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Black Tie International:

Family Films Awards, Producers 2021

FamilY Film Awards

"Five Tigers"
Meet the  5 Extraordinary  Producers
the 2021 Global Relaunch
24th Family Film Awards

The World Film Institute is proud to present
the 24th Family Film Awards
 being taped for television globally on March 24th, 2021

at the Universal Hilton Hotel
located at 555 Universal Hollywood Dr, Universal City, CA 91608.

The Family Film Awards

were created in 1996
by Dr. Olympia Gellini and produced by Dick Clark.

In 2017
Dr. Gellini
reunited with Roger Neal who worked
on the original 1996 CBS Network TV Special.
 Roger Neal, was the executive produced the show
for the next three years, and is the Executive Producer of
this years Show.

will be taped for television
 to air in the U.S. and around the world.

The 24th Family Film Awards
 celebrates and honors the best of Family, TV, Film, and Music.

 The Nominees and Winners were chosen  by a group of 20 members of a Blue Ribbon Panel made up of Entertainment Industry executives.

Once again this year Roger Neal will Executive Produce
the 24th Family Film Awards

Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu
is the Chairman for the Award Show this year.

The Family Film Awards brings together films from around the globe that tell stories of courage, resilience and hope both in America and China. Film and its’ funny, dramatic and heartwarming stories is something that can bring us all together here and around the world.

Television is also a medium that we watch globally with our families that inspires and helps to shape our world; both film and television
are universal.

 The Family Film Awards
has come back at the right time. Film and television has the power to awaken the shared humanity in all of us...  The Family Film Awards  brings China and America together at the perfect time in our history, bringing two nations together to celebrate the best in all of us through Film and Television to prove that we are all closer than we think.

Today Pacific Finance will introduce you to
the top five producers of
The Family Film Awards.


The Family Film Awards Production Team:

Dr.Olympia Gellini,

the Founder & President of FFA, Executive Producer;

Ma Xiaoqiu,

Chairman of FFA & Chairman of TCMD Investment
 /DYF Entertainment;

 Roger Neal,

President of Neal Entertainment & Executive Producer of FFA;

Dr Jeannie Yi,

CEO of DYF Entertainment & Co-Executive Producer;

Michael Maizes, 

SFM Entertainment & Co-Executive Producer


Family Film Awards

Roger Neal , the Executive Producer of FFA said that

" The nominated films for this years 24th Family Film Awards are an example of Hollywood’s ability to create movies that can bring families together to share these cinematic experiences , this  brings families
together globally .

For those 90 minutes we are a global family , laughing , and crying together , each time the global family watches a family film we all become closer and are sharing an emotional experience
we will never forget.”

Neal also stated
 “ Family Films are the universal language we all share in common ,
I hope thru family films and our award show  we can help our countries come closer together for a common good for mankind “


Dr Olympia Gellini 

 the Founder & President of FFA, Executive Producer

Dr Olympia Gellini 

Dr. Gellini, is World Film Institute’s President and Founder.

He has written over forty plays and has appeared in numerous films and television shows worldwide.

He has been recognized in such diverse parts of the world as Afghanistan, where he won the best director prize in 1984 for his film The Border, and again in Tashkent (former Soviet Union) in 1985 for his short film The Dictators.

The son of a diplomat, Mr. Gellini has lived in 23 countries before landing in Los Angeles where he pursued his dream to truly globalize the art of film making by making the World Film Institute a reality and a recognized source for filmmakers, film students and motion picture fans around the globe.

Actor in a variety of roles on stage and on film. Writer of a number of Stage Productions. Fluent in English, Farsi, Hebrew, Italian, Afghani, Totki, and Arabic.

The idea to establish an organization that would truly celebrate and unite the film world began when Dr. Olympia Gellini, at 17, was a participant at the Berlin Film Festival.

From there, Dr. Olympia took part in and attended a multitude of international film festivals, film markets and entertainment industry events. The dedication and passion Dr. Olympia demonstrated over the years  distinguished him in the international film community.

