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  Black Tie International Magazine  Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu
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Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu, President of the Greater Bay Area Service Center
Ma Xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu

President of
the Greater Bay Area Service Center,

is a mother's family for global enterprises

Global Chinese entrepreneurs
celebrate the official launch
 of the Greater Bay Area Service Center!
On November 3, 2022,
the launching ceremony of the
China Enterprise (Greater Bay Area) Service Center
 was successfully held in
 Qianhai, Shenzhen

On the day of the ceremony,
Wu Yunguo,
Chairman of China Enterprise Newspaper Group
 and President of China Enterprise Newspaper;

Liu Meilin,
Vice President of China Enterprise Newspaper Group;

 Chen Jiancai,
Director of China Enterprise Service Center of China Enterprise Newspaper Group and Editor-in-Chief of China
 Enterprise Network;

Zhang Zhihao,
Secretary General of China Enterprise Service Center of China Enterprise Newspaper Group and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Enterprise Network;
 President of China Enterprise (Greater Bay Area) Service Center

Ma Xiaoqiu,
Chairman of Shenzhen Ma's Sheng Group;

Li Kecheng,
 Secretary of the Party Branch of China Enterprise
 (Greater Bay Area) Service Center;

Chen Jun,
Executive Vice President of China Enterprise
 (Greater Bay Area) Service Center;

Jin Lailin,
Executive Director of China Enterprise
 (Greater Bay Area) Service Center,

and other leading guests attended the event in full.

In addition,

 Peng Jianguo,
 a famous economist, deputy director of the Research Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, vice chairman and secretary-general of the Think Tank Alliance of Central Enterprises of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission;

 Liang Ming,
secretary-general of the Guangdong Entrepreneurs Federation;

Yu Jian,
Secretary of the Party Committee of the
Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Federation;

Wang Xiaofan,
executive secretary of the Shenzhen Enterprises Federation and Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association;

 Lin Qiongyuan,
executive general manager of Xiamen Railway Group;
Shenzhen Chief Representative

Zeng Yijing;
Zheng Orientation, President of Shenzhen Blockchain Association of Information Service Industry,

 Qin Koon
, Secretary General; Chai Geyang, President of Hong Kong Blockchain Association,

 Yang Lingna,
Secretary General;

Lei Ganzheng,
President of Hong Kong Blockchain Association of Greater Bay Area,

 and other leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as hundreds of guests came to the venue to guide and observe the ceremony.


At the unveiling ceremony,

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu

delivered a speech as the president of the China Enterprise (Greater Bay Area) Service Center.

She said that Futian Center is the central city of Shenzhen, we should carry forward the first good standard,
create the best business environment
for enterprises,
 listen carefully to the voice of entrepreneurs,
sense the urgency of enterprises,
 do what enterprises need,
solve the difficulties of enterprises;

 Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone

will become one of the most active areas of investment and best development trend nationwide, we should Grasp the major national strategic opportunities, make good use of the national policy trend, make good use of their own development advantages, with today as a brand new starting point to show our vision, prospects, beauty.

Ma Xiaoqiu


 Mr. Wu Yunguo
presented the appointment letter of
 to Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Greater Bay Area is the fourth largest bay area in the world after the New York Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area and Tokyo Bay Area.

The future development prospect of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Greater Bay Area is bound to become an important growth pole driving global economic development and a leader in guiding technological change, just like the other three major bay areas.

Ma Xiaoqiu 

Compared to the economy-oriented
Bay Area of the world,

the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of China includes the concept of

 humanistic development

- the development of people, the optimization of the environment, and the harmonious development of the whole

The development of the whole society is harmonious.

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, Chairman of the newly established Greater Bay Area Service Center, welcomes Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world to join hands and fulfill their Chinese dream in the Greater Bay Area!

The launch was a great success!
Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu's live broadcast room, the number of live viewers is nearly 4 million,

fans keep cheering


 the cheers are endless. The corporate culture of

People for Good

connects the world's Chinese entrepreneurs!

We are waiting for our entrepreneur brothers and sisters in Shenzhen Bay andin New York Bay


 Hello eyeryone

I am Lin Jianzhong,

the first president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Real Estate, and I am very happy to be able to talk to Chairman Ma, the chairman of the Greater Bay Service Center today.

Today the most important thing is that investors come with Mr. Ma, we hope to have the ability to strategize, to be able to combine my dream with your strength, to come together to create a more lofty and peak enterprise in the future, thank you all."


Mr. Lin Jianzhong,

 the king of overseas real estate hotels and chairman of Lin Group, owns Hilton Hotel, Cheleas Grand Hotel, Best Western Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Comfort Inn and other high-class hotels ,

He is the largest Chinese entrepreneur in the U.S. to own international branded hotel chains. Mr. Lin has built 50 buildings in New York, 30 of which are hotels, and his Virgin Hotels are on par with the best hotels in Europe and the United States. Mr. Lin Jianzhong told reporters that his next hotel landmark is the Space Shuttle Hotel, a new hotel that leads a fashionable lifestyle with high technology.

His dream is to join hands with Chairman Ma Xiaoqiu in the Greater Bay Area, with global funds, to fulfill the hotel dream together!

