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Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
jeannie yi, Ruth Jin, Ma Xiaoqiu, Annie Ma
Dr. Jeannie Yi, President of CG Media & Management Consulting,
Ruth Jin, Esq, The Jin Law Group
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
Non_Executive Director of China Investment Fund
Annie Ma, Chairwomen & Founding Partner, Ample Luck International Capital Group
Dr. Luguang Yang, We Mediland, CEO

Event Reporting: Black Tie China/ Gerard Mc Keon
Lecture Presented by
President Ma Xiaoqiu
at the
United Nations, NYC
Lecture Presented by President Ma Xiaoquiu
Lecture Presented by
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
markley a wilson, ma xiaoqiu,jeannie yi
Markly A. Wilson, Director International Marketing,
New York State Division of Tourism,

Kelly Wright, FOX News Anchor,
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
Dr. Jeannie Yi, President of CG Media & Management Consulting,
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
Kelly Wright, FOX News Anchor,,
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
Jin Li, CEO, Star Global Group
Jing Li
 Jing Li, CEO, Star Global Group
Mr. Kevin Yang, Chairman, Chinese Contemporary Art Foundation in the USA
Mr. Kevin Yang, Chairman, Chinese Contemporary Art Foundation in the USA
Dr. Jeannie Yi, President of CG Media & Management Consulting,
john Crutcher, annie Ma
John P Crutcher, The Jin Law Group,
Annie Ma, Chairwomen & Founding Partner, Ample Luck International Capital Group,
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group,
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
Dr. Jeannie Yi, President of CG Media & Management Consulting
ma xiaqiu lecture, Kelly Wright, FOX News Anchor
Kelly Wright, FOX News Anchor
donna yang, feng chen
Kelly Wright, FOX News Anchor,
Donna Yang, President, Global Channel TV
Feng Chen,
Redsquave, Yueming Qu
Redsquave, Yueming Qu
Gerard Mc Keon, Publisher, Black Tie China, Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingifeng Group,
Gerard Mc Keon, Publisher, Black Tie China,
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
Annie Ma, Ma Xiaoqiu
Annie Ma, Chairwomen & Founding Partner, Ample Luck International Capital Group, Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group
Yueming Qu, Dr. Luguang Yang, Carina Jiang
Yueming Qu, Dr. Luguang Yang, Carina Jiang
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Groupe
Lecture Presented by
Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder & President of Dingyifeng Group

Redefine Investment with Oriental wisdom

Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu, Founder and President of

Dingyifeng Group

ma Xiaoqiu

Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu

Founder and President of Ding Yifeng Group / Dean of Zen Tao Business School / Non-executive Director of the board of China Investment Fund International Holdings Limited /Deputy Chairman of Shenzhen Enterprise Association / Deputy Chairman of Shenzhen Investor Association/ Director of Guangdong Wanmingzi Charitable Foundation


Born in the “Land of Abundance”-Chengdu, Sichuan, Ma Xiaoqiu is an angel investor with excellent investment taste and wisdom. She studies Western philosophy, arts and Chinese medicine in the early years and has founded several research centers and companies in 1980s and 1990s. After her met with Sui Guangyi, she started to study traditional Chinese classic literature and research on Eastern traditional wisdoms in 1999 under his influence and has since dedicated her life to promote the traditional Chinese culture.


ma Xiaoqiu

The starting point of legendary career

In 2011, Ms.Ma Xiaoqiu founded Ding Yifeng Group together with Sui Guangyi. As a compassionate and thoughtful leader, she implements the principle of “selflessness, altruism,specialization, trustworthiness ” in Ding Yifeng and summarizes the leadership wisdom in Tao Te Ching as follows: “Nothing is done, there is something to be done, something is done together, nothing is wrong”. Within a short period of 7 yearsshe has made Ding Yifeng into an influential platform for ethical capital and culture. This platform is also one of the few platforms established based on traditional culture.


