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Black Tie International:
Gloria Cressler Summer Tour 2017
Bill Lee Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler, Mary Tavarez and Kristoffer Lepsoy
Bill Lee Landis, Gloria T. Cressler, Mary Tavarez and Kristoffer Lepsoy
at the Vienna Austria Intercontinental Hotel Lobby
Article by: Gloria T. Consolacion Cressler
International Editor and Host

Photographs and Film by:
Bill Lee Lanndis
Mary Tavarez
Kristofer Lepsoy
Film Edited by: Cuiru Wu
Now that 2017 is over, it is time to reminisce about our travels that we made throughout this past year. It was another amazing and fabulous trip! My traveling Press Crew included Bill Lee Lanndis, Mary Tavarez and Kristofer Lepsoy. We went back to one of my favorite countries, Austria the land of The Sound of Music, and a list famous composers from Johan Strauss, Mozart,Schubert, Haydn, J. G. Albrechtsberger, to A. Schoenberg, and many other wonderful composers, and of course, Beethoven  had spent a lot of time in Vienna. My most favorite hotel to stay in Vienna is the Intercontinental Hotel which has beautiful large chandeliers lining up in the hallway and an incredible bar surrounded by crystals including a very friendly staff who are all there ready to help. Many business people stay at the hotel and they come from all over the world – many you can you meet at the bar. My personal choice, every time is the beautiful corner hotel suite, which I thoroughly enjoy staying in every time.

The first day when we arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel, first impression is being greeted by the friendly staff with their incredibly lovely smiles. This is one of the reasons why I love staying at the Intercontinental Hotels because it’s so personal, they treat you as a member of their own family. It was a pleasure to see our long-time friend who is the Head of the Concierge, Mr. Christian Plank. He is friendly and very accommodating, and ready to help. Christian has helped us with what we need around town and by providing us directions to special and unique places to visit.
We also met with Mr. Gerhard Harwarth, the Restaurants Supervisor, and Mr. Adam Kuhtreiber the Revenue Manager assigned to us by their lovely General Manager, Ms. Brigitte Trattner. Adam handled all our reservations and accomodation he is a very nice man. So if you plan to go to the beautiful city of Vienna make sure to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel, their website is . In addition, I also want to thank Mr. Ronald Hoogerbrugge, another General Manager at the Intercontinental Hotel and we are grateful and thank him for all his help.

The following day we were picked up by my long-time friend International Businessman, Robert Lester of Vienna, Austria and Dubai to take us to the Wine Festival in Wagram, Austria to the Anton Bauer Winery, which is an hour ride from Vienna. It was great to see my long-time friends Toni Bauer, third generation winemaker, and his partner, the sweet and lovely Gudron, and Toni's sister Sieglinde Bauer and her daughter Sonja Bauer. Wow! Every time I see Sonja, who just keeps growing and is tall for her young age.   As always… we tasted so many delicious Anton Bauer Wines and several types of ham and sausages that were paired with their delectable wines. Anton Bauer wines are of high quality made of different varieties of grapes. They have many wine connoisseurs who were tasting their wines during the wine festival. Anton Bauer wines are sold all over Europe and the United States, and you can find them in restaurants, large hotel chains and country clubs. Look at their website:


In the afternoon the famous Chef, Hotelier and Restaurant Owner, Author and Wine Producer: Chef Toni Morwald invited us to his restaurant and hotel. Previous to the invitation, he took us first to his wine cellar where we tasted his select wines from his vineyard. That afternoon his brother served their special wines for the wine festival which were a pleasure to taste and so full of flavor. Afterwards, he took us to his kitchen at one of his restaurants he started cooking us an amazing dinner which we were filming. The way he moved you can see that he is truly an expert at his craft. When he finished cooking our sumptuous food, we all sat down and ate his delicious dinner that was paired with flavorful ANTON BAUER WINES. This experience was a real treat. Before we left Chef Toni Morwald gave each of us a thick recipe book full of beautiful photos of the wonderful food that he had personally prepared. We each were very happy to receive his gift. Their website isWWW.MOERWALD.AT


The next day we decided to go on a tour. Because this was the first Austrian visit for Mary Tavarez and Kristoffer Lepsoy so we tour the city of Vienna. We spent a long time at Schonbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the Habsburgs family which was built in 1642. It has 1,441 rooms and 45 were open to visit. When you are at the palace you can admire the beautiful ballroom used for their formal events. Mozart played his music in the mirrored Schonbrunn Palace very early on in his life, as a six-year old prodigy. Even Napoleon had meetings there… and so had many other royals and top government officials. It is truly a magnificent palace. When you go to Vienna make sure to visit this palace - you will enjoy the visit. In the evening, our group had a good dinner at one of the nearby restaurants serving local food in which we requested to Robert. We celebrated the birthday of my long-time friend Robert Lester, so it is always exciting to try different foods from other countries. Some of their items on the menu included the insides of the cow; it’s is not that bad, and I can state that it is
always nice to try new things.