Dr. Olympia efforts caught the attention of the renowned television production company Dick Clark Productions (dcp), in 1994.

Dick Clark joined in Dr. Olympia ’s vision by agreeing to produce television awards shows for the World Film Institute (WFI), honoring the world entertainment community.

In 1995 Tichi Wilkerson Kassel,
former owner, publisher and editor-in-chief for
The Hollywood Reporter and CEO of Hollywood Reporter Industries (publisher of over 70 magazines annually) became acquainted with
Dr. Olympia through various international industry events
and film festivals.

A generous patron of the arts, Tichi over the years has promoted and recognized excellence in all areas of the entertainment industry.

 She founded Women in Film, the Hollywood Report Key Arts Awards and Marketing Concept Awards, all of which benefit the entertainment and motion pictures industry around the world.

Tichi, became aware of Dr. Olympia’s vision and discovered that they shared similar interest and goals so she agreed to assist Dr. Olympia in his life long quest.

Dr. Olympia and Tichi established the World Film Intitute as an official non-profit organization to recognize outstanding achievements of the motion picture industry. 

Tichi was made the World Film Institutes President Emritus

and Dr. Olympia Gellini, its Founder and President.


In October 1995, the WFI held its very own film festival,

the “Best of the Fest,”

at Universal Studios,

as part of the semi-annual “Creativity in America Expostion.”

At the Gala festival dinner, the WFI honored
Helen Harris
for her work in the development of “Theater Vision,” an innovative technology designed to enhance motion picture experience for the visually impaired.

In April 1996, WFI presented its first scholarship to
UCLA’s School of Cinema.

At his Paramount Studios offices,
 WFI’s Scholarship Committee co-Chairman,
Howard Koch
made the presentation,
generously accepted on the university’s behalf by Dean Gil Cates.

In 1996 Dr. Olympia Gellini, and
Dick Clark Productions (dcb) and Direct TV/Primestar
 produced the highly successful

The Family Film Awards.

This award show was attended by celebrities such as

Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and many more.

Ma Xiaoqiu,
Chairman of FFA & Chairman of
TCMD Investment /DYF Entertainment


 Madam Xiaoqiu Ma
Chair of  the 24th Family Film Awards

She is the Chairman of the Board of the Hong Kong
listed multi-billion dollar asset management firm (HK 612).

A self-made billionaire, her entrepreneurial spirit and the unique management style she brings to DYF (Ding Yifeng) is detailed in her bestselling book

Autumn Dialogue

Autumn Dialogues

The Company’s name translates to ‘prosperity and affluence’,
and Ding Yifeng is one hundred percent rooted in
China’s intellectual history.

For over a decade, many financial firms have set up business in China. They operate with sophisticated tools and mathematic modeling based on a Western business paradigm.

The tools primarily employed by China DYF Group
are embodied in the
Classic Book of Virtues
道德经 (571 BCE)
Book of Changes
易经 (more than 5,000 years old).

 Its business model entails curtailing emotion and greed while developing a moral imperative based on patience and a long-term investment strategy.

In her book A CEO Diary, Madam Xiaoqiu states:

‘If you rush, you lose investors’ money. No one has the right to do so’.

 Her collection of eighty-one essays details the hurdles she overcame in the twenty years it took her to turn a one million dollar investment into a multi-billion dollar financial holding company.

 The story of Ms Ma Xiaoqiu is not only the story of one contemporary Chinese woman CEO, but also a narrative for Chinese women entrepreneurs who collectively enable growth and success in their employees and clients.

A noted Hollywood producer is currently adapting
A CEO Diary for film.

Over the years, Ms Ma has invested in technology, health, travel and resorts, fashion, and beauty.
Last year, together with the Board of Directors,
she decided to invest in the film industry, and established
the Beijing Lishi Film Group.

 Its aim is to co-produce and promote sophisticated, family-oriented movies for a universal audience.


