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World Harmony Foundation-UN Charter
united Nations charter

The World Harmony Foundation (WHF)

advocates that the

UN Charter should be updated to reflect the new necessities

of a Covid Pandemic World


An Public open letter from (WHF)
 to the Secretary-General of the UN, the President of the General Assembly and the President of the Security Council


Your Excellency, Antonia Guterres,
Secretary-General of the United Nations

Your Excellency Titani Muhammad-Bende,
President of the UN General Assembly

Your Excellency Nicolas de Riviere ,
President of the UN Security Council


   June 26, 2020 is the UN Charter Day.

 History records the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the world’s largest international organization. Turning a page of history. The UN has contributed to the coordination of 193 member states’ for the peace, harmony, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and sustainable development goals. No!  Developed countries in the east and west have assumed different responsibilities in promoting the goals of the United Nations at different times.

    The United Nations and the Charter of the UN are the basic laws of the United Nations. It not only establishes the purposes, principles and organizational structure of the United Nations, but also stipulates the responsibilities, rights and obligations of member states, as well as handling international relations and maintaining world peace and security. Basic principles and methods. At the United Nations International Organizations Meeting held in San Francisco from April 25 to June 26, 1945, representatives of 50 countries drafted the Charter of the United Nations. Finally, 51 countries signed the Charter. After most other signatories approved the Charter, the United Nations was formally established on October 24, 1945, and October 2020 was the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

        The Charter was confirmed in the era of the Second World War with artillery fire, and that time United Nations was born! In the beginning of 2020, there was a silent and smoke-free "New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic War" in which 193 countries were almost infringed. The continued epidemic has dragged down the world economy and brought catastrophic hardship to people. Hundreds of millions of people suffer from diseases and survive in misery. This new coronavirus war is actually a smoke-free "third world wars". This is a global public health war. There are more people who might die more than the world war! In this form, the world have to be harmoniously and unite to fight against the new enemy of humanity, which is the "new corona pneumonia virus" under the call of the United Nations and together to Destroy this invisible enemy! But what is strange is that today, when the world is in a situation of SOS crisis, some big powers are still fighting each other, are still in an arms race, are still dumping each other, and continue to trade wars, the two parties in the United States are fighting, The black-and-white contradiction intensified and the parade smashed.

 As human beings reach today, countries should have been harmonious and concentrate their resources and use resources on against the common enemy "new corona pneumonia." Unfortunately, many countries are still consumed internally.

 Let's take a look at these data:
1) According to reports, the finance loss data for both sides of the Sino-US trade war is about 500 billion losses.
 2) According to reports, the financial war losses of various countries are: After the Sino-US financial war, the US dollar plunged! The de-dollarization of various countries will undoubtedly pose a serious challenge to the long-term development of the US economy by maintaining a huge deficit in debt issuance. The data shows that as of the beginning of 2020, the total amount of US Treasury bonds has far exceeded 23 trillion.
 3) How much did the United States, the Soviet Union, and China spend on the arms race? After the arms race between Russia and the United States, the economy was dragged down. The US defense budget for 2020 is close to US$750 billion, which is 15 times higher than that of Russia. China is about US$177.6 billion.
4) The heavy gold of nuclear warheads manufactured by nuclear countries is even more amazing. According to the cost budget of the United States to manufacture nuclear bombs, during the 50 years from 1940 to 1996, the United States spent US$ 5.48 trillion on nuclear weapons. If the cost of nuclear weapons follow-up maintaining is included, the total amount exceeds US$5.8 trillion.

 From the above data, it can be seen that if the money is used in education, scientific research, public health in various countries, prevention of epidemics, hunger, and poverty, what will be the results? The United Nations, is the world's largest charity organization, lacks 1 billion in funding yearly, and it is only one-tenth of the global military competition!

  From 2019 to 2020, the "epidemic warfare" further shows that the public safety of mankind requires the joint efforts of all countries. Viruses know no borders! Only when countries cooperate in epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention can it stop! Dumping each other's pots not only can't resist the epidemic, but also hinders it! The result of the fight is that they could have helped each other with masks and other medical supplies, and now it became the United States not to allow Chinese masks to be imported, and China is not happy to help the United States! The result is that the people die more!

 In 1945, the Charter of the United Nations had a trans-century idea, with the development and progress of the times. The new century, new ideas, and new forms should be adapted to the progress of modern human society. It can be seen from the outbreak of this epidemic: Humans depend on each other, humans must be in harmony, humans must help each other, and the world must be united! The concept of "Community of Human Destiny" in 2017: "The universe has only one earth, and mankind has a home". Many resolutions have been adopted at the UN General Assembly. This universal concept fully meets the needs of people's livelihood and is a declaration of progress of the times. The world must be harmonious and harmonious in order for humanity to eradicate the epidemic and make people safer!