The following day a limousine picked us up, our favorite driver Manfred drove us to another loved place of mine, the beautiful wooden castle in the Austrian Alps, the Stanglwirt Bio Hotel in Going Tyrol Austria. It is 5 Star Hotel (I rate it a 7 Star) founded during the 1600’s, It began as an tavern, then became an inn, and then evolved into this beautiful Bio Hotel called Stanglwirt (The Wooden Castle). Everything is nice and big at this place, it is truly impressive.  At this time Balthazar Hauser, the father and Magdalena Hauser the mother were on vacation here in the United States for a deserved good rest. But Maria Hauser, Johannes Hauser and Elisabeth Hauser where  there .    They made sure that our stay was a wonderful one. It is always nice to see the good works of Balthazar Hauser, the managing director of Stanglwirt. His ingenious great designs is what has made Stanglwirt into what we have with us today. In addition, the fabulous talents of all family members who help run the hotel starting from him to Magdalena Hauser, to Maria Hauser, Johannes Hauser, and Elisabeth Hauser. All family members contribute with their staff to make this place a very special place to stay. The staff looks wonderful dressed in their Austrian costumes, so you truly feel that you are in Austria (although the staff comes from different parts of Europe). Besides the Hauser family running the Stanglwirt , all in the family are also talented musicians while some play instruments others sing. Every year they hold a music festival where the people from the surrounding area gather at the Stanglwirt for this event.  


Stanglwirt is truly a luxury resort with different rooms and suites from single rooms to beautiful 2 story lofts, with 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms apartments, with a large king size beds. Many suites have living rooms adorned with beautiful fireplaces, plus additional rooms with your own whirlpool spa and sauna, with a balcony with a stunning view of the rolling hills and mountains. You can smell the freshness in the air. From there you can also see some of the different spas and swimming pools, besides the one inside that was designed by the genius Bhaltazar Hauser.  All the guests at Stanglwirt are pampered with first class treatment, all starting off with welcome greetings, then offered drinks in their beautiful restaurant which is close to the lobby. And once you enter your room a nice cold bottle of champagne and chocolates await you there with another greeting card, and then another one on the TV. So that additional effort makes you immediately feel extra special.


When you go to dinner you will see several tables with selections of different cheeses from all over the world but much of the cheese come from their own animals that they raise.. The cows are the largest cows that you see and they are massaged every day, then taken out to pasture along the Austrian Alps consuming crisp clean grass. So the milk tastes very good and the meat is so tender and as you chew it melts in your mouth. All the organic vegetables served come from their own farms. Johannes Hauser, the Food and Beverages Manager who is  also  in charge of the farm is is also proud to call himself a farmer. So you will find that you are eating very fresh clean vegetables - all the food served are so delicious. I so look forward to visiting Stanglwirt again, and you will too, once you have visited there.

Stanglwirt is also a beautiful wedding destination. You will find that you all will be pampered by the staff and a must is to explore and soak in their beautiful spas, unique hot springs and swimming pools. This pampering will make your special day truly a memorable one. They have a 5 Star Chef that will prepare the food to your heart’s desire, for you and your guests. Stanglwirt is a beautiful place to have your perfect dream of a wedding overlooking the Austrian Alps thus making you feel like you are in the mountains with the Von Trapp family. So make sure to book your wedding now. 

For companies please note: they have several spaces where you can hold your conferences and seminars for small or big groups. Your guests will be pampered and can go to the different spas and hot springs after their meeting to relax before they dine and indulge in marvelous  food and  a wide selection of different wines from all over the world;  just ask for recommendations from their wine sommelier
 who is real expert on wines.