Ding Yifeng group's investment performance is amazing. According to the data disclosed by the Singapore registered accounting firm, Ding Yifeng's gold hedging yield in 2007 is 57.79%, 7 rounds of investment are carried out in the year, and 100% gain high profit. This result is far beyond the market level. Ding Yifeng has been established for 7 years. The company has never owed a penny to the customer. All of the clients of Ding Yifeng have received generous returns and the company has maintain a high reputation among all the partners. In the past 7 years, the turnover rate of the company has been kept below 5%. From the perspective of human resources, the company has a strong sense of belonging and cohesion. At present, Ding Yifeng branches has been found in nearly 100 countries and regions in China, Singapore, Australia, Britain and Canada. Recently, the New York branch is about to be established.

"Can you explain these sixteen words further?" I interviewed Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu at the Baccarat Hotel, a super deluxe hotel in New York, hoping to know how an enterprise could develop into a multinational company with 6 investment plates and 13 industries worth 50 billion RMB in a short period of 7 years.

"The greatest truths are the simplest." Ms. Ma did not sleep on the whole night. She just returned to the hotel from the TV program "Waiting for New York" and was very tired. However, when Ding Yifeng was mentioned, sleep immediately left her.

 “This is related to human nature and personal intelligence. A senior manager is smarter than most ordinary employees. For senior managers, my requirement for them is “nothing” . I know they can create for themselves. But ordinary employees are slightly less intelligent, and they will be required to do something – only by guiding their actions in their daily practice can they perform well. In the process of work, we must put harmony as our priority. Do nothing and everything is done.” She further explained: “In this way, complicated management is simplified. This is Ding Yifeng’s DNA—The greatest truths are the simplest.”

This is true. In today's globalization world, Ding Yifeng has more than 100 branches located in China and Southeast Asia. Currently the company is entering New York. How do you manage such a large number of companies? “The biggest risk to the company is moral hazard. The greatest risk to human beings is not to observe good faith.” Ms. Ma seems to have seen my mind and said: “ Tao Teh King is the principle. In every morning we read it , it restricts our lust and encourages us not to forget the good intentions of the early days."

Follow correct opinions or well-intentioned advice like water flowing swiftly and smoothly downward. Every day it brings us tremendous productivity and wealth.

In this way, in a short period of 7 years, the charitable and principle, honesty and tolerance in Chinese traditional culture made Ding Yifeng a platform of moral capital and moral culture with extensive influence. This platform is also a rare example of Chinese enterprises built on the basis of traditional culture.


Entrepreneurship: Each time the pain of failure brings you a thorough understanding.


To promote Chinese cultureMs Ma Xiaoqiu has traveled far and wide. She has been invited to give speech at the Peking University, the Asia Pacific Economic Leader Summit in Singapore, and the Global Youth Civilization Forum in Malaysia, and has been featured in official and mainstream media, such as CCTV, Guangming Daily, China Youth Paper, Shenzhen Tequ Newspaper, International Daily, the Singapore Female Leader of Singapore, China Press of Malaysia, NTV7,,,, and However, all of Ma Xiaoqiu’s success came from the lessons of blood and tears. Just like the fire phoenixes in western mythology, they were almost burned to death in the fire, and was snatched from the jaws of death.


"When I first started my business in 2011, I and Chairman Sui only had 1 million RMB. After half a year, our business did not meet expectations and we couldn't even pay salaries. It was the National Day of 2011, and employees had no money to go home for the holiday. One of the executive vice presidents who brought in 3 million funds began to threaten the company to pump out capital. At that time, there were more than 20 people in the company and everybody was disheartened. I think there is no way but to overcome it by myself. From each of my five bank cards I took 50,000 yuan and paid the wages to everyone. During that hard time, Chairman Sui and I worked 20 hours a day and only had two meals a day. He used to be a deputy mayor of a northern city and then resigned to be a Taoist. At that time the only thing he can help on the business is to open a class about Tao Teh King , but he is reluctant to charge for teaching others.In a lecture in Beijing, an entrepreneur admired chairman Sui and he would invest 6 million in the company. 6 million! When we returned to Shenzhen, the vice president had to be rough at a morning meeting and threatened the company to bailout. Sui accepted but with a condition: “You can bailout, but in accordance with the 3 years contract period, you can only quit after three months. Within three months, we pay you 20% interest. ”After three months, she quit with the principal and interest. The company develop better from that time. "

There are too many stories like this...Achievements are made by working, not by talking.

