if the miraculous recovery flower seed oil can be used as the base oil, not only will it attain better permeability and absorption, but it will also have a positive effect on enhancing the properties of the ingredients of these products and extend its shelf life.








Application of Exclusive Patented Plant Extract Compound Formula W.P.B.

In general clinical medicine

Possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties, invigorating blood circulation, improving varicose veins, repairing blood vessels, clearing the blood, repairing scar tissue, stimulating and activating macrophages, has antibacterial and antiviral properties, used for treating skin infections and severe dermatitis.

 In terms of skin beauty

Contains bispyranocoumarin, which can inhibit elastase. In colloquial terms, inhibiting elastase can prevent wrinkles, sagging, and sunken skin, and prevent a large loss of collagen that is responsible for making the skin plump.

 Presented at the 2009 Swiss Conference on Medicinal Plants

Other References

Moisturizing the skin, helping the healing process of skin diseases and sunburns, and treating acne vulgaris (Lautenschlger, 2003)

Can be used for protection, nourishment, moisturization, soothing and regenerating agent. Studies have also shown that this active substance contains antioxidants (Nkafamiya et al., 2007)


Wound Repair - abrasions

W.P. B


Wound repair-bruise

W.P. B


Wound repair-stab wound

W.P. B


Wound repair-abrasions


Wound repair-bruises, swelling



Wound repair - scald


Wound repair- bone laceration

公司創辦人為擁有 20 年以上資歷的美國自然醫學醫師,曾遠赴美、英、法深度進修,學習不同的自然療法系統,然而中西方體質先天上的差異甚多,遂投入學
習中國老祖宗的經絡理論,在中西方智慧結晶都完整吸收之後,整合出一套適合亞洲人的獨家自然療法。全能養生科技集團自 2008 年成立以來,擁有專業醫療
德國百年大廠使用可食級原料結合媲美藥廠級的高規格生醫製程,完 整保留藥用植物濃縮萃取物效用與活性並結合獨家生技 高速自體震盪導入 技術 ,一滴精萃含 8 萬顆藥萃超奈米分子、一分鐘達數百萬次高速震盪導 入技術故 0.1 秒可直達細胞核達到清血、活血、修補血管、激勵活化巨噬細胞 之功效。 並擁有
獨家專利植淬複合物配方 W.P.B.之萃取
青春黃金果油在傳統的塞內加爾藥典中,通過切碎種子獲得的 糊貼被描述為局部抗過敏、乳化、皮膚再生和抗炎治療,尤其 用於緩解燒傷。傳統上用作按摩油,由於其柔和、柔軟的特性 和易於滲透,非洲婦女也使用青春黃果油作為頭髮護理。青春 黃金果油是從水果中所含的種子(平均約 30 顆)獲得的。種子 是水果成分的重要組成部分(約 40%),富含蛋白質和脂肪酸。青春黃金果籽通 過溶劑萃取約提煉出 30%的油。冷壓萃取的產量僅為 4%左右,但萃取時盡可能保 持這種特殊油的天然品質 神奇賦活花果實之顏色由綠色轉為成熟之赤褐色,經天然落果後自地面收集,舖 放於室內通風處陰乾,去除種殼後可取得黃白色之種仁(種仁與種殼之重量比約 為 1 : 2),將其放入烘箱以 60℃乾燥 12 小時以上,使含水率由 25~30%降低至 10%以下。
青春黃金果籽富含 35.2 克/100 克蛋白質、維生素 B1-B2 和 PP。青春黃金果油由 近三分之一的基本脂肪酸組成,主要是亞油酸
不皂化物百分比在 2.8-3.8%之間 β-谷固醇佔固醇部分的 75% 青春黃金果油富含以抗氧化和抗自由基作用而聞名的生育酚,它含有豐富的植物 固醇,已知可促進細胞膜的維護,改善皮膚的屏障功能並減緩皮膚老化。青春黃 金果油,因為它具有滋養和舒緩作用,故可應用在暴露在陽光下後的肌膚上
青春黃金果油是一種滲透性良好的滋潤油,由於其必需脂肪酸含量,它非常潤膚、 軟化,特別推薦用於乾燥、緊繃和皸裂的皮膚。青春黃金果油有助於改善皮膚的 彈性,這一特性可應用在妊娠紋出現時。由於其極易滲透以及其潤膚和軟化特性, 青春黃金果油常被應用於日常護理或身體恢復活力的按摩。它特別適用於乾燥至 非常乾燥、敏感、受刺激、受損甚至皸裂
神奇賦活花種仁油經甲酯化後,由氣相色譜儀(GC-FID)分析得知油品中飽和脂肪 酸含量約 23~38%,其中棕櫚酸(十六碳)含量 10~18%、硬脂酸(十八碳)含量 13~18%。 不飽和脂肪酸含量約 60~75%,其中油酸含量(十八 碳烯酸)約 31~44%、亞油酸含 量(十八碳二烯 酸)約 20~38%,花生酸含量(二十碳烷酸)約 0.5~1.5%、二十碳 烯酸含量約 0.5~1.5%。其中油酸易於皮膚之吸收,並具有滋潤與保養之功效, 因此神奇賦活花種仁油可作為化妝品基底油之優良材料。 由紫外-可見光 UV- VIS 光譜儀測定結果得知,烘乾處理與凍乾處理所萃取出之神奇賦活花種仁油, 兩者在 UVB 區皆有強吸收值,顯示神奇賦活花種仁油可遮蔽紫外線。 另由與其 他美妝用品常用植物油(石栗油、 苦茶油、橄欖油與荷荷巴油)之 UV-VIS 光譜 比較,可得知神奇賦活花種仁油在波長 280 nm~320 nm UVB 吸收區之吸收峰值較 其他油品高出許多,顯示神奇賦活花種仁油之紫外線屏蔽效果較其他油品優異, 可作為抗紫外線等防曬化妝品之基底油。 由紅外線光譜試驗結果得知不同加工 處裡之神奇賦活花種仁油在 2926、2854、1745 cm-1 紅外線光譜圖均有明顯之吸 收峰,顯示神奇賦活花種仁油均具有油脂之特性。又由神奇賦活花種仁油與橄欖 油之紅外線光譜圖相比較,得知在紅外線光譜之上述波數中,兩者均有明顯之吸 收峰,顯示兩者油脂特徵皆相似。以不同比例神奇賦活花種仁油製備防曬霜之紅 外線光譜圖,亦得知各防曬霜在 2926、 2854、1745 cm-1 紅外線光譜圖均有明 顯之吸收峰,顯示該等防曬霜油脂豐富,亦具有良好之潤膚與護膚效果。神奇賦 活花在太平洋各島嶼中,早已善加利用作為藥材或護膚產品之用,其葉片之抽出 物可作為眼球充血或抗發炎之藥劑,果實之種仁油可作為皮膚疾患對策或皮膚保 美之用,目前在當地已作為護膚產品
獨家專利植淬複合物配方 W.P.B.之應用
在一般醫學臨床上 具有強力消炎、活血、改善靜脈曲張、修補血管、清血、修復疤痕組織激勵活化 巨噬細胞、抗菌抗病毒、治療皮膚感染及嚴重皮膚炎。 在肌膚美容方面
內含雙吡喃香豆素,可以抑制彈性蛋白酶。白話來講,抑制了彈性蛋白酶,就可 以防止長皺紋,皮膚鬆垮凹陷,避免這些讓肌膚飽滿的膠原蛋白大量流失。 2009 年瑞士的藥用植物會議上發表: -
( Lautenschlger,2003)
化劑( Nkafamiya 等,2007


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