Stanglwirt is a Green Spa Resort with uniquely designed pools, beautiful indoor and outside spas that are truly out of this world. They consist of an Indoor Rock Pool, an Outdoor Rock Pool, aRock Whirlpool (where you relax in a giant Jacuzzi (36°C) next to the Aquarium), a Family Sport Pool (outdoor), Panorama Relaxation Room, and the Oasis of Silence Relaxation Room, Salt Grotto (where you enjoy the healing of warm salt steam on your vocal cords, skin and bronchial system). The Stone Sauna (where warm sandstone rocks and eucalyptus steams provide relief for tired backs and aching bones), the Mountain Crystal Steam Bath (where you are astonished by magical sparkling crystals), the Pinewood Bio Sauna (where you can truly relax in this stylish mountain chalet and smell the scent of organic pinewood), and the Wilder Kaiser Sauna (a large sauna cottage for the whole family with an incredible view of the splendid landscape). Also do be sure to visit the Saltwater Pool, the Pro Sport Lap Pool, Relaxation Areas, Marble Steam Bath, the Waterfall Grotto, and the Natural Swimming Lake. They also offer a highly exclusive SPAwith treatments for your body, mind and soul. They currently offer 9000 m² of wellness and spa (1500 m² of that are purely water/wet areas). All of these areas are located in the middle of nature all so very wide and spacious with direct views to the Austrian Alps where you smell clean fresh mountain air.

As I mentioned before, Stanglwirt Bio Hotel is often visited by famous celebrities and top government officials from countries from all over the world. Celebrities of the like; Prince Albert of Monaco, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actress Ashley Judd, Caroline of Monaco, George Harrison, Gloria Gaynor, Heidi Klum, Hillary Clinton, Marcus Schenkenberg, Mark Williams (Mr. Weasley – Harry Potter), Muhammed Ali, Pamela Anderson, Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, Pierre Brice , and many more famous people  a nd of course yours truly.  Arnold Schwarzenegger spend much of his time at Stanglwirt when he goes home to visit his family and friends.   

There are so many things to do at Stanglwirt besides soaking in the beautiful spas. You can have a lesson, or ride the beautiful white Lipizzaner Horsesplay tennis, or play golf, or fishing. And during winter time you can ski and have a sleigh rides throughout the area. And they have an special program during the month of December so Stanglwirt is fully book during that time.. They also have a state of the art gym that you can exercise in after eating all that sumptuous food from their different restaurants. If lucky, you may find Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities exercising in the gym, or maybe dining in the restaurant. In the evenings they have a live band and you can dance to the music.

Stanglwirt has received a numerous awards over the years from Conde Nast Traveler - Gold List 2016, TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Award 2016, 3 Lilies from Relax Guide 2016, and TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (for the years 2011/12/13/14/15). For this reason it should be listed as “the eighth wonder of the world” due to its unique history. It began in the 1600’s and up to the present they have served guests with continuous impeccable service. The building itself is so beautiful because of the designs of the exterior and interiors, and its incredible location is truly
“the eighth wonder of the world”.

Make sure to make your reservation now to visit Stanglwirt, and do mention my name when you speak with Maria and Johannes Hauser, and later on you can meet the rest of the family. Stanglwirt has different pricing options depending on the season. Don’t delay in going there… because when you stay there, you will feel like you are in heaven. You can enjoy the different spas with their unique designs when staying at Stanglwirt which will leave you with wonderful memories of your visit. There is also a village called Kitzbuhel close to Stanglwirt where you can buy beautiful Austrian gifts and trinkets, Stanglwirt is only one hour away from Munich and Salzburg. To know more about Stanglwirt go to and if you want to ask me personally about Stanglwirt and other places in this article you can email me at 
or or


From there we went to Salzburg the home of the famous composer Amadeus Mozart and of course up on the hill is the mansion of the VON TRAPP Family of The Sound of Music. It was just an hour ride from Stanglwirt (the first time that I went to Salzburg I stayed in a hotel in Salzburg). So first we went to the mansion where the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born right in the center of the city of Salzburg. He was an influential and prolific composer of classical music during his time. He start composing music at a young age of 3 to 4. At the age of eight he already wrote his first symphony. He became well known as a child prodigy. All and all in his short life he wrote 600 sheets of music. Visiting his mansion which is now a museum is another destination to visit. You will see how Mozart and his family lived during that period.

The movie The Sound of Music was depicted from the family of the VON TRAPPs in Salzburg on the top of the hill. I am sure that a lot of you had seen the movie The Sound of Music, the mansion still looks as beautiful as before. It has been converted into a hotel and part of it is a museum. You will see a photograph of the original Von Trapp Family on a wall inside the mansion. Just by being in that place makes you feel that you are there at the time when they were filming THE SOUND OF MUSIC and visualizing all the children singing and climbing up the stairs. The inside décor has changed a little bit but the outside remains the same. It is another place that you need to visit and experience in Salzburg to understand another part of their history. You can make reservations directly at the Hotel which is called now Villa Trapp.
Their website is
Salzburg is usually very busy during summer due to their annual festival.


