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 Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu

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Black Tie International:

Black Tie Magazine: Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu

Family Films Inspiring Women

Family Films Empowering Women

Ma Xiaoqiu

"The inspirational power of  Family Films


 the insightful analysis of Dr. Zhang Hui"

In the Post-Pandemic Era, family entertainment  has becomes an increasingly  important solace for people.

 Families are always the safest harbor as well as the foundation of social stability. For families, the happiest thing is that family members watch movies together, sitting around and laughing together, they are happy

As a famous filmmaker, Dr Olympia Gellini founded the Family Film Awards in 1996, with the active  support of President Bill Clinton .

The Family Film Awards are set for a major revamp  this year.
Family Film Awards

As the chairman of the board of directors of a Hong Kong listed company with the market value of billions of dollars called HK612 as the most suitable Chinese partner as well as the chairman of TACTICIAN Group, Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu is the ideal partner for  the 2021 Family Film Awards.

The national and family values that Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu believes in, coincides and amplify the family value of the Family Film Awards.

Dr. Zhang Hui,
a visiting celebrity of the film and television industry and academic circles of Pacific Finance wrote an article to interpret the films nominated for the 2021 Family Film Awards from a unique perspective.

The 2021 Family Film Awards are consistent with the tradition of  years of stringent nomination requirements

The nominations need to comply with two rigid standards:

 (1) The annual box office of a film exceeds 100 million dollars after the release of the film;

(2) After the film is anonymously nominated by the Hollywood Family Film Awards Review organization "Blue Ribbon", the film with the most votes shall win the 2021 Family Film Awards

(Seven tenths of the members of the organization are also the lifelong judges of the Academy Awards.

This week, let us introduce an article of Ms. Zhang Hui, a Redology expert from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHL).

is the academic study of Cao Xueain's, Dream of the Red Chamber,
one of the Four Great Novels of China


The Hollywood film of "Maleficent"
is interpreted through

"the women's difficult growth
- betrayal, treatment, choice and sacrifice"

Introduction to the author:

Dr. Zhang Hui,is a doctor of Peking University and Columbia University and postdoctoral of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) as well as the president of Hong Kong Society of A Dream of Red Mansions.

Her monograph "Dream Studies in the United States" won the Chinese Postdoctoral Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, including more than fifty articles in core journals. It was selected into sixteen national social science key projects and youth projects.

"Maleficent" is a film directed by Robert Stromberg.

The screenplay was created by Linda Woolverton whoworked extensively with Tim Burton in "Alice in Wonderland".

The film is adapted from the 1959 old Disney animation of
"Sleeping Beauty".
A pure fairy tale is reinterpreted from the perspective of Maleficent

  The cast of the film includes Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Imelda Stauton, Juno Temple, Lesley Manville
and Brenton Thwaites.




 Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) was a beautiful, pure and young fairy with flying wings. She grew up in a peaceful forest kingdom. However, the good moment was always short.

The kingdom was attacked by the human army suddenly.

Maleficent, became the guardian of the forest gradually in the battle.

 In addition, she was betrayed mercilessly. As a result, from then on, she became an indifferent woman only with the idea of revenge.

In order to revenge, she put a curse on Aurora, the daughter of the human king. However, as she grew up,

Aurora gradually realized that she could bring peace to the two worlds as well as the real happiness to herself.


Sisters who makes waves:

My view on "Maleficent"

Zhang Hui


There are three ultimate questions in "Maleficent":

1. What is it that makes us human?

 2. Life as a women?

3. How to live better as a modern women?



"What is it that makes us  human"

Angelina Jolie, is the perfect the actress to play "Maleficent",

Angelina, interpreted it to the most extent.
She played the role that reflects  her life.

 Especially when she woke up from her dream, Maleficent found that her lover had cut off her flying wings in order to exchange wealth and power with the king. She curled up, touching her wounds in disbelief and screaming in pain.

Shortly before that, Angelina had her breast removed because of the family inheritance of breast cancer gene.

At that time, Maleficent was really like Angelina in hospital who lost the proudest thing of women in the world. However, she stood up and moved forward in silence.

She was just like Angelina, a great actress who told everyone to encourage all sick women:

Take it easy! We shouldn't be limited to our chests".

In my opinion, Angelina is particularly amazing in this aspect, because although a lot of concept is defined by the patriarchal society, many women worship Angelina.