In seven years, What kind of achievement can a company make? This is what people are most curious about. What is Ding Yifeng's business model? How does the company gain profit ? According to Ding Yifeng Group website, Ding Yifeng has shown its vigorousness and has flourished by cultivating in six industrial fields: culture, gold, high technology, finance, investment banks and health.

ma Xiaoqiu


In the culture industry, the Ding Yifeng Group has set up many organizations, including Changbai Mountain Tianding Group, Zen Tao Business School, Zhichong Culture, the periodical Business Worldand the System of Tianhe Cultural Creativity Clubs.


Ding Yifeng predicts and invests in the gold field with its “Zen&I-Ching Investment Theory”. It has invested in Taung Gold International Limited, set up the branch company, Caiyitong Smart Gold Company, and also a gold hedging transaction center in Singapore. This year, Ding Yifeng has run five gold games, using the “Zen&I-Ching Investment Theory”, and each time the price trend of gold was correctly predicted and market opportunities were won successfully. At present, a full industry chain in gold has been formed in Ding Yifeng Group, combining exploration, mining, beneficiation, smelting, processing and marketing.



1. In high-tech industry, Ding Yifeng has taken an active role in developing CPU chips. The company supported the national key projects in the information industry, with capital operation, it comes to share holdings in Beijing Duosi Technical Service Co. Ltd., becoming the second largest shareholder of the company.


2. Ding Yifeng Group participated in the shares of Zhidao International (Holdings) Limited (Stock code: 01220) through its subsidiary Hong Kong Ding Yifeng International Holdings Group. The predecessor of Zhidao Internatinal is the Ocean Grand Holdings Limited which was registered in Burmuda on July 8, 1997 as a limited liability company. On May 25, 2012, the company name was changed into the current one. In the future, Zhidao International will focus on investment and development high technology of CPU and to build a world-famous full industrial chain of information security.


3. Smartac Group China Holdings Limited (Stock code: 00395.HK) is one of the holding companies of Ding Yifeng Group. It is one of the biggest Wifi operators, and also one of the leading online and offline O2O operators and big data operators.The predecessor of Smartac Group China Holdings Limited is Sino Dragon New Energy Holdings Limited which was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2002. And it has established strategic cooperation agreements with many top companies, including Cisco, Software, Ruckus, China Telecom, China Tietong, Alibaba Cloud. At present, it covers 11 provinces and 379 sites with user traffic of 2 billion per year.


In finance, Ding Yifeng has got involved in sunshine private funds and trust funds.


1. Sunshine private funds was in the top 10 list ( of stock strategy products of large private placement organizations from January to April, 2017. Ding Yifeng Private Fund listed the fourth nationwide and the first in Shenzhen in more than 30,000 funds.


2. On August 10, 2016, Ding Yifeng announced the issuance of its first fund product of the Tianhe series funds of Ding Yifeng, declaring its entry into the field of domestic security investment. By now, the Tianhe series funds have become a dark horse in the field of domestic security investment.


In investment bank field, Ding Yifeng Group acquired China Investment Fund International Holdings Limited and established 10 venture companies. China Investment Fund International Holdings Limited was an exempted limited company which was founded in 2001, registered in Cayman Islands, and listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 1, 2002. Its original office address was IFC (International Finance Center) in Hong Kong and was moved to ICC (International Commerce Center) on May 4, 2017. On October 2, 2015, Sui Guangyi, the chairman of Ding Yifeng Group became the chairman of the board of directors of China Investment Fund and started to do related business in Hong Kong.


