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Society News  Pages 1  2  3
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Black Tie International:
World Trade Day and May Celebration
1st Row:  Ellzza Bellezza, Paula Oleska, Yasmine Rana, Gloria T. Cressler. and other guests 2nd Row: Debra Johnson & other guests 3rd Row: Bill Lee Lanndis, Galina Saucedo, Artist Michael Indorato, model Jennifer Levy, guest and model Stefany Lopez 4th Row: Davor Gazivoda, David Kogut, Kenneth Flornes. Richard Alan and Mark Jaffe.

By: Gloria Consolacion Tamayo Cressler
Editor: Black Tie International Magazine

Photographs by Barry Brown of Barry Brown Studios & Video’s
TV Coverage by MGTVUSA
May celebration of World Trade Day & May Festival celebration last May 20, 2014. was another a fabulous evening in which we were join by the President of The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, and his members. in which there members mingled with our guests, and shared their joy for  celebrating the The World Trade Day & May festival. So we were surrounded by a lot of business executives. We also had many new friends added. These new guests easily joined us in the festivities.  Everyone was having a terrific time, reuniting with old friends and meeting new people. Many stayed very late, some remained until after midnight this time -everybody are having so much fun, meeting, greeting, socializing and having unique discussions with our guests. 

The venue was held again at The World Bar at Trump Tower International by the United Nations and produced by Gloria T. Cressler, CEO/Founder of Elite Professional Networking Group (EPNG) and Editor of Black Tie International Magazine. Co-hosted by Black Tie International Magazine, Power Team International, Giorgio G. Cognac (by famous designer Giorgio GUCCI), and Emperors Vodka, Wine World Wide Inc., and Global Fine Wines & Food Connection.

Our VIP guests were led by our long-time friend Mark Jaffe He is the  President and CEO of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. which works with 20,000 business, civic and world leaders. He is an attorney and former NYS Assembly candidate with 20 plus years in experience working with various global, federal, state, and local agencies. He formerly served as the treasurer of both the Manhattan Economic Development  Corporation And the Business & Labor Coalition of New York. During the Program, Mark and the Chamber celebrated World Trade Week by acknowledging the work of Gloria T. Cressler and Gerry McKeon Publisher of Black Tie International Magazine for helping to host the Grand Europe Ball at the Waldorf Astoria in May 2004 as well as the 20th year of the end of Apartheid.
We are also grace by the presence of Bobbie De Derian a fellow Journalist who writes for several media and has several millions readers. Way to go Bobbie. Bobbie is always a nice and lovely lady. And she always try to include me, when she has important assignments & when ever she is having a dinner for several journalist in her beautiful
apartment in Manhattan.
And once again, we have the presence of our good friend Mr. Kenneth Flornes The VP of the billionaire Larry Silverstien, of the World Trade Center, Silver Towers, Beekman Towers and so many other towers by World Trade Center. Inspite of his busy schedule when he gets a chance he always try to attend our events. And ofcourse he always bring his friends and some associates with him. We are always happy to see him and his friends every time he gets the chance to attend our events. Also in attendance Richard Alan the owner/partner of Richard Alan Management he came with his lovely models,
 & Fashion Designer Yasmine Rana.
 Our Entertainment
was by Sonia Olla and Ismael de la Rosa & Pedro Cortez
As a celebration for the month of May we had Sonia Olla who is an International Flamenco Dancer, and Ismael de la Rosa who is an International  
Singer that sings for Sonia, and Pedro Cortez accompanied Ismael songs in his guitar. They gave us a fabulous show,  that the guests
were so impress that they asked them to perform several times, There talent in the World of Flamenco and Jazz is the finest. They are originally from Spain, but now they live in New York City. There hope is to bring the world of flamenco to the world. They travel extensively to perform in different countries. to get in touch with them contact
 Ellza Bellezza at
 We thank Ellza for bringing them to us. and all her help that night.
Paula Oleska The creator of the Brain Upgrade a method for Super Brain Breakthroughs. Paula was signing her new best selling book
she co-authored, that night called the Spirit of Success. The guests love her book  she was able to sell several copies and took time to autograph them for the guests. Her company name which is The Brain Upgrade Breakthroughs. is a system that delivers massive results in record time. It is a hyper- productivity , focus, developing financial future and more. For more information and to order her best selling book, email her to
We also launch our 3rd Edition Cookbook that night called Fabulous Collection of Eurasian American Recipes with a Flair of Hawaii. Portions of the proceeds is to benefit Several Veterans Charity Organizations and Children Charity Organization. My father raise me to always help the unfortunate from any money that we make. The book is only $ 14.95 plus $ 2.95 for shipping. you can buy through paypal using the email, please Add 4% Fee if paying by paypal or you can mail your check written to Gloria Cressler Enterprises  132 East 43rd Street #146   New York, New York 11373.
 Do not forget to include your name and address so we can send you your book. Your purchase will help the different Veteran and Children Charity Organizations.