Our next stop on this trip was to the city of Berlin, the new capital of Germany. At one time the capital was Bonn Germany (in fact one of my uncles served as an Ambassador there) but during the reunification of Germany in 1990 Berlin then became the capital of Germany. We arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin in the afternoon. This Berlin Intercontinental is one of the largest Intercontinental Hotels I know because I had stayed in several Intercontinental Hotels all over the world another one is the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai that is a massive size. Several American Presidents have stayed here in Berlin Intercontinental from the late President Ronald Reagan to President Barack Obama, and other famous government officials from other countries. As always we were greeted by their friendly staff and I got the chance to meet their General Manager Mr. Aernout De Jong, a very nice gentlemen. I also had the opportunity to interview the lovely Christiane Reisberger who is the Office Manager - Executive Office, you will see my interview with her later at the Marlene Dietrich Lounge. I was able to have discussion with several lovely ladies from the Front Desk to the VIP Lounge which included Lisa Lichtblau, Reception Manager, Katharina Eycke, Rooms Division Manager, Elisabeth Kruzewitz, Jessica Schrapp, Jana Schmidt, and Kristina Mladenouc.

We also met with my friend from Berlin, Businessman Michael Sabeth - it was nice to see him again. The next day we all went for a tour of the whole city of Berlin from the west to the east. I have been to the old East Berlin, was there shortly after the wall came down with my other friends. Even to now you can still see the difference between the west and the east. Berlin has beautiful old buildings that surround the city. Should you get the chance to visit Germany do make sure to visit Berlin. Make sure to check in at the Intercontinental Hotel - you will love the hotel as much as we loved it. It has a stylish indoor swimming pool, several restaurants and the Marlene Dietrich Lounge is very beautiful and very spacious VIP Lounge.
Their website is

After several days in Berlin it was time to go to London to see friends and relatives. My friend Tina Francisco and her daughter Audry (both live in Paris) came to meet us in London (I saw them the year before in Paris). I also met with my friend Patsy O'Hagan who is a nurse in London, and sister of my friend Tina O'Hagan from Ireland who I have visited several times. My niece came to join us for dinner the entire time when we were in London. The first day in London, Bill and I when to the store that sells souvenirs. My friend who owns the store gave Bill discounted special pricing on the many gifts he purchased. It was nice to see him again. His store is close to the famous Ritz Hotel. After that Bill and I stop at one of this nice Italian Restaurant by Picadilly name CICCHETTI, it is a very busy restaurant due to serving delicious food and the staff are friendly. Alessio, who was assigned to us made sure to take good care of us in spite of the restaurant being busy. This time we stayed at Crown Plaza London Kensington because it is closer to Kensington Palace. And all met  the friendly staff from Gustavo Justo, Diego Tituana, Roberta Nistri, Gessica Cancilleri, Gianluca Bassi and Flavio Ricci. Crown Plaza is also a part of Intercontinental Hotel.

One day Bill and I met with my friend, a royalty, the Duchess Maria Perry who takes us to Kensington palace every time I’m in London. At this visit I was with Bill Lee Lanndis. First we had dinner, but before dining we always toast first with champagne before the delicious dinner. Afterward we toured Kensington Palace from the first floor all the way to the top floor. We saw the rooms where the past monarch lived, Queen Victoria grew up in this Palace, and where the late Princess Diana used to live. When we reached the top floor all the beautiful clothes of Princess Diana are displayed. We enjoyed the tour too much, we forgot that we were meeting my niece and additional friends from Paris and London for dinner again that evening. If my niece had not phoned me I would have slipped. It is time for the article to go to press, so I am signing off. We will share with you again about our next wonderful trips!

