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 Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu

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 Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu
Autumn Dialogue 11 Book Launch  And Doctorate  Award Ceremony
 by California Miramar University


Ma Xiaoqiu


Ma Xiaoqiu's
Autumn Dialogues II"
 Book Launch
and Honorary Doctorate Award Ceremony

On the morning of January 24, 2021, a book launch of

Autumn DialoguesII,

with the theme of
"Virtue to embellish the heart, literature to transform people"

The Conferral Ceremony of Ma Xiaoqiu's,
 Honorary Doctorate degree from California Miramar University, USA, were successfully held in the ballroom on the ground floor of
Shenzhen Xingheji Hotel.

The conference, hosted by Social Science Literature Press,
was co-organized by California Miramar University, Shenzhen Book City Center City Industrial Company Limited, Huayu China Film and Television Group, and Shenzhen Tiancheng Mingdao
 Medical Technology Co.

 Renowned entrepreneur Ma Xiaoqiu, Vice President of Shenzhen University Zhang Xueji,  Chairman of Shenzhen Publishing Group Limited Yin Changlong, Deputy Secretary General of the International Chaozhou Business Economic Cooperation Organization He Yipeng and other celebrities from all walks of life, as well as many media reporters and readers attended the event.

In addition, seven board members, including Dr Jeannie Yi, the author of Haier's way; Holmes Stoner, President of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce ; Gerald Donovan, the author of Julius Winsome; and Dr Steven Warfield, Dr Stan Foster, Dr Ali Gooyabadi and Dr Bijan Zayer from California Miramar University also attended the event
via live webcast.

The launch event had two major components: the ceremony of awarding Ma Xiaoqiu an honorary doctorate degree from California Miramar University, USA,
and the launch and on-site signing ceremony of Ma Xiaoqiu's new book, Autumn DialoguesII.

The launch was co-hosted by Shenzhen Radio and Television host
Chu Qiao, business newcomer Liu Xin Yi and Guangdong Radio and Television English host Lu Chen.


Back on January 4, Ma Xiaoqiu was invited by California Miramar University to award honorary doctor. Due to the impact of COVID-19, Ma was unable to come to California to receive the honor in person, and so, at the suggestion and arrangement of the Board of Trustees of California Miramar University, an honorary doctorate was conferred on Ma by means of a web link.


ma xiaoqiu

Dr. Steven Warfield, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of California Miramar University, said

"that over the past decade, Ma Xiaoqiu has achieved numerous accomplishments as an entrepreneur in a number of important fields both domestically and internationally, and for this reason, by resolution of the Board of Trustees of California Miramar University, Ms. Ma was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in recognition of her achievements in the field of international business, humanitarian causes and the arts."


At the event, Ma Xiaoqiu was dressed in a doctoral suit and cap, and invited President Zhang Xueji to turn the tassel
and to present the Certificate.

President Zhang, who is a member of the American Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Engineering and a member of the European Academy of Sciences, turns the tassel for Ma and presents the certificate on behalf of
 California Miramar University.

It is reported that Ma Xiaoqiu is the sixth person to receive an honorary doctorate from a foreign university in the past 30 years.


Madam Xiaoqiu Ma,

President Zhang Xueji presented Ma Xiaoqiu with a certificate on behalf of California Miramar University

After receiving the heavy certificate, Ma Xiaoqiu choked up a few times and said,
 "Today, receiving the honour of an honorary doctorate is something I never expected. I am grateful to the leaders of California Miramar University for recognising me, and to everyone here, my family and friends, for their support, which has allowed me, an ordinary Chinese woman, to truly grow and progress. Since high school, I have been chasing the sun in my heart, and today I truly feel the sun's rays shining on my head, both warm and bright. This is a new height I have reached in my life and another new starting point, and I will work even harder in the future to continue chasing this sun in my heart."


The book launch of Autumn DialoguesII

 kicked off with the successful completion of the title presentation ceremony. Author Ma Xiaoqiu and distinguished guests Zhang Xueji, Yin Changlong and He Yipeng were invited to the stage to unveil Autumn DialoguesII.

Ma Xiaoqiu

Afterwards, Ma Xiaoqiu shared her creative story with the guests. She said,

 "When I was young, I was very passionate about reading and writing. I had read all the famous Chinese and Western books, hoping to find the answers to my life in them; I also insisted on writing essays and poems, hoping that I would become a writer in the future. Later on, in my spare time at work, I started to experiment with publishing articles, which were loved by many readers and eventually gathered into a book - Qiu's Monogatari. In this process, I would like to thank the leaders of the Shenzhen government at all levels for their guidance, and the support of the group's family and friends, it is you who have pushed me
 to keep moving forward."