20世纪80年代改革开放的浪潮中,马小秋带着邓小平让一部分人先富起来的理念和指导思想,南下创业。2011年,创立投资集团,全面实践无我、利他、专一、守信的精神,文化立业、道德治企。在文化自信的基础上,将中国智慧《道德经》成功运用到企业实践中,打造出具有深圳式创新的财富模式,一个管理资产近千亿元的具有文化自信、又与国际标准接轨的中国民族企业。她的创新精神和人文情怀使其分别荣获 2018美国国际商会年度人物奖、中国深圳十大女企业家奖、美国加州密拉玛大学荣誉博士。

In the wave of reform and opening up in the 1980s,
Ma Xiaoqiu took Deng Xiaoping's concept and guiding ideology of
"let someone get rich first"
 to start a business in the south.

In 2011, he founded an investment group to fully practice "selflessness, altruism, and singularity.

On the basis of cultural self-confidence, the Chinese wisdom
 "Tao Teh King"

was successfully applied to corporate practice, creating a wealth model with Shenzhen-style innovation.

 A Chinese national enterprise with nearly 100 billion management assets with cultural confidence and in line with international standards.

 Her innovative spirit and humanistic sentiment were recognized

Mrs. Ma Xiaqiu was awarded

The 2018 American International Chamber of Commerce
Person of the Year Award

Shenzhen Top Ten Female Entrepreneurs Award.
Honorary Doctorate from California Miramar University

ma. xiaoqiu

Ma Xiaoqiu


马小秋博士是一位慈善家和真正的文化爱好者,多年来她持续在娱乐、音乐和教育方面投资,她相信文化能弥合彼此之间的差异,并秉承共通的价值观。面对全球疫情,马博士不仅向武汉的数十万名抗击冠状病毒的急救人员捐赠中草药,还创作演唱了一首风靡世界的正能量歌曲《日出东方》(英文名惟愿The Prayer),通过音乐将人们凝聚一心,齐心抗疫。


Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu is a philanthropist and true culture lover.

 Over the years, she has continued to invest in entertainment, music and education. She believes that culture can bridge the differences between each other and uphold common values.

 Facing the global epidemic, Dr. Ma not only donated Chinese herbal medicines to hundreds of thousands of first responders fighting the corona virus in Wuhan,

 but also composed and sang a positive energy song
The Prayer, which is popular all over the world.
Through music, people are united to fight the epidemic.




马小秋博士的畅销书《秋言物语》(英文版)讲述了她白手起家到身家过亿的创业故事,展示了她奋斗不止、永不言败的企业家精神。2021126日,美国著名大报《洛杉矶论坛报》(LA Tribune)对此做了头版头条的大篇幅报道。第24届家庭电影奖主席由马小秋女士担任,日出东方(惟愿)将在第24届家庭电影奖与好莱坞一线演员和歌星同台演出,通过家庭电影奖合作伙伴、美国著名电影电视台Reelz 向其全世界2亿观众播出。


Dr. Ma Xiaoqiu's best-selling book
"Autumn Dialogues" (English version)
tells her entrepreneurial story of starting from scratch and having a net worth of more than 100 million yuan, showing her entrepreneurial spirit of incessant struggle and never giving up.

On January 26, 2021, the famous American newspaper
"Los Angeles  Tribune"
 made a big headline report on this.

"The Prayer"

 will perform on the same stage with Hollywood's first-line actors and singers at the 24th Family Film Awards, through the Family Film Awards partners and famous American film

 and television station Reelz will broadcasts the show
 to its 200 million viewers worldwide.



Roger Neal,
President of Neal Entertainment
& Executive Producer of FFA

Roger Neal began his career in 1982 in the publicity department of MGM.

 He later joined a los Angeles based PR firm,  a short time later  he stated his own PR firm, Neal Public Relations, where he worked with such clients as Tom Jones and Rudy Vallee. ,and achieved immediate success, accumulating an impressive client list in less than two years, that was 38 years ago.