We thank our sponsors and host starting off with The Intercontinental Hotel Vienna Austria, and its General Manager Brigitte Trattner, Mr. Ronald Hogerbruggh General Manager of Intercontinental Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel Berlin, Crown Plaza Kensington, London, Anton Bauer Wines, Wagram, Austria, Chef Morwald of Wagram, Austria, Stanglwirt Bio Hotel (The Wooden Castle & Green Spa Resort), International Wine Masters, Giorgio G. Cognac (by famous designer Giorgio GUCCI), Emperors Brand, Wine World Wide Inc., Robert Lester of Vienna Austria & Dubai, Black Tie International Magazine, and Gerard Mc Keon, Publisher of Black Tie International Magazine. Additionally, our friends Robert Lester, Duchess Maria Perry, General Manager, Ms Brigittie Trattner, General Manager, Mr. Ronald Hoogerbrugge, Adam Kuhtreiber,  Mr. Gerhard Harwarth ,  Christian Plank all from Intercontinental Vienna, Tina O'Hagan, Patsy O'Hagan, Tina and Audry Francisco, My niece Nerrissa and of course the Hauser family and their staff, and our favorite driver Manfred. Their generous hospitality made our trip so much more enjoyable. We thank you all.
Intercontinental Hotel Vienna with Kristoffer Lepsoy, Mr. Christian Plank Head Concierge,Gloria T. Cressler International  Editor  and Mr. Adam Kuhtreiber the Revenue Manager 
Intercontinental Hotel Vienna with Kristoffer Lepsoy, Mr. Christian Plank Head Concierge,
Gloria T. Cressler International  Editor  and Mr. Adam Kuhtreiber the Revenue Manager 
Intercontinental Hotel Vienna
Intercontinental Hotel Vienna
Bill Lee Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler, Mary Tavarez and Kristoffer Lepsoy
Bill Lee Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler, Mary Tavarez and Kristoffer Lepsoy
at the Vienna Austria Intercontinental Hotel Lobby.
Schonbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the Habsburgs family which was built in  1642.
Schonbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the Habsburgs family which was built in  1642. It has 1,441 rooms and 45 were open to visit.  Mozart played his music in the mirrored Schonbrunn Palace very early on in his life, as a six-year old prodigy. In front Kristoffer Lepsoy, Gloria T. Cressler and Mary Tavarez.  
  Picture of one side of the building of  Stanglwirt Bio Hotel and Green Spa (The Wooden Castle)
  Picture of one side of the building of  Stanglwirt Bio Hotel and Green Spa (The Wooden Castle)
This Building is U shape you are y ou are looking at one side. It is a massive size.
Stanglwirt Bio Hotel and Green Spa (The Wooden Castle)
Stanglwirt Bio Hotel and Green Spa (The Wooden Castle)
     Another side of Stanglwirt during Winter Time
     Another side of Stanglwirt during Winter Time
 Stanglwirt Spa
 Stanglwirt Spa
 One of the swimming pools. You can swim even though it is surrounded by snow
because the water is hot spring.  
Maria Huaser, Stanglwirt
Maria Huaser, Stanglwirt
Bill Lee Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler and Mary Tavarez
In the city of Salzburg Austria with Bill Lee Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler and Mary Tavarez
 Von Trapp family
Gloria T. Cressler and Mary Tavarez the Photograph in the background
is the family picture of the Original Von Trapp family
At the winery of Anton Bauer at the Wine Festival Toni Bauer, Chef Toni Morwald, Gloria T. Cressler, 
At the winery of Anton Bauer at the Wine Festival Toni Bauer, Chef Toni Morwald,
Gloria T. Cressler, 
Robert Lester and Kristoffer Lepsoy
Chef Toni Morwald with Kristoffer Lepsoy, Gloria T. Cressler, Chef Toni Morwald, International Businessmen Robert Lester and one of the staff holding
At the Restaurant and Hotel and Spa of Chef Toni Morwald with Kristoffer Lepsoy, Gloria T. Cressler, Chef Toni Morwald, International Businessmen Robert Lester and one of the staff holding Anton Bauer Wines. We are all holding the latest Cookbook of Chef Toni Morwald as his gift to us. 
Infront of the Mansion of the famous Composer Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg Austria 
In front of the Mansion of the famous Composer Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg Austria 
Lunch at Kensington Palace Hotel with the Duchess Maria
Lunch at Kensington Palace Hotel with the Duchess Maria Perry
Kensington Palace
In front of Kensington Palace after this we went inside the palace and had a tour from the ground floor all the way to  the top floor with Bill Lee Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler International Journalist and Duchess Maria Perry of London
Princess Diana's Evening Gown displayed at the very top floor of the Kensington Palace
Princess Diana's Evening Gown displayed at the very top floor of the Kensington Palace
. Most of her evening gowns are there.
 With the lovely Christiane I. Reisberger Office Manager - Executive Office, Intercontinental Hotel, Berlin
    With the lovely Christiane I. Reisberger Office Manager - Executive Office, Intercontinental Hotel, Berlin
          Sorry that I look sick in the pictures because i just finished my 5th breast 
          cancer surgeries and treatment when I left for Europe and had been taking
          a lot of medicines. So I look bloated.
   Intercontinental hotel Berlin
   Intercontinental hotel Berlin
Rooms are beautiful and spacious. I love this room
In Berlin Intercontinental Hotel with Gloria T. Cressler Michael Sabeth of Berlin(holding Anton Bauer Champagne) , Kristoffer Lepsoy and Mary Tavarez
Singing at Stanglwirt Bio Hotel with the Hauser Family
Fabulous Cooking With Queen Glori - European Edition - Stanglwirt Bio-Hotel