In addition, Ma Xiaoqiu said,

 "I have always considered reading to be the happiest thing to do. In the past, I read about heroism and fearlessness in books, which are still rooted within me to this day. I vow to always uphold the spirit of selflessness, altruism, dedication and faithfulness, to do good business, write good articles and compose good songs, and to always move forward, forward and forward again in this direction."


Amidst the congratulations, Ma expressed her gratitude, saying,

Ladies and Gentlemen, my dearest friends near and far!

Today I’m greatly honored and deeply humbled in receiving the honorary doctor degree from a prestigious American institute-
California Miramar University.

This is an honor I have never even dared to dream:
 to have a doctoral hat to be put on my head, a doctor’s degree certificate in my hand, witnessed by my family, friends and colleagues.

This highlights my life.
Thanks for the people who love me and support me along the way!
Thanks to California Miramar University’s approval and love! This is something I will cherish for life!

Although I am the chairman of several multinational and listed companies, I used to be just like many of you: an ordinary Chinese girl in the journey of growing up constantly chasing the sun in my heart.

Today, I truly feel the light of the sun shining above my head, warm and bright! I am so excited, I'm so grateful! I am very grateful to the Academic Council of Miramar University, the President, and all the experts and professors of innovative leadership for recognizing me.

I am particularly grateful to Mr. Stoner, Founder and Chairman
of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Stan Foster, founder and dean of the School of Innovative Leadership at Miramar University.

I thank you all for thinking about Ma Xiaoqiu on the other side of the ocean in the midst of world pandemic in LA where the pandemic is hit the hardest.

 You take such precious time out of your life and use your insight, philosophy and academic strength to evaluate my artistic and academic values, innovative models and development ideas of business management, to which
 I’m very thankful.

 I would also like to express my deep gratitude to
Vice President Zhang Xueji of Shenzhen University,

and Vice President of International Chaozhou Alliance
and Association for International Capital Alliance,

 Mr. He Yipeng, Deputy Secretary General of ICCO.

 Thank you very much! I am very honored to get your collective recognition,
a connection of a kindred spirit.

Today is a high point in my life, but also it’s another new starting point.

 I will ask everyone present to encourage me to do better;
and I will try my very best to live up to your expectations!

Thanks again to the leaders of the school!
 Thanks again to all the family and friends who have gathered here!
I wish you all good luck in the new year!

Madam Xiaoqiu Ma






虽然我是几家跨国公司和上市公司的董事长,但我曾经和你们很多人一样,只是一个平凡的中国女孩,在成长的旅途中不断追逐着心中的太阳。今天,我真切地感觉到阳光正照在我的头上,温暖而明亮!我太激动了,太感激了!非常感谢密拉玛大学(又名: 加州海景大学) 的学术委员会主席,以及创新领导团队所有的专家和教授对我的认可。


我特别感谢太平洋商会的创始人和主席斯托纳先生。感谢您向我介绍斯坦.福斯特Stan Foster博士,他是密拉玛大学创新领导学院的创始人和院长。我感谢大家远在大洋彼岸、处于世界新冠疫情最严重的洛杉矶,还能想到我马小秋。你们从生活中抽出宝贵的时间,用你们的洞察力、哲学和学术实力来评价我的艺术和学术价值、商业管理的创新模式和发展理念,我非常感谢。我还要感谢深圳大学副校长张学记,国际潮商资本联盟促进会副会长、ICCO副秘书长何一鹏先生,北京大学文学博士,深圳出版集团党委书记、董事长,深圳读书月组委会办公室主任尹昌龙博士。非常感谢!我很荣幸得到你们的集体认可,一个个志同道合的人。



ma xiaoqiu

 Ma Xiaoqiu shares her entrepreneurial story


Ma Xiaoqiu's Autumn Dialogues published in 2019
was well received by readers at home and abroad.

This release of Autumn DialoguesII
continues her usual style of writing, with sixty-five essays in total. Taking traditional wisdom and excellent spirit as her starting point, she shares with readers how to perceive the truth of things, understand the truth of life, and draw lessons and experiences in practice, so as to guide them to choose the right path in life.

In 2020, Ma Xiaoqiu has made many attempts in the cultural field, including being the Chairman of the 24th World Family Film Awards, the President of the World Cinema Academy and the Honorary President of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce.