 Roger has received a Grammy nomination for his creative contributions and organization of
 the Children Of The World,
an album and video project that raised more than $500,000 for the USA for Africa Fund. During President George Bush's term of office, Roger served as the President's Advance Representative in the Los Angeles area.

Neal also would go on to make history for clients over the years.

Roger serves on two boards at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce,  and helps to produce the

Heroes of Hollywood 

event for the chamber each year that helps give grants to non -profits in Hollywood helping those in need. Neal also serves on the board of the PPB now known as the Hollywood Media Professionls

In 2002, Neal started producing television specials.

For the past 25 yrs Roger has produced Oscar events,
24 yrs ago Roger and his Wife Lynn started producing
 Oscar Beauty & Couture Suites,

 this 5 years ago evolved into a
 Oscar Viewing Dinner & Oscar Suite,
 in 4 years this event is now the #3 event on Oscar Sunday,

Neal took a partner Maryanne Lai on in 2019,
now the event is called
The Roger Neal & Maryanne Lai
Oscar Viewing Dinner Suite and After Party

roger neal

Oscar dinner party hosted by Roger Neal

In 2018 , Roger received 4 awards for his 37 yrs in show business

The Heroes of Hollywood Award,

The Family Film Awards, Founders Award,

The Hollywood Appreciation Society's,

The Lifetime Achievement Award
The Southern California Motion Picture Council
 presented by Oscar winner Margaret O’Brien.


Roger was on the original team that produced
the Family Film Awards in 1996.

Roger, will executive produced the Family Film awards again as a live event, this year,  on March 24th 2021,
and tape it for television globally.
This will take the family film Awards show to the global market.


Dr Jeannie Yi, CEO of DYF Entertainment
& Co-Executive Producer

Jeannie yi


Dr Jeannie Jinsheng Yi is the author of several influential business books on corporate culture and corporate governance.

The Haier Way

 was recommended by the US Chamber of Commerce to American CEOs traveling to China, while Harvard and other prominent schools viewed The Haier Way as China’s first business case study. The book additionally received numerous favorable reviews, including in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, and Fortune.

Another Dr. Yi publication, Wall Street Trilogy (in Chinese) pioneered a new business model just as China began its transformation to an urban economy with global aspirations.


Dr Yi has acted as an international consultant on entertainment and financial projects that bridge China and the West.

Notably, she brought James Cameron’s company Digital Domain to China to pursue funding and acquire local movie studio partners.

She also oversaw the formation of a strategic partnership between DHX, Canada’s largest animation company, and CCTV Children’s Animation.

 As a direct result, CCTV purchased 350 productions from DHX to broadcast in China, with the signing ceremony witnessed by
the Prime Minister of Canada.


Dr. Yi has brought Twentieth Century Fox and Village Roadshow to China to create IP-based theme parks.

The Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific also hired Dr Yi as its Investor Relations expert in developing Saipan into a film shooting base, with the added goal of attracting tourists as well as potential clients.

Dr Yi currently serves as Co-Executive Producer of
The 24th Family Film Awards
as it grows from its American roots
and reaches a truly global audience.

She received her PhD in Literature
from Washington University in St Louis.


华尔街重心集团创始人,华尔街人力资源专家,作家。1985年由北京大学到美国华盛顿大学攻读博士,获得美国文学博士学位后进入华尔街,为华尔街的大银行在90年代初刚刚崛起的亚洲搭建超级人才赢团队winning team” 15个,在没有金融市场的地方开辟金融市场。 2009年荣获美国新泽西州2009年商业女精英"年度奖,2012年被授予成都最具全球影响力人物——商界奖2013年荣获北大优秀人特别奖。


在中国崛起的2002-05期间,给正在饥渴中需要了解金融操作的中国,写下影响了整整一代青年学子的华尔街系列作品,揭秘华尔街: 《华尔街英语》(走进华尔街)《华尔街职场》《职场政治——华尔街人力资源案例),并为自己的出生地介绍和引进近100亿投资,如通过华尔街人脉引进富力集团,解决了成都的烂尾楼项目熊猫城。英文版著述《海尔之路》让美国CEO 们了解中国,该书获美国商务部推荐奖,17年来在各大书城特别是亚马逊畅销不衰,为中美商界的相互了解,作出特别贡献。


Founder of Wall Street CG Group, Wall Street human resources expert, writer. In 1985, Jeannie Yi went to the University of Washington from Peking University to study for a Ph.D.