Please Click on this link to watch the series of
"Fabulous Cooking by Queenglori

other episodes will follow please share this with your friends,
we will be featuring different guests.
You could be the lucky one that will be chosen to be our next guests on our next filming. 
 gloria cressler book cover
We have a cookbook that we recently Launch called
Portions of these Proceeds will benefit Several Veterans Charity Organizations and Children Organization. This is such an easy way for you or to give as a gift, and at the same time helping our selected charities. The cost is $ 14.00 plus $ 3.95 for shipping.
You can pay with PayPal to the email address or to send a check, write and mail the check to Gloria Cressler Enterprises at 8801 51st Avenue, Elmhurst, NY 11373.
Anybody who buys the cookbook will also get a FREE E-Book copy.



Extra Extra!!!!

Black Tie International:
 Gloria Cressler: United Arab Emirates Trip

Our first Opening in Dubai, It was a fabulous event The guests list on the pictures starts with the Artist Bhavna Vaya,  Mr. Khalil Abdulwahid Visual Art Manager of Projects and Events, Department of  Dubai Culture, Mr. Burt Alfieri Partner Artissima Gallery, Opera Singer Paula Oleska, Gloria T. Cressler P.R./Agent & International Correspondent and Host of Black Tie International Magazine, Artist Marco, the Ministers from the Dubai Culture headed by Dr. Salah Algassim, Advisor to the Dubai Culture,Mr. Ahmad Alserkal, Founder and President of Alserkal Cultural Foundation,  Aurela Cuku partner Artissima Gallery Artist Pellumb Rira, Denald Cuku Manager Artissima Gallery. Not included in the picture are the Consul General of Peru Carlos Tavera, Robert Lester of Vienna Austria, and Etienne Van Den Peereboom Of Belgium


Black Tie International Magazine Travel
Gloria Cressler-European Spring Tour 2014

European Spring/Summer Tour  

Elite Professionals European Spring/ Summer Tour 2016

At the Wine Festival in Wagram Austria in the picture Günther Kassner,  Anton Bauer, Jing-Dong Zheng, Melanie-F. Klein, Bruno Wichland, Caroline Heyer, Gerald Hörmann, Ricarda Omenitz, Gerlinde Seif, Helga Öllinger, Gudrun Steinböck, Barbara Obermoser-Pondorfer, Anton Kerschbaumer with wife, Roland Hinterreiter, Anton Reithner, Josef Wildburger, Klaus Wittauer, Heinz Seif, Sascha Roudnik, Infront Gloria T. Cressler, Alicia Lundquist

Gloria Cressler-European Spring Tour 2014

  Some of the guests of Anton Bauer Winery at the Wine Festival in Austria. Monica Erber, Pepi Obermoser, Barbara Obermoser, Inna Hofner, Kim Solomon, Gloria T. Cressler and other friends of the winery

Gudron Partner Anton Bauer Wines, Retired Navy Greek General Achilles A, Gloria T. Cressler, Executive Chef and Hotel & Restaurant owner Toni Morwald, Toni Bauer 3rd Generation Wine Maker and Author Kim Solomon



Past Events

Elite Professionals Costume Celebration
TerrY Smith, Florence Sikorsky and Michael Cole
Elite Professionals Mid-Summer Celebration
elite group shot
Elite Professionals Summer Celebration
elite professional group picture
Elite Professionals May Celebration
elite professional group picture
Black Tie International:
Elite Professionals Spring Celebration
 elite professionals group picture
Elite Professional St. Patricks Day Celebration
elite professional group picture
Black Tie International:
Elite Professionals Valentine Celebration