The comprehensive health industry is constructed focusing on Tianwen Fude Health Management Co. Ltd., aiming to build a world-famous platform of comprehensive health which specializes in “natural health maintenance with energy”. Tianwen Fude will feature in elegant, quiet and natural environment, provides many well-received health care services such as cosmetology, hair-dressing, body-fitting and health maintenance and provids customers with green and natural experience of health maintenance.


Harvard College China Forumthe productive force of oriental wisdom


Founded in 1997, Harvard College China Forum is North America’s leading and longest-running student-run conference on China. Dedicated to a constructive dialogue on the challenges, trends, and issues affecting China, the forum aims to engage leaders in business, academia, and politics in discourse that will offer insights and generate new ideas. The annual Forum typically takes place at Harvard University each April.      

In the past 20 years, participants from all over the world have attended Li Zhaoxing’s lecture on Sino-U.S. relations, Zhou Xiaochuan’s talks on monetary policy, Hu Zuliu’s assessment of financial markets, and Chen Dongsheng’s views on entrepreneurship; there are also Lu Kewen’s lecture in fluent Chinese,Liu Qiangdong’s words for Chinese overseas students,and super model Liu wen playing self-timer with attendees.

       On the opening ceremony of April 7th, Chinese and American celebrities gathered to discuss the rise of China. Guests include


William Kirby – Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University; Chairman, Harvard China Fund

Stephen Orlins – President, the National Committee on United States-China Relations

Bob Xu – Founder and Managing Partner, ZhenFund

Philipp Rösler – CEO, Hainan Cihang Charity Foundation; Former Vice Chancellor of Germany

Yang Guang – President, HNA North America; CEO, HNA Capital International

Jing Huang – Managing Executive Director, Harvard Center Shanghai

Wang Xiaochuan – CEO, Sogou

Richard Cooper – Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics, Harvard University; Former Chair, National Intelligence Council

Fred Hu – Founder and Chairman, Primavera Capital Group

Ding Liguo – Chairman and CEO, Delong Holdings

Da Hongfei – Founder, NEO

Host Jiang Changjian – Associate professor of International Studies, Fudan University; Host of “The Brain”


The guests attending the meeting were all concerned about one issue: What strengths can we leverage on China? Ms.Ma Xiaoqiu shared her thinking with guests that the ancient Chinese culture contains the wisdom of investment, and the Book of Changes and Zen can become productive forces. The success of Ding Yifeng's Zen & I-Ching Investment Theory is the power that Oriental wisdom can benefit the world.


ma Xiaoqiu

In the Chinese era when pigs could even fly high, Ms.Ma Xiaoqiu walked into MIT and Harvard University with confidence and reverence toward the best institution of higher learning. When she stopped to meditate in front of these innovation and truth-seeking cases on the wall, What was she thinking about?


ma Xiaoqiu
ma Xiaoqiu

Different Quotations of "Alternative Investment Law"

Zen & I-Ching Investment Theory VS Astrological economics


“Chaos Theory” is the theoretical basis for alternative investments. More than 40 years ago, the American meteorologist Edward Lorenz first proposed the 'butterfly effect' and created 'Chaos Theory'. His basic idea, known as: A South American tropics Butterfly winging in the rainforest may cause a tornado in Texas. A tiny data error may bring completely different results.


Ms.Ma's investment philosophy and investment practice are precisely a scientific and reasonable way of eliminating distractions and effective trading in the global information age when information is excessively overload. This coincides with the prevailing Western-style Astrological Economics.


Forbes magazine once published an article about how JPMorgan star analysts have used Astrological Economics to implement JP Morgan’s strategic investment strategy in Europe and successfully predicted the global stock market direction in 2012, 2014, and 2017, and proposed a new theory for the investment community: Astrological Economic and Astronomical Investment methods.



ma Xiaoqiu

J.P. Morgan once famously said that millionaires don't need astrologers, but billionaires do.  He believed that we are in a world in which some invisible forces “out there” are shaping the economic and social outcomes of individual nations. J.P. Morgan thought there was more to the market than timing, and he used astrologers to help guide him in that timing in his businesses and investments. He's not alone.


