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America China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
America China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce

Minority Grassroots Think-Tank

Proposes The USA-Mexico Border Wall Crisis Solution

And Write

An Open Letter To President, Speaker of the House & Leaders of Senators

Serious differences between the US Democratic and Republican parties in the establishment of the wall on the US-Mexico border have caused a state of emergency for the US government.

How much is the loss caused by the disharmony between Congress and the White House? And look at the expert's data:

Goldman Sachs had predicted that the US government would reduce the real GDP growth rate by 0.2 percentage points per week for one week. After the US government shut down in October 2013, the rating agency Standard & Poor’s said that the US government shutdown caused at least $24 billion in US economic losses.

The US government’s “closed door” has caused great damage to the US economy: from the scale of the loss, the analysis given by Standard & Poor’s at the end of 2017 is that the government closes the door to US economic growth each day. A loss of $6.5 billion.

In October 2013, the US government shutdown lasted for 16 days, which caused the GDP growth rate to slow by 0.2% to 0.6%, and the direct economic output loss was $2 billion to $6 billion. Dollar. Investment banks and analysts believe that the longer the “closed door” time, the greater the economic losses.

Kevin Hassett, Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, believes that for every two weeks of government shutdown, US economic output will fall by about 0.1%. JPMorgan Chase expects that the US annualized economic growth rate will decrease by 0.2 percentage points per week during the US government's closure. Due to the government shutdown, the US Department of Agriculture, the Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis have all indicated that they will not update the data until the government funds are in place.

Economic indicators including retail sales reports, GDP and durable goods sales data will be discontinued during the shutdown; and data reports on factory orders, construction expenses and new home sales have also missed the release date. As information was delayed, investors’ uneasiness was amplified, exacerbating capital market turmoil, and the loss of Wall Street stocks was even more uncalculated!

Due to the impact of some of the SEC's copywriting work, corporate listings were also forced to postpone. According to data from Market Watch in the United States, although 167 companies have publicly announced their intention to go public, it is expected that there will be no IPO in the coming weeks. In addition, taxpayers may not be able to receive tax refunds because most of the federal employees responsible for processing tax refunds are at home, and more than $140 billion in tax refund funds are at risk of being frozen or postponed.

Of the 800,000 federal government employees affected by the shutdown, about 420,000 people in law enforcement, security, and firefighting positions were forced to work without pay, while others were given compulsory time off. More and more federal government employees and contractors say they are unable to pay rent, repay credit card bills and loans, etc.

On January 16, 2019, at the office of the China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce in Flushing, New York, several leaders from civil society who are very active in community and public welfare met.

Cao Shenghua, founder of the International Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the World Harmony Foundation, Frank Liu,Liu Wei, Chairman of the China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, Li Qiang, and Co-Chairman of the China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, Zheng Shigan,Co-Chairman of the China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, and Frank Garcia, President of
the Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

These leaders all unanimously supported a third solution of the "US-Mexico Border" wall, which was first created by Cao Shenghua, the founding chairman of the China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce: "The US-Mexico Border Sustainable Development Industrial Zone", suggesting thatthe president & congress all agree to build up an invisible wall, which is an invisible harmonious economic wall in the U.S.A and Mexico,
called USA Economic Harmony Zone"

There are many obvious benefits to this proposal, the most important of which are:

1.    encourage the inclusion of the private economy and enterprises of the countries of the world in North America;

2.    buffering the border smuggling of the US-Mexico border and humanized border management through points of legal entry, acknowledged as the places where illicit drugs enter the US;

3.    while developing border commerce and trade, we will utilize those areas on the US-Mexico border where there is no environmental impact to wildlife to establish a new economic industry with garbage recycling and reuse, to handle garbage quickly and reasonably;

4.    the formation of a new economic industry based on the huge waste recycling of 48 States in the United States will create a market scale of billions of dollars for the border where the wall has not yet been built.

5.    in order to adapt to the garbage ban that came into effect on January 1, 2019 in China, US States will need to spend years and large investments to expand their own garbage disposal facilities, while we will promote recycling;

6.    the manufacturing industry, scientific and technological agriculture, similar to the development of the City of Knowledge along the Panama Canal, and labor-intensive industries of renewable resources thus developed will drive the overall development of relevant industrial chains throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean.

7.    the enterprises in the "US-Mexico Special Economic Zone" will provide financial support for the construction of the INVISIBLE border wall and end the stalemate between the two political parties;

8.    municipalities will also invite the private sector to submit bids on industries that would be suitable for development along the invisible wall, similar to the bids for the Olympics – competition fees would be non-refundable and help to build infrastructure.

Therefore, an open letter to the President and all Congressional representatives will ask for both sides to promote harmony as soon as possible and to concentrate on the harmony between the US economy and the United States
 through this special economic zone.

The grassroots think tank brings the voice of the people: to build a greater "wall": special economic zones! An invisible wall which is better than the original planned wall: "Made in the United States, more employment, USA exports, stop smuggling, economic prosperity, sustainable development"

America China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
2019 人民给美国政府的新年礼物:  





   请国会网络电视台主席Lester  Wolff  转:  


   众议院议长Nancy  Pelosi  阁下,

   参议院领袖们  Leaders  of  the  Senate阁下,

         我们很高兴的看到,  2018/12/31纽约时报广场跨年之夜的新年水晶球主题是“和谐之礼”!    