Ms. Jin Yuxi,

the founder of the "Yuxi" brand, famous TV host and best-selling author, also sent her best wishes for the establishment
of the service center.

Ms. Jin Yuxi, who is affectionately known as the National Goddess,

was the first person to promote East-West cooperation after the reform and opening up.

 She was the first one to promote cultural exchange between East and West after the reform and opening up; she was the first one to create a lipstick suitable for Chinese people's skin, a global brand with both local and international style, and was called

a lipstick that changed the color of the country

by the Western media; she was the first social activist and philanthropist to bring the concept of charity into China.

  During the last three years of the epidemic, she has been seen leading donations from New York to Hawaii; during the

 "Anti-Asian Hate Crime" marches,

 She is always the first to take the lead in the
 "Anti-Asian Hate Crime" marches, using her unique "soft power" - listening, thinking, and answering - to make people feel like brothers
 and sisters and respectful.


"Hello, I am Jin Yuxi.

I would like to congratulate the official establishment of the China Enterprise Service Center in the Greater Bay Area. I know we have a lot of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, and it is great to have such a center where we can communicate with each other anytime and anywhere, share resources and unite for development.

Wherever we struggle in the world, we should help each other and love each other. I hope that under Mr. Ma's leadership, this place can become a mother's home for Chinese entrepreneurs around the world to feel family-like affection and warmth."



     Family Movie Awards host and famous
"Superman" actor Dean Cain,

who is shooting a movie in Hollywood,
also sent a special video to wish


Dear President Ma and friends of Ma's Sheng Group, I would like to congratulate Ms. Ma on becoming the President of the Greater Bay Area Business Service Center.

 The Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau is the fourth largest bay area in the world, and its development prospects are bound to become an extremely important growth pillar driving the global economy like the other three bay areas, and a leader in leading and shaping technological change.

 President Ma, your wisdom, your vision and your dedication will certainly lead the Bay Area enterprises to a significant position
on the world stage.


One of the Executive Producers of the Family Film Awards
 Dr. Jin-Sheng Desmond,

recorded a video message from Wall Street,
where she has been working for over 30 years.


"Dear Chairman Ma and all the staff colleagues of Ma's Sheng Clan, I am now on Wall Street, the place where I have lived and worked for 30 years, wishing the company well, wishing Chairman Ma well, and wishing more than 700,000 members in the Greater Bay Area.

 This place has been under attack before and it all started over again.

As long as you are not down, you can stand up and go forward again. Today, we are especially grateful to President Ma Xiaoqiu for giving us another opportunity to charge forward and forge ahead and gain victory. Ma's Sheng clan is one horse ahead, ten thousand horses are running, bless you all, bless President Ma and bless China."

 Finally, we expect that under the leadership of

Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu,

the China Enterprise (Greater Bay Area) Service Center will become a bridge of exchange between the Bay Area and the United States,
 with a wide range of rivers in the sea and open arms, welcoming the global Chinese entrepreneurs' common prosperity!


Ma Xiaoqiu




Ma Xiaoqiu






Ma Xiaoqiu










海外地产酒店大王、林氏集团董事长林建中先生旗下拥有Hilton HotelCheleas Grand HotelBest Western HotelSheraton Hotel 以及Comfort Inn等高级酒店他是在美华人中拥有国际品牌连锁酒店最多的企业家。林建中在纽约打造了50 栋大楼,其中30栋是酒店,而且中的维珍酒店与欧美一流酒店齐名。林建中先生告诉记者,他的下一个酒店地标是太空梭酒店,这是一个以高科技引领时尚生活方式的全新酒店。 他的梦想是在大湾区和马小秋主席一起携手,用全球资金,一起完成酒店梦!


    羽西品牌的创始人、著名电视节目主持人、畅销书作家靳羽西女士也为服务中心的成立发来祝福。靳羽西女士, 她被大家亲切的称为 国民女神 她是改革开放后第一个促进东西方文化交流的使者; 她是第一个创立适合中国人肌肤的羽西口红, 既有本土化又有国际范儿的全球品牌, 被西方媒体称一支口红改变国色时尚达人; 她是第一个把慈善公益概念带入中国的社会活动家和慈善家。在过去三年疫情肆虐期间, 纽约到夏威夷,都能看到靳羽西带头捐款捐物的身影; 对仇恨亚裔 Anti-Asian Hate Crime 的大游行中, 靳羽西总是身先士卒,用她特有的软实力认真的聆听、思考、回答, 让人情同手足, 肃然起敬!






尊敬的马主席和马氏盛族集团的朋友们,我在此祝贺马女士成为大湾区企业服务中心的会长。粤港澳大湾区是世界上第四大湾区,发展前景必然会像其他三个湾区一样成为推动全球经济发展的一个极其重要的增长支柱,成为引领和塑造技术变革的领导者。马主席,您的智慧、您的眼光您的用心, 一定会引领湾区企业登上世界舞台的重要位置。


家庭电影奖的执行制片人之一、美国华宇中国(DYF ENTERTAINMENTCEO锦声博士则在她奋斗了30多年的华尔街录制了一段视频祝福:







Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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