MMA Cycles, a company focused on Astrological economics which has been at this for more than 30 years, has over 7,000 subscribers, and many of them from well-known investment banks and broker-dealers. They're portfolio managers, certified financial planners and heads of trading firms primarily from New York, Chicago, Tokyo to Zurich. Some know a thing or two about astrology. Others are looking for a little extra-terrestrial advice.


Astrological economics analysts use complex planetary charts to decipher where an economy, or investment, is heading. It's approach, like fundamental or technical analysis, can be either top down -- a big picture look at the whole economy -- or bottom up -- which examines an individual company.To do that kind of research, analysts need the company or country's birth date in order to see where the planets were traveling through the solar system, and through which constellations, at the time. The various phenomena and trajectories of astrology have guided Wall Street's investment into making major decisions.



ma Xiaoqiu

Copyright Administration.


Qiu’s special column: Zen, Tao, Business in harmony and success cases into Harvard

Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu told us: "The theory of unity between man and nature puts people and the universe in the same system, sensing and interacting from within the universe – Zen, Tao and Business adapting and adhering; instead of looking at the universe from the outside,you can put yourself in the perspective of a spectator and an outsider, rational rethink fear and greed of human beings."

For years, Ms.Ma has been writing a column called “Qiu Yan Wu Yu” and she assembled a book. She said that reading books or not could affect one's life. She has been reading the QingJingJing for almost 20 years and she finally truly understood the wisdom in it . In the beginning, she did not understand the meaning of this classic until she created Ding Yifeng and practice its wisdom in business. The QingJingJing describes the laws of the universe. We must follow this rule.

“The great way had no image, but it was able to make a living; the freat way has no emotion, but it was able to operate the daily flow of the sun and the moon. There was no name to mark, but it was able to manage the yin and yang, develop everything between heaven and earth. "The invisible energy is the largest, it is an empty realm, and anything can be born. The great way is ruthless. It has no separation of minds, so it has the energy to run the sun and the moon. The great way is anonymity, raising all things. This unnamed thing is nature, and is named the great way; "‘Being‘ is convenient, and ‘None’ is playing its role.". The intangible and colorless great way has played a huge role. The legendary development of Ding Yifeng over the past seven years confirms this truth.
Tao Teh king describes water as follows:

The highest good is like water. The Goodness of water is that it benefits the ten thousand creatures; yet itself does not scramble, but is content with places that all men distain. It is this that makes water so near to the way. And if men think the ground the best place for building a house upon, if among thoughts they value those that are profound, if friendship they value gentleness, in words truth, in government good order, in deeds, effectiveness: in action, timeliness. In each case they prefer what does not lead to strife. And therefore does not go amiss.

The best people are like water. Water is good at foster everything and not competing with all things. It stays where all creations don’t like, so it is closest to “Tao.” The best people live in the best place. They are serene and calm. They treat people with sincerity, fraternity and selflessness. They always keep their promises. They are good at simplification when they govern the state, and they can do a good job no matter what they do. They always know the best timing for action. What makes the best people is because there have indisputable virtues, so there is no fault and resentment.


The highest good is like that of water. This is the soul of Ding Yifeng’s wisdom. Ding Yifeng Group takes “morality” as the core of its spirit. With “selflessness, altruism, specialization, trustworthiness” as the spirit of its enterprise, and it earnestly practices its business philosophy of the “Moral Founding, Integrity Win. The Group has  adhered to its business purposes of “Serve people, benefit people” . Ms.Ma told us that her next plan is to enter Harvard with the successful cases of the group's gold trading. With the help of Professors of Harvard, she can focus on the spirit power and goals for investors, while analyzing the fundamentals and technical aspects, to make profit for investors.