       是的,  世界需要和谐,  美国必须和谐,人民更要和谐!

    众所周知,  由于美墨边境墙的拨款争议,联邦政府关门,为了美国的和谐,

我们在 2018  迎新年之夜,向总统与二会提出建设性的方案,促政府与国会、

民 主党与共和党和谐相处,在政府在2019新年可以开门大吉!我们的建议,有助


的 建议应该是最佳的和谐方案:

   我们建议:  民主、共和两党放弃无休止的争议,携手和谐合作共推:  





 中美两国同意在激烈贸易战中停火,包括明年1月1日起不会调高关税。   二、








展需要 中国的市场、中国的发展需要与美国紧密的合作。


并希望两党 一起来推动这一使两党和谐双赢的建议能得以落实。  




   二、缓冲美墨边境死亡偷渡、人性化边境管理;   三、在发展边境商贸的同时,充分利用美墨边境3千多公里长的荒原地带

,建立 庞大的垃圾回收再生、再使用为龙头的新的经济产业

,快速、合理地处理垃圾。 形成以美国本土48个州的庞大的垃圾回收再生、



将为3169公里长的边境线创造出数千亿美元的市场 规模,


迈阿密一样的新兴 现代繁华大都市。

(具体内容请看建议全文)   四、


将需要花数年时间 与投资来扩大自己的垃圾处理设施,

而我们要推动的特区垃圾回收再生、再使用 为主体的新经济产业,

将快速的、合理的解决这些难题。   五、





丁美洲和加勒比地区国家的影响力。《特区》可以促进和帮助拉美国家和加勒比 海地区国家发展多种经济。   六、将有效的解决为躲避纷乱和贫穷,大批洪都拉斯民众拖家带口,穿越丛林, 取道危地马拉和墨西哥,希望逃到美国寻求庇护的大批难民潮问题。(目前的短 期方案是“申请美国庇护之前留在墨西哥”,而我们的方案是长期的方案。   美国总统特朗普2018年11月23日说:“搞定边境,一劳永逸,现在!”而 我们的方案可以使总统的愿望得以实现。  

七、《美墨边境经济特区》中的企业将为建边境墙提供财政支持,缓解两党为建 墙拨款的争执。

八、把有形的墙建成意义极高的边境墙,而特区本身将成为最坚固的无形之墙。  目前我们已经 设计了以北美洲“新五月花号”的蓝图,推动各国企业家与中 国私营企业家到美墨边境投资建厂,首先开发以再生资源为主体、以互联网大数 据分析追踪的垃圾加工、回收、制造、再使用系列产品的新兴项目

发起人:Victor  Cao曹胜华/中华丝绸之路总商会主席  

Frank  Liu  刘藩/中华丝绸总商会共同主席


  Lester  Wolff/前国会资深百岁议员 |

  Suzi  Leggett/前国会议长助理


中华丝绸之路总商会     2019年1月1日


America China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce


Some American private think tanks gives an open letter

To the White House and Congress which is to Initiate

"US-Mexico Special Economic Zone"


New Year's Day Gift from the people to the US government in 2019




"Harmony Program may Lets the US Government Grand Open In 2019"

Some American private think tanks gives an open letter to the White House and Congress which is  "US-Mexico Special Economic Zone"

Is the best Harmonious Solution to the dispute for the US and Mexico border walls

请国会网络电视台主席Lester Wolff 转:

Please Ask Congressman Lester Wolff, President of Ask Congress TV Transter To



众议院议长Nancy Pelosi 阁下,

参议院领袖们 Leaders of the Senate阁下,

His Excellency President Trump,

Lord Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives,

The leader of the Senate, Lord Leaders of the Senate,


我们很高兴的看到, 2018/12/31纽约时报广场跨年之夜的新年水晶球主题是“和谐之礼”!是的, 世界需要和谐, 美国必须和谐,人民更要和谐!

We are very happy to see that the theme of the New Year crystal ball on New Year's Eve at the Times Square is " The Gift of Harmony"! Yes, the world needs harmony, the United States must be harmonious, and the people much needed harmonious!

众所周知, 由于美墨边境墙的拨款争议,联邦政府关门,为了美国的和谐,我们在2018 迎新年之日,向总统与二会提出建设性的方案,促政府与国会、民主党与共和党和谐相处,希望政府在2019新年可以开门大吉!我们的建议,有助于美国继续伟大、有助于停止两党的争端、有助于避免政府停摆,我们的建议应该是最佳的和谐方案:

As we all know, due to the dispute over the appropriation of the US-Mexico border wall, the federal government closed the door. For the harmony of the United States, we celebrated the New Year’s Eve in 2018 and proposed a constructive plan to the President and the two houses to promote harmony between the government and the Congress, between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  So that In the 2019 New Year, the government can re-open the door!  Our recommendations will help the United States continue to be great, help stop the dispute between the two parties, and help avoid government closures. Our proposal should be the best harmony solution plan:


我们建议: 民主、共和两党放弃无休止的争议,携手和谐合作共推:


We suggest that the Democratic and Republican parties give up the endless controversy and work together in harmony and cooperation to promote:

"US-Mexico Special Economic Zone"


The background of our suggestion for this project is:



1. On December 1, 2018,

After US President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping held the G20 head of states high-level talks in Argentina, China and the United States agreed to a ceasefire in the fierce trade war, including starting tariffs on January 1 next year.