 She has also released several original songs such as
"Sunrise in the East" (International version of "Only Wish"),
 "Love for the Parted Love",
"Zhi Liao"
 "Plum Blossoms and Peonies".


ma xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu sings live among guests’ enthusiasm


Dr Yin Changlong then delivered a passionate speech on the theme of
"Truth, Beauty and Goodness"

He said that more and more respectable entrepreneurs are emerging today, including Bill Gates, Ren Zhengfei and Ma Xiaoqiu, all of whom are highly influential and appealing entrepreneurs.


Dr Yin added,

"Ma Xiaoqiu's spirit is upliftingly powerful and infectious.
 In Autumn Dialogues II,
she most often focuses on 'truth, goodness and beauty', leading people to think and care about life. When it comes to 'truth', she sincerely discusses issues with readers; when it comes to 'goodness', she always upholds the spirit of altruism and helping others; when it comes to 'beauty', her beautiful articles and photos give readers spiritual and visual enjoyment ......"

 Dr Wan's brilliant speech won thunderous applause from the audience.


ma xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu interviewed by the media

Q&A session for readers

The two translators of the
Autumn Dialogues
also gave a brief speech on Ma's new book.

Gerard Donovan 

"Congratulations Dr Na! I’m very grateful to the opportunity to translate your book, it’s one of the greatest Chinese  books I have read for its vast scope and deep profound meanings that can be applied to contemporary Chinese practice. I learned that Dreams can be translated.
Thank you Dr Ma!" 

Dr. Jeannie Yi

"I’m very grateful to be friends with Ms Ma or Dr Ma. Over the past few years as her business advisor, I come to understand the meaning of an old Chinese proverb: a silly man who moved the mountains. Ms Ma’s attitude toward hurdles in life is the same as the Silly Old Ma: move the mountain that blocks the way. Never go about it. Autumn Dialogues
shows the way how this gets done.
Thank you Dr Ma!"

At the end of the launch, on behalf of the International Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce WechatIMG488Presidents' Club and the International Chaozhou Capital Alliance Promotion Association, President He Yipeng sent his best wishes to Ma Xiaoqiu and the publication of "Autumn DialoguesII". At the end, Ma Xiaoqiu took questions from readers and media reporters and autographed the book for them


Ma. Xiaoqiu doctorate

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu

 Doctorate Award Ceremony

 by California Miramar University

M.C./ Dr. Stan Foster

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen and Honored Guests.

I am Dr. Stan Foster, Vice-President and Founder of
California Miramar University.

It is my great privilege to be part of this Commencement Ceremony in honor of Madam Xiaoqiu Ma.

Madam Ma’s accomplishments in Business, Leadership, education and the arts, and in serving humanity are remarkable.

I would like to play this brief Video that shows an overview of her beautiful achievements.

(What an impressive list of accomplishments!

Madam Ma, I would like to take this moment to thank you on behalf of all of the millions of people who’s lives you have touched through your efforts!

Our virtual audience today circles the world. Distinguished friends and colleagues are joining us New York and Los Angeles and from all across China. The top administrators, Deans, Provost and the President of California Miramar University are all joining us from beautiful
San Diego, California.

We are joined by a renown Chinese press core and audience of dignitaries in Shenzhen, China, including Dr. Zhang Vice President Dr. of Shenzhen University.

Acer our commencement ceremony, our Chinese guests will continue on to celebrate the release of Madam Ma’s new book

 Autumn Dialogues 2.

 Our first speaker is the man who introduced Madam Ma to California Miramar University, Mr. Holmes H. Stoner Jr.

Holmes is the founder and Chairman of the thirty-three-year-old Pacific Rim Business Council and its more than 400,000 small and micro-sized business members.


Holmes Stoner:

Hello. I am honored to be here today sharing this special moment with Madam Xiaoqiu Ma. I have known Madam Ma for four years. We originally connected because of our shared interest in business. Her company the Ding Yi Feng Group has been a tremendous success and its business model cultivated by Madam Ma is one that should be studied and emulated for years to come.

We share many interests, beyond business, including the arts, and particularly singing and song-writing. I’ve never had one of my songs touch millions of people, like your wonderful song “The Prayer”, but I share with you the belief that through music, the arts, and education, we can create a common culture that can bring the people of this world together in a profound and lasting way.

I am delighted to have shared my love and respect of you with California Miramar University and proud that they are recognizing you today . There is no one more deserving of this great honor. Congratulations!