Moving forward, Ms.Ma Xiaoqiu will continue to work together with Sui Guangyi to bring corporate successes and fulfill corporate social responsibilities, promote traditional Chinese culture, and will remain committed to the advancement of Chinese culture.




ma Xiaoqiu

东方智慧 感悟投资



ma Xiaoqiu
ma Xiaoqiu





“您能更进一步解释这十六个字吗” 笔者在马小秋女士一行下榻的纽约超级豪华著名酒店 Baccarat Hotel 采访,希望用案例来展示一个企业怎样能在短短的7年间井喷发展成一个具有六个板块 13个行业价值





“这和人的本性有观,也和个人的悟性有关。如果是高层管理者,他的悟性和智慧要比普通雇员高。作为高层管理者,我对他们的要求就是“无”,无为,他会自己去创造。低端雇员的智慧和悟性会稍微低一些,对他们就有要求-有为。 只有在他们每一天的实践中,才能检测和引导他们的行为。 在做事情上,凡事都要以和为贵,这样,无所不为,处处有为。” 她进而解释道: “这样繁复的管理,就变得简单了。 这就是鼎益丰的企业DNA——大道至简。”


这是真的。在全球化的今天,鼎益丰有100多家分公司分布在中国、东南亚、目前进军纽约,这么多公司怎么管理?“企业最大的风险是道德风险,人最大的风险是不守诚信,” 马总仿佛看透了我的心思,说: “道德经是一种原则。 每天我们都要晨读,它制约我们的私欲,激励我们不忘初心的善缘”。






创业:每次失败的痛苦带给你一次彻悟 彻悟带给你进步




2011年刚创业时,我和隋董事长只有1百万人民币。 半年过去,我们的生意没有达到预期,甚至开始发不起工资了。那是2011年的国庆,员工没有钱回家过节,其中一位带来300万资金的执行副总开始威胁公司要抽资走人


始威胁公司要抽资走人。公司当时有20多人,大家人心惶惶。我想没有办法,只能自己扛着。 房和车都当出去了,5张银行卡每张取了5万元,把工资给大家发了。那几个月,我和隋董事长每天工作20个小时,两顿饭,他曾经当过副市长,但后来出家修行,在商业上唯一能帮忙的是开道德经讲学堂。可他又不愿意收费! 在北京一次道德经的讲座上,一位企业家对隋董事长所言非常佩服,他说我入股你们6百万。 6百万! 我们回到深圳,那位副总在一次晨会上要动粗,威胁公司要抽资走人。 隋董市长答应了,开出一个条件: 你可以抽资走人,根据合同有三年合同期,你可以三个月以后走。三个月内,我们付费你20%的利息。 三个月后,她拿着本金和利息走了。 我们公司从此慢慢好起来。”





ma Xiaoqiu







1. 鼎益丰积极投身于研究CPU芯片,通过资本运作方式,参股北京多思技术服务有限公司(以下简称“多思”),成为该公司第二大股东。

2.  鼎益丰集团通过旗下子公司香港鼎益丰国际控股集团投资参股志道国际(股票代码:01220.HK)。“志道国际”前身为“海域集团有限公司”。于199778日于百慕达注册成立为有限责任公司。2012525日起公司名称由“海域集团有限公司”更改为现有名称。未来,志道国际将聚焦投资、发展CPU高科技,打造全球知名的信息安全全产业链。

3. 鼎益丰旗下控股公司之一,中国智能集团控股有限公司(股票代码:00395.HK),是中国最大的Wi-Fi运营商之一、中国领先的线上线下O2O运营商与大数据营运商。中国智能集团前身为中国龙新能源集团,2002年于香港联交所主板上市,先后与思科、微软、美国优科、中国电信、中国铁通、阿里云等顶级企业签署战略合作协议。目前,已覆盖10余个省、数百个站点,每年用户流量达20多亿人。