After obtaining a Ph.D. in American literature, She entered Wall Street to build a "super talent winning team" for the major banks in Wall Street in Asia, which had just risen in the early 1990s.

She opened the financial market in these places .

 In 2009, She was awarded the

"New Jersey 2009 Business Women Elite" annual award,

 in 2012 She was awarded the

"Chengdu Most Influential Person in the World-Business Award",

 and in 2013 she was awarded the

"Peking University Outstanding Person" special award.


During the rise of China in 2002-05,

She wrote a series of Wall Street works that influenced a whole generation of young students to China, which was hungry and needed to understand financial operations, and revealed the secrets of Wall Street:

"Wall Street English" (into Wall Street)

 "Wall Street Workplace"

 "Workplace Politics-Wall Street Human Resources Case),

 and introduced nearly 10 billion investment for her birthplace, such as the introduction of R&F Group through Wall Street contacts, and solved the unfinished building project "Panda City" in Chengdu.

The English version the Haier Way helped American CEOs to understand China. The book has been recommended by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It has been selling well in major bookstores, especially Amazon, for 17 years.

It has made special contributions to the mutual understanding of Chinese and American businesses.


 owned by Ms. Ma Xiaoqiu.
She is a friend and fan of President Ma Xiaoqiu.


jeannie yi

jeannie yi

jeannie yi

Michael Maizes, 
SFM Entertainment & Co-Executive Producer

Michael Maizes, 

Michael Maizes now heads SFM Entertainment,
which co-executive produced
Family Film Awards in 1996
when it ran on CBS.

 Since then, he/SFM has
executive produced, produced, created, or distributed/packaged various shows, documentaries, specials, and new programming, including the

 AFI 100Years series,

Kennedy Home Movies,

 Mobil Showcase Network,

SFM Holiday Network,

Professional Paintball,

and many Classic Television titles.

, works with industry leaders to make available the finest content and entertainment experience. He is thrilled to be part of the team that brings the 24th Family Film Awards deservingly back to a National
and International audience.

Separately, he is an attorney practicing in New York, New Jersey

and Florida.


FamilY Film Awards

Sponsorship Opportunities

Autumn Dialogues

Autumn Dialogues

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  Autumn Dialogues Hollywood Book Launch

The Prayer,
Performed in English by
Rebbeca Holden & Josh Moreland

洛杉矶秋言物语新书发布会, 美国著名歌手翻唱马小秋抗疫歌曲 “惟愿 The Prayer”

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  Autumn Dialogues Hollywood Book Launch

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  World Film Institute Presents Autumn Dialogues

Peace Day Party

FamilY Film Awards Istanbul
family film awards
ma xiaoqiu

Autumn Dialogues

Ma Xiaoqiu UN lecture

mrs ma xioqiu

ma xiaoqui black tie award
 ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu Hollywood

Mrs. Ma. Qiaoqiu , presiddent trump

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu Chinese Culture

ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  繁花似锦 Flowers Blooming Like Brocade


Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  The Rockefellers

ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu Rejoicing in Giving Alms

ma qiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu The Path to Inner Peace Has No Boundary

ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu The Majesty of Mountains

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu A Sacred Bird from Antiquity

ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  In the City Palace and in the Countryside Farm

ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  Reading we are all so busy these days

ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  My Story With Movies

Ma .xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu  The Family Film Awards

president clinton

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu President Clinton

mrs ma xiaoqiu

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu The Prayer

Mrs. Ma. Xiaoqiu Ding Yi Feng

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