Once again, we thank Kenneth McClure, Vice President and Group General Manager of Hospitality Holdings which owns The World Bar at the Trump Tower and seven other world renowned establishments, including the Carnegie Club, who always serves us sumptuous food and provides such great drinks.
We want to thank our superb co-host, sponsors, guests and new friends who support us every month with our events and charities, and also we thank:
Mr. Gerard McKeon the Publisher of Black Tie International Magazine, Ellza Belleza, Mark Jaffe President/CEO The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce & Helana Natt the Executive Director of the  Greater New York Chamber of Commerce for all there help in putting this past event together,. To Bill-Lee Lanndis Director of Films and Talent,  Jun Pasiculan, Barry Brown of Barry Brown Studios,
Michael the Host and Producer of  MGTVUSA.
Sam Ramic the President of Wine World Wide Inc. who always donate door prizes, and to Davor Gazivoda Wine Consultant for Wine World Wide, Inc. who brought us the Emperors Vodka from France for our door Prize, Artist Michael Indorato who also donated our door prizes. and also gave out a lot of original drawings to the guests and that brought smile in there faces. and Michael will be putting a full Art Exhibition on July 15, at the Trump Tower World Bar Event. You better come. how do you know you might get lucky to get an original drawing also from him..
Our additional Guests were:
Debra D. Johnson President Hill Data Management, Terra Renee President African American Women in Cinema, Larry E. Mathews Art Director/Production Manager NYS SOCIETY OF CPA'S, Ramona Sherwood President Quality Administration and Staffing INC, Shannon West Asst. VP Office Links, Paul Carter Senior VP Office Links, Aziz Ahmad US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce-Northeast Region, James V. McDonnell VP TRANSCLICK, Krystyna Jusman President International  Marketing Company, Ram Avadyaev VP Investors Financial Group, Sora Vernikoff ,, Galina Saucedo Interior Designer, Alexa Muccio Silverstein Properties, Luisa Mendoza-Chavez Silverstein Properties,
Anna Soria Eton Institute, Cludia Evart President Siblings Day Foundation,
Saloua Merzguiou1 Gulf Med Tour, Zef Noci TOSHIBA,
Dr. Elinor Garely eTN Publishing, Meredith Hasday Diplomatic Sales Manager Millennium Hotel, Jackie Ho International Sales Manager Millennium
Hotel, Malika Vaughn Owner Soft Illusions Fine Art Gallery, George Bernard, Caroline Dib Director of Diplomatic and International Sales, May Chu
Global Arch Design & Build Inc. Kamilla Mishiyeva J.D. Zelyakovsky Law Firm, P.C.
Thomas Berghammer, George Berard, Atty.Glenda Dixon, Zeyna Gagne, Maria Prada, Atty Vincent Romano, Campbell de Asia,
and many more guests.  
Do not miss our Black Tie Gala Event
 with Fashion Shows, Art Exhibition and Entertainment on June 14,

For tickets for this event and the 3 days seminar from June 13 to June 15. with Bill Walsh and famous speakers and authors from all over the world that will teach you how to make your business a success and how to reach your business highest potential. And he will be bringing some investors also.  email us to, or  We will see you on our next events. after this June 14 event will be July 15, then Oct. 07 then so on.
This is your host: Gloria Cressler signing off.  We will see you at our next events:
 June 14, at Sheraton Time Square,
July 15, October 07, at the Trump Tower World Bar 
and so on… 
Please do make sure to RSVP RIGHT AWAY to or due to VERY limited space. See you at our next exclusive, fun and elegant celebration where all our guests are treated like the VIP's…t
hey truly are. 


With Mark Jaffe and GNY Chamber of Commerce Members & staff
With Mark Jaffe and GNY Chamber of Commerce Members & staff
Richard Alan & Bill Lanndisand models
Richard Alan & Bill Lanndisand models
GNY Chamber of Commerce Guests & staff
GNY Chamber of Commerce Guests & staff
 Mark Pappa, Gerard Mc Keon, Larry Matthews
 Mark Pappa, Gerard Mc Keon, Larry Matthews
GNY Chamber guests
GNY Chamber guests
Fashion Designer Yasmine Rana & Gloria T. Cressler
Fashion Designer Yasmine Rana & Gloria T. Cressler
Paula Oleska President Brain Upgrade and Opera singer in her sponsorship table
Paula Oleska President Brain Upgrade and Opera singer in her sponsorship table
Artist Michael Indorato and guests
Artist Michael Indorato and guests
Sonia Olla and Ismael de la Rosa & Pedro Cortez
Sonia Olla and Ismael de la Rosa & Pedro Cortez
Michael with guest who won his door prize
Michael with guest who won his door prize
Elzza Bellezza  with another door prize winner
Elzza Bellezza  with another door prize winner
 June Pasiculan with another door prize winner
 June Pasiculan with another door prize winner

Extra Extra!!!!