1. 阳光私募——在私募排排网20171-4月巨型私募机构旗下股票策略产品收益前十排行榜中,鼎益丰私募基金从3万多支基金里脱颖而出,位列全国第四名,深圳第一名。

2. 天河基金——2016810日,鼎益丰宣布旗下天河系列首只基金产品发行,自此拉开了鼎益丰进军国内证券投资领域的战略号角。截至目前为止,天河系列基金已成为国内证券投资界的一匹黑马。





健康产业:鼎益丰集团布局大健康产业,以旗下的子公司深圳市天问福德健康管理有限公司为核心,目标是打造一个以“能量自然养生法” 为特色、全球知名的大健康平台。当前,天问福德旗下会所旗舰店以高雅、静谧、自然的环境为特色,已主打推出美容、美发、美体、养生等多个广受青睐的健康项目,为广大顾客提供绿色自然养生的体验之旅。


参加哈弗中国论坛 东方智慧的生产力

 ma Xiaoqiu



201847日的开幕式上,柯伟林 – 哈佛商学院工商管理学教授、哈佛中国基金主席、Stephen Orlins – 美中关系全国委员会会长、徐小平 – 真格基金创始人、菲利普·罗斯勒 – 海南省慈航公益基金會CEO、前德国副总理、杨光 – 海航北美总裁、海航资本投资总裁、黄晶生 – 哈佛中心上海董事总经理、王小川 – 搜狗兼首席执行官、理查德·库珀 – 哈佛国际经济学教授、国家情报委员会前主席、胡祖六 – 春华资本创始人兼董事长、丁立国 – 德龙集团董事长兼首席执行官、亚布力中国企业家论坛轮值主席、达鸿飞 – NEO创始人、蒋昌建 (主持人) – 复旦大学国际关系与公共事务学院副教授、《最强大脑》主持人等中美名流荟聚一堂,共讨中国崛起之时要凝聚时代力量。



 ma Xiaoqiu


在猪也能起飞的中国时代,马小秋胸有成竹同时也怀着敬畏走进麻省理工学院、走进哈弗大学,驻足静思在麻省理工的创新和求实、哈弗的案列和实操面前(图片说明): 她在想什么?

ma Xiaoqiu

异曲同工的“另类投资法”:禅意投资法 VS 星相经济学








ma Xiaoqiu


他相信有一种“无形”的力量,改变和主宰了一些国家的经济和社会成果。他使用占星家帮助指导企业经营和投资。而以一家30多年历史的占星分析公司Raymond Merriman为例,它们的客户超过7000名用户,其中许多来自知名投资银行和经纪商。


占星经济分析师使用复杂的行星图解读经济或投资正在走向何方。像基本面或技术分析一样,这种方法可以是自上而下的,也可以是整体经济的一个大局,也可以是自下而上 - 检查单个公司。这些占星分析师需要公司或国家的出生日期,以便查看行星在太阳系中行进的方向。星相学的各种现象和轨迹,指导了华尔街的投资入们做出重大抉择。

ma Xiaoqiu





“禅易投资法”以其精准的预测性、行之有效的指导性,堪称为金融投资的“导航系统”。在数理关系上,“禅易投资法”注重天、地、人三者的整体互动,从力、空、时、心四者的宏观角度来解读金融市场的整体变化,掌握中长期金融和投资市场的变化规律。“禅易投资法”能精准发现有巨大增值潜力的投资项目, “导航”把控整个投资过程,实现可观的投资价值,其预测的精准度远远优于西方数学模型。



秋言物语:禅、道、商天人合一 带着案例进哈弗


马小秋女士告诉我们:“天人合一的理论把人和宇宙放在同一个系统里,从宇宙里边来感应和互动- 禅 道 商,顺应和坚持;而不是从外面看宇宙,把自己放在一个旁观者和局外人的角度, 理性思考和恐惧贪婪。 ”












ma Xiaoqiu


Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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