2.  On December 22, 2018, due to the stalemate in the negotiations surrounding the US-Mexico border wall allocation, some of the US government's institutions were closed, and the lockout may last until January or even longer!



3. On January 1, 2019, China completely banned foreign garbage!



4. At the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, the frictions and conflicts between China and the United States have reached the peak of 40 years. In order to avoid the deterioration of Sino-US relations, our former members of parliament, former congressional staff, and Chinese Americans, who are important civil powers in Sino-US economic and trade exchanges, are willing to do their utmost to show wisdom. Advising the United States on its continued greatness and paving the way for China to strengthen economic cooperation with the United States. Because the development of the United States requires China's market, China's development needs close cooperation with the United States.



Here, we propose to the US government and the Congress to establish the "US-Mexico Special Economic Zone", and hope that the two parties will work together to promote this proposal to make the two parties harmonious and win-win.


There are many obvious benefits to this proposal, the most important of which are:



1. Encourage the investment to North America, including the private economy and private enterprises from the world, first and foremost from China;



2,  Buffering the border smuggling of the US-Mexico border and humanized border management;



Third, while developing border commerce and trade, make full use of the 3,000-kilometer-long wilderness zone on the US-Mexico border, and establish a huge new economic industry with garbage recycling and reuse as the leader, and deal with garbage quickly and reasonably. The formation of a new economic industry based on the huge waste recycling, recycling and reuse of 48 states in the United States, and the derivation of the industrial chain on this basis, will create a market scale of hundreds of billions of dollars for the 3,169-kilometer-long border. With hundreds of thousands of jobs, the region will have emerging modern and bustling metropolises like Las Vegas and Miami. (Please read our refer to the full text of the proposal for details)



4. In order to adapt to the garbage ban that came into effect on January 1, 2019, the US states will need to spend years and investment to expand their own garbage disposal facilities, and we will promote the recycling and recycling of the SAR as the main body. The economic industry zone will solve these problems quickly and reasonably.



5. The manufacturing industry, science and technology agriculture, and labor-intensive industries of renewable resources developed by the SAR will drive the overall development of relevant industrial chains throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean. At the same time, it can also strengthen the influence of the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean. The SAR can promote and help Latin American countries and countries in the Caribbean to develop multiple economies.




6. Effective solutions to avoid chaos and poverty, a large number of Honduran people dragged their families to the mountain, through the jungle, through Guatemala and Mexico, hoping to escape to the United States to seek asylum in a large number of refugees. (The current short-term plan is to stay in Mexico before applying for US asylum, and our program is a long-term solution.

US President Trump said on November 23, 2018: "Settle the border, once and forever, Start now!" And our plan can make the president's wishes come true.



7. The enterprises in the "US-Mexico Special Economic Zone" will provide financial support for the construction of the border wall and ease the dispute between the two parties for the construction of the wall.




8. The tangible wall will be built into a highly meaningful invisible border wall, and the SAR itself will become the strongest invisible wall.

At present, we have designed a blueprint as the “New Mayflower” in North America to promote entrepreneurs and Chinese private entrepreneurs to invest in the US-Mexico border. First, we will develop renewable resources as the mainstay and track it with Internet big data analysis. Emerging projects in the processing, recycling, manufacturing and reuse of waste products.


我们诚恳的希望我们的信能够通过百岁资深前议员、中美建交功臣Lester Wolff递交到川普总统、两会首脑的手上,期望在13号政府与二会上班后能够认真的讨论我们的建议, 成为一个能让“美国和谐、两党和谐、美墨和谐、美国与世界都经济发展的和谐议案”!

We sincerely hope that our letter can be submitted to the President of Trump and the heads of the two housesthrough the 100-year-old senior former member of Parliament who also is the Chinese and American diplomatic relations leader contributor Congressman Lester Wolff. Hope After the government and the two houses come to work on January 3, they can seriously discuss our suggestion which can become a harmonious motion that can make the United States harmonious, the harmony between the two parties, the harmony between the United States and benefit the economic development of the United States and the world!



Victor Cao曹胜华/中华丝绸之路总商会主席

Frank Liu 刘藩/中华丝绸总商会共同主席/世界和谐基金会主席

Initiators Victor Cao CaoShenghua/Founder &Chairman of the China Silk

Road Chamber of Commerce

Frank Liu / Co-Chairman of China Silk Chamber of CommerceChairman of

World Harmony Foundation (WHF)



Lester Wolff/前国会资深百岁议员

Suzi Leggett/前国会议长助理


Lester Wolff / Former congressional senior centenarian

Suzi Leggett/Chief staff of the former speaker of the house

China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce


China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
China Silk Road Chamber of Commerce

Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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