 Robin Vetere, Sabina Klimek Trade Commissioner of Poland, Diana Baus, Qi Fei-Long Eastern Medicine Doctor, Krystyna Chmielewska Bioptron, Susana Koehler Sustainable Global Network  Margaret Citak Desiderata Shoes, Bill Lee Lanndis, Corrine Statin President Absolute Events, Melanie Fox Speech Fox, Miss Ohio Lindsey Davis, Gloria T, Cressler Producer & Host of the event & International Journalist, Sandy Jaculow Chief Information Officer Silverstein Properties of  Larry Silverstein of the World Trade Center & Galina Saucedo Interior Designer ,  Rebecca Lewis, Elizabeth A. Stern Founder/President Global Giving Advisors LLC, Michael Cole,   
Elite Professionals New Year Celebration
Clip Ledford Cyber Security & Financial Services, Margaret Citak Desiderata Shoes, Ann Ledford, Bill Lee Lanndis,  Miss Ohio, Models & Actress Lindsey Davis, Gloria T. Cressler Producer & Host of the event, President/Founder Elite Professional Networking Station & International Editor Black Tie International Magazine Alejandra Chaparro 17 Entertainment & Interior Designer Galina Saucedo
Elite Professionals Holiday Celebration
 Galina Saucedo, Bill Lee Lanndis, Abby Gold,Latin Celebrity, Coach & Author Karen Hoyos, International Editor of Black Tie International Magazine Gloria T. Cressler Event Producer & Host & Emmy Award Winner TV & Radio Host Rita Cosby, Jing Li,
Elite Professionals Thanksgiving Celebration
Dr. Victor Goncharov, Author Michael Cole & Opera Singer Estere Diva
Elite Professionals Halloween Celebration
Elite Professionals
Elite Professionals Mid Summer Celebration
Sitting: Gina Vasquez, Michael Cole, Patricia Falto of New York-Presbyterian
Elite Professionals Welcome Summer
First Row: Mr. Marco Castro Economic, Trade & Tourism Counselor Ministry of Foreigh Affairs of
 Ivon, Irina Gubenko, Susana Koehler, Gloria Cressler, Dushka Ramic, Anastasia Tretyakova & Angelina Shipilina
Elite Professionals: Valentine Celebration
Elizabeth More Senior UX/QA Sapient Global Markets, Dr. Lauren Laurino, Atty. Ross Pitcoff and
Elite Professionals: New Year Celebration
Business Executve Irina Gubenko, Atty. Ross E. Pitcoff and Orly Amor President/Founder
Black Tie International:
Elite Professionals: Christmas Celebration
Sitting: Elna Izabela Naszawa, Michael Indorato, Orly Amor President & Founder Health & Wellness  Network of Commerce and Irina Gubenko Certified Aromatherapist
Elite Professionals: Thanksgivng Celebration
1st Row: Dr. Victor Goncharov, Sabina Klimek Trade Commissioner of Poland, Rebecca Lewis, Gloria T. Cressler Host, President & Founder Elite Professional Networking Group (EPNG) International Editor & TV Host of Black Tie International Magazine, Orly Amor President & Founder Health & Wellness Network of Chamber, Galina Saucedo Interior Designer, Anely of Anely Cosmetics and Irina Gubenko, 2nd Row: Bill Lee Lanndis Actor/Director, Opera Singer Paula Oleska also President of Brain Upgrade, Lona B. Alawie Director of Sales Astoria Living Realty, TV Host Nikki Rich of Nikki Rich Show, Artist Juan Fernando Silva, Kenneth Flornes CEO/Founder Nectar Furnished Apartments, European Super Model Angelina Shipilina, Richard Alan President Richard Alan Management, Wojciech Trocewicz of the Polish Consulate and many more
Elite Professionals: Costume Event
Elite Professionals: Mid Summer
elite professionals
Elite Professionals: May Celebration
Elite Professionals: Spring Celebration
Elite Professionals: St. Patricks Day
  First Row: Michael Indorato Artist, Naiana Miranda Singer, Gloria T. Cressler Host & Event Producer & International Editor & TV Host & Agent/Manager/P.R for the artist, Opera Singer & President of Brain Upgrade Paula Oleska,
Elite Professionals: Valentine Celebration
Celebrity Architect Stephen Valentine, Eddie Novetti Managing Director Tilden, Kenneth Flornes, VP Silver Suites Residences & Silver Towers which is part of the World Trade
Elite Professionals: Welcoming the New Year
elite professionals new year group photo
Elite Professionals: Christmas Celebration
 Sitting Michael Indorato, Paula Oleska Standing Award Winning Producer Director & Writer Dean Love, Orly Amor, Bill Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler, Galina Saucedo, Rodney, Joan Pelzer, Sabina Klimek Trade Commissioner of Poland, Rebecca Lewis, Wojciech Trocewicz of Polish Consulate, Richard Alan, Jon Landers, Atty. Scott L. Fenstermaker, Jose Segarra, Victoria Shore, Yumi Kim, Krystyna Chmielewska
Elite Professionals: Pre Thanksgiving Celebration
    Artist Michael Indorato, Liza Zimmer, Gerard McKeon Publisher Black Tie International Magazine, Enna Chiang of Books n Pillows Inc., Comtesse Suzanne de Paris, Galina Saucedo, Gloria T. Cressler Host CEO/Founder Elite Professional Networking Group & International Editor & Host Black Tie International Magazine & TV, Bill Orly Amor President Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Bill Lanndis Actor/Talent Director, Joan Pelzer VP of Marketing The New York Association for American-Russian Relation to the UN,  Richard Alan of Richard Alan Management, Jose Segarra Magnum Group, Award Winning Director, Producer & Writer Dean Love, Mark Jaffe President Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Victoria Longo of Euphoric You, Jon Landers of Creative Group  Lou Gordon Director Balcony & many other guests.     
Elite Professionals: Celebrating the Seasons
Elite Professionals: Black Tie Event and Seminar
 Bill Walsh, Gloria T. Cressler and Berny Dohrman
World Trade Day and May Celebration
Welcoming Spring
1st Row: Lily Benjamin, Galina Babushkin, Celebrity Artist MARCO, Rebecca Lewis, Andrea Spring Managing Director Blue Star Jets,
St Patrick's Day Celebration
elite professional Networking
Valentine Celebration
  elite professionals valentine day group shot
New Year Celebration
friends of black tie
Holiday Celebration
    1st Row: Patricia Martinez of Grande Naturals, Juan Plaza of Style Magazine, Rebecca Lewis, Eddie Novetti, Lisa Zimmer of Ayurvedic Natural Face Lift,
Thanksgiving Celebration
1st Row sitting: Richie Zav, Atty. Steven Goldman, William Michaels ,Lindsay Ashby,Dr. Albert Ambriz, Thelma Dixon, Josh Shulman, Actor/Director Bill Lanndis, Interior Designer Galina, Michael Romano, Abhi Chintakunta, Nick Alessi, Richard Alan, Prince Adonis, David Alan Kogut
Annual Platinum Celebrity Red Carpet Event
 Nick Alssi, Gerard Mc Keon, Larry Blascovich, Kenneth Flornes, Gloria Cressler, Rita Cosby,
Elite Professionals: MidSummer  Night Celebration
Front sitting: Don Reiser, Sam Liebowitz, Jack Cooper, HidekAndrea King, Matt Traverso, Jim Swiger, Julie Wilson, Richard Alan, Ron,eden ganMiningham, Judy, model Elaine Queiroz,  Claudia Suica, Veronica Pellot-Marrero, i Aono, Paula Oleska,Michael, Ellza Bellezza, Gloria Cressler, Bushra Khan, Victoria
Elite Professionals: June Summer Celebration
Elite Professionals: May Festival Celebration
Elite Professionals: Spring Benefit
  First Row: Kosima Malikyan, Husain Ansar, Ellza Bellezza, Harvey Dzodin, Actor/Director Bill Lanndis, Gloria T. Cressler,
Elite Professionals:Valentine Benefit
elite professionals