Jeanie Foster

Good day to everyone. Dear Madam Ma.
 I am very honored to be part of this ceremony today.
 I have found your writings both inspirational and insighlul.  Your humanitarian efforts in 2017 at the Sycamore Tree Charity Project, providing thousands of scholarships to the young and disadvantaged students in china, was very special,

As a woman in a long-standing leadership role here at California Miramar University, I understand the hurdles women face as well as the strength and vision women plan as an integral part of an organization, as you have done so graciously.

Your efforts this past year to help those affected by this pandemic, by providing medical aid and assistance and later delivering a much-needed message to the human spirit through words and music were invaluable.

I think everyone here today will agree, women play a vital role. We only need to give all women the education, support, and tools to accomplish their dreams.

Leadership combined with a mission to help others, is a beautiful combination. You are an inspiration to all women around the world.

Thank you for all you have accomplished and
 welcome to the California Miramar University family.


Dr. Zayer

I am Bijan Zayer, the Dean of California Miramar University and the Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Alumnus Awards CommiQee chair. We are charged with evaluating a proposed candidate for an honorary degree. We have gone through many applications in the past, and I can confidently tell you that it is a rare occasion that a committee comes across such splendid accomplishments in only one lifetime.

 Our evaluation has resulted in the highest possible ranking. As such, it is my honor and privilege to highly recommend the awarding of this well- deserved honorary degree to Ms. Ma., it is an honor for CMU to have you in our exclusive and distinguished family of Honorary degree holders with the highest degree that CMU awards to an outstanding global leader such as you.


Dr. Hassanlou

Distinguished guests, President, Chancellor, Dean, ladies, and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you all to this momentous Honorary Degree Ceremony. As the DBA Program Chair and a member of The Honorary Degrees, Distinguished Alumnus Awards, and Memorials Committee at CMU, I am proud to have had the pleasure of reviewing Ms. Ma's extensive achievements and impressive resume. One rarely comes across such a distinguished accomplished leader. Therefore, it is my pleasure to announce the committee's unanimous highest level approval of Ms. Ma's qualifications to be the recipient of CMU's honorary doctorate degree.

Ms. Ma, let me be the first to congratulate you on
 this well-deserved recognition.


Dr. Gooyabadi

I also would like to welcome our distinguished global guest, president, Dean, dignitaries, and scholars to this momentous event.

California Miramar University awards honorary degrees to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in specific fields or society at large but have not completed the academic requirements for a degree or certificate conferral at CMU.

It is essential to point out that despite receiving numerous applications for such honorary degrees, CMU has only awarded two degrees in the past two decades! That is why this ceremony is a very rare and significant event in our university.

Today on this auspicious occasion and based on our esteemed Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Alumnus Awards Committee's highest recommendation.

I have the great pleasure and honor to confer the honorary degree of doctor of strategic leader highest honor—on this truly exceptional lady.

As you have seen and heard, Ms. Ma has been selected in recognition of her outstanding contributions—as an artist, healer, scholar, philosopher, philanthropist, edupreneur, entrepreneur, and a notable global leader.

This outstanding woman we honor today has chosen to blaze her own trail, and in so doing, she inspires us to be bold in our aspirations and resolute in our actions.

Through her leadership, innovation, and creativity, this distinguished individual contributes daily to realizing a more humane, inclusive, and educated global society.

As we welcome her to the prestigious CMU family of honorary degree recipients, we hold her up as the pinnacle of an engaged global citizenry who exemplifies our belief in the power of knowledge, insight, and discovery to advance the public good.

Dr. Warfield

Madam Ma, I, have been greatly impressed by your passion, your boundless energy and all of your magnificent accomplishments.

And now, under the authority vested in me as President of California Miramar University,

I am honored to award you the degree of
 Doctor of Strategic Innovation and Leadership,
 Honoris Causa.


Los angeles tribune

Billionaire Ma Xiaoqui
Authors New Book and Launches New Film Company

Miramar Logo

ma xiaoqiu
ma xiaoqiu

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ma. xiaoqiu

Autumn Dialogues

Autumn Dialogues

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  Autumn Dialogues Hollywood Book Launch

The Prayer,
Performed in English by
Rebbeca Holden & Josh Moreland

洛杉矶秋言物语新书发布会, 美国著名歌手翻唱马小秋抗疫歌曲 “惟愿 The Prayer”

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  Autumn Dialogues Hollywood Book Launch

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  World Film Institute Presents Autumn Dialogues

Peace Day Party

FamilY Film Awards Istanbul
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Autumn Dialogues

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Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu President Clinton

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Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu The Prayer

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