 There are still many women around us who are trapped in appearance anxiety, body anxiety and pregnancy anxiety.

 "My life is insignificant. I must give birth to a son for my husband "

- Will a woman without any son be divorced or insignificant
in her family?

 Is her husband a king?

 All this is insignificant. After all, this kind of female value still exists now.

It is along-standing tradition. Women bind their marriage, give birth and cater to others through their appearance, figure and wombs. They even spare no effort to raise the banner of imprisoning women, which further deteriorates the difficult growth of women.

 So Angelina is really brave. She advises everyone to think about "humanity" calmly while many women are kidnapped by the aforementioned female value. In this world, a woman belongs to the human first and then she is a woman.                    



Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie





"Life as a  women"

is discussed in "Maleficent".

"Betrayal, treatment, choice and sacrifice"

were once taken as very mannish themes.

How to deal with them for modern women?

Some concept is redefined in the film. For example, it can be seen that a man's general attitude towards his enemy's children is generally to kill them all so as to  solve the future troubles completely.

However, Maleficent was full of gentleness and love for her goddaughter who was actually her enemy's daughter.
There was no kinship between them.

It was certainly considered to be sentimental in the patriarchal society.

 It was held that she would be backfired eventually.

However, she eliminated hatred with her love. Moreover, it was a kind of selfless love. She redefined "true love".

In traditional Disney fairy tales, why could the prince awake the Sleeping Beauty by kissing her?

 It is because we think that "true love" is just between men and women, but it is not so narrow. It is not limited to lovers or couples. It even may appear between parents and children.

The prince's love for the little princess might also be due to sex. Even the little princess's father abandoned her mercilessly because of his power and interests.

"True love" refers to the long-term companionship as well as the selfless sacrifice. So "true love" is involved with lovers, couples, parent-child relationship, unrelated strangers and even enemies.

 The world interpreted from the perspective of women was the softer. From the more compassionate perspective, there are perhaps  fewer barriers and thorns among people, between people and places and among countries



"How to live better as a modern women?"

 In the traditional society, it was held that a girl would have blessings as well as a good fate as long as she was beautiful and gentle.

Magic fairies or goblins could be almost freewheeling and omnipotent in the human society.

However, the film was more real and more cruel than traditional Disney fairy tales.

In traditional Disney fairy tales, it was advocate that little girls should be gentle and kind, because women only lived under the protection of their fathers and husbands in the past. With these qualities, women could live a safe life.

 It was very easy for fairies or goblins to become rich and longevous.

For example, the White Snake and San Sheng Mu.

 Even if they were suppressed, they were saved by their sons by genuflecting in front of the tower or chopping the mountain.

 In fact, they were gentle or competent women. In "Maleficent", the corresponding images were the little princess and Maleficent.

However, it broke our traditional idea. The interests of gentle women were sacrificed casually by others.

Competent women were betrayed and deceived.

So for the king, the life of his little princess was not as important as his power. For Maleficent, her wings were cut off under the guise of "true love".

In the film, the little princess had no father and Maleficent had no husband. In fact, it also inspired us to ponder: how to live without the support or protection of her father and husband for woman?

How to live a better life? It is a lonely and frightening road full of unknown dangers.

Just as Angelina said,

"take it easy".

This is the important message of the film




So, in addition to gentleness and kindness,
 wisdom was added into "Maleficent".

It is because modern women can't only live under the protection of their fathers and husbands but face all the unknown hardships and challenges in life.

Gentle women should learn to protect themselves so as to avoid being bullied by others. Competent women should learn to become gentle so as to avoid malicious slanders and traps easily.

Don't look with your eyes, but feel with your heart.

You only can see kinships, thrones, lovers and enemies. They were both real and illusory, because there were fights between fathers and sons and among brothers, the separation of couples in face of hardships, the instant power transferal and the reconciliation among enemies.

"I-Ching" is focused on change, the endless change!

A woman should grasp it with her heart and mind, especially in the endless change.

 So in the end, the princess and Maleficent became partners.

In other words, the gentleness and ability of women were combined with each other.

 Wisdom was also added in order to really fight against any harm and become free.

The invisible things and the choices at the key moment
 as well as something to be perceived and judged
by the heart and the mind
determine the result of a woman!


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