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Black Tie International:
Black Tie International Magazine
Navigate Innovation Briefing: The New Doctor's Bag


Black Tie International Magazine
Navigate Innovation Briefing:
The New Doctor's Bag
Photos by: blacktiemagazine/ Rose Billings


 Her Excellency,  Joyce Banda,
 President of the Republic of Malawi


Robert Pappas
"To Age or Not To Age"

September Conference and Concert Update

Draft Outline Document: Not final
Call me to discuss
 917 691 0564
We are  working on something REAL BIG for September.
 5 days of Conferences with An Innovation Product Showcase.
An A list Black Tie Gala
 and an International Peace Concert, broadcasting live from Times Square.....
It's all a little complicated, but fully on track..


World Innovation Awareness Conference
Innovation Showcase
World P.E.A.C.E. Concert,
(Broadcasting Globally )
Wall of P.E.A.C.E.,
(Black Tie Awards Gala)

World Innovation Awareness Conference
NYC, September 23 - 27, 2013

Dr. Hans Reinisch, Chairman of AVA P.E.A.C.E., invites you to partner  as we launch an important new Global Philanthropic Initiative:
The Inaugural High Level
World Innovation Awareness Conference

to be held in NYC during the United Nations, General Assembly week. September 23 to 27 ,2013
Top World Governmental Officials, Foundation Heads, and Civil Society Leaders, will be invited to meet with the world's foremost development leaders. The conference will include business innovators, fund investors
and the top stakeholders who are the leading the way in International Philanthropic Development

This highly anticipated and transformational Public Private Initiative
will revitalize the National and International market capacities to deliver upon the promises and commitments agreed upon
in the Millennium Development Goals.
The focus of the Conferences will be the rapid application of Positive and Tangible Solutions, combining the best performing and successful Philanthropic Development Practices with the power of the market system.
The World Innovation Awareness Conference

will identify quickly applicable solutions, new technologies and scalable applications which can make meaningful and real impacts
on the needs of the Developing world and poorer communities.

The Week of events will be prominently featured by the world’s media who are all congregated in NYC for the GA.
In addition, AVA P.E.A.C.E. will be broadcasted live from NYC to millions of virtual attendees; this worldwide audience will be invited through the convening power of Social media and traditional media to
 interactively join in the discussion
Each conference will consist of a panel of world renowned experts who will lead a three hour interactive discussion broadcasting live worldwide. Over 200 stake holders will attend each conference with thousands more joining in the conversation virtually. The live broadcast will include additional experts who will add their comments and analysis to the live discussion. Viewers will be encouraged to tweet and interact, generating a meaningful and engaging conversation. This will truly be a Global Conversation.

Monday through Friday, three separate themed conferences will be scheduled daily. Directly following each of the three-hour conferences will be a two-hour interactive networking reception, where moderators will consult and survey the guests and generate actionable recommendations. Each evening additional synergistic opportunities will be generated by High Level Receptions and themed events with specially invited A-list guests. These exclusive events will amplify the themes of the day's conferences and additional world media coverage will be generated from the presentation of prestigious awards to the Celebrity Guests

Conference Themes: (more to add later)

The New Doctors Bag:
"One Million new primary health care workers,
How to equip them with the best technologies to deliver services"
Joyce Banda Foundation,
 Black Tie International Magazine

Digital Health:
Digital Health Foundation
"Connectivity and Broadband Offer the best solution to delivery of high quality Health Care

Mobiles for Midwifes
"Every Women Counts, Every Child Counted
Over 35% of the births on the planet are not recorded"

The Good life at 150
 The imminent 50 plus years of Longevity in the DevelopedWorld
Glenn Labs: MIT
To Age or not to Age
Black Tie International Magazine

Building for the next 10 Billion
Earths population will nearly double shortly Building Future Cities

Public / Private Partnerships The New model for Sustainability

Innovation Showcase

Innovative technology and business solution providers will be invited to exhibit and educate the attendees on their capacities.
By bringing everyone together in NYC, transactional costs are greatly reduced and a more efficient market will be created. This is of great importance to smaller countries as it will ensure quicker and better decision making and transparency.

Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Donor Advised Funds, Crowd Funding Investors, Institutional Investors and
Micro Philanthropists, will have the opportunity to examine technologies which be taken to scale and explore the opportunity of adding their investment capital to solutions which can deliver results
and achieve profitability
We are also exploring the possibility of establishing a multi-million dollar fund which will run independently
and will invest directly in the best companies offering solutions.

AVA P.E.A.C.E. Concert,

 NYC, Broadcast Worldwide

 The AVA P.E.A.C.E. Concert will connect NYC to the youth of the world. Featuring top International musical talent, and broadcasting a message of hope, from Mid-Town, Manhattan.
World Leaders and Philanthropists will join the A-list performers on Stage and celebrate the creative talent of the planet while joining together to Crowd Source the possibilities for good. The event will last over 8 hours with performances from globally recognized celebrities and individuals that share the common goal of world peace. Performers will be introduced by National and UN leaders from their respective countries locally via the web cast and this is in addition to live television broadcasting from the concert stage  Several National Government Leaders
will be in NYC)

has already reserved Time Square for the event.
We plan to announce the final choice of venue, with a large media event
 and sponsor launch in July.

The event will also be the worldwide launch of the newly recorded song called P.E.A.C.E., produced by Grammy winning producer
Rudy Perez and will be performed from various international Top Artists.

All monies raised digitally through subscriptions for the concert will fund,
the World One P.E.A.C.E. Music.

Wall of P.E.A.C.E.- Black Tie Awards Gala

Wednesday evening is the formal Black Tie Gala Awards Evening. Guests will include a Who’s Who of International Philanthropy
 and Celebrity Philanthropy.
This ultra VIP event will quickly become the must attend event of the U.N. Social Season and will generate enormous worldwide media attention.

An Important part of the Gala, will be the induction of Major world class artists into the
in recognition of their life time artistic achievement
and their inspirational contribution to Humanity

Appointment of P.E.A.C.E. Movement Ambassadors 2014

The Wall of P.E.A.C.E. Inductees or their representatives
will then appoint several other young artists to act as
P.E.A.C.E. Ambassadors for the Year 2014.
They will be sponsored and funded to promote
 International P.E.A.C.E projects during the year


is made possible by the Sponsorship and Support of:
avazoo logo
Avazoo: World's First Billion Dollar Raffle, Benefits Millennium Development Goals

WorldP.E.A.C.E. One Music
Brabham and Associates
Black Tie International Magazine

(others to add later)

For More Information Please Contact :

Gerard Mc Keon
Black Tie International Magazine 
Cell:917 691 0564

Additional Background Information:

AVA P.E.A.C.E. proudly presents


Powered by AVAZOO

Please Embrace All Caring Changes on Earth

Overall Mission:

Host a world class Event as part of the "United Nations Summit"
 in New York in 2013

Launch the campaign of a P.E.A.C.E. movement in a
 worldwide covered forum

Present AVAZOO as the main initiator of future
P.E.A.C.E. ventures for the U.N.



Professor Bernard Lieter, Jacqui Dunne

Professor Bernard Lieter, Jacqui Dunne
Rethinking Money -
How New Currencies Turn Scarcity Into Prosperity

Dr. Andy McCabe, Sheri Marino Haiken

Dr. Andy McCabe, Sheri Marino Haiken
"The Gifted One, The Journey Begins"

