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Presidents Day: The History of Chinese Americans
The History of Chinese Americans

is American History:

Inclusion and Contribution

Courtesy of Pacific Finance

Presidents Day 2023


The third Monday in February every year is
 Presidents' Day in the United States,
which is one of the 10 statutory holidays.

 Every year on this day, Americans use some special ways to review history
 and build on the past.
On President's Day, Pacific Finance and Economics,
 wrote a special article on the achievements
 of three outstanding Chinese.
Jason Lamb, Weiwei Goa, John Lamb
Jason Lam 
of the American Federation of Chinese and Overseas Chinese, 
Gao Weiwei, 
the host of "Weiwei Lai", 
and John Lam, 
of the American Hotel and Real Estate Chamber of Commerce


Jason Lam, : 
Constructing the Overseas Chinese Museum 
 connecting  the footprints of history


Lin Jianxin, Chairman of the American Federation of Overseas Chinese
Jason Lam, 
Chairman of the American Federation of Overseas Chinese
The number of Chinese immigrants in the United States 
has been increasing for hundreds of years, 
dating back to only 4,000 in 1850, and now there are more than 
5 million Chinese immigrants in the United States. 
In order to record the stories of Chinese immigrants, 
Lin Jianxin, chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation
 in the United States,
 led the construction of the Overseas Chinese Museum 
by the Federation of Overseas Chinese in the United States. 
This is a museum located 
in the Northeast District of Philadelphia, USA. 
By displaying the immigration history of the United States 
over the past century 
and the major historical events that have occurred since 
the founding of the United States
 it allows more overseas Chinese to further understand 
the similarities
 and differences between Chinese and American cultures,
 and promotes cultural exchanges and mutual learning between
and the United States.
Lin Jianxin said: "Chinese people have always attached importance
 to historical records,
 and the steady inheritance of Chinese culture for 5,000 years 
also stems from this. 
The number of Chinese immigrants in the United States 
has reached a large scale,
 and the immigration time has reached a span.
 There are enough materials and deeds waiting for 
interested people to discover. 
As a Chinese, 
it is very meaningful to record this period of history 
and use it as a fragment to join
the Chinese history that is being written."


Overseas Chinese Museum
Overseas Chinese Museum
Overseas Chinese Museum
Overseas Chinese Museum
Jason Lam, said that he is well aware of the difficulties 
in the operation of the museum, 
and will adopt various management methods to revitalize the museum.
 For example, there are many Chinese American associations,
 many of which have a history of more than 100 years.
 Each association can collect information and hold
 an exhibition on the history 
of the association in the museum.
 Also, the museum has ample public space, 
which can be used as a venue for receptions and meetings of 
various associations and Chinese schools. 
Jason Lam, is also eager to welcome more people 
with lofty ideals to cooperate 
and discuss how to pass on Chinese history in the United States.
As a Chinese entrepreneur who has immigrated 
to the United States over 20 years ago,.
Jason Lam,  mentioned: 
"I spent five years laying the foundation in the United States,
 establishing personal connections, resource sharing 
and project docking across the United States,
 and establishing a platform for cooperation among Chinese
 across the United States.
In 2023,
 I hope to create one or two national or even global chain brands
 in the United States to bring glory to the Chinese.”


John Lam:
The Hotel King Demonstrates Chinese Influence


America Hotel Owners Charitable Association Gala
Mr. John Lam, 
Chairman of American Hotel Real Estate Chamber of Commerce 

America Hotel Owners Charitable Association Gala

Vivian Huo, Grace King, Dr. Jeannie Yi , lester chang, John Lam
Vivian Huo, Grace King, Dr. Jeannie Yi , 
Assemblyman Lester Chang, John Lam.

WABC  Celebrates Lunar New Year
Virgin Hotel, NYC
Virgin Hotel, NYC
virgin hotel, nyc
Virgin Hotel, NYC
 John Lam, Robert Haddock, Gerard Mc Keon
John Lam , 
chairman of the Lam Group, owns hotels including Hilton Hotel,
 Cheleas Grand Hotel, Best Western Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, and Comfort Inn
—he is the entrepreneur who owns the most international brand hotel chains
 among Chinese Americans. 
 John Lam, built the latest hotel landmark in Manhattan, 
and his partners include the famous British brand -
 Virgin (British Airways Group). 
His success in the hotel industry has made people look at the contribution 
of the Chinese to the United States.
Mr. John Lam  is also the chairman 
of the American Hotel and Real Estate Chamber of Commerce.
 This is a professional chamber of commerce that gathers 
real estate, finance, construction and catering industries. 
It also gathers the power of Chinese in all walks of life in the United States 
and greatly expands the influence of Chinese in the hotel industry. 
. This year, Mr. Lin Jianzhong led the Chinese people 
and made several appearances in the American media, 
including activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year and seminars
 against hatred of Chinese Americans. 
 John Lam,  
is also an advisor to the chairman of the Guangdong-
Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.
 The chairman of the chamber of commerce is Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu, 
Chairman of the famous Chinese entrepreneur Ma Group.


Gao Weiwei,
President of MGM Media: 
Reporting community culture 
and Celebrates the Chinese Community


Gao Weiwei
Gao Weiwei reports on how Americans use private jets
Gao Weiwei, founder of American V TV, president of MGM Media, 
host of "Wei Wei Lai" program;
 has been engaged in the media industry in the United States for 20 years,
 and has worked as a reporter, producer, host, and event marketing planner etc.; 
successively rated as one of the top ten blogs of Sina and Netease. 
So far, the online reading traffic has exceeded 450 million in 2020. 
She is the author of 
"Looking Highly at the United States",
 "Chinese Bosses in New York", 
and "Speaking of America"
 And other books, videos, articles and books have been reprinted
 and adopted by major media.
Family Film Awards Celebration Dinner, Gao Weiwei
Family Film Awards Celebration Dinner
Gao Weiwei
Gao Weiwei
At the beginning of the epidemic,

 "Gao Weiwei: American Epidemic Diary" was launched,

sticking to the front line of the epidemic to convey the most authentic American epidemic situation to the audience.

The content of the program was adopted by CCTV news many times, which is the best point for China to look at the United States.

The most precious thing is that Gao Weiwei is humble, sincere and has friends all over the world.

 She always treats the affairs of the Chinese community as her own family affairs, doing her best to interview, report and match their business needs.

It can be said: Without Gao Weiwei, the Chinese community in the United States would be much cooler!

Americans will also misunderstand more about the Chinese community!

Gao Weiwei has very active accounts on
YouTube, Facebook, American Chinese Network, Sina, Weibo,
Tencent, Jinri Toutiao,
Gao Weiwei
Gao Weiwei reports the video of Chinese community activities
There are more than 5 million overseas Chinese in the United States.
 When Sino-US relations are in adversity due to various reasons,
 they are all doing their best. They are in the United States, 
cherish their hometown, the roots of their homeland, 
and the integration of the United States. 
The never-say-die Chinese spirit is highly respected by Pacific Finance!


Lin Jianxin, Dr. Jeannie Yi

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