Elite Professionals: New Year Veterans Benefit
Tery Fugate, James Gross, & Sandy Jacolow Chief Information Officer of Silverstein Towers
Elite Professionals: Holiday Veterans Benefit
     1st Row   Qi Fei-Long Eastern Medicine Doctor, Mario Oliveri of New Yankees, Gloria T. Cressler Producer of the Event
Elite Professionals: Thanksgiving Veterans Benefit


Friends of Black Tie / Elite Professionals: Platinum Awards 
 Lawrence Blascovich Group Director,Senior VP Signature Bank, Ariana Datil, Miss Northern US, gloria cressler,col.gonyo, gerard mc keon
Friends of Black Tie / Elite Professionals: Platinum Awards 

Lawrence Blascovich Group Director,
 Senior VP Signature Bank, Ariana Datil, Miss Northern US .
LTC James Gonyo ll
Commander Battalion of the 1st

Battalion 69th Infantry,
Bill Walsh 
President & Founder Power Team International,
 Gerard Mc Keon
Publisher and Founder Black Tie International Magazine,
and the Producer of the Event
Gloria T. Cressler
President & Founder Elite Professional Networking Group


elire professionals May event
Marc Segelnick Partner Central Securities of America, Nancy Duffy Hospitality Professional, Zoraida Orellana Make Up Artist, Bill Lanndis, Karen Hoyos, Gloria T. Cressler, Veteran Corporal Nichols Calabris and Mrs. Calabris, Reverend David Johnson, Julian Sturton, Eugene  Torand, Celebrity Architect Stephen Valentine, Award Winning Producer, Director & Writer Dean Love, Neal Johnson, Larry Blascovich,
Elite Professional Networking: April Veterans Benefit
Elite Professional Networking: St Patrick's Day
Valentines Day Red Carpet Event
elite professional networking group holiday reception
Holiday Red Carpet Event 2011

Celebrating 250th Anniversary of NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade



joyce brooks, gerard mckeon.  photo by:  rose billings

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