Lucy Jarvis, Gabriel Botor, owner of Papela

Jim Lewis, Dr. Bill Andrews

Jim Luce, Dr. Bill Andrews, John Lee

Joyce Brooks, Allen Dodd, Rita Crosby

Joyce Brooks, Allan Dodd, Rita Crosby

Gerard Mc Keon, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Lowell Feuer

Gerard Mc Keon, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Lowell Feuer

Robert Pappas

Robert Pappas

Andrea Spring , Patrick Mc Caffrey

Lou Miligram

Lou Miligram

Aubrey Reuben, Irina Treliakova, Gabriel Boter, Errol Rappaport

Aubrey Reuben, Irina Treliakova, Gabriel Boter, Errol Rappaport

Gloria Cressler, Dr. Estelle-Marie Heussen

Gloria Cressler, Dr. Estelle-Marie Heussen

lucy jarvis,ndiouga dieng

Lucy Jarvis, Dr. Ndiouga Dieng

Marlene Jupiter, John Dolan

Marlene Jupiter, John Dolan

May Chu, Gerard Mc Keon, Rita Crosby

May Chu, Gerard Mc Keon, Rita Crosby

jim swiger, patrick mccaffrey

Jim Swiger, Patrick McCaffrey

Howard Rosen, Gregory Broccoli

Howard Rosen, Gregory Broccoli


104 East 30th Street New York, NY 10016

Black Tie International Magazine
Launches the
Navigate Innovation Conference 
(September 2013)
Which will feature  new Innovations  in Health Care
 with a focus on
getting  them  quickly funded
 and up and running  in the Developing World.
 Top UN Officials, Foundation Directors and Officers,
NGO and Non-Profit senior staff
Equity Investors, Fund Managers, Donor Advisory Fund Managers, Family Office
and other high net worth wealth managers.
This will be addition to our Friends of Black Tie Philanthropists,
Foundation Chairs and Influencers.
Clare Berty, 3PM
will be Introducing us to the NGE (Navigate Global Exchanges) and Navigators, a huge new global initiative currently led from London. Embracing a  new voluntary world wide financial reporting standard which will greatly enhance economic growth and create a family of Navigators to promote Philanthropy.
Arun Bhan, 3:15 PM
 will be launching the Irish,

Economic Initiative Alliance,

The Vision is an Ireland in which Wellness is a lived, core value at individual, community and national levels, as part of a holistic health model for affordable, empowered and dignified living, a model that can serve as a template for the wider world.
The Mission is to identify, develop and deliver targeted Wellness initiatives in Ireland, but with global potential, which
 will  lead to the  creation of  a new International
Wellness Currency
Professor Bernard Lietaer 3:30 PM
who designed the Euro,
will be explaining the world wide application of the
new Wellness currency.
Bernard's new book on

Rethinking Money -
How New Currencies Turn Scarcity Into Prosperity

was very well received  by the Financial press

Sai Narayan Subramanian  3:45 PM
 from India Center Foundation ( ICF )
Speaking on the design and evolution of alternate development models in emerging world in general and India in particular.
The  (ICF) is architecting significant nation building activities of scale in areas of industrialization,
Health Care, Education and Agriculture.    
ICF is a policy making catalyst organization working closely with strategic stakeholders of nation building initiatives from India, Japan and 17 other global partners.

Dr. Gloria Herndon, 4 PM
President and CEO of GB Group Global, will present on the impact of cancer in Africa and introduce GB Oncology & Imaging Group, which together with its partners at TNI Biotech are able to provide effective immunotherapy treatments and best practices in developing oncology  centers.
  Additionally, she will introduce a video from
 Her Excellency,  Joyce Banda
 President of the Republic of Malawi,
a supporter of  innovative solutions that can
 be implemented for good.
Her Excellency will present her country’s potential and speak of the health challenges and needs and in particular her initiative to  establish a  National Cancer Center.

Mickey McManus,
4:15 PM
President and CEO of MAYA Design and co-author of "Trillions" , is a leading authority on pervasive computing, the social network of products, and leveraging big data to solve business and social challenges. He'll be speaking about healthcare in the connected age.
Dr. Andy Mc Cabe, 4:30 PM
Author of
"The Gifted One, The Journey Begins"
Why Some Health Initiatives Fail and Others Succeed?
Understanding the Power of Defining Relevant Context.
 The rebuilding of the West Indies
Island of Montserrat.

John Dolan, 4:45 PM
hairman of MedMasks and Pure Air Scientific will discuss  new innovative technologies to safeguard the global health challenges and how to save lives one breathe at a time.

Dr. Myron Arlen
, 5 PM
Head of Oncology for North Shore,
Speaking on  Cancer Research

Rajan Pillai, 5:15 PM

The Impossible Made Possible:
Nanotechnology’s Future Role in Healthcare

Rajan  is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Nanocrystals Technology, Inc. based in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  After completing his  Master’s degree in Physics and enrolling in a doctoral program, he switched to law at Harvard Law School. He has worked as an SEC lawyer and investment banker,  and 16 years ago went back to his first love – physics.