Black Tie International Magazine Travel
The Last Time I Saw Paris

European Spring/Summer Tour 2013 

  Toni Bauer and Gudron of Anton Bauer Winery, Gloria T. Cressler and Robert Lester  at the winery for the wine festival in Austria

Toni Bauer and Gudrun of Anton Bauer Winery, Gloria T. Cressler and Robert Lester 
 at the winery for the wine festival in Austria



Past Events

Valentine Celebration
  elite professionals valentine day group shot
New Year Celebration
friends of black tie
Holiday Celebration
    1st Row: Patricia Martinez of Grande Naturals, Juan Plaza of Style Magazine, Rebecca Lewis, Eddie Novetti, Lisa Zimmer of Ayurvedic Natural Face Lift,
Thanksgiving Celebration
1st Row sitting: Richie Zav, Atty. Steven Goldman, William Michaels ,Lindsay Ashby,Dr. Albert Ambriz, Thelma Dixon, Josh Shulman, Actor/Director Bill Lanndis, Interior Designer Galina, Michael Romano, Abhi Chintakunta, Nick Alessi, Richard Alan, Prince Adonis, David Alan Kogut
Annual Platinum Celebrity Red Carpet Event
 Nick Alssi, Gerard Mc Keon, Larry Blascovich, Kenneth Flornes, Gloria Cressler, Rita Cosby,
Elite Professionals: MidSummer  Night Celebration
Front sitting: Don Reiser, Sam Liebowitz, Jack Cooper, HidekAndrea King, Matt Traverso, Jim Swiger, Julie Wilson, Richard Alan, Ron,eden ganMiningham, Judy, model Elaine Queiroz,  Claudia Suica, Veronica Pellot-Marrero, i Aono, Paula Oleska,Michael, Ellza Bellezza, Gloria Cressler, Bushra Khan, Victoria
Elite Professionals: June Summer Celebration
Elite Professionals: May Festival Celebration
Elite Professionals: Spring Benefit
  First Row: Kosima Malikyan, Husain Ansar, Ellza Bellezza, Harvey Dzodin, Actor/Director Bill Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler,
Elite Professionals:Valentine Benefit
elite professionals


Elite Professionals: New Year Veterans Benefit
Tery Fugate, James Gross, & Sandy Jacolow Chief Information Officer of Silverstein Towers
Elite Professionals: Holiday Veterans Benefit
     1st Row   Qi Fei-Long Eastern Medicine Doctor, Mario Oliveri of New Yankees, Gloria T. Cressler Producer of the Event
Elite Professionals: Thanksgiving Veterans Benefit


Friends of Black Tie / Elite Professionals: Platinum Awards 
 Lawrence Blascovich Group Director,Senior VP Signature Bank, Ariana Datil, Miss Northern US, gloria cressler,col.gonyo, gerard mc keon
Friends of Black Tie / Elite Professionals: Platinum Awards 

Lawrence Blascovich Group Director,
 Senior VP Signature Bank, Ariana Datil, Miss Northern US .
LTC James Gonyo ll
Commander Battalion of the 1st

Battalion 69th Infantry,
Bill Walsh 
President & Founder Power Team International,
 Gerard Mc Keon
Publisher and Founder Black Tie International Magazine,
and the Producer of the Event
Gloria T. Cressler
President & Founder Elite Professional Networking Group


elire professionals May event
Marc Segelnick Partner Central Securities of America, Nancy Duffy Hospitality Professional, Zoraida Orellana Make Up Artist, Bill Lanndis, Karen Hoyos, Gloria T. Cressler, Veteran Corporal Nichols Calabris and Mrs. Calabris, Reverend David Johnson, Julian Sturton, Eugene  Torand, Celebrity Architect Stephen Valentine, Award Winning Producer, Director & Writer Dean Love, Neal Johnson, Larry Blascovich,
Elite Professional Networking: April Veterans Benefit
Elite Professional Networking: St Patrick's Day
Valentines Day Red Carpet Event
elite professional networking group holiday reception
Holiday Red Carpet Event 2011

Celebrating 250th Anniversary of NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade



joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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