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Black Tie International Magazine:Wellness
Dr. Jeannie Yi introduces NNS Life Water to the media


 NNS Life Water


Dr. Jeannie Yi
 NNS Life Water
to the media


The core of this theory “natural killer cell” is that we live in bacteria, and there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, which is common sense; the problem is how to let the good bacteria grow, inhibit and fight against the bad bacteria, like the Chinese principle of "promote good and suppress evil". Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant is not only a matter of health, but also a matter of life philosophy. Dr. Jerry switched from nuclear physics and space technology to chemistry and biotechnology in the 1960's. For him, this change in discipline was not just a shift in interest, but a recognition that understanding one's own body is as important as understanding outer space.


"My father worked at NASA all his life and devoted his life to sending spacecraft into outer space until he died. That doesn't mean I have to follow in my father's footsteps. Star Wars are as important as Cell Wars",
said by Dr. Jerry when I interviewed him
at the Tennessee Cancer Institute.

 The name of Dr. Jerry is spread in American textbooks, but Dr. Jerry is also a rare "superstar" to meet in Hollywood where is full of legends.

Dr. Jerry was surrounded by others throughout the presentation. Dr. Evan Irwin, a famous American dentist with 50 dental clinics around him, respected Dr. Jerry and said sincerely,

"Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect, but ginger water irritates the mouth when swallowed, so my patients don't like to drink it. But NNS Water is a very warm water with a light fragrance of ginger and ginseng honey. I will introduce it to my patients as soon as it is available.
They will love it!"

And Hollywood streaming star Jeff, who has 132 million followers at the age of 31, volunteered: I'll be the spokesperson. Stylish, youthful, healthy, and energizing. He took a sip of water and humorously quoted the famous line from the Star Wars movies: May force be with you.

 He suddenly felt something wrong and said to the reporter :

 please delete this line, or Disney will come to hit me.

 Disney spent a fortune to buy Lucasfilm, just for this line.


Dr. Jerry said with a smile: May Natural Force be with you.




 NNS Life Water


 NNS Life Water


 NNS Life Water

Dr Jerry with three Doctors

 NNS Life Water

 好莱坞明星Jeff Kenny(左2)推介NNS纳米微粒营养水

Hollywood star Jeff Kenny (2nd from left) promotes NNS LifeWater

 NNS Life Water

 Indian Bollywood director and social activist,Bali

Dr. Paloma (86 years old), a renowned Philippine physician, and his beloved wife Mrs. Phillipine Viola (76 years old), , with Dr. Jeannie Yi


 NNS Life Water

Dr. Paloma (86 years old), a renowned Philippine physician, and his beloved wife Mrs. Phillipine Viola (76 years old), with Dr. Jeannie Yi



When I looked at the formula of the NNS water, I thought,

"Isn't this water the element of nature, and the power of nature,
 that infuses our lives?”

When I looked at Dr. Jerry, he was staring at the NNS water video with such a serious look in his eyes when no one was looking at him.

I couldn't help but take this picture and send it to Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu, the founder and chairman of MXQ LifeWater. Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu immediately understood the look and demeanor in Dr. Jerry's eyes and urged,

"We must not let this scientist down. The search for LifeWater and the path to health has not been easy to come by."

No, we won’t. President Ma, just take a look at the number of inquiries from India, Iran, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, Germany and the United States in the past five days about where to buy this water.

Some businesses have also sent emails directly to the company asking for orders. The California Business Times and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce have invited MXQ to join the Chamber of Commerce; Next Generation BEV in the U.S. has invited MXQ NNS Energy drinks to participate in the

 "Technology Innovation, Leading the Beverage Market"

ompetitive bidding hosted by Coca-Cola in November.


Our product is not yet live, and the insurance company is still negotiating the amount of coverage for our company, can we enter?

Dr. Jerry said,

"Go ahead.”


Then I filled out the form to register for the competition. First, I fill in the science and technology innovation and natural ingredients of the drink as follows:

NutraNanoSphere is a patented NaNo manufacturing technology that encapsulates pure natural energy drink ingredients, such as ginseng, curcumin and ginger, in fatty acid gels, making NaNo-fat globules less than 1200 times the diameter of a hair.

 This is the smallest molecule found in the world, which directly enters the bloodstream, where the nano-particle gels decompose and release the active ingredients for absorption by the body.

Studies have proven that the human body absorbs NaNo-ingredient fat globules 13 times more than other methods.

Products developed by NNS technology, and its formula is
powdered NaNo-component fat ball + pure water,
the specific ingredients are:

Ginger: 15 milligrams (mg) of ginger per milliliter (ml)
of the original syrup

Curcumin: 28 mg of curcumin per ml (ml) of the original syrup

Ginseng: 15 mg (mg) of Siberian ginseng per ml (ml)
of the original syrup

Vitamin C: 72 mg (mg) of vitamin C per ml (ml)
 of original syrup


Recommended dosage:

Adults: twice daily, that is, two bottles in the morning
 and two in the evening.


Oh, my life water, where are you?
After filling out the form, I wanted to drink water,
but it turns out I had to wait too!

Tonight I had to make a glass of American ginseng
 + dates + honey water and watch the game.

Because it is not the smallest molecule, not less than 1200 times the hair, just try to absorb it as much as possible!


 NNS Life Water

Ginseng, honey and red dates tea made by the author




To learn more about the Family Film Awards.
Please visit the official website of DYF Entertainment at

DYF Entertainment


joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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