Amir Dossal
5:30 PM
from Global Partnerships Forum.
Amir ran the Partnership office of the UN for many years,

Robert Pappas, 5:40 PM
Film Director and creator of the Feature
Documentary "To Age or Not To Age"
launching a new multi-part International Film and Digital Series on
human Healthspan, paradigm changing Stem Cell and Age Reversal Research, and the broad societal implications.

Dr. Bill Andrews, 6 PM
President/CEO Sierra Sciences,
will discuss the new medical breakthrough called Telomeres.
Will lengthening them make us all young and healthy again?
Will it allow AIDS victims to live normal lives?
Hear why science is saying YES!

David Cutler  6:15 PM
Marketing Director of Avazoo,
the worlds first Billion Dollar Raffle
donating a phenomenal 40% of proceed to projects
 supporting the United Nations Millennium Goals.


The  Briefing will be followed by a
  Meet the Speaker Reception
   which will allow lots of time for
guests and speakers to  network and exchange ideas.


Black Tie International
 Navigate Innovation, Conference

"The Market for Innovators
Innovation, Activity, Growth, Revenues"

The Black Tie International,
 Navigate Innovation Conference
to be held in September 2013 in New York.
This highly anticipated and transformational
 Public Private Initiative
will revitalize the
National and International markets capacities
to deliver upon the promises and commitments
agreed upon  in
the Millennium Development Goals.
The World  Navigate Innovation Conferences
is scheduled to be held twice a year in NYC.
It will actively accelerate  the transfer of technology and know how,
from ideas and prototypes to working  scalable solutions
on the ground.

Multiple stakeholders will present the best new working technologies and systems.
Government, NGO's and Foundations will present their best in class solutions and will  document a wish list of needs to be met and problems  to be solved.


This list of needs and  problems generate by the
February Conference
will be used to generate the  working agenda
 which will then be the focus of the September Conference.

100 plus solution providers will be invited to exhibit and educate the
attendees on their capacities.
 Companies will be encouraged to demonstrate the capabilities of their solutions and equally important  the interactive format of the conference will help to direct implementation of their innovations.
By creating an economically viable and  active market place,
by bringing buyers and sellers together,
vast economies of scale can be achieved.
 Reduced costs, informed interaction, comparative costing and analysis are all obvious benefits.
Sellers can quickly measure the reaction to their products and buyers can drive the market by suggesting modifications
 and enhancements.
By bringing everyone together in NYC, transactional costs are greatly reduced and a more efficient market will be  created. This is of great importance to smaller countries as it will ensure quicker and better decision making and transparency.
We firmly believe that a 6 month cycle  identifying needs
and delivering  best available solutions is completely possible.

To start things off in February the challenge is
" The Doctor's Bag"
How can we empower primary Health Care workers with the best tools and techniques that will allow them to serve their community. Digital and diagnostic devices that are
portable and linked by Broadband for example offer
huge new opportunities.
But why stop there!
What else can these dedicated people achieve?
Registration of births, tracking of diseases, employment for marginal communities.
We are not sure of the answers, we are however certain that the solutions will surprise and illuminate.
With the world's top buyers and sellers in the room
Let's  add...
Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Donor Advised Funds, Crowd Sourcing Investors, Institutional Investors and
 Micro Philanthropists.
They can  learn from the crowd, discover what can be taken to scale and  explore the opportunity of adding  their investment capital to solutions which can
deliver results and achieve profitability
We have also explored the possibility of establishing a multi-million dollar fund which will run independently and will invest directly in the best companies delivering solutions.
The World Navigate Innovation Conference
will  be innovative and creative.
 Encouraging the many thousands of  Social Entrepreneurs, Government officials, NGO, Corporations and Foundation staff
  to apply their
talents and creativity to the most difficult  National and International problems.
A fully interactive, transparent and need focused web site
 is being developed.
It will be designed to facilitate easy  interaction and project based work groups,
with only minimum benign control and direction.

Join us in mobilizing the great power and energy of the
International Philanthropic Community.
Let's meet twice a year & transform our world.
Gerard Mc Keon
Black Tie International Magazine 



Black Tie International Magazine
Navigate Innovation Briefing:
The New Doctor's Bag


joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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