 Therefore, on today, June 26, 2020, on the 75th Charter Day of the United Nations, we propose to the 193 Member States of the United Nations, to the United Nations Secretariat, to the United Nations General Assembly and to the United Nations Security Council:

 1) We are all citizens of a global village. From the outbreak, we have seen the inclusion of the UN resolution of "Community of Human Destiny" in the UN Charter;

2)  Advocate "Medical Without Borders, Health Without Borders", when the epidemic occurs, any country in conflict must stop war, stop sanctions, and cooperate to deal with the epidemic and disaster first;

3In response to the UN Secretary-General’s initiative to embrace blockchain, promote digital technology and the digital economy, and develop the digital earth: use digital technology and digital finance to help developing countries’ economic development and poverty alleviation and save the UN financial crisis, and promote the UN’s sustainable development goals.

 Human history tells us that people live for two purposes: 1) eat, live, travel, and happiness: which is, to have a good economic development, to get rid of poverty and become rich 2) to be safe: healthy and free from disasters. The predecessors made a series of harmonious and civilized measures and efforts. We do not want the imbalance of inflation caused by material civilization, nor the backward and inferior performance of spiritual civilization. The continuous advancement and development of mankind depends on the harmonious coexistence of all mankind, the improvement of the human civilization index, the realization of the community of human destiny, and the struggle for the safety, happiness, and sustainable development of the seven billion people in the world. It is the goal of the United Nations and governments.

 Remembrance of the ancestors of human safety culture has continuously created the footprint of civilization, how many people have paid immortal wisdom and life. Today, no matter what continent or country, mankind has a heavy responsibility and an obligation to lead the citizens of a country to the path of justice, and civilization, and jointly safeguard world peace.

 4) Today on the 26th of June, seventy-five years ago, the sponsoring nations established the Charter of the United Nations to maintain peace, eradicate poverty, and develop the economy. The United Nations was established on October 24, along the way, from the Universal Declaration of Security ", "United Nations Millennium Goals", "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" and "Community of Human Destiny" all reflect the importance of humanity must be harmonious, countries must be responsible, and human being must be united.

 Expecting the Secretary-General, the President of the General Assembly, and the Security Council to consider our proposals and put forward this supplementary charter proposal at the United Nations Summit in September, hoping to be voted through by 193 Member States of the United Nations and get approved.

 Advocate: Mr. Liu Fan (Frank Liu),

Chairman of the World Harmony Foundation (WHF)
Spokesperson for the "Global Forum" of the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs

Advocate: Mr. Richard Jordan

Founder & Co-CEO of World Harmony Foundation (WHF)
and president of Concern Citizen Foundation

 Advocate: Ms. Jeanmarie Nicole Edwards
CEO of World Harmony Foundation (WHF) & president of J & F Int’l Enterprise.

Advocate: Mr. Anfu
Founder of Chinese Safe Culture Theory Research Institute.
Secretary General of the Safe Culture Committee of the (WHF).


Supporters: ( 支持者)


Hon. Congressman Lester Wolff/Honorary Chairman of WHF
 & former Ambassador of USA Mission to the United Nations & Chairman of Asia Affairs for US Congress , New York.

Hon. Countess Tatiana Bobrinskoy, the Grand Chancellor of the lustrous Orde and /Honorary Chairwoman of WHF, New York

Frank Liu/Founder and CEO of WHF
 and Spokesperson for UNDESA Global Forum, New York

Jeanmarie Nicole Edwards/Co-CEO of WHF
 and President of J & F Enterprise, LLC, New York

Alfredo Jefferson/Co-Chairman of WHF for South America
 & adviser to UNDP, Peru Mama

Rina/Co-Chairwoman of WHF for Africa
& Chairwoman of Mama Rina foundation, Gahanna

Jonathan Sun/Co-Chairman of WHF for West Coast
 and Chairman of Sun Group, LLC

Hongseng Le/Senior Adviser for WHF Strategy

Jason Qin/Senior Adviser of WHF for business networks and AMTV president

Haofeng Liu/Senior Adviser of WHF for Peace and Harmony theory

Harmony Liu/President of WHF Youth Committee

Mia Xu/Secretary General of WHF Youth Committee

Gerard Mc Keon /Senior Media Adviser for WHF Global

Yen Chou/Adviser of WHF,
Director of Asia Affairs for New York Congress, New York

Bo Xiang Chen/Adviser of WHF,  
President of Student Parents Association of New York

Gorden Tapper/Senior adviser for WHF events, New Jersey

Alan Sands/adviser for WHF in NGO activity

Geoge Chang/Adviser for WHF in IT technology

Ugoji Eze/Senior adviser for NGO affairs for WHF, New Jersey

You Yanzi/Singer and Harmony Star of WHF, China

Jackson Wang/Dancer as Michael Jackson and Harmony Star of WHF China

frank liu, lester wolff
Frank Liu/Founder and CEO of WHF
 and Spokesperson for UNDESA Global Forum, New York
Hon. Congressman Lester Wolff/Honorary Chairman of WHF
 & former Ambassador of USA Mission to the United Nations
 & Chairman of Asia Affairs for US Congress , New York.
richard Giordon, frna liu

Mr. Richard Jordan , Founder & Co-CEO of World Harmony Foundation (WHF)
and president of Concern Citizen Foundation

Frank Liu/Founder and CEO of WHF
 and Spokesperson for UNDESA Global Forum, New York

Mr. Anfu
Founder of Chinese Safe Culture Theory Research Institute.
Secretary General of the Safe Culture Committee of the (WHF).
jeanmarie nicole edwards, tatiana bobrinskoy
Ms. Jeanmarie Nicole Edwards
CEO of World Harmony Foundation (WHF) & president of J & F Int’l Enterprise.
Hon. Countess Tatiana Bobrinskoy, the Grand Chancellor of the lustrous Orde
and /Honorary Chairwoman of WHF, New York



 626日,联合国秘书长古特雷斯今天在纪念《联合国宪章》诞生75周年的在线纪念仪式上表示,这一奠基性的历史性文件给一个处在废墟之上的世界带来了规则和希望他指出,这是一个关系到我们共同的星球和共同的未来的关键时刻。这是一个采取行动、树立雄心和建立伙伴关系的时代 他表示,今天的包容性多边主义也需要民间社会、城市、私营部门和年轻人发出他们的重要声音,来塑造我们想要的世界。 同时,联合国大会74届会议主席班迪在纪念会上表示,《联合国宪章》的起草者敢于想象一个由和平与平等进行定义的更美好世界 他说:当我们朝着我们想要的未来和我们需要的联合国努力时,我们必须注重结果。我们现在比以往任何时候都更需要一个强大的联合国发展系统以及联合国和国际金融机构之间的有效合作 他指出,这是一个关系到我们共同的星球和共同的未来的关键时刻。这是一个采取行动、树立雄心和建立伙伴关系的时代


联合国环境规划署属下非政府组织“世界和谐基金会WHF”积极响应联合国秘书长与大会主席的号召,主席FRANK LIU指出:“75岁的联合国宪章在当今世界疫情蔓延、国家冲突、党派互斗、种族暴乱的特殊形式下,必需看到这个世界我们都是一个命运共同体,不论富贵贫穷、不论是首脑名人还是平民百姓,肺炎病毒都一样让人中招!我们非政府组织必须联盟各界采取行动!呼吁75岁的《联合国宪章》应该补充新3点新内容。该行动得到了许多非政府组织的支持!
































1      我们都是一个地球村的公民,从疫情就可以看到把《人类命运共同体》的联合国决议列入联合国宪章的重要性;




3      响应联合国秘书长倡导拥抱区块链、促进数字技术与数字经济、发展数字地球:通过数字技术、数字金融帮助发展中国家经济发展与扶贫及挽救联合国财务危机,推动联合国可持续发展目标。


人类历史告诉我们,人就是为二个目标而活着:1)吃、住、行、幸福:也就是要经济发展的好,要脱贫致富  2)安全:健康、无灾。前人做出了一系列和谐文明的举措与努力。我们不要物质文明引起的膨胀失衡,不要精神文明倒退低质的表现。人类在不断推进与发展,是靠全人类和谐智慧共存,提高人类文明指数,实现人类命运共同体,为世界七十亿人民的安全、幸福、可持续发展而奋斗,是联合国与各国政府的目标。





4      七十五年前的626日的今天,各发起国为维护和平、消除贫困、发展经济而确立了《联合国宪章》,在1024日成立了联合国,一路走来,从《普遍安全宣言》、《联合国千年目标》、《联合国可持续发展目标》《人类命运共同体》无不体现出人类必须和谐、各国必须担当、人类必须大同的重要性。















倡导者:Jeanmarie Nicole Edwards



倡导者:Richard Jordan





本媒体特邀记者626 于纽约





Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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